27 No Kids BBL TT & Lipo with Dra. Medina - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello dolls current, former and prospective! I've...

Hello dolls current, former and prospective!

I've been creeping around in the background of this site for a while, envying everyone who's been brave enough to get work done. After some thorough (I certainly hope it's as thorough as I think it is at least!) research, I landed on Dra. Medina for my surgeries. Currently planning to do a TT & BBL with lipo. I put my deposit in this afternoon and am planning to have my surgery done in August 16 to get myself into a shape I'm happier with and fit the health requirements over a reasonable amount of time.

To say I am anxious about this is a huge understatement! I am nervous for the normal reasons like having major surgery and being out of the country for it. Also for slightly less reasonable causes like wondering if I can successfully keep this all relatively quiet, will everyone know, will my family be disappointed in me. I have plenty of time to worry about all of that so for now I am trying to stay positive and excited that I finally took the first big step in changing my life and body for the better. I know it is a long road to happiness and I have been on it for a while already. It never ends, but it does get easier! Any pro tips or words of encouragement would be very much appreciated!

Adding Photos

New date and pre surgery jitters

Well I have moved my date up to May 18th. It seems much more real now which is exciting and scary at the same time. I'm working on my general health and fitness to be in the best shape I can be before I leave.

While I am nervous, I still find myself determined to stick to the plan. It's something I've dreamed about as long as I can remember and it's just overwhelming to be finally doing it. I've been looking into some cushions to sleep on once I get back home, if you've used either of these please let me know.

Anyway, nose down and hard work in progress!



Getting things in order

Plane tickets have been booked!

I also sent my deposit through western union to My Home Recovery but WU cancelled it for whatever reason so I am sending it again tomorrow.

Getting very excited and nervous as I get closer. It still seems like forever away. But I am using the time before surgery well, I've been working out more and eating better - down 10 lbs already! I have plenty for the booty, don't worry.

I've been looking around more at the pillows for healing; I think I may make one since none of them seem to have what I want.

Will keep you posted with updates but that's it for now!

Wish Picks

Trying to be realistic but it's so hard when your mind is racing!

Updated my date

It's getting super real now and as I'm finding surgery buddies left and right, they helped me realize I had my date set wrong. I'm scheduled for May 18th and am collecting all my supplies while I try to be patient.

Would love to chat with anybody seeing Dra Medina around then! I'll be staying at My Home Recovery. Can't wait ????????

Getting Closer!

I am counting the days til I leave for this great adventure! And I have been chatting it up with some new friends who are seeing Dra Medina around the same time I am.
I've started accumulating my supplies - not planning on bringing much but I do have some things to take on the trip. The necessary items like the pee funnel, compression socks, arnica gel, wipes and wash, that sort of thing.

With out further ado, I have found someone to body stalk. I love this girls figure!

Made it to the DR

Hello ladies! I made it to the DR without event on Saturday and settled into my Airbnb just fine. I've been enjoying this beautiful country since then and eating well, knowing those days are numbered. I did lose a bit of weight before I got here and I've added those photos - seems to have stayed off which I'm happy about. I had my blood work yesterday and am at Cecilip for the first time. HOLY COW is this place nice! Everyone tells you about it but you are never quite prepared until you see it yourself. I don't think I've ever been in a doctors office like this in America, it is beautiful. And seeing all the very lovely women walking around here has only made me more sure of my choice. I can't say I haven't spent the last few days in a ball of nerves. I have been so anxious about this day finally arriving, I didn't think I'd be able to sleep at all. Fortunately I have and now that I'm here I feel much better about the whole thing. Tomorrow is the day and I will try to keep you guys posted on everything! Thoughts and prayers appreciated for the big day :)

I made it!!

Good morning dolls! I have made it to the flat side!!! As everyone says Dra Medina and her staff are amazing. One photo in faja and one with it off. Enjoy!


Recovery House Day 2

It seems like weeks have passed in the last two days. Recovery is no joke! And I will confirm what everyone else tells you - DR pain meds are not like US pain meds so bring yours if you can. I've been alternating between the meds Dra Medina prescribed and extra strength Tylenol. I take Tylenol PM at night to sleep and that has been fine.

I got sent for an oxygen treatment yesterday which would have been fine had I not been taken there in a stick shift taxi. Man I don't think that thing had one ounce of spring left in its suspension! And the roads here are not well paved like in the US so I told them that was my last time going to oxygen. It's also $100 an hour and I don't think it makes much difference, personally.

I received my first massage today from Carmen who is very sweet. I wish I'd spent a few more hours on duolingo so we could talk more but OOOOOEEEEE did that massage do work. I feel much better but still far from my normal self. She did say my bruising looked very good, which made me very happy.

One thing I will say is that while this has been a huge physical test, that is not the most challenging part of this journey. This is a test of mental fortitude and you need to be ready not just for surgery but what happens after. Be a good patient and ask for help when you need it. Don't try to be a superhero and always go at your pace. Plan for at least two weeks of purely recovery time - you will need it.

3 week update

Hey all, It's been insanely busy being back at work and preparing to move to San Francisco. I'm incredibly happy to be going back to my favorite city but as I assumed, it's been very difficult. Firstly, I'll be writing a separate review for it but I would not recommend staying at My Home Recovery. It's fine and manageable, the first week was okay but the second week the nursing staff changed and were terrible. The food was also not great and not what I would consider healthy by most definitions. I'll get into that in more detail later but that's my two cents - do your research, find somewhere else nice with hospital beds and go there. Next, my healing is going. I'm still quite stiff and don't stand up entirely straight. I was moving more than I should have been on Saturday it seems and the part of my incision above my crotch opened. I was terrified I was getting an infection but I texted Dra medina and she said it was pretty normal. I've put some liquid bandage on it the last couple of days along with the site of my drain removal to keep them both closed and covered as best I can. I'm a little worried about the slowness of the incision totally closing but it doesn't seem like it's in trouble or infected so I'm trying to be patient. The Maria E faja you get from the office is garbage and wildly overpriced. I had an email between me and Dra medina about the real self special that was going on when I scheduled and they did no honor it so I had to pay for this thing anyway. $140 for that uncomfortable sausage casing. When I got home I decided to find something better and highly recommend this one from Salome (Amazon Prime woo!) https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00QAV7EVQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1465508837&sr=1-1?=SY200_QL40&dpPl=1&dpID=41CNngXoc4L&ref=plSrch It feels way better and I think fits better. I have big thighs so I was worried about the shorts being too short but they have stay put elastic strips inside the legs so they stay right where I put them. The fabric is also softer plus it has color options and is better priced. I bought a L first but it was too tight so I switched to an XL which is prefect. I didn't even return the large since I figure it'll fit eventually. As for healing, I'm getting my feeling back in my stomach. It's not really painful as much as it feels like when you're sitting on your foot for too long and try to stand on it but wrapped around my abs. Likely why I haven't had much success in standing up straight or walking all the way upright. It's a very weird sensation but RS stalking tells me it's pretty normal. But the booty did finally reveal itself when I got closer to standing up and woohooo! It's perfect :D That's all I can think of. I'll try to keep you updated if anything major happens.

Regular part of scar

Also here's a bit of the scar that's healing very well and normally. Super small and totally closed. The whole left side is nice and closed. The right from the center of the scar over my crotch to where the drain exited has several spots that appear to have stretched and are rehealing.

Medihoney is the stuff of dreams

As I mentioned before, I've had some issues with getting my scar to close completely. It's been so upsetting to see it cracked and having no way to fix it. Enter the aptly named Huneebee and her excellent advice to give medihoney a try. What a life saver!! I'm only on day three and things already look much better. Even with all the madness of my life right now, things are healing a bit better. I'm seeing changes in the open parts as they start to scab over. Thank goodness! I was really beginning to worry. I also have some nerve pain in my abdomen, by most accounts it seems a bit early for that but I'm pretty certain that's what it is (itching, occasional sharp pain, sensation returning). I'd rather have feeling there even if it's uncomfortable, at least it's not numb. My lower back is killing me though. Seems like it's still a bit swollen and angry at the abuse of the faja but oh well, gotta wear it! The swelling is definitely worse at night, it's manageable in the morning but it's still very much present. Even so, everyone is beginning to notice the difference in my body. As my posture slowly but surely straightens up, it's easier to see the difference. Overall reactions have been positive which is nice and I'm happier with my results. Now it's mostly a waiting game for the swelling.

Medihoney Update

Seriously, this stuff is amazing!!

Two Months Post Op

Hey ladies!

Like most other post op'ers, it's pretty quiet for now. A change I am very thankful for!
The incision is all closed up and I'm slowly moving from my faja to the highest grade Spanx has. I very much understand the addiction to the faja now! As I wear the really tight ones less, I become more aware of the abdominal healing going on. Sneezing is comfortable now but it took a while for that to normalize.
I have most of my sensation back, except for the area between my hip bones and belly button, that triangle is still pretty numb. Otherwise things are moving along slowly but surely. Can't wait to be free of compression garments entirely! Til then ...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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