Molina Doll, Lipo and Bbl 1/24/17- Dominican Republic

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Hi everyone, I have been stalking this site and...

Hi everyone, I have been stalking this site and reading everyone's profiles to get a real sense of what is going on and what is going to happen. Super excited about this journey I am about to take. I wasn't planning on having any sx at all. I got sick last year and due to the extreme use of Prednisone, I gained around 40 pounds in about 3 months. All this weight was centered around my stomach area and I HATE IT. I have lost most of my confidence and rarely go outside (unless necessary). Long story short, I checked in with my doctor and asked her about my decision and she gave me the okay.My best friend had surgery with Dr. Medina and I am very impressed with her results. I wanted to have sx with Duran, but she was unresponsive (don't like that). Dr. Medina seems very nice and answered me promptly. I sent her my pics and she recommended the following: Tummy tuck with muscle repair Liposuction on lower and upper back Flanks Waist with or without lipoinyection to Buttock (BBL) With the recovery house and transportation included, it came up to $5350I know I want to have sx sometime in July. All I need to do is pay my deposit ($300) to secure my date. More updates to come soon!!!!!


I am so scared. I have not sent my deposit to Dra. Medina yet. I will be going to DR alone. Hopefully when I secure my date I can have a sx buddy......Anyone interested?????


Promised some pics


I procrastinated to the fullest extent but in the end I finally made my deposit through western union and my sx date is July 13th I am so excited and scared at the same time. My daughter is going to be with her grandmother in the islands for the whole summer so I can have time to heal. Hopefully baby daddy will take care of me (he is happy about the surgery, thank god I have encouraging support).

I found a cheap one way ticket to DR through Delta. I will be arriving on the 12th. Just have to book a ticket back to ny.

Still waiting for the list of supplies though......

Waiting Patiently....

So it has been about a month since I have written on Realself. There has not been that much activity going on. Im running around trying to get the best deals for all my supplies, taking my vitamins, and building up my money for my sx.


It has been about a month and uggggghhhhhh... Had my labs done and my hemoglobin went from 9.6 to 10.2. Not where I want to be right now. I have to work extra extra hard to get my hemoglobin up...

2 WEEKS AGO!!!!!!

OMG, I am two weeks away from my surgery and I am on a serious hemoglobin crunch down. I cannot wait to see Dr. Medina and get this body. I have 95% of all my supplies. Just need to get a couple of snacks and some other little things. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!


I took my last labs july 5th and my results were not what I expected. My hemo dropped to a 9.9. I was also on the second day of my period. I am not giving up on my dream and will probably schedule it for the ending of 2016 into early 2017. Good luck and god bless everyone on their journey. Wishing you dolls the best.

duran doll 2/1/17 tt, lipo, bbl. i cant wait

Hello, everyone. I have been on realself for the past year or so. I was supposed to have surgery with Dr. Medina on July 13 2016, but my hemo was too low and I had to cancel. I was very disappointed, but saw this as a sign. I had wanted to see Dr. Duran in the beginning of my searching. but her response time and blah blah blah (I think everyone knows the deal with Duran, no need to explain). I started thinking really hard about the results that I wanted and I came to the conclusion that Dr. Medina might not be able to give me the results I want, so there goes $300 down the drain. If anyone want to they can read my other review with Medina. She is a nice, patient, and understanding.

SOOOOO, now I am on a hemo crunch again and hopefully by February everything will be ok.

I have all my supples (from Medina) and my suitcase is still packed lol.

Hemo Crunch

So i got a nice a nice package from amazon today with all my goodies. I am about 3 months from seeing Dr Duran and my hemo right now is at a 10.3. Considering that I have anemia of chronic disease, I think I am doing ok so far. I saw this on another page on realself, so I am going to adopt her regimen (also added my own little twist):

3 iron pills a day
3 blood builders a day
3 hemaplex pils a day
3 Vitamin C pills a day
30 mL of SSS Tonic a day
20 drops of chloroxygen liquid in water, twice a day
2 folic acid a day
2 B-Complex a day (currently finishing the last bit of B12 I have)
1 vitamin D3 every other night
Stop hemaplex two weeks before sx and start Purabsorb liquid iron. Continue to take purabsorb for 2 weeks after sx.

I will start this tonight and let you know how it works. I will take another lab test sometime next month. Hopefully my hemo goes up considerably.

New Doctor Dr. Molina Jan 24th

There has been so much drama with this sx process. I was supposed to go with Medina first, switched to Duran and finally I am going with Dr. Julio Molina for sure this time. You can read about my hemoglobin problem from previous posts. Because of that, I will be having liposuction and bbl, no tummy tuck. I looked at Molina's work with lipo and it is great. I have a really good feeling about sx 

Leaving In About 24 Hours

Well folks, its about that time. I am leaving for Santo Domingo very early Sunday morning with my sister. I have surgery with Dr. Molina on Tuesday the 24th and leaving February 7. I will be staying at KIndness Recovery House. I am so excited and a little scared, but I have full confidence that Dr. Molina will give me the body that I want. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Sorry for the extremely long wait...

Hello ladies, sorry for the long wait. I reached my 1 month post op on the 24th of February. I feel good, but I will get on that later.

Soooooo, my sis and I left from newark airport, 6:00 fight in the morning and the workers at the desk were not even there. People were just lined up waiting until they eventually came in. Things then went smoothly until my backpack with my safe went through the security belt. I dont know what they did or didnt see, but it resulted in me being patted down by tsa. Long story short, the flight was cool. Arrived in santo domingo, met up with the drivers. There were two other girls that were there waiting, they were going to Serenity Rh. Went to kindness, my sis and I wanted a double room, but it wasnt ready yet, so cece(the manager) put us up in a hotel for the night and bought us dinner. Very nice place, its the Fiesta.

Monday was xray first, then the cardiologist. We went to Molina office and took labs there. I waited to see dr molina at this point. For anyone who has followed my post, you know I have a hemoglobin problem and this journey has been long and tiring. He saw my labs and looked at everything else. My spanish is non existent. The conversation with dr molina was a little weird, there was definitely some miscommunication. It was like I can do the surgery, then it was im not sure I can do the surgery because of my hemo. Ladies my blood started boiling over, I was like I asked you all this shit in NY, you could have told me no in ny, I was about to start crying. I had my letters from my doctors and everything. Dr. Molinas wife, Dr. Loz, thank god speaks fluent english and cleared everything up. She was thankful I had my letters from my docs. I just needed to get clearance from a hematologist in DR. I was so nervous because my sx was in this persons hand. He asked for my hemo results, turned out it was 11.4. As he was reading all my paperwork, he kept nodding his head in agreement. My eyes were glued on him like a hawk lol. Anyways he cleared me for sx. I was sooooooo happy and relieved.

Tuesday was the big day. I was told to get there around 7am. waited, talked to the secretary, she told me he uses laser lipo, watched people come in and out and waited, waited, waited, waited. I dont know why these doctors do that. Anyways, I finally made it to a sx room in another part of the building. waited and waited. Molina came in to mark me up. Ladies be very clear about what you want and dont want. Even though the hematologist had given me clearance, since my hemo wasnt a 12 molina would not be able to do aggressive lipo on me. He asked what was the most important, first stomach, back, sides, flanks, then lipo in my arms and lastly my legs. After that the anesthesiologist came to talk to me. Because of my auto immune disease, my hands gets really cold and I tend to lose blood flow in them. Just my luck, the room was cold and I was in that blue gown for awhile. He tried that finger thing to see my hemoglobin and that was not working. It took forever, he even went to get another one thinking it was broken lol. Dr. Loz came in to see me and explain how things were gonna go down and all that. waited again and finally the infamous blue pill came and I knew it was game on. I layed down and then they came to put in my iv. My sis told me I looked like I was about to say something to her and my hand just fell down and I fell asleep (she took video lol). Came out of sx, wrapped up, blood all over the place, I had no drain. So apparently i had a bit of a crazy episode that night and ended up leaving a voice message for cece saying that I see things walking on the wall, it was too much lol. I did not remember not a damn thing. I felt ok at that point. had breakfast and then was ready to go to the rh. Was told to come in that friday, the 27th for my first doc appt. Well, I have been sitting on my butt long enough now. I promise i will not wait so long to finish my update. Good night ladies....


Before the sx

This damn FAJA

Hello ladies, how are you all. After surgery, went to recovery house and now everything is a blur in my hhead. My days consisted of breakfast, lunch. dinner, tv and never being able to sleep lol. I was able to get a total of 8 massages in DR. Sooo, before I left, the people at the recovery house wanted to take in my faja by 2 inches on each side. I didnt know any better so I said okay, for the compression. When they put in that damn faja, i cried. Dolls, are you supposed to cry when they are putting you in your faja, i dont think so. I did not sleep that night because it was so tight and I got a little hole on the side of my body (pics). Now, I am and will never be a skinny person. I know that you're supposed to have crazy compression, but sometimes if you have a wider frame that might not work. so now I have a faja that is technically an xxs, when my body is a small/medium. I decided from then that I will not put myself into any crazy tight faja predicaments.

Ladies if there is anything specific you want to know about DR, just comment below.

Things have been okay with me. I have had a total of three massages since I came back to ny. I know I am suppose to have more than that, but the snowstorms and the cold are killing me and I have to find anyone available to watch my daughter. I have really, really, really, been a bad girl with this faja. I am not about this faja life. I have been wearing my stage 1 faja since I came back to ny. I bought another faja from the woman that does my massages and that shit was digging into my sides like the other faja that got fucked up. when i went to sleep that night, I was breathing really heavy and had to take it off right away, so much for that faja. Back to the stage 1, I had it taking in and cut, so this will have to do cause I am not spending another $130 for another damn faja. I have gone a whole week without wearing the faja at times, but this shit is really killing my soul and my sides.
So, if there is anyone who wants to buy a faja out there let me know, I have 2 for sale. Not even worn for more than a couple of hours. Holla at me.

Damn faja

Two faja for sale barely even worn.


I promised you ladies a pic. I have been a bad girl with the faja
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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