34 Years Old Ready for A New Me in 2017 - Dominican Republic, DO

Going for TT, Lipo of flanks and back. Estimated...

Going for TT, Lipo of flanks and back. Estimated by Dr. Luis Meija for $4600 although he tossed in a BBL which I don't really need. I'm so scared but ready to have my body back from having my 2 children. I have gained back rolls and thighs touching, stomach is out of this world covered in stretch marks. I hate the sight of my own body at times. I have grown to accept my current body, but it's not how it looked before children. Wanting to wear cute little tops and bikini again. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated!!!!

Gaining Weight

I have gained another 15 pounds since my first post and I'm so upset with myself. I have a full time job, 2 kids and earning my bachelors degree. Haven't made time for diet and exercise. Time is getting away from me with surgery date in March. Guess I will try this Insanity workout again.

Any tips

I'm worried my new diet plan will interfere with my blood levels for surgery. I've decided to go on the juicing diet to lose weight. Basically vegetables and fruit, smoothies, and lots of water. Does anyone know if this is a good idea? Is this something I should look into?

Booking my appointment, flight, and RH for April 2017

I had to change my appointment because I waited too long to book my recovery house. The RH I wanted to go to didn't have any openings in March. So now I'm headed to New Life Recovery House and I'm super excited!! I contacted the owner by WhatsApp, she is prompt and very courteous. I was referred to her by Dr. Mejia's assistant, Lefney. I can't wait to meet them.
Dr. Luis Mejia

Dr. Mejia's assistant is very prompt, informative, and courteous. She is the reason I chose him over the other doctors

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