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I am a mom of 5 little ones, (2 set of twins) and...

I am a mom of 5 little ones, (2 set of twins) and I need a mommy makeover in the worst way. I am scared, but confident in the fact God makes no mistakes. I not only want a better body, but to boost my self esteem. I have paid gym memberships, personal trainers and NOTHING is helping. Then about 2 yrs ago I started researching cosmetic surgery, and knew when the time was right this would be an option. So far so good - I have had the best experience contacting one of my favorite surgeons - DR. DURAN. One of her consultants Laura emailed me back the very next day with prices and instructions on how to secure my mommy makeover date. I am excited and is in the process of gathering my materials, seeing my doctor to make certain all is well and finding a recovery house!! #soonbeabigbootyjudy #durandollbabyyy

Waiting for another date!

So, I heard from the surgicoordinator and the December 18th date was booked. I emailed her again and I am waiting for a response for March 2016. I really wanted to do December but if I have to wait then that I shall. God knows best. I can say I only get responses on Friday mornings, so every time I ask a question, I have to wait a week for a response, and then the response comes in broken english making it hard to understand. Either way I will not get discouraged, but will hopefully get this sx scheduled so I can start preparing!! #DURANDOLL


Ok so iam scheduled for March 17th with Dr.Duran sendingmy deposit in the morning. But as far as recovery houses.. Do any one have any reviews about Paradise??..Pls let me know!


Anybody else sent they $450.00 through paypal?....Also i thought the consultation was free if u mention realself?


Sent my deposit to Laura...Duran Surgicoordinator. I am waiting for my confirmation receipt and instructions for surgery.....DURANDOLLL here I come. I am super excited..

Deposit-Sent, Flight-Booked #DuranDoll here I come

So, today I booked my flight for March 15th. And, I am super pumped about getting my TT, lipo and BBL with Duran. I will continue to post, my experiences and itinerary for all those interested. #PREBABYBODY here I come!


I am sooo excited as I prepare for my trip to DR to meet with Duran for my BBL, TT, w/ Liposculpture. If anybody is leaving out of NY, March 15th, 2016 let me know. I can use a buddy.

Five more dayssssss...

So guys after all this wishing and praying..its finally becoming a reality..5 more days!!...

I will post as many pics as I can for about this journey!

Hey ladies if u have been pondering about this for a while. I am going to try to be very open about this process from step to feel free to follow me and ask any questions!!

Duran Doll in 1 More Day

So I arrived safely here in DR. My driver from my recovery house was there to pick me up.. We went straight to Cipla. He stayed with me.. As I went through testing.. Everyone was soo nice.. I met a nice Domincan lady from NY...She bought me lunch and warned me about the thirsty natives who will try to get you for your money..Once all was done.. which was pretty quick..My driver brought me to the recovery house where the ladies welcomed me. This experience has been really good so far. Prayers up that it stay that way!..Feel free to ask questions and follow the journey!!

So uncomfortable

OKAY LADIES. this shit is the most uncomfortable feeling ever. I am thinking Mac truck hit uncomfortable. Pics below! 3 days post op!

Feeling a bit better 23 days post op

I found an amazing massagist and she has me feeling all types of better..but I can say my ass has deflated tremendously. I slept,ate,lived on a boppy and it don't even look like I had a bbl. I am so disappointed, and is currently thinking about doing Rd 2.

Where is Waldo?

FEELING MUCH BETTER AT 6 wks..Still a lot of swelling toward the end of the day and itching but better than I was a wk ago. Also I noticed my ass has tremendously deflated and continues to do so. I guess we get stuck on perfection looking at wish pics. Everybody body is different I am coming to terms.

Looking forward to meeting Dr. Duran in March. The process was not bad - contacting her, gathering a quote and booking a recovery house. I am super excited. I have heard great reviews and can not wait to see my results. #DURANDOLL

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