34 Year Old with Two Kids Looking for TT & BBL - Dominican Republic

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Hey!! I've been researching this site off and on...

Hey!! I've been researching this site off and on for about two years in hopes to round out these squared hips. Even though I could've used a tummy tuck back then, I was too proud to even entertain the idea, thinking I could just work this belly flap off at the gym. But alas, this thang is still here--alive and well.
My body is just looking like a big box. I'm glad I'm not the only one dealing w/this issue though. The whole "hip divet" thing is so unfortunate, huh? I'm searching for an S-curve, a natural looking coke bottle. Not a video vixen ass. In fact, my butt ain't too bad (I mean, it's seen better days), but I really prefer a gradual curve and not a huge shelf. I don't want to draw that kind of attention to myself.
Anyway, I don't have a date yet, but I've already selected Dra Baez in the DR and will be flying ALL the way from Germany. She responds so fast and is so accomodating, and I've only seen one negative review, the rest really praise her work. She quoted me $4k and I plan to have it done in early summer of this year.
I'll be updating some more soon!

Trying to upload more pictures...

But for some reason every pic I try to post is tilted 90 degrees. I need to figure this out so y'all can see what I'm working with here. Lol.
On another note, as soon as I got my quote, I started filling my amazon shopping cart of things I'll need for my surgery. I'm already up to $120 and that's not including the fajas.
There is a sx checklist one of the RS ladies put together that I'll be following to a T, which makes my life so much easier and I soooo appreciate it! Thank you, girl!! The more questions I can have answered, the less anxious I'll be when it's time to make this flight for this "snatch-erization."
By the way, I'm doing this alone. My husband isn't thrilled about that, but what do you do when you have kids and no family near by? My sister is an RN, but I don't know if I want to take her away from work for a week or tdy to deconflict schedules, so I may just hire a nurse in DR, depending on which recovery house I choose (haven't researched them yet).

More pics!

I think I figured this out. Let me know what y'all think.

Tummy tuck/BBL booked! Ready to get snatched!

Just booked my appt for May 3rd and paid my $200 deposit! # geeked Now, I need to purchase supplies and make my doctors appt for my blood work etc. Did I mention I want to lose 20lbs??

10 Days!!

It's getting real, folks! I leave in 10 days & I'm finishing up some final shopping on stuff I'll need for sx.

Had sx on May 3rd...

I'm 5 days PO and I wish I could say I feel no pain...that's just not the case. Dra Baez prescribed Trimidol, which is doing absolutely nothing for my pain. Haven't had a good night's sleep yet. I highly recommend you bring a narcotic from your regular doctor, if possible. Mine wouldn't give me anything, but hey...maybe yours will.
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