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I finally received my passport in the mail. I set...

I finally received my passport in the mail. I set my surgery date with Tania Medina for July 22nd. I will arrive in DR on July 21st and I am traveling alone. I'm very nervous cause I've never been outside of the US, and of all things I'm about to have surgery. I will be staying at My Home Recovery. I'm scared to get the tummy tuck but after taking front and back photos of myself last night, I'm going to put my big girl panties on and get it over I will also be getting Lipo and a BBL. Is there any one planning to have surgery around July 22nd that would like to be a travel companion?

Pre-Transformation Photos

I am extremely embarrassed to share these selfies, but I want to share my before as well as my after photos so you can see Dr. Medina's skill set. I'm going to "TRY" to loose about 20 pounds before I get there. I'm currently 5'7, weighing 202 pounds. Don't laugh..I know that I look like Spongebob when I'm Hopefully I'll look like Jessica Rabbit when she's finished with me. :)

Surgery Preparation and Back-end Expenses...

Of course my mind is racing with questions so I've been communicating with Dr. Medina's assistant all day today via Whats App. She has been very prompt and helpful in answering my questions. I never traveled outside of the country and my phone will not work in Dominican Republic. I was worried about how I would contact my family beings I'm traveling alone. She told me that they have phones at the recovery house that I can use and they also have wifi. I'm unsure if I will be billed for making international calls but I'll be sure to ask how that works tomorrow. I was emailed a list of things that I need to bring on the trip. All together I spent about $350 on everything on the list. I was also wondering what other expenses I have to prepare for, and she gave me a list totaling to $1500 in extra cost.
Recovery House (10 days) $750.00
Transportation $100.00
Medical Insurance $150.00
Medication $230
Massages (10) $250.00

Expense Correction...

I misunderstood Dr. Medina's assistant. I spoke with Dr. Medina this morning via Whatsapp and she said that my quote of $5350 includes my tummy tuck, lipo on my back, flanks, and waist, recovery stay, and transportation. How awesome is that? :) The only extra expenses will be medical insurance, medication, and massages. I am going to ask my doctor if she can write my prescriptions here. Hopefully she will because it will definitely save me some money.

These Are My Desires... You can do Dra. Medina, You can do

This is my wish list and what will truly make me happy. First....I want a neat incision. I've seen a lot of online photos of sloppy work. I was hesitant to get the tummy tuck because of the scar. Dra. Medina says I need it because my skin is saggy, so I'm going to go through with it because I trust that she'll do a great job. Second... I want my ass to be so phat that you can see it from the Third... I want my back and waist to be snatched to the maximum. These are my desires... :)


Today I received my supplies and I am oh so excited! I ordered them from Vitality Medical and Walmart. I ordered my lipo foam and lipo board from Ebay. I'm 10 weeks from my surgery date but I want to be well prepared so I'm packing now. I even took the advice from another Medina Doll and went to the bank to get $1 and $5 for easy purchases. I also took an extra step and printed a pocket currency converter. I had it laminated to carry around with me in case I need it. The only thing I'm waiting on is my Go Girl urinal which is on back order. If any of you experienced dolls have any other supply suggestions, please don't hesitate to tell me what would make an easier recovery.

My Home Recovery

A few girls have asked where I will be staying after my procedure. I will be staying at My Home Recovery house. I went to there web page and booked my reservation. I was sent a confirmation email with instructions on how to send the $75.00 deposit to secure my room. If any of you ladies are considering other options, you can email Dra. Medina for a list of recovery house options to choose from. If any of you ladies are staying at My Home during the week of July 21st, give me a shot out. We'll probably be room mates! :)

Important Things to Know and Things To Do!

Dra. Medina's Assistant 809-917-1586
Dra. Medina 829-850-1586
My Home Recovery - Sabrina Atieh 829-307-7150

First...Download whatsapp to your phone and save these numbers.

Second...If you're staying at My Home Recovery, reach out to Sabrina Atieh via Whatsapp to give her your Western Union tracking number for your deposit to confirm your reservation. I sent her my money a few weeks ago, and sent an email to let her know that the money was sent. Good thing I checked because she never picked it up. I sent emails with no response so I reached out to Dra. Medina and she got everything straightened out for me. She gave me Sabrina's number and I was able to communicate with her via Whatsapp.

Third... if you are traveling from the states, don't forget to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program at in case you have an emergency at home. That way the U.S embassy and consulate will be able to reach you.

Fourth... If you are using your debit or credit card for purchases in DR, make sure you make your bank and credit card companies aware of your travel plans so that they do not freeze your accounts when you try to use your cards.

Fifth...Get your medication filled in the states to save money.

That's all for now folks. Be courageous, Be safe, Be Beautiful... Be Medina Dolls! :)

If You Are a July Medina Doll...Report Here!!!! Post Your Date and Recovery House.

Let's see how many dolls are scheduled for July, and who our potential roommates may be. If you know which recovery house you'll be staying at please post. Maybe we can get an idea of who our roommates will be, and possibly find travel companions. #Team Medina :)

The Countdown!

Time is passing by so fast. I looked at the calendar and realized that I'm only 23 days away from the big day. I'm nervous in every aspect of the word but yet so excited. If been seeing some wonderful results from you ladies that have shared your recent journeys, and I thank you all for sharing your experiences. Your experiences have been really helpful, and I hope mine will be helpful to a future doll. I'm just praying that I have safe travels, no complications during surgery, and beautiful results. It's getting real!

Tourist Card

I received my tourist card in the mail today. All citizens from the U.S will need one upon entering the DR. You can purchase the tourist card when you get off the plane, or you can avoid standing in line by purchasing it online at The cost is only $10.00.

Checked in to Cecilip

Well I'm here I made it to Cecilip and showtime is in the morning. Although my phone service does not roam in the Dominican Republic, I am able to video chat with my kids through OoVoo, and call them on whatsapp, as long as I'm connected to wifi, so that relieved my stress about communication. Dra. Medina's driver also has wifi in his car so you can reach out to family at all times. I'm really exhausted and nervous. Keep me in your prayers and I will post an update as soon as I can.

I'm a Medina Barbie Doll

Sorry for the late update. The Wifi at Cecilip wasn't good in my room. I have been out of it and in much pain but Dra. Medina did her thing. She took out 7 liters of fat and my scar is so pretty. I've been in so much pain that I've hardly taken any pictures. Tomorrow if I'm walking better, I will try to do better with the photos. I had to have a blood transfusion so I just made it My Home Recovery today. I will update softer a little rest.

Sneak peak

This is a sneak peak of my results. I'm very bruised and swollen, but I see a major difference. I'm really uncomfortable today, so I'm paying Karmin to come out again later tonight to massage me before I go to bed. At first the massages were excruciating. I would literally grab their hands and cry but now I crave them although they're uncomfortable. I feel way better once it's over. I promise to take better pics in due time but this recovery is no joke. Thanks for all the support, prayers, and recovery wishes.

Finally made it home!!!

Got back home yesterday evening. I had to come back with my drains because I am still leaking a lot of fluid. I drained way more fluid than any other girl that was in the recovery house, but the doctor says that its normal because she removed a lot of fat. Yesterday I drained about 700 cc altogether, which is a little less than what I'd been putting out for the past week. I'm now in the process of finding a post op masseuse that specializes in lymphatic drainage to help me get the rest of the fluid out of my body. I will also have to check around to see who will remove the drains here in Atlanta. If heard a few girls say that they had a hard time finding someone to do it for them. I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I'm really tired today cause I didn't get much sleep last night. I was very uncomfortable not being in a hospital bed. Anywho..I'ma take a nap and write a more detailed review of my experience when I wake up.

Loving My Incision..Very Nice Work!!

Dra. Medina did a very nice job with my incision which was very important to me cause I've seen some sloppy work. I am very happy with the results. I hope it stays this pretty cause its all that I wanted.

Drain and Removal

The more fat that you have removed the more you will drain. I had to fly back with my drains because I had a lot of fluid. Today is day 14 and I am still draining 100cc within a 24 hour period. Before you have surgery make sure that you have a surgeon that is willing to help you remove your drains in the states because most will not. They say that it's a liability because they didn't put it in. If money and time allows, stay in DR until you're ready to have it removed. Thank goodness that Dra. Medina knew someone here in Atlanta to help me because I was turned away by a few. Even my own PC wouldn't do it. Anywho...Dr. Salinas is charging me $300 to remove my drain. Although I'm am draining more fluid than 50 cc, he recommends that I remove it today because my fingers are going numb and he doesn't want infection to set in. He said that anytime you feel body changes it needs to come out. I'm really nervous but looking forward to it coming out. My appointment is at 5 pm. God willing I will update and tell how it goes. Pray for me!!!

Drain Is Finally Gone!!!

Dra. Medina referred me to Dr. John Salinas to remove my drain. He did an ultrasound to check for fluid and he said that my drain was ready to come out. He noticed that my incision was looking a little red in one area so he did a blood test to check for infection and for safe measures he put me on Bactrim antibiotic for 3 days until we get the results on Friday. If I have infection he will give me a longer duration of meds at that time. He put 2 staples to close the area where the drain came out and I will follow up with him on Monday. He told me that I can go ahead and take a shower but to make sure I dry the incision well and continue to clean as directed. I thought it was going to hurt when he removed my drain, but it really wasn't bad at all. It was a slight burning sensation for a few seconds and it was over. I feel so much better now that it's gone. I'm still not standing up all the way straight tho although it's getting better. I guess my muscle repair is really tight. Anywho... if you are located in the Atlanta area and you have to come back with your drains, Dr. Salinas's number is (678) 969-9920 and (404) 992-9130. He charges $300.00 for drain removal.

3 Weeks Post Op

Hello ladies. I am 2 days shy of being 3 weeks post op and I still can't stand up straight. Dra. Medina says that it will get better with time. I am a little concerned because I have a hard lump in my upper abdomen above my navel, and it's still sensitive. She said to give it some time because it hasn't been long since my surgery, so I guess I'll have to be patient and see if it gets any better. I haven't been able to wear my 2nd stage faja because the one that I got from Dra. Medina was wayyyyy to small for me. I didn't get my 2nd stage faja until the night before I left. When I got it, I told them that it was too small. The faja package says size 38 Medium, but they argued me down that it was really an extra large so I said ok whatever. I don't even know how Annie was able to get it on my body but she stuffed me in it. By the time I got off the plane, my legs were damn near the size of my thighs, it was cutting into the crease of my vagina, and my vagina was three times the normal size. I took it off as soon as I got home and went back into my stage 1. Ever since then my vagina swells on one side, even in my stage 1 faja. I try to give myself a break for at least an hour after I shower, but I have to wear something, so my poor vagina has been suffering. I ordered another 2nd stage faja from Amazon, but they sent me the wrong style and size, so now I have to send it back and wait again. I had ordered a faja with a zipper before I had surgery, but Dra. Medina doesn't like to use zippers and I understand why, the ones with the hooks are indeed better for tummy tucks. However, tonight I had to make the one with the zipper work because the hooks on my stage 1 are jacked up from wear and tear. So tonight I put on a full back waist cincher that I already had laying around the house. I put my lipo foam underneath it, and then I put on the zippered faja over the cincher. I'm really swollen, especially around my incision area. I look puggy instead of flat. At first I could see my vagina when I looked down, but not so much right now. Hopefully the cincher and faja reduces my swelling. I noticed that I can stand up a little straighter with the 2nd stage faja on. It supports my back which is a big relief because walking slumped over has been harsh on my lower back. My body is still very sore, but I'm coming along. My body feels lumpy and hard from all the lipo, but I guess it's normal. This has definitely been a process. It has taken a toll on my body physically and mentally. I can't wait until I'm feeling normal again, and I hope my final results is well worth the process.

Infection On My Incision. :(

I noticed a small area of drainage in the middle of my incision. As I said before I'm really swollen and puggy so I couldn't see it by looking down there. I used a handheld mirror to check it out and noticed a small hole in my incision. I went to Urgent Care and they put me back on Clindamycin. He also gave me Bactrim and a topical Clindamycin as well. I'm really bummed cause my incision was nicely done. I've done my best to take care of it, so I don't know where I went wrong. Hopefully the antibiotics work and I heal well.

5 Weeks Post Op and Loving My Results...

Well ladies here are some before and after photos, so you can see the difference in my shape. So far I've only lost a total of 9 pounds since surgery but the results looking drastic to I had so much fat that I need to go in for a round 2, so I can to get where I want to be. I'm going to let my body heal from round 1, and work on building my hemoglobin back to where it needs to be. It's been 5 weeks and I still have some tenderness. I get really stiff everywhere that I had lipo, but once I'm up and moving around, I feel much better. This recovery has been no joke but I'm loving my results thus far. Can't wait to see what Medina does for me with round 2. She assured me that round 2 will give me wayyy better results, so I will let my body decide the time. Anywho..I will try to keep you ladies updated, as I was told that my final results will show 6 months from my surgery date. Until next time, be brave and inspired! Xoxo
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Medina is a caring doctor. She went above and beyond to take care of me while in the Dominican Republic and I'll forever be grateful. I am in love with my results. She really sculpted my body and I instantly saw a major change in my shape. I'm hoping for a speedy recovery cause I can't wait to see my final results. Tania Medina is awesome!

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