35yr Old, 2 Kids, Ready to be a Cabral Barbie...finally!!!

I've wanted surgery for years now and finally...

I've wanted surgery for years now and finally decided to get the ball rolling on making it happen. I workout and seem to never get to the results I want so I'm ready to take the plunge. I'm a planner so I'm already on planning overdrive even though I probably won't be ready (financially and everything else) until the end of this year. I've been researching doctors and have narrowed it down to 4. Dra Duran, Dra Robles, Dr Mallol Cotes, and Dra Yily. So far I've gotten quotes from Dra Robles and Dr Mallol Cotes. And therein lies my issue... I sent the same generic email with the same pictures I uploaded to this site. I specifically said I was interested in a BBL, mini BL (donut incision), and Lipo of my torso, I said I would only get a tummy tuck if I absolutely needed it but, cost aside, I rather not get an unnecessary scar if it could be avoided. Dra Robles sent me a quote which included a tummy tuck and Dr Mallol Cotes only listed Lipo. Of course, they also included the other areas I listed. Ladies, (especially vets) please give me your honest opinion. Do you think I need a tummy tuck to get good results or do you think lipo of my abs, back, and sides would be enough? I added a couple of wish pics but I am realistic and know that I won't be perfect. Also, I know once any doctor sees me in person they could potentially change their opinion or make a better suggestion but as I planner I rather be as prepared as possible. Btw, I'm 34 years old, 5"3" and weigh about 160 pounds.

Got a quote from Dra Yily, now if only I would hear back from Dra Duran

So I got my quote from Dra Yily yesterday and she also recommended just Lipo of the back, flanks, and abs, BBL and a BL.

Decided on Cabral and set for April 7th 2017!!

So a lot has happened since I last posted. I got about 5 or 6 quotes from various doctors. After researching and looking at their patients, I have decided on Cabral. I know the track record but I'm overall healthy and I'm confident he can give me the results I'm looking for.

Flight booked!!

Now that my date is set. I'm on a roll!! I booked my flight so no going back now. I'm too cheap to lose money by cancelling a flight so it's a go!! lol Next I'm trying to secure a recovery house. at this point I'm trying to decide between Princess RH and Sweetheart. They both have openings for the dates I need but decisions decisions. What do you guys think of these two??

Two months away! Things are getting really real.

SO I'm officially 2 months away from boarding a plane to D.R. and it won't be to see family. I've decided on Cabral as my surgeon and I've sent in my deposit through Paypal to confirm my April 7th surgery date!!! I'm so excited. I also decided on Eden Recovery house and being the planner that I am, I'm pretty much all packed. I decided to only bring a carry on bag and a bookbag with me. I don't want to worry about hauling heavy luggage or waiting for ever at a baggage claim. I used space bags to shrink down the size of my robe, boppy pillow and maxi pads so it could fit perfectly.

My packing list, I packed light just the bare necessities!!

Anti embolism compression thigh high socks (got from Amazon)
Arnica gel & tablets for swelling (got from Amazon)
Baby wipes (I opted for feminine wipes from Walmart they're bigger and thicker)
Back scratcher
Bra, front closure (for my BL)
Bromelain tablets (got from Amazon)
Carryon Suitcase
Chux bed pads (bought the Assurance brand from Walmart)
Clorox Wipes (travel size)
Deodorant (travel size)
Dial antibacterial soap (bar/travel size)
Flip flops/ flat shoes
Gauze & medical tape (bought first aid pack at Walmart)
Hibiclens (got from Amazon)
Lipo Boards [lumbar, ab,2 for laterals] (got from Amazon)
Liquid Iron (got from Amazon)
3 maxi dresses
maxi overnight pads (got from Walmart)
Neosporin (got from Walmart)
Razor (so necessary!!)
Rose hip oil (got from Amazon)
Sweater w/ zipper (I get cold easily)
3 tank tops, seamless not "wifebeaters"
Toothpaste/toothbrush (travel size)
Vitamins and meds (working on these!)
Boppy Pillow (got for free online just paid $11 for shipping)

Some of my favorite wish pics

Meds...Meds... Anyone!

So here's my new dilemma. I want to get my post surgery meds here in the states before I go so I could at least use my insurance to pay for them but I'm having trouble finding a doctor that would prescribe them to me. Guess that's thanks to all these people that abuse prescription meds. Does anyone know of any docs that could possibly prescribe me the antibiotics and anti coagulate or whatever else I might need (not necessarily just pain meds)? I'm in Connecticut but I could travel to nearby states if need be.

Just had a freak out moment...

So I had a freak out moment this morning. I had confirmed my appointment with Cabral back in October 2016 and at the time they didn't require a deposit. I had the email saying "you're confirmed for April 7th". I emailed him a couple of weeks ago to ask a question and one of his assistants emailed me back saying I had to send in a $200 dollar deposit. I sent the deposit through Paypal and then emailed her the confirmation info off of Paypal. She emailed me this morning saying April 7th isn't available and that the next date open is May 10th!! I totally freaked because I have everything ready to leave here on the 6th, plane ticket, recovery house, EVERYTHING!! I sent like 3 emails explaining this and called, no lie, 56 times through Whatsapp! I got no response and then I sent a message and a follow up voice message through Whatsapp too. A couple of hours, and short meltdown later, his assistant called me and told me not to worry that my original date IS confirmed and that the other girl had send me that email thinking that I was trying to set up a surgery date for the first time. Being the crazy, controlling but incredibly resourceful person that I am, I had already messaged my #2 and #3 choice of doctors to make sure that they had April 7th open and luckily they both did in case things didn't turn out the way they did. CRISES AVERTED!!

Meds update

So after talking to Cabral's assistant I've concluded that I'll wait until DR and get my meds from his office. She said they cater the meds to the individual because not everyone needs the same things. But, I'm still going to try to get some good old pain meds from here although I know it'll be hard. God bless America and it's addicts!
Oh, I went was still trying to find a moomoo to wear around the recovery house and I had no luck. But Miss Resourceful went to the source...my Mom. And she got me two of them. Yayy!!

Supplies List On a Budget- Boppy Pillow code

Anyone who knows me knows I love a deal. I try to be frugal (not cheap) whenever possible. I forgot to mention it when I posted my supplies list so for those who don't know, I want to pass the word. Use the following link to get a FREE Boppy pillow and only pay for shipping ($10-$15 or so). We know these can cost 430 or more. I got mine in the mail last week and waited to post about it because I was skeptical but it does work perfectly. Let me know if it worked for you.

Go to nursingpillow.com use promo code ENBABY.

Time is either flying or going in slow mo

5 Weeks 6 Days 16 Hours 28 Minutes until my flight to D.R. for my surgery!! But who's counting lol So I'm officially crazy. I'm not sure if time is flying by and my surgery day is right around the corner or if it's going in slow motion because I can't wait for the day to get here.

Tourist Card, in the bag!!

Since I'm in the final stretch, I decided to go ahead and purchase my tourist card online now. It's still $10 just like at the airport and it's good for one from the date purchased.


Hector Cabral

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