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I've been creeping around this site for a while...

I've been creeping around this site for a while now. I had originally planned to spend $8k here in Virginia but I've been following Dr Robles in DR for a while now on here, Facebook, and Instagram and I love her work. I love the before & afters and the price obviously was a plus. So, I will be taking before pictures soon. I've had three cesareans (no vag births) and my youngest daughter is 8. They're growing up and becoming more and more independent by the day so it's time to reclaim myself! Not only that, but I've also lost and keep off 100 pounds for over 4 years now. I'm left with excess skin and stubborn fat that diet and exercise can't cure. I know because I've become a gym rat as well.

My wants are: tummy tuck, arm lift, upper thigh lift, and a BBL. Dr. Robles said that obviously that's too much to do at once so we can do stages. I'll get the arm lift and TT first. February 2016 is my surgery window, haven't set the exact date yet. I will put down my deposit and set the date right after Christmas. (Next month) and if I love my results and experience, I will do my other two the following year around the same time.

My current stats are 190 5'7" and 29 years old. As previously stated, I've lost 100 pounds. I've kept it off for over 4 years now. I'm not even scared about the surgery or recovery anymore, I'm excited and can't wait to get it done. I'll be taking a month off from work and possibly an additional week if needed, will play by ear.

I have to start taking iron and vitamins to insure a high hemoglobin level so I will be starting that within the next week or so. Super stoked !!!

Deposit paid

Okay, Robles it is! I was contemplating Duran and Almonte .. I love all three of their work! But Robles is my final decision. Just paid the deposit today. Surgery will be next month on the 12. Also requested a personal leave from work. I cannot believe that in ONE MONTH this will all happen. I've been researching and wanting to do this for over 5 years! Back when I decided to drop my excess weight and get in shape. Towards the end I realized my loose skin wasn't fixable thru exercise and I LIVED in the gym and had a healthy lifestyle! I'm so excited with a hint of nervous but my sister is going with me. At first she was just going to be a ride along but then she began looking into doctors and she wants a BBL ! So we will both get work done. Will definitely post pics of my experience.

Countdown is on

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Before photos

I have surgery in 20 days so here goes... Before photos !

Count down...

My line up

Viviscal is my hair vitamins so those are unrelated to SX (: but I take each pill twice a day (morning and night) AND an extra Vit C + iron mid day. Gotta get that hemo up!!! Will be getting checked as soon as my period is over. I want my body to be completely normal when I get my hemo checked.


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So far so good

Met with Robles, she is very sweet and caring. She doesn't play with the hemo! Get it past 13 if you want 2 procedures. This is good, cause if a surgeon doesn't care, you should be alarmed! Red flag! Never ignore red flags or your tuition!

Most of the staff speaks enough English to communicate with. They are very sweet.

I was surprised by how much extra cash I spent, so DO BRING extra for anything extra you may need. (Asthma requires $150 to be cleared by specialist). Better to be safe than sorry so please do disclose to your Doctor any predicting and current medical conditions. It's for your own safety. (: Iron shots are $20 each and you buy them in increments of 4. Also, if you need oxygen therapy it's $100 per session. Massages once cleared you buy a pack for $200+, etc. I do recommend exchanging some money because I didn't and we came very late and were starving and the restaurants didn't accept USD.

I got out of surgery about 6 hours ago. The pain is real! (: when they inject the pain medication into your IV, you'll feel much better! I got a full tummy tuck and it feels like runners cramp and finishing a hardcore ab work out and then some!!! Whew ! Everything is numb and painful!

Going to get rested up now, will update more as I begin to heal.

Virginias Recovery House

Recovery house was great, nurses were a huge help. They make you get up and get moving around a little bit, to go downstairs to eat. They check your vitals and apply creams to your bruising (every 2 hours first few days, then 3X a day) and give you your medicine 3X a day. Maciel was hands down the best nurse, she only works weekends but she is always on top of everything and you can tell how great she is cause once she leaves cause the others don't care the way she does!

Be prepared to pay extra for things not included such as:

Upon arriving at RH they charge you $200 for medicine (pain meds, iron, antibiotic, and creams) this will last your 7-10 day stay but if you run out of any of the three creams they are around $20 each. If you require iron shots they are $40 for two which is a daily quantity, so if you need them for your entire stay it's $40 times however many days you stay! IVs are around $2 each, and you need 2 a day for however many days they prescribe them. A lot of people turn down all this extra medicine but of course it's for your own good.

For heavy bruising they ask you to complete an oxygen treatment which will cost you $103 per treatment. You'll spend 1 hour in an oxygen chamber which is kinda freaky cause you're literally locked in the tiny space and your ears pop and it's painful. If you wear earplugs, don't take them out until your treatment is complete bc I heard you can rupture your ear drums. Now if you need 5 treatments, that's an extra $500! I only did one treatment and slept the whole time.. Tried to at least! I didn't like it but the man working was very sweet and caring so he made the experience positive. He'd change the channel to an English Channel and give me the thumbs up to make sure I liked it and was smiling from ear to ear. He'd tap on the glass every now and then and give a thumbs up to ask if I was okay. Very nice guy. As this is not included in Robles package, the driver may or may not ask for $10 for the ride. (He did for me)

So as you see, it adds up, bring at least $500 extra or more to be safe. If you stay over your 7 or 10 day package it's $55 per additional day.

Okay back to the recovery house: they provide 3 meals a day. I got pretty tired of the food cause they cook the same thing many different ways. So bring snacks! They don't really use salt bc it causes you to swell up so they try to keep it healthy. Downstairs is cooled with a fan and open windows/door. Sometimes it felt muggy. Upstairs each room has an AC unit with a remote control. Tv with cable. Wifi but it sucks and my phone worked better without it. You are free to hang out in the living room with the other girls or sit on the couch/chairs on the patio and "people watch".

They are good about keeping the rooms cleaned and sheets changed. The bedroom floor was mopped a few times during my stay. Each room has a key, in case you leave you can lock your room and take the key.

That's pretty much it. If you have any questions I forgot to cover feel free to ask.

Doctor Robles, Dominican Republic

Okay, my experience was good with Robles. She's very safe and caring. She asks that you disclose all medical history or problems and that is the only way you know you'll be safe. I had asthma so I had to pay $150 additional to be cleared by cardiologist before my sx. I wanted a TT, Lipo, and arm lift but Robles suggested I save arm lift for round 2 and get a BBL first. I agreed since she's the expert. I let her mark me up and then I got my hemo checked. It was a 12 so I had to get iron shots and try to get it to 13 for the bbl. next day I tested and didn't make 13 so I went ahead with sx but only could get side lipo (not full back lipo) and TT. I wasn't happy with that but I appreciate her honesty because she's about safety and health over money. She's very welcoming and friendly, always smiling and happy!

I went in for my sx and was given a blue pill. It didn't do much for me and then as soon as I received the IV, I was asleep. I woke up and looked around and whoa I was in pain! When I woke up they wheeled me to my room and transferred me to my bed. My legs were completely numb and I was freaking out because I had read a story about another lady who had her nerve hit during bbl sx and over a year later she still couldn't walk. I had tears running down my face and asked them if it's normal that I couldn't feel my legs or my feet and I couldn't move them at all! They assured me it's normal and gave me a shot in my thigh. 30 mins or so later I began to regain feeling and I could move them more as the time passed. Whew! I was sure in my mind I was permanently crippled! Asking myself why I even came here and how stupid I was! Lol it's common to feel regret and question everything post op. The first three days were hard and I was questioning myself why the hell did I come here and look what I've done to myself. I laid in my bed at the RH and regretted everything because I was so helpless, in pain, and in a foreign country away from all of my family and friends. I stayed in my room for the first few days, only coming out when my stomach growled from starving. After day 4, things started becoming a little easier. I was tired and over it by day 7! I just wanted to be in the comfort of my home. The first few days the nurses come in every 2 hours to apply cream to your lipo areas on the bruising. It was painful but necessary. They ask you to drink water, as much as possible. They give you fresh juice daily and make sure you're drinking lots of fluids! You truly appreciate their help once you get home though! (:

Absolutely include wheelchair service when you book your ticket home because I could not have made it without it! I flew United and each stop they had my wheelchair waiting. They do all the navigating for you through customs and security and it's just a life saver! If you don't include it when you book your ticket, you'll be waiting around for a while and it will be disorganized so don't hesitate to use the service!! Especially if you still have your drain in because it's painful to walk with it. I still have mine. I've finally begun to drain less so I'll begin tracking it tomorrow. 48 hours with 50cc or less and it can come out (:

I chose Robles because when I went in search of quotes, some doctors told me they'd do all my surgeries at once (originally I wanted arm lift, bbl, and tt) but Robles said no that's not safe. Others wanted the money, but she wanted the safety. Her staff will communicate with you through whatsapp and are good about keeping good line of communication. They work in cicep which is a clean facility. AC through out and no complaints. Everyone was nice and accommodating. Some speak little English or no English but everyone that I came in contact with put in effort to communicate and were friendly and nice.

Okay I'm sure I missed some stuff so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

More pics coming soon

As soon as my drain comes out and I'm standing straight 100% I'll be updating with lots of pics ! Right now I still have my drain and I'm standing straight about 85%. I'm 12 days post op today.

Post SX

Just a few pics


Sorry if I don't get back to you, I don't get on here much. Best way to contact me is Instagram. Make a private account for your surgery researching needs then follow me @curvesss_xo , the info and help you seek here, you'll get that and more on Instagram! Big community of girls pre-op and post-op sharing their trials tribulations & journeys!

One month post op

Wow it's been a month already! Time flies! But a month ago I was agonizing about how slowly the time was passing!

31 days post op

40 days post op (:

2 months post op today (:

Officially 2 months !

2.5 months post op

Pictures... Pre SX I did NOT wear jeans !!

3 months post op

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Robles is a very caring doctor who puts safety first when most others put money first. Great communication between her and her crew. They all speak pretty good English and were easy to talk to. Robles and her team were always smiling and welcoming. She is honest with her opinion and will tell you your limits with your hemo, and wont risk your health. She is fantastic with the Tummy tuck incision, always a clean cut line and always low and easy to hide with your underwear. I loved seeing her work and thats one of the reasons that I chose her! Communication doesn't stop at the surgery. She follows up on you daily asking her nurses to send her pictures of your progress in between visits. When I got home I was surprised that her assistant contacted me to make sure I was healing properly so I sent her pics and she confirmed that my incision and recovery thus far look great! I see a lot of people claim their surgeons are impossible to reach after they take your money, but this is not the case with Robles! Great doctor!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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