34yr Old Mother of One Seeking TT, LIPO and Bbl - Dominican Republic, DO

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I expect my confidence back. I expect me to look...

I expect my confidence back. I expect me to look in the mirror and enjoy the Image I see. I expect to look great in and out of my clothes. What a pleasure it with be to wear bikinis and crop tops. This is something I'm doing for me but I will enjoy the stares once the new me show up. I can't wait until my day.

Deposit made

It is official like a referee whistle lol... I made my deposit yesterday and I called today to confirm that they received my money and they have. I went through the Bank of America way it was more safer for me because I bank with them so the money came out my account and into Dr. Medina's. Which is great because I know western union charges a fee to send money. IM SO EXCITED.. Surgery date is February 14,2017. Let me know whose going around that time. On the east coast around February that's when we are knee deep in snow (literally) so I'm sure I could use the sun and the heat around that time. I see the flat side getting closer and closer lol... 2016 was just a warm up 2018 is when the magic happens.

Official confirmation

Bad news

Learned over the weekend that my hemoglobin levels are like one point lower than the normal range, but the good news is I have about 5 months to increase before the surgery and my doctor told me to take my iron pills twice a day and I should be fine. That's fine and all but I'm afraid because I have a really heavy cycle each month and I know it drains me every time. I welcome any suggestions please.


Going over in economy coming back FIRST ClASS for comfortabilities of course. Purchased one ticket at a time cause a chick has to leave within her means.

Pain!! Pain!!! Pain!!!!

Can anyone who has had surgery from Dr. Medina tell me about the pain. How was it when you came out of surgery, did you bring your own meds. Tell me tell me please all about the pain big or small I would like to hear.

Patiently waiting

Need a surgery buddy

Going crazy

I have a little under three months until my surgery and the waiting game is KILLING me!!!!! I'm all RealSelf, IG ,and Dra Medina Snapchat out. As of today I am signing out of surgery world, maybe a few weeks before I'll do a update but I'm driving myself crazy with the what if.

Passport is HERE!!!!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far I can't really say to much about Dr. Medina. I will say she got back to me pretty quick with a quote, but I'm still waiting on where to send the deposit.

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