39 with One Adult Child Who's Let It All Go but Needs to Get It Back Tight and Right - Dominican Republic, DO

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I've been on this site forever and probably...

I've been on this site forever and probably have stalked most of the doctors. I really like yily's work but their communication skills are terrible so I've finally decided on going with Dr Medina. They reply in a timely manner and she's always so nice.. I'm having a TT with muscle repair, full back, waist and flank lipo and maybe bbl. I am super nervous but also so anxious to have my dream bod????????.. I didn't give myself a lot of time cause I don't want to get cold feet so I'm working against the clock.. Just started my surgery list so would appreciate all inputs.. Also would love to have a surgery buddy so ladies holla at me if you'll be in DR around my time of surgery..and best of luck to us all.. I'll be praying that we all get back home with rocking bods and be in good health..????????

????????????may have to postpone my surgery

So my surgery date is for May 12 with Dr Tania Medina, but at this time I'm not sure it's going to happen then. I visited my primary care doctor this week only to find out the my hemo level is stuck at 6.5.. It as been there for quite some time now so he's saying I'm borderline diabetic and very anemic.. I need help guys. What is a sure and fast way for me to get my hemo up in a month. My deposit as been paid, I've bought all my pre and post op items, my bags are packed and my hemo level is playing games.. I take iron, blood builder, folic acid, vitamins b12, 6 and complex 3 times per day. I also juice beets and I make green smoothie everyday.. I dnt know what else to try and I'm about to start tearing my hair out, so disappointed.. I need your help, any and all suggestions are needed..

Help my hemo

Help my hemo

Hemo update

So after finding out my hemo levels are extremely low I had to up my iron game and guess what it's paying off.. I tested my levels this morning and I'm 12.6g/ml.. Hell yes????????God is good, I was so stressed out being that my surgery is barely a month away.. So ladies I've added black strap molasses, sss tonic and chloroxygen, they work believe me.. So I've finally booked my flight seeing that I'm back on track and I'm still trying to find surgery buddies.. Where are are the dolls who are going to DR in May? I know you're out there so let's link up. I'll be leaving out of JFK..I'm doing the happy dance and praying for the coverage of God upon us all
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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