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Hello ladies; I am looking for a surgery buddy. I...

Hello ladies;

I am looking for a surgery buddy. I have my surgery date 4-10-2016. I already paid my money. So serious women only. My doctor is Medina. I would love to hook up with someone local maybe we can ride the plane together and stay at the same R.H. (I have no clue what recovery house I will be at since Medina offers a package deal.) I am getting a single room not sure if I want to share a room. I am getting a tummy tuck, lipo and BBL.

Looking For Sx. Buddy to travel with to the Dominican Rep. Leaving in April

Anyone traveling to get surgery done in April? I am leaving from Philly hit me up if your local.

It's Going Down Just Ordered My Passport

I was so excited today I just order my passport. Its was expensive. I am preparing myself because I may be traveling alone. I have never been on a plane before but at this point I am all the way in. I paid my deposit and this is my GIFT to me. Now time to learn some Spanish as much as I can. But I heard Medina speaks English very well. I am going to start packing this weekend. This Friday I will be going to an all night prayer service. I am making sure God is on my side before I take this leap so I figure can't hurt to give him PRAISE and ask for This is my year ladies. I am praying for everyone one here as well. Trying to loose this darn weight is crazy. But I know I can do it!

OMG 49 more days until DR. (Praying I get a Sx. Buddy Soon)

Well today I actually packed my bags! I ordered my passport on 2/18/16. I was so emotional. I actually felt like crying in a good way. I've always wanted MY body back after my kids. I don't have a wish picture because I just want to look like me again no one else. I am tired of my stretch marks and clothes not fitting me good plus I want AN ASS......I going big because you will loose a lot of volume over the months/years. I am going solo so far since people can't alter their lives for you. I offered to pay all expenses if my friend or family could come. However; once I added everything up that would probably leave me broke. I need to save some money for the healing process. Bills won't stop coming just because you had surgery.

I have been eating well but now I need to hit the gym. I am so HUNGRY all the time URGH. I am on a vegetarian diet. My body is going through SHOCK. This is how you loose weight.

1. First you must DETOX (you can't eat healthy if you body is full of POOP)
2. After you do a detox start drinking lemon water or apple cinder vinegar 30 mins before every meal
3. Eat clean NO PROCESSED food
4. Take all those vitamins they tell you to before your sx. date (4 weeks) stop (2 weeks) before sx.
5. Work out

This is safe and healthy. I've seen so many women on here who gets the TT and they are SO BLOATED. You can't go back to old habits. And since you had a MAJOR operation you must eat clean until you heal anything else will make you look pregnant.

I am praying for everyone on here that you will all have a safe and wonderful time. That your bodies will be BANGING, SLAYED, POPPING etc. May God bless us all.


I am so blessed and honored. I was really afraid of traveling alone. I've never been on a plane and my nerves were on overload. Well today my BFF said he was going to come with me. Now this will cost me a TON of money but in the long run I will feel safer. Let the count down begin. I am so excited. I know the PAIN is going to be CRAZY but I am ready to embrace it. I think meditation will be my main focus. So many women said that the pain meds don't work. Pain is mind over matter along with

I am getting my plane tickets tomorrow. I am also ready to schedule my doctor apt to make sure I get clearance to go. OMG I am way too hyped. My new booty is a few weeks away. Love you all I had to share with somebody!!!!.....LOL


Well today I was on the roll first I went from 186 lbs to now 178 and I am still going to keep losing as much as possible. I got my friend's passport and our plane tickets. Now I just need a nurse, transportation and a place to

So much more that I need to do but I got 42 days more to go. I made my doctor appt. so my doctor can give me my clearance. Maybe I should have done that first. Any who I am very healthy and I've been working out. I never had any issues with my health. I just had to share. I am going to start taking a MILLION pictures. I am having so many emotions but I am going all the way. Stay safe loves....

My Room is All Booked

Today I finally booked my room. It was expensive. This trip is def. adding up. I am trying to find more ways to earn some extra needed cash. In total you will need about 10K. It's still cheaper than the USA hands down. I went to air bnb for a room. I was able to rent a whole apt for the same price as the hotel cost. The place cost 800-1,000K for a 10 day stay.

7 more days until take off (Medina Doll)

OMG time has truly flown bye.. I am so ready and excited. My dreams are coming true right before my eyes. I am over joyed with this huge transformation. Please send positive energy my way. Peace, Love and Blessings to you all.

Sex sex and more sex.....5 more days

Well this my last weekend before I am out!!! So I am trying to have as much sex as possible not sure how long it will be before I have sex again. This will be my only pleasure before all this pain. I will hold on to the feeling of love making. I am going to miss my man even-though it's only 10 days but I know I will. Anyways check your checklist twice and cross off as you go. This will make sure that you don't forget your items. Pictures of my stretch marks. I am saying good bye to them. WE had a long relationship but I am ready to part ways. Medina baby here we come!! We need all hands on deck.....

4-13-2016 my day is finally here

Well my day has come and I am so hyped I can't put into words anymore. I did all my last minute packing and I am ready to get SNATCHED..... I had some GREAT sex and I feel good about this whole process. I am ready to embrace the new me!!!! I will not be coming back to the USA the same again.....
I will be a smaller and sexier me!!!! I will post as many pics and videos as I can with be discreet if possible.....PRAY 4 ME!!!!!!!

I made it to the "FLAT"...I love you Medina

Well I made it going to DR was the BEST decision ever hands down. Surgery was truly a breeze but the after math is a different story. My butt is so sore. However the pain has been manageable. I decided to stay at a NICE condo and I hired 3 drivers. Therefore I was never stuck. The whole experience was truly amazing!!!! Now I am ready to heal up and go home. I am being very careful of what I eat. I don't want swell hell. I haven't seen my whole body naked yet due to all the bandages but so far so good. I am sleepy so I won't be writing long......Live your dreams ladies. Do what makes you feel "SPECIAL"....Love you all and praying for you.....


I had my first BM after surgery. I was in SO much pain. I screamed and cried for 3 hours before I was able to go. I felt like I was going to pass out a few times. Due to all the straining my back and legs gave out on me. I prayed for Mercy and Grace. I have been taking laxatives, stool softeners and eating right. My hemorrhoids are now inflamed. There was no way around that first hard push. I tried everything possible but the pain was unreal.

My back is really sore and I just want to go home. I need a walker and boppy pillow asap. I think I can do Motrin when I get home and my heavy duty pain meds when I need them. My body overall Is just bruised and sore. You can't stay in one place to long. Also since that catheter I am peeing every 5 mins. My bladder is not emptying out all the way. No pain no game.....Can't wait until the rough patches are over. God is so good. And I saw my body.... I am so happy!!!

6 days Post-Op ( I MADE IT)......

I have finally got some sleep. The last two days were very peaceful for me all I did was rest. I stopped all my HEAVY pain meds. I am down to taking one mortin a day 600 mg. (I take this for my back). God is so good. My body is healing at a rapid rate. I didn't have no itching on my back at all. I have been able to take showers for the past 4 days and life is getting better. My energy level is low but I haven't started back on my vitamins as of yet. I am afraid of getting constipated. I am using this quiet time to really rest and reflect on the new me. I thank God for support and love. This is one of the hardest things I've done in life. Paying someone to re-shape a body that was naturally fine is a whole story by itself. My new body is here and I will never put myself through this again. My doctor did an awesome job. I am ONE and DONE.....I will take care of my new body and keep moving forward. 6-8 weeks can't come fast enough but I MADE IT!!!!


I am finally back home with all my loves ones. I am home still resting and taking it easy. My bed never felt so good. I can't wait until I can walk straight again. However; I know you can't rush the process at all. I think I am going to need a tattoo to cover up my scars. Medina went too far over onto my hips. I can start seeing my body better now that the drains are out. I have to wait to see how I truly look in panties. My BBL is GONE....I only had 800CC to begin with. I guess all that sleeping on my ass made it go SMALL.....Oh well I am not doing this again.......

Flaws with Surgery Medina Doll

Well I had my sx. on 4/14/16. I am now able to see all my flaws since the swelling has went down. Overall I am still happy but here is my updated review. The truth is you really don't know who is truly doing your sx. when you go to the DR. Medina had a team of staff helping her. I did hear her voice during my sx. but everything was in "Spanish".

My sx. was a breeze I had NO COMPLAINTS. Medina was very honest with me. She told me that I have a square butt and it will be hard to get a nice BBL but she will try her best.

The after math my tummy tuck scar is so uneven and they cut me on my thighs. (This is an amateur tummy tuck line in my opinion). Vets don't make amateur mistakes like this. Therefore; I will get a tattoo to cover this up.

My tummy tuck is the "BOMB" overall. I am able to wear anything and I am healing very nice. I just hate that cut line that went to far over.

Lipo is a BITCH!!! It hurts so bad even now I still feel pain. I will take a Mortin if I need to but that's very rare. All my bruises are gone. Thank God!! That Arnica cream does wonders for the body.

Now my BBL.....I am not sure to think about this. I have hard lumps in my back from I guess the fat deposit. Most of the swelling has went down. There is no huge difference but I do have a better shape. I am overall happy. Medina has given me a BETTER body hands down!!!

I went from a LARGE to now a MED. or even a small. No one is perfect. I came in with an imperfect body and came out with an imperfect better body.....

I am so happy I went but again that cut line erks my soul but I can and will live it. I no longer have stretch marks. I feel like a new me. I will maintain my body. This was a dream of mines that has come true. (If I knew Medina would have cut me so far over and had issues with giving me a BBL YES I would have CHOOSE another doctor.) My first choice was always Dr. Baez. However; I choose her and I am "HAPPY" overall. I didn't have a BOTCH sx. or a NEAR DEATH experience. So I am thankful!!! (DR. is like a body factory they are in BUSINESS for the money and to give you the look). They have a full system down pack. You can do it and you will be OKAY be honest about your medical conditions so they can be prepared.......Love you all and God Bless!!

How Long Before I can walk Straight

My back is KILLING me and I still can't walk straight. The crazy part is that my tummy tuck scar is 95% healed. I have no more stitches but I still can't stand upright as of yet. The pressure on my back is UNREAL and the ITCHING is the worst...LOL.

I noticed that my skin is shedding like a snake. I am wondering how much longer before you can walk right. Life is great all and all and I know all this takes times. However; when you have so much time on your hands this is all you can really think about. Ladies its a long road to recovery......So much free time and you can't do much at all. That is the part that is driving me CRAZy....I want to clean, cook, shop, hang out etc. (But my body is like NOT today

I went "Shopping Today"

OMG I can't believe 2 weeks post op and I can now wear clothes again. Today I brought a belly crop top size (large) and other revealing clothes and I was able to "ROCK IT". I didn't even try the clothes on I just grab it and left the store. I felt so confident I came home and all the outfits was fitting like a glove minus one outfit. I wanted to CRY (Medina gave me my life back). I was showing off my new figure and realized that my DREAM has come true.

I will return the outfit that didn't fit later this week. Again going to the D.R. was the BEST decision EVER hands down!!! I feel like a SEXY woman again. These young girls got nothing on (Me aka Mama).

I do dress my age but with a whole lot of sexy to it......My life has change in just a matter of weeks. Honestly, right after sx. you can see a HUGE difference. I am LOVING the new me!!!

I can't wait to go bikini shopping. I want to wait until I heal a little more before I start trying on swim wear. God is so good they have so many talented doctors just choose ONE and get your life back.


Time really flies bye. I am so excited to be 4 weeks post-op. I can't believe it already. Update: I am still walking bent over. I am almost able to stand up but my stomach is so tight. Lately, I've been eating like a horse. I have to get better with my diet. I am still 30% SWOLLEN about my body and yes I do still get pain. I am currently on NO pain meds. I still wear my FAJA to help with the swelling. My butt feels lumpy and hard. My tummy feels rock hard and certain places where I got lipo I am hard. I still have hard fluid in my back which my body will reabsorb. This is a process so healing will take a LONG time. My man took me shopping today and I am able to wear a Small/Med. depends on how the shirts are cut. I am SUPER HAPPY!!! There is really nothing else to say but again live your dream!!!!

6 month update (pros and cons)

I can't believe its six months later. I still LOVE my body and get so many compliments on the regular basis. The down side is my back and stomach are still NUMB. I do have some feeling maybe about 30% of feeling. This may be good so I can get my tummy tattoo. I have back pain and it is sometimes sensitive to the touch.

I still have back bruising so PATIENCE is the key. I do need to start waist training again. My stomach is flat but could be a lot flatter if I diet and wore my garments. I do go to the gym regularly but its always more diet than exercise. I am going to get my "STUFF" together. I will not be one of those girls going back for more rounds nope way to much pain for me to do this again.....

My scar is still DARK as ever and they aint getting no lighter time for a tattoo. I will wait a few more months and then I am going in.

OMG tattoo time

Hey ladies;

I am super excited my "DREAM" is almost complete. Tomorrow I will be getting my tummy tuck tattoo. After my tatt. I am hitting the GYM hard!!! Time to slim down my waist again. After this my dream will be COMPLETED.....This wasn't an easy walk but so well worth it!!! Almost a year later I still LOVE my body and best Dr. Medina is the true doll maker....

Tatto is done

OMG I did it....That tattoo on my stomach HURTS so so so so bad......It was 6 hours of pure HELL. I felt like I was in D.R. again. I am so glad that it is OVER and I am finally done with this chapter of my life......None of this process was easy or cheap but it was TOTALLY worth it!!!

Pictures of Tattoo

Here are some pictures.....
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

While in DR everyone was "PROFESSIONAL" I have NO complaints. However there was no after care once you get home in the USA you need to have A DOCTOR. I had my primary doctor already lined up prior to me leaving. Truly there is NOTHING they can do for you in DR. when you live in the USA. So that was the reason for the low stars overall Dr. Medina is the BEST.....

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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