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Hello everyone! So I've been semi obsessed with a...

Hello everyone! So I've been semi obsessed with a Real Self since a friend told me about it and said two of her friends had gone to Dra. Fatima Almonte recently and have had AMAZING results! I never thought I could ever have plastic surgery due to the cost and would just have to live with this disgusting stomach and flat booty!! I have a 17 year old son and had a csection with him so there's that scar...but even before, when I was a cheerleader in high school working out two hours a day,I still had that pop~out kind of stomach. I'm 5'7" and 175 lbs and feel like a good 20lbs of it is all in my gut. I even lost 30 pounds last year with clean eating and exercise but I got so discouraged....it's like, I did all of this work to get down to 160 (from previous 190 whoa) yet still have a huge stomach....My legs, my face, my arms were nice! So unfortunately I've gained back 15 but I'm getting back into cardio so it should melt off. I want to have a tt, bbl, and Lipo and after reviewing and looking at about a million before and after pics, DR is really where its at! I need to request a quote from Almonte, but first I need to go home and make a realistic time line of savings. I really want to make this happen before my 37th birthday,which is March 10th.I will upload some "before" pics and inspiration pics later.

Should I tell people?

So in a lil while I will get on a plane from nyc to visit my best friend who lives in San Antonio. I'm debating on whether I should tell her about my decision on surgery...I know I can't tell my family and most of my friends (except for my gay bff who wants me to feel and look as fabulous as my outfits-YAY) but I'm up in the air with my bestie...I feel she will be very judgmental....1. Because she will think its not safe and its not the US and 2. She is extremely competitive and this means I would gain the upper hand in the body department...she's always had the coke bottle shape but has gained weight. It should be an open and shut case but I totally believe in speaking things into existence and I also feel bad on keeping such a big secret that I'm so excited about!


Decisions, decisions

I am so pissed I found out I have an issue of getting my passport because of some legal issues (stupid crap of me when I was driving with a suspended license) and I cannot get the passport until I take care of that which will cost about $2500 for my lawyer. I'm so upset because that's money towards my surgery that I'm going to have to spend. I wanted to have the surgery by Feb so when July comes I would be a lot better to spend the summer with my with my results! Ugh sooo annoyed!!

In shock

So I am going through the motions currently of getting a loan for surgery and I really wanted to stay in the US due to my mom freaking out of me going out of the country but I just CANNOT wrap my head around paying 20 thousand for a bbl, TT and some lipo for it to not even look that good!! Every pic I see over and over again is of women with these TT that look like the surgeon just cut the skin and made a jagged line across the bottom! I'm not knocking anyone who likes their results, but I want my waist SNATCHED!


So, I had to jump through hoops and high waters to get my passport but I just looked on line and Sweet Baby Jesus it is in the mail!!!! I should have it in my hands by Nov. 27th. I had asked for a quote about a month ago for the tt, bbl and lipo with the recovery home and was given that the first date open was end of March. I plan to put the deposit down before Sunday to lock in a date. Now it's getting this $$ together and I would like to loose about 20 lbs before surgery. Currently I am 190 lbs and 5"7". I cant believe I am finally starting my journey!! Now to get this extra $$ together!!!

Ok, so I pulled the plug and sent my deposit!!!

Hey Everyone! Soooooo I have changed my date to April 20 2017 AND changed my doctor to DR. Robles!!!!!! I'm freaking OUT!!! Now time to loose this extra 25lbs starting Jan 1st (how cliche! lol) and buy my flight before it goes up!!! AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Buying Supplies/Loosing Weight/Stacking Money

Hey Dolls!! I hope everyone is well! I just wanted to give a quick update about my surgery. I have gotten confirmation on my deposit and date and have snagged a second job to stack my $$ before & after surgery. Next, I am going to buy my flight before the prices start getting crazy, so that will happen within the next 2 weeks. I'm definitely considering a first class ticket on the way home for the comfort aspect and that you can stretch out. I have started taking vitamins that Robles has on her page, and I am starting to look for supplies. I bought a Magnalock travel safe on the Home Depot website for $17.00 and they sent it to my store around the corner from me, so there was no shipping. It seems pretty sturdy and I can lock it to my hospital bed or wherever I need. I have been on a serious clean eating and exercise regime and will keep at it. I plan on loosing about 25 lbs before surgery. I am currently 190 and 5'7" and have a medium to larger frame. Anywho.....I am on IG alot and seem to get alot of support and information from the sx community there. My name is futureroblesdoll2017. 1 thing i am not sure of is the RH situation. Roble's confirmation page states they work with 4 different RH's, and they place you in an RH closer to the time of surgery due to the high amount of people having surgery at the time I am. The problem is that I have heard different RH's supply different things. So i'm not sure how to pack/prepare for this!!

Flight & Recovery House BOOKED!

Things are coming together!!! Also made my appointment with Contourfajas so they will come and measure me at my recovery house for a second stage faja that is a made -to-measure.
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