33 y/o from the UK booked in to see Dr Aslani in Malaga Spain. Having a bbl with implants, lipo and a tt.

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So far after many many hours and late nights spent...

So far after many many hours and late nights spent scrawling through all the reviews (good and bad eekkkk) and all the photos. After having examined hundreds of tummy tuck scars and women's ass', here i am typing up my first review. At last i have made a decssion, i've gotten through the self doubting stage and the initial fear (although i'm sure that will return nearer the time, i'm a ridiculous coward) of what i am about to do to my body and mustered up the courage to actually do this. I've just sent out two emails requesting my consultation one to Dra Almonte and one to Tania Medina de Garcia. After researching all the popular doc's in DR these two women just stood out to me. I'm struggling between the two, i like both of these women. They seem to give off a good energy, you know when you first meet someone and your spirit just takes to them? Well, that's the vibration i get from these two Dr's. Then there's the results! I love Dr Almonte's TT scars, they are so low and thin and even. The same with Dr Garcia, however on the photos I've seen they tend to be very wide. I'm clearly no expert, does anyone know if there is a reason why someone might have to be left with a wider scar? On to my ass... Let me tell you, i have been through squatting hell the last year and no amount of squats, lunges etc is gonna help my bottom, you've gotta have something to work with to start with, right?!? Yea, well i don't. So along with the TT i want to fluff it up a little, or maybe a lot. I cant decide on the amount of fat i should have put into each cheek, I still want to look natural and in proportion.

I'm a little challenge when it comes to technology, but as soon as i get through with the consultation i will update with my photos etc..

In the mean time, does anyone have any questions that i should be asking the doctors. I have a list but it would be great for some guidance!

Can anyone tell me how its goes in the RH?

I'm trying to work out which RH to stay at, so far i have narrowed it down to My Home and Serenity. I'm seeing good and bad reviews on pretty much all of the usual RH. I'm wondering if it's not better to just rent an apartment on Abnb, there are some very nice inexpensive ones on there. Then hire a nurse to come in once a day for a few hours. I will have a friend with me who will help me with meals bathroom trips etc. However, i'm just not sure what's included in the stay at a recovery house. All i'm seeing is info on meals and snacks, daily room clean, laundry, transport etc. I'm not looking to save a buck, i'm just trying to work out the difference, i really want things to just run as smooth as pos. On the two websites i'm looking at it states nurses are available, is this services included within the quote or do you have to pay the extra $50 daily that i'm also seeing? What do the nurses do? I'm guessing help you bathe, change dressing, and meds. I'm also seeing reviews where ladies are packing their own meds and wound cleaning and dressing materials. Is that not provided.

Well, i had a fast response from both Almonte and Garcia with a quote. Each had a quote for surgery and a separate quote for surgery+RH, but i'm not sure i like the all of the recommended RH. I like both doctors and have a good feeling about them. But my intuition is telling me over and over to work with Dr Almonte, and i feel good with that. One thing i will say is if it feels wrong initially don't go against your instincts i always end up kicking myself when i do.

Felt very strange sending naked pic's in all their doom and gloom, but then i guess there is nothing much dignified about this particular journey! Will be when it's all over though and my curves are popping! Mucho emocionado!

After paying my deposit i'm fretting about my choice.

So now i have a few more doctors added to my list. Dr Aslani in Spain. Dr Ortega and Dr Salama, both in Miami. Seen some things on the net heard some stories and having second thoughts about the DR. I would rather pay the extra few thousand and be safe. I wanted to go to the DR because of the great results i was seeing. After looking at the work of the three doctors i mentioned i'm just as impressed. I've email all of them waiting to hear back.

I do have a date booked for Dra Almonte on the 3rd or Nov. Watch this space!

My current photos

So i've added some clothed before photos. I don't think i look to bad when it's all wrapped up and under control lmao, i've learned how to dress for my shape. Take my clothes off and i have scars on my tummy terrible stretch marks, loose skin a collapsed belly button, no waist, lots of lumpy uneven fat on my hips and thighs and a square shape ass from the back. A broad back with even less definition than the front, and some serious back fat that kinda makes me look like a sumo wrestler! I used to be 226 pounds, i'm 5'5. I now weigh 150, i worked so hard to lose it an keep it off and it has been a battle for me. I am now left stretched out and deflated with some stubborn areas that will not shift. I'm 33 i want to actually enjoy my weight loss and feel great about my physical look. I would like a nice proportioned hour glass shape with a round bottom.

I will add some naked pic's soon, just working up the courage. I also added some TT scar cover tattoo's that look lovely, and a henna one which is a great idea until the scar fades or just to see what it looks like.

Photos before clothed

Struggling to upload pics. Wrote a lil bit about them and my desired outcome above.

Photos fully clothed

Lovely cover up scars for a tummy tuck

I love these. Love the henna idea to.

Changing from Dr Almonte to Dr Aslani in Spain.

For me finding the right Doctor is becoming an emotional part of the journey. I had one Doctor that i was looking into initially, and that was Dr Almonte in the DR.. Researched for months on this same Doctor, i loved her work and felt comfortable in my choice and excited! I was all set for November paid my deposit and was happy to have my evenings back now that i didn't have to be scouring the RS website every night. However, a few things were bought to my attention about having surgery in the DR that frightened me enough to have a rethink. I have to say though that i could not find any negative info on DR Almonte herself. So there i was back to square one, and back to obsessing over which doctor to choose. I decided four Doctors, Dr Aslani in Spain who is well known for his BBl and good ethics. Dr Salama in Miami, Dr Ortega also in Miami and Dr Bruno. All of these doctors are known for good results with BBL, but i am also looking for a tummy tuck and all the focus seems to be on the butt. All the reviews, pictures and correspondence with each individual doctors team, is all focused on the ass. For me, the TT procedure is much more important in terms of outcome and risks, and the lack of info was worrying me especially given the fact that even the Dr's coordinators were more focused on that. I feel like it's because it's all the hype at the moment, and given that it is more popular and more people are purely looking up BBL reviews, that a not so great TT review wouldn't matter so much. Maybe I'm wrong.. Then my next problem was that each Dr was telling me different things. One Doc says i have to have implants because i have an awkward "v" shape and fat grafting to the butt alone will not achieve the desired effect, this been said without even asking what it was that i wanted. Another doctor said i have the perfect amount of fat for a BBL and that he could get great results. The others just told me that i was a good candidate and were not to interested to hear what i would like to achieve. I appreciate that they must have many inquiries to answer and work through and that once you get to the face to face consultation you would get a better assessment. That doesn't help me now though! I want to know exactly what is going to happen, how it's going to happen and what the outcome will be including all the risks and possible complications. I have to say that i felt like it was a bit of a conveyor belt system with the doctors in Miami, and that is a concern. I know you can research a lot of info on line and believe me i have, but there is also a lot of misleading info on the net and i think any good doctor would feel it important that their patient knows the score. I gave up on Dr Ortega in the end because Com's with his team was beyond painful. Dr Salama has some frightening reviews, although he has many reviews and is bound to have some bad ones there are a few very bad ones. I am traveling from the UK and was told two weeks in the US would be enough, however a doctor in Europe advised i stay for three weeks if i was to use him and that is only an hours flight as opposed to 10 hours. He also said he wanted to keep an eye on me for that little bit longer just to make sure all is OK before i leave the country. This in itself helped me in making my decision and i also feel safe in knowing that should any complications arise once i was home the said Dr was committed to his patients after care and healing process. I feel like the doctors in Miami were happy to help within the two weeks, but were equally as happy to pack you off and out of it back to the UK and wash their hands of it should any problems come up later on down the line. I also read that DR Salama doesn't have medical negligence insurance, which is not a risk i am prepared to take!This was from a review i read dated back in 2014. Some helpful info i picked up: You can verify medical negligence insurance with the agency for health care, in the state of Florida by calling 888 419 3456. For other states check with licensing board. If a Dr chooses not to insure themselves they should have this clearly displayed in their clinic. So now after all the going back and forwards between all the different doctors i have sent out my final "interview email" to Dr Aslani in Spain. His team are on point in terms of communication and very knowledgeable in all the procedures i would like. The woman i spoke to took the time to call me and talk me through things, i felt a good energy from her. She was also kind and considerate which for me goes a long way. It's a life changing decision ladies, it could potentially make a massive improvement to your life or destroy it. Most of us that want to undergo any cosmetic procedure have "body issues" to begin with.. Imagine how bad that would feel if the surgery went wrong. I see a lot of reviews on here where things have gone wrong and women are trying to play it down because they feel so indebted to their doctors for giving them a chance and making minor adjustments to what they already have, never mind the burn marks or infected wounds etc. Not me, i mean wtf. Your paying a shit load of money, investing emotionally and physically in this. It will consume you for a long time through the healing process, it's gonna be rough, it's gonna be one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. You are paying for the Doctor to work for you and with you, not begging for help. Make sure you get exactly what you want and how you want it whilst been realistic, your doctor should encourage this! make sure it all sits well with you before committing. That you get replies to your emails and all your questions within a reasonable time and answered in full. Make sure your Dr ensures you are going to get an exceptional level of care and consideration then check all their reviews to see if this is confirmed by their patients. Make sure you ask all the questions you have before you pay a deposit and that the person representing your doctor answers them fully and to your satisfaction, you shouldn't have to worry about hassling people. They are not doing you a favor, you are the boss, it's your body, your health and your life make sure you let that be known and don't settle for less than you know you deserve! Hat's off to the Doctors that do their jobs well, that are honest and ethical that maintain high levels of patient care and respect. The doctors that take pride in their work and make a positive difference in people lives without putting them at risk and make them feel safe in their decisions. These are the doctors you want to work with. Not the ones that make you feel like a slab of meat to patch up and pass on. I'm sooooo over the decision making stage, can you tell!?! I will write more about the experience i have had so far with DR Aslani in my next post..

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