22 Yrs Old 2 Kids (Dr Tania Medina) - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey realself, My names A im from rhode island im a...

Hey realself, My names A im from rhode island im a mother of 2 small children and im 22 years old. Ive been stalking realself well dr tania medina for almost a year now going back and forth with weather im going to go through with this or not. I mean i need it these kids tore my body up! D i mean it gravity is not in my favor right now and strechmarks are everywhere ???? love my kids but damn! The thing is i mean my normal everyday life this doesnt even seem like something that people so but they do! Im not financially in the predicament to just book an appointment and be on my wau yhis will take time patience and saving up to do so. Ugh i always feel guily spending money on myself so i never do. Nevermind thousands of dollars but i know ill never regret it . yaknow. Like seriously. Being how i am right now at 22 is so depressing i dony have energy like i should and also id like to put a bathing suit on and bring my kids to the beach without feeling like a beluga whale lmao i want to just put clothes on and be out the door not tuck fat here there take off 100 pants and shirts just to throw on a hoodie and leggings. I want to ship online dammit! Lmao Anyway so i contacted dr tania medina and she responded within the hour. I sent her pics she gave me a quote. The quote was set at 5350 including Tummy tuck Liposuction on upper and lower back Flanks Waist With or without lipoinjection to buttocks (bbl) Transportation & recovery house Nowwww that sounds to good to be true and i swear and hope and pray it isnt!! (Make sure you comment and tell me anything and everything send me pictures email message me tell me your experiences and what i should know ????) now this quote DOES NOT include the extra fees such as the medication $250 the massages $300 and the mandatory insurance $150 bringing my price to $6050 oh yeah the dollars are stacking ...noww i would need all the nessacitys and plane tickets. Ive never even left rhode island nevernind go to DR for surgery. . i mean im not gonna lie im scared. I need to come home to my kids and i cant risk someone killing me or ruiening my health ! Ugh but ive neevr saw a bad review on this lady and i dont think shes a scam.. Now i dont know what i wouls need to bring with me so ladies let me know talk to me. Cause idk what im doing !! Will post again xoxo ????
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