36 Year Old. W/2 Kids Ready to Get Back Tight!! - Dominican Republic

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TT lipo and BBL I'm a farily petite woman who is...

TT lipo and BBL I'm a farily petite woman who is ready to get my body back! I have always had a tight petite body until I turned 30 the weight slowly creeped up on me. I have had 2 C Sections and now have that flap over my vagina. I have chosen to go with Dr. Lima because the pictures of his work are amazing. I have spoke with Janet his assistant and paid my deposit already.

My wish pics

On my way

So today is the day that I travel to DR I will check back in and do an update on the RH. We will do everything tomorrow so hopefully I will get some time today and relax and enjoy the views!

I did it ladies!!

So I went to the clinic yesterday and the surgery was about 2-3 hours. I had to wait in the lobby for a few hours to get all the paper work done. It was nice and clean. The other ladies that were in there coming for their check ups look absolutely amazing, and they were residents there. I couldn't stop staring at them because the way they looked just motivated me even more. They looked amazing and most importantly natural for their sizes. So surgery went well for me I'm still feeling nausea. Tomorrow my Faja will be coming off and the massages start. But today I looked in the mirror and all the fat in my back is gone and even with the swelling my stomach is completed flat. You will instantly see the difference. Tomorrow I will post body pics. Still sore today and I need my rest.

Ladies I did it!!!

So yesterday was my surgery day, I was way to tired to write. We get to the clinic it's nice and clean. We were the first ones there, but other women started coming in they were local people. I couldn't stop staring at them because they all had flat stomachs and nice butts!! They looked natural and amazing. I couldn't wait any longer!!! Well it was my time To go back I get undressed they draw on me and numb me up Dr Lima is really nice and Janet will always be by your side. So no worries ladies! I'm done and I sleep for the rest of the day and night. You stay at the clinic the first night now I'm back at the RH. I look in the mirror and all my back fat is gone, my stomach is flat you can see the results instantly. My BBL is looking good but I can't really tell because I have this Faja on. Tomorrow it will come off and the massages start. I will post pics tomorrow but today I'm still feeling nauseous.

Post op Day 2

I'm in a lot of pain I feel like I'm carrying 500 pounds. The fluids in my back is the worst ever. It's painful,stiff, and very uncomfortable. I did not get any sleep last night everything is so sore today. Today I will get my first massage and get all the fluids out. I will let you all know how that goes, but right now I'm feeling scared. They are also going to get all the fluid out of my butt.

Day 2 post op

I did my first massage today OMG! The pain... but it's good pain the therapist got all the fluid out of my stomach my back. I felt 100 times better after that process. Massages are a must here and the amount of fluid they get out is amazing. Sorry I still haven't had a chance to show more pics since I'm constantly wearing this Faja.

Day 3-4

Yesterday was a bit stressful it's the lipo that's killing me and I'm bruised very badly. I'm up and moving around I'm ready to go home. I have never been this uncomfortable in my whole life. Child birth was easier. At this time I would say if you can deal with the pain it's worth it. I still don't really see my butt and usually I have on the tight Faja. I'm telling you once you take it off it feels so much better. Every day it feels better and every time I see my shape forming I love it.


Some things to travel with
Wife beaters (ribbed white shirts)
Baby wipes
Some type of sleeping aid I have not gotten a good nights sleep yet and every night I have a headache.
Arnica cream for your bruises
Your own pain killers
Stool softener
A few long summer dresses
Soap/wash cloth
Maxi pads
Extra cash
Your surgery only comes with 1 faja
$20 per massage so keep that in mind.
Oh and wifi is everywhere.

It's been 2 weeks

So I just got my stitches removed and they couldn't remove my stitches in my Belly button. I will have to find a surgeon that will removed them. The doctor says it's too deep in there. Swelling had went down and pain is gone. I thought I'd never make it. I know it's been a while since I've posted, but I'm just trying to get back on the groove of things. I will post pics as soon as I get these stitches in my belly button removed.

1 month post op

Hello everyone I know it's been a few weeks but I've been healing. So far I'm still very swollen and my back still hurts. My scar is healing great and so far it looks amazing. I'm very happy with my results, and I will be posting more pics of my results soon.

2 months post op!!

Okay ladies my progress so far!!! I'm Happy!!

The change

Retouch needed

So it's been a year and I am not happy with my results. My upper abdomen is still puffy and fat. I waited a year for it to go down it still has not become flat like they promised. Here in the states the doctors guarantee their work. I contacted the doctor and he wants to charge me a fee for retouch. I am not happy if I have to pay a fee I will go to another doctor who will guarantee their work. Please any suggestions for doctors in DR?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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