"35+ Year Old Mother of Twins" TT, Lipo and BBL in June 2016. Looking for a Serious Buddy - Dominican Republic

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Oh yes ladies I have finally found the courage to...

Oh yes ladies I have finally found the courage to take the Journey to the Flat Side. I've done my research it's taken me about one year to decide on a surgeon, after having had many consultation I choose Dr Tania Medina :-). I have absolutely feel in Love with her Work and her Professional/ Friendly Manner, the moment I emailed her she replied answering all my thousand ?????. I am getting a Tummy Tuck, Lipo and BBL.....I live in the UK (London) and am looking for a SERIOUS traveling buddy. I would love for us to fly together and be in the same recovery house. I am planning on going to DR in June 2016 Ladies please hit me up.....We can chat and exchange numbers...Thanks

Starting My Prep

Got my 1st item today #GoGirl, been told Imma need this to make life a little bit easier during the recovery of My TT BBL n Lipo. On track for August 2016 gonna try buy something to go in my suitcase weekly. Let the count down begin #nervous but excited

Change surgeon and location

Hello ladies it's been awhile since I've posted, although I visit RealSelf daily I can't find the time to write a review.
So I changed location and surgeon reason due to the distance I will have to travel back from DR to London with 2 plane changes. It was a worrying thought having to do it alone. My Journey became real 10 months ago met a girl "she's a good friend now ????" she had surgery TT 3 years ago and she looked absolutely amazing, just the right amount of curves. She had surgery with Revitalize in Turkey Dr Cenk, he comes to the UK for consultations every 3 months. I booked a consultation with him in December 2015, went to see him and his team up in London. The consultation went well, I left thinking I would have surgery in March of 2016. I saved every spare ££££ at times not reaching very far, but in my mind I could see the end goal. I continued to research surgeons all over the world and came across DR DraTania Medina ??. Loved her work and her cost for TT BBL Lipo was affordable, but the distance was always a worry.
I met up with my good friend and she said I should have another consultation with DR Cenk, I was in luck he was in town at the end of August 2016. I went and met Dr and his team in Towerbridge, I felt very reassured and comfortable after the meeting that Dr Cenk was going to be my surgeon. There is many ++ for me I will get to have follow ups in London my home town, he has a team members based in London who are able to advise n guide through this journey, his work is beautiful ???? and I'm not to far from home one plane ride 4 hrs ?????? and his reviews are great.

Finally it's happening I'm forwarding to Turkey this weekend for surgery, flights booked, deposit paid, E visa booked, doing my check list plenty things to do before hand. I will be staying for 8 days at a villa RH.

This post is very long sorry, will keep you updated on how the journey goes ????????????????????????.


Feelings of joy.

My Time has come girls prep completed and I'm boarding my flight to Izmir

My Journey

Plan to update my girls on my journey as much as possible, prayers n guidance allow the Almighty to take control.

Made it to the Flat side

Happy days finally had my surgery yesterday, was completely out of it gradually getting back my strength. I'm now at the RH villa in Izmir, met a few other ladies who had surgery and one which is having her OP tomorrow.

So far I'm doing ok can't believe how flat my tummy is, will try and upload pictures tomorrow when I'm feeling more of myself.
Just a quick update to let you know I'm doing fine.

I'm home safe and happy!!!

Sorry never had much energy to update my page whilst in Turkey, it was very tough being away from home alone.

I arrived home late Friday night after flying for 4 hours, even with my compression on I felt like I was going to explode my stomach was full of air.
I asked the airline for special assistance as I would never have made it to the vehicle without the airlines help, rushed through customs and baggage and placed in my bestie hands.

The drive home from the airport was just as bad as the flight bumpy and traffic, once I arrived home my daughter was waiting for me she gave me a much needed shower, spoke briefly, ate some food and then straight to bed.

I'm now 1 week 1 day post op, I'm happy with my results Dr Cenk in Turkey is a great PS, he does not take risk which was great for me. He gave me back my curves I'm still really swollen but everyday it seems to get better. I'm really taking it easy being home no stress just relax and allow everyone to take care of me. Feeling blessed!!!

I will update on my journey over the next few weeks. I have not taken many pics due to being in quite a lot of discomfort but as I get better I will upload some more.

My drains were taken out b4 I arrived home which was day 7, I was only draining 5 or 10
In 24 hours which was excellent.

I'm still in the early days I can only expect things to get better I will keep you posted.

Thanks for RealSelf support

My TT and Lipo surgery 12 days post op

Never knew what precisely what to expect from surgery, knew it would be painful and uncomfortable but was not prepared for the pain level. It's been a rollercoaster of emotions ups n downs.

Today I had a bit of a turning point, "less swelling all over, wound closed nicely, belly button looking less irritated, mobility better although still hunched around 80%". Recovery is tough but there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, I've had heaps of help from family and friends thankfully. Most day time hours I'm home alone which is nice I get some time to myself to meditate and relax. Being able to stand in the mirror and see the results slowly unfold, it seems to be a slow process but patience is the key.

I'm very happy today's been a great day, Giving Thanks to the Almighty for brighter days.

13 Days PO TT & Lipo

Swell hell

B4 & 13 days PO

Feeling better
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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