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Hey realself Like many of you I have been doing my...

Hey realself Like many of you I have been doing my research on here for quite some time. I think I will finally start documenting my journey. My deposit is paid and my date is set for April 12th 2016 (if anybody is going around that time let me know). I've debated between going to Miami or DR but the results that I'm looking for Can only be found in DR. After hours of research I've decided to go with Dr Robles. Her tummy tucks look amazing especially on Curvier girls. I'll try my best to keep you guys updated with photos.


Here are some before pics. My body type has always been the same for years now. As I put on more weight my midsection gets bigger. Not to mention these unsightly stretch marks. It's even embarrassing to say my weight is at 247 and I'm 5'7. I have some work to do to get some of this weight off. I'm determined to be snatched this summer!

Wish pics

Here's a few wish pics. I try to be realistic as possible for my wish pics.

Moved my date

Moved my surgery date to June 13th. That's two days after my birthday so I guess you can say it's a birthday gift to myself. April is just way to close. It would be easier for me after my daughter is out of school. I have more to prepare and lose this weight. I also have a friend that says she will come with me. Part of a vaca for her and to help take care of me. I'll keep you guys updated!

Post op care in my area

So one thing I was really concerned about is post op care after leaving D.R. From reading all the stories from drains getting clogged, to falling out, infections, fluid build up it was all starting to freak me out. I contact Laura (Dr. Robles) assistant to see if there were any doctors she partnered with in my area or the Tri-state area. I live in PA so I was looking for somebody in NY or NJ. Would be willing to drive a little bit further if needed. She answered and said the did partner with a doctor in NY for post op care if needed. Things such as drainage of fluids, checking and removing stiches, pain management if needed. Even filling out paper work for work (as long as you became his patient she said he would help you with all that). This has really put my mind at ease knowing that I can see a doctor if needed within driving distance.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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