24 Female Looking to Get TT, BBL & lipo Dominican Republic, DO

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I wasn't going to write on here but I decided to...

I wasn't going to write on here but I decided to post my pictures and what I am thinking about getting done. I would like to get lipo back, flanks, arms, TT, BBL and breast implants. I have contacted Dr. Ylily, Baez, Duran, Medina, and Alejandro Hernandez. I really like all their work and I'm still trying to decide. I really liked how when Ylily gave me the quote she included EVERYTHING and told me EXACTLY what I was getting included in the price. Medina's price wasn't too bad, but it was a little confusing on the pricing. I was originally going to go in September, but I think I'm going to push it back until January. I see a lot of pictures of Ylily after, but I would like to see where she cuts open and to see how the scars are.

New doctor

I decided that I'm going to go with Dr. Jairo Ulerio. I have seen his work and he has done wonders! He is not a well known doctor, but I spoke to some of the girls and I feel comfortable with him. He only does 2-3 girls a day and really pays attention to their wants/concerns. I will be doing lipo on back, flanks, arms, a TT and a BBL. He gave me a quote of 4800 (this includes all testing done the day before, the night at the clinic, the medicine and the first stage faja). I will also be staying at Harmony Deluxe recovery house. I have her number and instagram. I've talked with her and she's great. Price was a little pricy but for 15 days 1250. Includes all food, picking up medicine, nurse 24/7, washing clothes etc. I'm going to be going the beginning of August!


It's been a while but I only have 3 weeks to go! I booked my flight and I sent my doctor the money! My total to him was $4500. My recovery house will be 1250. 300 for massages and around 200 for medicine. In the pictures is what I am packing. I have 5 maxi dresses. 4 night gowns. I have white undershirts (not shown) and granny panties. I also have a neck pillow. I'm getting nervous and excited!

Date changed!

I haven't posted in a while because my date changed! I was supposed to be here the 17th however I got a cold and they would not give me anesthesia with the cold so I had to reschedule! How frustrating. Anyway!...on a positive note I am in the Dominican republic now. I met with Dr.Ulerio yesterday and it went well! I'm going to do full lipo on my stomach, waist and back and a little to my arms. He said I'm going to look amazing because I already have a tiny top. So today I go to do all my lab work and god willing I will have the surgery tomorrow!!!
Jairo ulerio

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