33 Y/o New Yorker/RN with 2 Kids TT, LPS,BBL - Dominican Republic

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Good morning Dolls! I am so late in the game at...

Good morning Dolls!
I am so late in the game at this point but I will try to catch up in time for my surgery. I contacted Dra. Robles October of 2015 after speaking to a great RN that looks super and praised DRA. Robles. I went online and submitted my request for consult. I received an email with details on the procedures and how to submit my consult pics. I am 5'5", 138lbs. I used to be 238lbs before my gastric bypass 3 years ago- So my journey is a long one. Once I got the quote, I was going back and forth to see if I could do a breast lift and implant instead of the liposculpture. Dra. Robles assistant helped to get more information and she was able to let me know that the procedures would be too much at one time. There was nothing I could do ????- But I respect her opinion and I always want to be safe.
I paid my $300 in December 2015 via Xoom. Its a $10 fee to pay with Xoom now. Before it was less but I guess the prices changed.
I have been speaking about getting my procedures to close family and friends. When they found out it was DR- They were not happy. I get it because we hear so many scary stories of bad jobs and deaths. As an RN its harder because I'm supposed to be more critical- But for YEARS I have known dozens of people who go with no problems. I trusted my RN friend and Dra. Robles is a member of the Sodocipre, which makes her board certified.
I have been completing the iron and B12 and Folic Acid. When I went for my CBC in December my Hgb was 10, my Vit. D was low, my Ferretin was 5....I'm going to need IV iron infusions. The oral iron made me soo constipated that I had to quite it for 2 weeks. It was killing me.
On 1/18/16 I'm going to see about an Appt to get my infusions. I only have 10 days left before I fly out!!
I have asked for a list of things I should pack for my trip on this forum. Hopefully someone can help me. I am going to go to Forham Rd tomm. to pick up my faja. I don't know where to get the ointments from....I would get those too.
So far I am optimistic, excited, and nervous. Hopefully, I can meet a barbie from here on there way there 1/27.
I will keep you guys updated on my journey.

9 days left!!!!!

I'm super excited and nervous. So much I am learning in the short time that I have been on this site. I was able to get a much better list together from one of our RS members (thank you!). I need to schedule a lymphatic massage...Don't know where to begin with getting that arranged. I anticipate that I will be swollen and can't fit my clothes so I know that the massages can help drain me faster. I won't be buying any faja's until I get back to NY. I want to make sure I get my size. I have decided I will just buy another one from Dr Robles.
In the meantime, I have a bunch of items that I still do not have on my list so I will be out running around to get them.
I am seeing my PCP for another RX for a CBC, my refill for Percocet, and to let her know about my procedure. I will be at the infusion center tomorrow for my IV iron consult. Hopefully, they give me my iron infusion this Sarurday or Monday....
I have started to give out contact information just in case while I am away to DR.
I am so nervous and excited....Laura has been real nice and I am hoping for the best because I am trusting Dr Robles and her team to treat me like how I treat my patients-Gentle and with respect.
Question- Can anyone tell me who has been at the RH- Is there wifi? Did you have to pay?
How is the cellular reception in the hospital for calls?
Do they give you lockers?
How do you get up from bed- Can you request to be propped up?
How long does it take before you can get out of the bed?

Low Hgb!!! Date pushed back!

So I went to the hematologist on Friday and my oral iron has not been working. I was given a prescription for IV iron since 12/23 but the oncology/hematology center never called me for an appt. I finally reached out to them last week and they pretended that they never received the prescription. Well, thank GOD I kept a copy of the prescriptions and I forwarded it to the manager. I saw the MD on Friday and my infusion is on Tuesday. I do not think that my hgb will go up in time for my surgery on Thursday, so I have pushed my flight back to leave on 2/1/16.
I sent Dr. Robles the updated copy of my itinerary. Hopefully she got it. I am excited and I want this experience to be a great one. I am looking to get my boobs done later on this year, hoping all goes well.

Im in DR Tomorrow: Dra Robles here I come!

So it's finally here...I am checking in for my Delta flight tomorrow AM. I am super nervous and excited at the same time! Anyone else going tomorrow or anyone there at Dr Robles office from the board there now?

So I'm here!!! My first day at CCEIP

Hello Robles dolls and Robles dolls to be! My flight went well from JFK. I left at 837a and landed in SDQ at 119p.
I went through immigration and customs. Paid the $10 for the immigration card for visitors. The line was long and the workers are very paced.
Once I finally made it to the main exit, there were loads of people, food stations, and drivers with signs! In a matter of seconds I found my driver!!
There were two other Robles dolls to be waiting for me to go with the same driver when I got there.
The driver was very nice. Helped me with my bags. I gave him a tip. He drove us to the clinic and introduced us to the assistant.
We left our suitcases upstairs, went down to fill out paperwork, pay the $105 for the testing and started the regime of blood, Chest x Ray, EKG, and urine.
My hgb was 9.6. So no surgery for me!!! Not tomorrow. They will be giving me IV iron, beat juice, and beef and black beans to eat. I am trying to see if I can get my Iron up by Wednesday for surgery on Thursday....
I have been in the clinic since 3p and it is 713p and I am still waiting to see the MD. I want to get the iron tonight to start ASAP.
I will keep you all updated.

Oral Iron- How many mgs do I take a day?!

Good afternoon!
So I'm here in DR! I came on Monday. My Hgb was 9.6. I received 4 iron shots and 2 iron IVs. Today my hgb is 10. I bought some fero proteina powder from the pharmacy. I want to ask if anyone can guide me into how much iron I should take everyday to shoot my iron up? I am going to check it again on Friday morning. Hoping to get to 12!!! Please help!

So those who have seen my first review, know that...

So those who have seen my first review, know that I did not get my surgery. Although I was pumped with Erythropoetin shots and Vevofer, nothing really caught on. I went to Dr. Robles on 2/1 for Sx on 2/2. I left 2/5 because my period came on 2/4 and my Hgb went from 9.6 to 10.5....

I have Sicle Cell Trait and I have always had low Hgb. My PCP and hematologist are very slack and to them my hgb at 9 is no big deal. I had 900 mg of IV iron given to me the week before I went to DR because they found that my Ferretin level was at a whopping 5!! My iron stores were very low yet, no one cared enough to do anything until I started a ruckus....
Any way, my hematologist promised that my iron levels would go up once I had the IV iron and Laura, Dr Robles assistant promised that I should have no issues because they could give me treatments when I get to DR. Well all of that was an EPIC fail!!!
I am hopeful that I will now be taking my iron journey into my own hands because I am determined to have this surgery done. I purchased 12 boxes of Wepox Epo and 8- 100mg vials of IV iron in SD before I left DR on Friday. I have also tripled up on my oral iron intake- 300 mg of iron- 3 times a day. Beef, green plaintains, eggs....I am focused. I am not a big eater and I find it exhausted to think about food all the time...I hate to. I eat usually when I am hungry but I have no choice.
I am 80% MD Robles again. I paif so much $$ to her already it makes sense. Plus she is very nice and she does the right thing. I appreciate the care that she gives and I have seen her results and I have spoken to the girls that she has done while in DR waiting for my Hgb to go up. She gives you a great realistic shape and she is very strict!! No burns, no lop sided breasts, but you will pay$$$. Many girls go to the oxygen chamber many times....The massages, the transfusions, the IVs, the shots, the creams, the transportation...It all adds up....She is NOT the cheapest at all. Your health is well worth it though.
I am thinking about Disla only because I want to do my breasts also. I REALLY need them done and I heard she is the one....
So much options and I want to make the right choice. I will be as helpful as possible to keep you all updated and post before and after pics so that you guys get a real idea what the process looks like.
Depending on the recovery house that you go to, you may not need to pack so much. Always do your research!! It is worth it.

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