34yr Old, 2 Kids, and Trying to Decide on Procedures/Doctor in D.R.

I've wanted surgery for years now and finally...

I've wanted surgery for years now and finally decided to get the ball rolling on making it happen. I workout and seem to never get to the results I want so I'm ready to take the plunge. I'm a planner so I'm already on planning overdrive even though I probably won't be ready (financially and everything else) until the end of this year. I've been researching doctors and have narrowed it down to 4. Dra Duran, Dra Robles, Dr Mallol Cotes, and Dra Yily. So far I've gotten quotes from Dra Robles and Dr Mallol Cotes. And therein lies my issue... I sent the same generic email with the same pictures I uploaded to this site. I specifically said I was interested in a BBL, mini BL (donut incision), and Lipo of my torso, I said I would only get a tummy tuck if I absolutely needed it but, cost aside, I rather not get an unnecessary scar if it could be avoided. Dra Robles sent me a quote which included a tummy tuck and Dr Mallol Cotes only listed Lipo. Of course, they also included the other areas I listed. Ladies, (especially vets) please give me your honest opinion. Do you think I need a tummy tuck to get good results or do you think lipo of my abs, back, and sides would be enough? I added a couple of wish pics but I am realistic and know that I won't be perfect. Also, I know once any doctor sees me in person they could potentially change their opinion or make a better suggestion but as I planner I rather be as prepared as possible. Btw, I'm 34 years old, 5"3" and weigh about 160 pounds.

Got a quote from Dra Yily, now if only I would hear back from Dra Duran

So I got my quote from Dra Yily yesterday and she also recommended just Lipo of the back, flanks, and abs, BBL and a BL.

Decided on Cabral and set for April 7th 2017!!

So a lot has happened since I last posted. I got about 5 or 6 quotes from various doctors. After researching and looking at their patients, I have decided on Cabral. I know the track record but I'm overall healthy and I'm confident he can give me the results I'm looking for.

Flight booked!!

Now that my date is set. I'm on a roll!! I booked my flight so no going back now. I'm too cheap to lose money by cancelling a flight so it's a go!! lol Next I'm trying to secure a recovery house. at this point I'm trying to decide between Princess RH and Sweetheart. They both have openings for the dates I need but decisions decisions. What do you guys think of these two??
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