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I have finally decided to go ahead with my surgery...

I have finally decided to go ahead with my surgery I want to get a Tt , and bbl possibly with dr Robles ! My bday just passed n I felt horrible about my body. I'm sending pics to Laura now for my quote can't wait!!! I will keep u all posted . I will even attempt to video/YouTube the whole thing. Eager

Still waiting

Well I am still waiting to hear back from the dr with my quote.. I'm hoping to go April 5th and stay for the 10 days in the recovery house. I was asked yesterday if I was nervous about traveling to another country, but I'm not! I have done a lot of research and I speak Spanish as well so there's really no language barrier. I guess that makes me a lil more at ease. I've already started buying things for my trip. Like extra large cotton white tshirts and about 5 maxi dresses. I was told by another surgeon not to bother with any scar treatment products bc they can make the scar worst. Plus I have had two csections and my scar is very light and thin so I was told more than likely I won't have to worry about it as long as I follow orders. I'm also going to start a low sodium diet as a nurse my self I know that if u just eat anything high in sodium before surgery u will have a higher water retention which in turn slows down ur recovery! Well yep that's it's for now. Hopefully I hear some good news soon. And good luck to everyone else on ur journeys

Received my price quote!!!

Ok I received my quote which I was a bit confused by since it included procedures I did not ask for.. Hmmm I think it was a generic response it included lipo of the arms waist n back . I was told she will discount those procedures if I don't want to have them. So I sent my confirmation email and I'm so ready to go!!! Oh yea the quote was $5200 for Tt, lipo, bbl which should be less once she discounts it. Which is still a great price .. I chose the all inclusive package cause it's just less work

Change of plans

So I spoke to the dr and was told she has to do the lipo of these areas in order to do the bbl since she cannot use the fat from the tummy tuck. So now I'll be getting Tt, bbl, and lipo of the arms waist and back for the all inclusive price of $5200. I found flights for that day for 460$ round trip. So all together $5660 not bad at all since my quote for Tt alone in nyc was almost 10000 . I'm sending in my deposit .. Will anyone else be going to Robles at this time ? It will be great to have a travel buddy

What to bring!! Tt,lipo,bbl

Hey so now I'm getting nervous as to what I should bring for my sx! Last thing I want is to be uncomfortable an is there a special garment ya would recommend if I'm gettin a bbl,& Tt ? So I need help all advice is appreciated

Before pics

So I didn't realize how hard it would be to post these before pics :( I'm not happy with them at all

Booked for may22!!!!

Ok so I was battling on whether I should go but I'm doing it paying my deposit now and getting an expedited passport!!!!! If anyone is going around that time let me know!! I am so excited I will let u guys know what happens

One baby later and READY FOR MY SX

Hey it's been about 2 years and I have had a lot going on I had another baby in oct of last year and had my tubes tied. SO I AM DEFINITELY READY TO GET MY BODY BACK!!!! I don't think I will be going to Robles anymore she is always super busy. But I'm really leaning towards Dra Almonte (a lot of it based on her Tt but also on "almontes best creations" reviews!!! I will most definitely be getting it done in November so now to start planning. Anyone planning surgery in November? In DR?

Date changed! SEPTEMBER 2016

So I did a little research and I'm thinking about going on sept 12 -27th!! Trying to convince my bff to join me!! I want to stay at Gianna recovery house my friend just stayed there and said she loved the staff..OH YEA I THINK IM STICKING TO DRA ROBLES IT JUST FEELS RIGHT WITH HER.. IM GOING TO TAKE SOME UPDATED PHOTOS WHEN MY HUSBAND GETS HOME CANT WAIT TO GET STARTED ON MY JOURNEY

4kids Later Tt,BBL, Lipo, Maybe Breast Lift

I've been researching for over two years, but after having my 4th baby and getting my tubes tied I'm ready to get my body back. I went back n forth between medina n Dra Robles but I'm sticking with Robles bc it just feels right to me. I've read the good and the bad as soon as I receive my quote Ima put down a deposit so I won't chicken out lol. So ready to start this new journey. I want a Tt,bbl, Lipo and possible a breast lift

Anyone going to dr sept 2016?!!

Looking for a SX buddy who's going to dr in September. IM GOING TO DRA ROBLES SEPT12-27 if it's available. This are always easier when u have someone


So I know I am anemic so I have to work a little harder to raise my hemp levels. Good thing I have plenty of iron prescriptions!! (That I don't take) :( .. But I'm four months away and I don't want to wait till the last min to try and raise it bc I will be really pissed if I can't get the procedures I want do to hemo. I was on Dra Robles IG and found a recipe for beet shot she said to use to get ur hemo to rise so I will be trying to take that once a day along with my iron supplements. When I go in for my physical I'll ask my pcp for a prescription for everything else... To the ladies that bought n used vitamex would u say it was worth it?

Money money money

Every time I save enough somethings pop up!!! Adult life sucks but I'm only $1500 shy of what I need before sept!! I'll have it!! Because I'm ready if I had the $$ already I'd make it sooner!! So freaking excited
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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