30 and looking for that hourglass - Dominican Republic

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I am a 29 yr old wife and mother of three, 6, 10,...

I am a 29 yr old wife and mother of three, 6, 10, and 12. All born by cesarean. I have been researching on realself for about a year and a half. I have been looking at a few different doctors but Dr. Robles work just looks like more of what my expectations are. My husband was anti-surgery but I have finally got him to jump on the sexy train. So tonight I decided to just email Dr. Robles office to request my consultation. I am blown away by the quick response. The first email requested pictures and 10 questions. I responded immediately and received a confirmation email stating Dr.Robles would review within 48-72 hrs I believe. About 45 minutes later I received a quote and suggested surgery.

BEWARE!! LOL Before pics

Well I've been debating if I should post before pics but I know I enjoy looking at all the transformations so why not?? Maybe my post can help a future Diva.


Don't worry I look better with clothes on.

Before Pics

See not so bad lol

Wish Pics

A few wish pics ;) a girl can dream can't she?

Momma's got plans!

So I am currently at 207lbs @ 5'6. I would love to lose at least 30-40lbs and I know I can do it be for May-June next year. I hoping that knowing that I plan to have this done will keep me movitavated. I LOVE FOOD. My job makes it really hard for me because my co-workers love to eat out and of course I'm always somewhere in the mix. Not to mention there is this Jamaican spot that is.... AMAZING!! I eat out at least 4 times a week that's doesn't include after work. I love the fact that my surgery is so far away because this allows me the time to retrain myself if I really choose to do so, which would defeat the purpose if I didn't.

Muscle repair??

Ladies help me out, does anybody know if Dr. Robles' s Tummy tucks include muscle repair??


So I was out shopping with my twelve year old daughter for her first Valentine's dance :..(Size 00) and boi let me tell you I can't wait!!!! I can't wait to put on a nice pair of high waist jeans and cute crop top!! Oh shit na!!!!! Your not going to be able to tell me nothing! :)


Hey RS sister, I am finally back after after months of deliberation. I have to tell you after hearing about the death in Dr. Robles office I was extremely discouraged. I was literally days away from paying my deposit and I heard the terrible news. My family was freaked out I was freaked out. It was so disappointing after over a year of research and finally getting my husband to agree, I was super excited. We felt like it was a sign from God to just be happy with what I have and deal with it the natural way. So here I am now 20 lbs lighter and still wanting that juicy booty I know I was destine to have. I have been back on the site once again starting from scratch and looking for a new doctor. I was trying to find someone local in the Miami Ft. Lauderdale area but I can't bring myself to pay the amount of money they want for one procedure when I can get two or more for half that price and I have only found one Dr in Miami that can sculpt like DR and that is Dr.Salzhauer and he is way out of my budget. So I requested a consult from Dr. Yily and got response in less than 24 hours for me to send over my pics and all the extra information they require this morning and am currently waiting for a response. I hope to get the surgery done late April or early May. I would love to find a SX Buddy but I guess I have to find a surgeon first lol. Well if any of you dolls have any advise for me or questions please don't hesitate. I am stalking this site pretty much all day everyday.

Me and my waist trainer

I have always had a small waist so I can't wait to see what it will look like snatched!!

You can see my weight loss in my collarbone

Weight loss journey

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far very attentive.

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