36 y/o, mother of 2 ready to get her Teen Body Back (Smart Lipo (Back and Flanks)+ BBL (Maybe) - Miami Bound

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This is my first post and i am excited for the new...

This is my first post and i am excited for the new changes. I have been stalking this site to see how it works and am astounded to see how productive and informative this is for all the ladies interested in getting surgery. I love the support given on here with no judgement. Which we all know these days its hard to not get. I have been thinking of getting a tummy tuck for the last 4 years after having my daughter who really did a number on me while delivering lol i had to have a c-section. Which caused me not to be able to bounce back in my abdominal area. So i think what has traumatized me to not move forward was knowing the pain i will have to experience again. So i put my mind to work out and maintain my body. But my damn belly is not going anywhere and just looks like its not suppose to be there. So i have finally gathered up the nerve to just say the hell with this i need my body Back. My sister will be going to Dr. Emmanuel Mallol in late May, and after getting stalking many doctors work and price. I am thinking of going to him also. Im interested in having a Tummy Tuck, Lipo (back and Flanks), now im contemplating on the BBL. I have a nice high buttocks but i think it has to be slightly fuller at the bottom. My husband tells me dont touch my butt or i will mess it up. What do you think? Dr. Mallol works looks very clean and natural. I do not know about you ladies but besides the scar a good belly button is very important to me lol I will be doing my deposit first week in May and will be booking for early February. (this is only due to work or i would have been there sooner). i know its going to be a little wait, but will continue to see all you ladies results and experiences until then and keep motivated.

Mexico trip next week

So I'm going to my honeymoon vacation next week to cancun, Mexico for 5 days. I wish I would have been able to do my surgery before then :(nbut at least I have become an expert of hiding my stomach well and thank god for Photoshop
Apps lol. The waiting continues.......

Considering DoctorLipo (Evolution MD) in FL

So as I continue my research I have come across some Doctors at Evolution MD and based on their pics. It's worth doing further investigations. If they can pull these result with just smart lipo sculpture and BBL I'm in. I received a quote from them for $5900 for procedure with local anesthesia including all fees and meds. For general anesthesia its $6900. Which as for my I would want to be knocked out lol. My pros to considering this instead of a tummy tuck , its that its a less invasive procedure, shorter recovery time and no scar. The cons, would I have stomach as tight? Would it be much more work to be sure I maintain? I don't know I'm confused...need advice.

Confused... Dont know what to do....Help LOL

So i am now confused on what procedure to do and who to go with. As you ladies know i was in the mindset of going to Dr. Mallol in DR for a tummy tuck, Lipo and BBL. So as i embarked in curiousness to see if i can find a surgeon in the states that can give around the same prices this way i can have my husband accompany me. I came across Evolution Md and Vanity Plastic Surgery in Miami. Whats crazy is every surgeon in DR that i have received a quote from recommends Tummy Tuck. (is this something that they just opt to do straight across?...hmmmm) The doctors in the states recommend just lipo even though i have 2 children , they say due to the fact i do not have stretchmarks (which is signs of loose skin) and state i have tight skin and its just a matter of getting rid of fat. Now this is my problem i only want to do this ONE time and go through the pain ONE time LOL, but i want a guaranteed flat stomach. I would of course prefer just the lipo because it saves me from having the dramatic scar of a tummy tuck. But will my stomach just be as flat as i want it without having the muscle tightening you get with a Tummy Tuck? HELPPP needs some of you mommy dolls advice!!


So upon my continued research. i have learned miami doctors have finally caught up and are doing DR prices ladies. There is no need to go abroad and automatically get told you need a TT. Since what it seems like to me is that the DR surgeons are offering TT like candy out there even on dolls that dont need it. So if thats the case its better to stay in the states which will actually come out cheaper and in all is safer in case anything goes wrong. Not to say that going to DR is bad, but it just depends on what you are looking for and some doctors give a hell of a good shape out there. But if u can skip the TT i would.. wouldn't you? So miami bound for me it is.

Dr Alvarez Here i Come!!!

Did my deposit today to hold on to special price quote for Lipo (12 areas) w Fat Transfer BBL. Will be setting date with another deposit asap. I will be staying in the states and going with Dr. Sergio Alvarez in Miami. Only have heard and seen good things. Im on my way......... If one of you dolls can help me with a list of things i will need it will be great. I like to be prepared ahead of time and making purchases now.

Upcoming surgery date Oct 5

Hello ladies so I'm 15 days away to start my lipo /bbl journey. So some things have changed I am now going with Dr. Sergio Alvarez at Imagenes Cosmetic Surgery on 10/5. Excited to start this journey.

Need to Boost Hemoglobin in 2 weeks. HELP

So i had my pre-op bloods with my pcp. my hemoglobin came back at 11.8 but need to boost that up to a minimum of 12. I have been taking iron supplements along with blood builder and SSS Tonic. Need advice from vet dolls how can i or should be taking my supplements to make sure my hemo is boosted ? HELP

I'm snatched

Surgery done by Dr Sergio Alvarez at Imagenes Surgery Center and I love my results!!

Here is my progress post op

Dr Emmanuel Mallol

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