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Hey..I'm new to this but wanted to share.im 27...

Hey..I'm new to this but wanted to share.im 27 with an 9 year old..when I gave birth at 18 I was 120 and since then my weight as went up but as a result of my pregnancy I got tons of stretch marks. .the most I ever weighted was 220..I have pouch around my stomach. .can't wait to get fine I'm getting a tt with lipo to the waist and armpit..doctors suggestions. .I leave may 26..I'm going with robles. .I know she has had recent deaths but I'm optimistic I'll come out alive..ttyl any advice what to pack! BTW I'm try to lose weight I'm 210 right now

picking up supplies here n there

I'm still researching things to bring..tonight I got wipes panties 2 sizes bigger,wife beater .n b complex mind you I already bought vitamins but I found some contain vitamin E!! I was trying to just bring a carry on with that be sufficient enough. .n any advice on what to pack..one more question what are the pads for cause I see ppl getting adult diapers so I don't know which one to get?

my passport is here and my cbc test scheduled

It too my passport a little under 2 week to come...went to my local dr..n scheduled my cbc..on 2-15-15 my hemoglobin level was 13.something...thinking about getting lipo to inner thighs. .I am discouraged I'm 218..ugh..goal is to lose the 18 lbs before my sx! 2 meal replacement n Akins meal for dinner. .n more excerise! Still researching what to buy for trip..happy my luggage is free with aa!

more supplies n will start taking my vitimans

start packing

I'm working a lot of overtime so I got to do this ahead of time..I'm undecided rather to get a bbl (5200$) or ba (5800)!!but for the bbl robles want me to lose about 25 lbs..im trying but unsure if I'll meet the goal..thinking weather or not to bring a carry on! Don't really want to purchase one

is this the tourist card??

Thought I'd get this ahead of time because one rs diva suggested it..but is it the right one?

28 more days. .nervous

I'm just keeping busy working this overtime. .going to weight doctor today .I'm hoping to lose 15lbs before sx...but hold up..I'm nervous with this instagram account post that said don't send deposit to Laura and robles got a new assistant. .just messy not sure if the new istagram page is fake..new assistant name lefny..she answers quickly. .just wish I could talk to dra robles personal. .ugh..all I know someone better be at the airport to pick me up lol

tourist card

Shit I should have got this at the airport. .says it will 10 but charged my card $20 lol. Anyway is this the right one I need

Labs done...25 more days

got my lab but my hemoglobin level is 13.4 the doctor said I was anemic and need to start taking iron pills what a disappointment since I've been taking iron pills for the last 2 weeks on another note, 25 more days super excited, I will go to the doctor in two more weeks once I find this body builder and start taking it to get my iron levels higher on a positive note I found some open front gowns that were cheap, on another negative Note I weigh 218 now I have started to take fat burn the shots and lipo pills so hopefully I can get 15 pounds off by the time I leave in twenty five days God willing that would put my BMI at 35 or 34 toodles

I switched to yily doll.. 16 more days

Loved her work..paid my deposit. .it's 6,800 for tt n bbl and ba..yes I can get everything at once!! 16 more days..one a liquid diet..heard that are strict on the bmi..so i will get it to 35.. that's about 7 pounds..I think I can do it..I've been working out everyday. ..walking/jogging 3-4 miles. And just added beach body insanity. Wish me luck

7 more day..like wow

In the gym like crazy trying to lose last minute pounds!!..ugh

10 hours to be a yily doll

Bmi is 36 by 1lb...lol will be doing major working out..tonight. .don't want to do this tea cause I don't want to be shitty (lol) on the plane.!! Hey rs fam should I take a carry on ..please help!!

clear nail for yily

She said no nail polish

raining bad in Houston

Hope my flight don't get delayed..ughh

So my flight got changed

I was suppose to arrive in the dr at 1pm but I got here at 7:30.. I was happy to see the driver with my name. Went straight to the rh. Wifi is excellent her but the driver didn't speak English ..will update tomorrow where I'll be getting my blood work n things

waist is snatched

Breathing definitely change..quick update

more pictures

Here ladies more pictures

here's how it went

Arrived in the dr around 7:45pm went straight to the recovery home( luxury )..was feed..not too many ppl here n 4 ppl to a room...went to ceipe the at 6 am..yily assistance very nice..took care of testing. .yily came in marked me up..said she didnt know if i could get the ba done..then her assistant doctor said i could!! blue pill at 2:39pm don't remember what time I got in the room maybe 5...woke up no boobs..:( no tripping health first!! Was feed soup...ladies get pain medication having it sitting out cause they give you pain every 8 hrs and it runs out before hand..yily came that morning asked us how we doing..n I'll be getting back my money for the ba..her asstiance come in put you in a faja which stay open for a few days..I got n extra large. .I walk hunched over ..man my stomach is tight..not too much bruising. .and I'm draining well..now cable at the recovery house. .idk y!! They are nice ladies who work here..Jose the driver don't speak English but a cool dude n helpful

feeling better

My faja is finally close..the rh will get it altered for $10 instead of paying another 140!! Food at the luxury rh is great..but the water shuts of at like 11pm..n there is no cable wtf..luckily I have my ipad but still..they closed my faja the other day! You also get sponge baths. . Can wait for massages!

new comparison photos

After bath..I love my results ..I see yily tomorrow

food is so damn good

Lol some food n random pictures

flat as a board

Had my faja altered today ..taken in!! ($10)..n 2nd massage ..feel better and standing more..had a bad day emotionally. .but better now..loving this coke bottom shape..I want to go into some shady shit that's going on here but I'll do when I arrive back in the states! Had my post op visit. .they clean my belly button gave me refund for my ba and blood transfusion so 1650!! :) got my doctor's note for my fmla!..didn't see yily but I expected that busy lady!! :)

decline in service n bias treatment

So today and tomorrow are holidays here so yily is not see patients. ..I seen her personally for my last post op visit..I leave in the morning. .n unfortunately I have to leave with my drain in...ugh!! Ok the service at the recovery house has declined since I got her..Jose is more inclined to take Spanish speaking women place then us!! The masseuse quoted me 10 massages for 100$ ..then later changed to 5 for $100..but a dominican lady got the first special. ..Dr santana does the bare minimum when she come to visit if you don't ask you really just get looked over (ex .clean belly button, dress wounds, clean drainage tube!) The ac went out for 5+hrs I had to get a little crazy n let know I can't sleep when the room is 73°. The foods delicious and the nights nurse are awesome..the day nurse gave us wash off front (not vargina,you do that) and back but by the 5 day gone say I just wash your front are just hand you a towel..wtf you can't reach your back. .so you have to tell no. I need help..me personally I didn't mind wash my front cause I had the strength to do it!! Luxury house get a 5/10 for me

the flight home

Night nurse let me take a video of her changing my drain..which was nice of her..even though you pretty get it down from watching them do ot so much the Dominican airport I requested wheelchair service. .got a wheelchair and was put to the side..literally ..I sat for 45 mins. .finally I was like my flight leaves in an hr..had to get extra search because of the faja ...but that was quick and easy. ..when I arrived to Miami no wheelchair service cause apparently our gate got changed and on 3 wheelchair personnel decided to head to the new gate...so i went walking. .and I must say..I somewhat handle it..felt like a bimp....had to move my faja to the first row of buttons! I fastened my drain on my panties..no tsa issues with my drain ..neoprene on my belly button. .looks good to me..all that walking today thought I would have drained more but didnt!! Ttyl about to lay it down ..tomorrows goal find massages and drain doctor

get in my belly

Lol belly button photos up close beware lol


Ugh woke up last night burning up was 99.9 temp....I feel fine..I know having a fever is normal so I took Tylenol. I think I'm going to keep the drain in till Monday.. Me in a dress. Oh yeah it's kinda hard to put you faja on by yourself

drain out

hey guys I took out my drain today because it was busted whenever I pushed it down it would not create suction to pull the fluid out I had my home girl do it for me. it did not hurt. tomorrow I'll be calling the doctor because I left some blue stitches and because they were connected to clear stitches and I didn't want to mess anything up (pictures are included below). I am tired of having the fever of 99.5 waking up burning up at some point in the night I don't regret my surgery because I look fabulous but sometimes I'm wondering was it worth it. ladies yily did an awesome job..oh yes Ladies I have not been on my medicine routine since I got home I take the antibiotics when I wake up with a fever so I have to hop on taking the vitamins like I'm supposed to. yesterday I went without wearing my Faja all day did not experience any swelling I think it's because she sucked all the fat off my waist lol. I'm doing my best to make sure that I did not collect fluid underneath my skin so when my dream was taking out I put my Faja on because when she pulled the drain I knew that all the fluid. Come out

never wore a 2 piece

Bought it cause it was cheap..never wore one even as a kid lol..love it..tho I would invest in a high waisted one to cover my hip stretch marks.. these boobs will get done..debating on just a breast lift. .hopefully I can found on cheap in Houston, Dallas or surrounding area..no domincan republic for that lol

tummy tuck scar

Ok, ladies I went to Walmart and got some more bandage to go over my tummy tuck scar and let me tell you my scar is so perfect and so thin...omg..yily is so freaking amazing. .although my butt seem to have went down..n not my hips so I look hippy...but I'll give it time..I'm so happy!! Oh by the way shave your public hair kinda low cause pulling that tape off was like owwwe,ouch but for the most part it came off easy because it had been on for 8 days straight not been tampered with. tomorrow I go to the doctor and I'll let her determine whether I can take showers if it's sealed enough my scar that i. .it looks like it Is!!

more of my tt scars

There're gorgeous


The lack of education on the procedure today I went to the doctor to have some of the blue stitch remove from my side where the drain was to find out that there is clear stitching there and I'm not sure if I should have that taken out as well the clear stitching is on both end of the incision. so I'll call you yily office to get clarification whether the clear stitches are dissolvable or do i have to manually be removed and I did not receive a clear answer the receptionist said 20 days I'm like what in 20 days the stitches can be impaled into my skin from healing so I'm at a loss. tomorrow I will call the number to the doctor I got directly yily assistant doctor. .also I believe that I got a yeast infection from the antibiotics so the doctor prescribe me and yeast infection pill and it's working so far. I actually have around to surgery schedule with Robles next year the reason why is because I originally was to go to her but in order to save my deposit i switch my date just in case I didn't get everything I wanted with yily case in point my breast augmentation!. Although I'm more interested in getting a breast job in the United States. so I'm thinking when I go to Robles I might just get inner thigh/stomach liposuction in round 2 bbl if I'm not satisfied with how my butt turns out now..oh yeah let me tell you now that this isn't an easy process I cannot bend down to put on my pants ,shoes, panties and it is difficult to drive my back is hard as a board soreness stiffness has not eased up yet! peace yall feeling dissapointed

today is my birthday

The surgery was my gift to myself. .happy 28th birthday to me

new fit birthday dress

I got my faja on..it's so tight but yeah

the itching begin

My lower back is itching so bad ugh..I'm about to try this itch cream...here are some of my scar from the lipo and stitches

burn?? ugh how did I get this

imagine my surprise when I find what I believe is to be a burn from my Faja on my lower stomach I have put some neosporin on it and it has lighten up already just when I thought there was just a short. Of time when you can get burns. anyways I'm still nursing my two wounds on my hips which are healing very well now that I pack it with neosporin. I found a Faja store in Houston but the faja was was 120 dollars. so I just went to alteration place where they will alter it for $8 taken one inch of fabric off so hopefully that's tight enough ,but the only downside is they keep it for 2 days I have grown used to my Faja lol ..I also found the massage is for 49 dollars an hour. I believe I have a seroma on the front of my stomache so I will go to my basic doctor to see if she can extract the fluid from my tummy pray she can guys. that's all for today peace

a video of seroma n burn


altered faja

Got my Faja taken by one inch. ..don't know if I can close it cost $10..measurement waist 33 1/2 hips 52..nice proportion


Removed stitches last night from under breast, belly button ..still have occasion where I be burning up...seroma resolved itself once I went tighter with compression garment ..so far all is good. .back is this stiff can reach my feet..n bend over comfortably. ..only is I'm still treating my wound from the drain ..I feel like my but went away sometime..but these hips not going anywhere...yall I'm not parting all the time..just so happens it's me n my sister bday month so that's y I have all these party dresses lol...of course my tummy is still swollen

will update less

There are 2 more stitches I need removed from my butt crack and my left hip..the knots are sticking out..not bothering me but I think it's time since they r not dissolving

omg yily patient dies


Cheap alternative

Hey ladies found these spanx at Ross for $5.99 a good alternative while you're washing your phone faja..sz medium still give me the good impression that I mean

just was bored made a side view collage

Hey guys I was bored at work so I decided to make a collage out of my side view still healing still sore still hard still recovering still cannot bend down fully still waiting to feel as good as I look talk to you later

started scar treatment

Put my silicone strip on ..even though my scar looks good..using mepiform ..for a couple of weeks. .then scar away if needed ..but neosprine works perfectly..I'm super swollen

i don't like silicone strips

They turn my scar red!! Yes I noticed my boots in fleet with cg on..I've decided to be more dedicated to my cg ..n eating better. Lower still swollen, hard..nothing new to add..might added light walking soon

getting an ultrasound

Just to make sure my swelling is just healing right..bc my stomach is hard

small wound

Wtf where did this come from...trying no to stress but..just something to keep from getting infected to think I was pass all this as far as lipo wounds and incision! ! Cg feels good to wear.. need to take it in again yahhh


Lower back n stomach is still tight. .swelling is slowly subsiding. .I'm happy..but I have a hard knot or lumore under my bb..body still hard...n i feel like i can do light exercise but I'm disappointed I'm happy

an update

Look good but I think I've got scar tissue ugh but here is photos

Weight gain

I've gained weight 30lbs. But reassure I'm about to lose this weight ..will update later
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far communication with dr.robles is a breeze

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