24 years old Manon Doll ❤️ No more Almonte

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I have spoken with Lesley the assistant by email...

I have spoken with Lesley the assistant by email only for dr Fatima Almonte I've contacted a girl she worked on named London on Instagram she said she's wonderful looked at a couple people on Facebook it would really comfort me to talk to someone considering I sent her a 350$ deposit but other than that I'm amped for surgery I've been wanting a new body for years (I had a baby at a young age)

Talking over What's App Wig Doctor and Getting References

So I'm going to add my pics !!! My body sucks . But I've been talking to this dr on what's app everyday I know I'm probable annoying the shit out of her I'm just so excited and I still haven't talked to her on the phone so just nervous but I took it upon myself to find people on here and Instagram and facebook ask them if they love the work of they were satisfied everyone loved it . I advise everyone to get their own references if just so happened I picked a great ass doctor !

Getting Highly Annoyed

I really am excited about have Almonte as my doctor but idk I STILL HAVENT RECIEVED MY CONFIRMATION LETTER FOR MY DATE OF SURGERY AND I SENT HER MY MONEY... This is the 4th DAY ME ASKIN HER FOR IT my partner got a letter and a list of things to bring I'm gettin so scared I've gotten good reviews and recommendations for her but nobody ever went thru this ... Communication sucks


15 iron pills a day
14 folic acid pills a day
1 complex b
1 vitamin c
I am trying to be really dedicated because my hemoglobin has to be a certain level for me to get my breast lift and I really need it !

More Vivid Pics So U Can See my Exact Plroblems

Here are just some more detailed pics of my problem areas I want a complete mommy makeover I feel so cute in clothes but when I take them off it's horrible! I need BBL BL TT Lipo on back armpits love handed the works ! Can't wait to see what my body is going to be like yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 37 days

Wish pics

I really don't have a preference for my tummy but my booty I don't want to be fake looking I already am thick I just need it lifted and if my tummy is flat I'm sure my ass gonna look bigger anyway I just want a bomb body ????????????

More wish pics

Just putting up more wish pics I think about this surgery every second of everyday about how long I've been waitin about how bad I want and need this... I'm just still waiting on my passport at this point I'm praying to every God imaginable that it comes in time I'm just so anxious that is the only thing that could be in my way


I looked at the status of my passport today yall it said it should b here by the 20 freakin 7th !!!!! (27th) lol I'm excited it's official official aaahaahhhhhhhhaaaaa

PassPort and Concerns!

Hey beautiful women
My mother called and said my passport arrive at her house I'm out of town right now but so glad it came in 10days! The day before my birthday so I'm 23 ! The Jordan year! ...anyways my CONCERN IS that idk anybody that has a BREAT loft without augmentation with Fatima ! I've searched everywhere I seen one lady and I looks like all she did was take a nipple off and move it higher I've called messaged Lesley asking if she had any pics of breast lift without the implant my boobs are pretty big as u can see how low they hang but should I just get a reduction I mean if anybody here has had a breast lift with her please let me know


I couldn't find any pics of Almontes breast lift results and I don't know about you but I don't want to get something that I'm unsure about so I'm switching to contreras his work is awesome even though he made some mistakes I'm sure a lot of DR doctors have but Im going to leave it up to God and pray for the best results

Soooo IM BACK!!!

Long story short had an appointment with Almonte last year and didn't get to go because MY SX BUDDY STOLE MY MONEY AND GOT HER FUCKIN SURGERY but it's ok cuz she went got the surgery and didn't wear her faja long enough so she still look fat lol ah haaaa but anyway I'm back with an appontment for March 9 and I'm going no matter what ! I'm going to get this hemo up and do my thang AND COME HARD ON EVERYBODY

Hey ladies time is near!

Hey beautiful sisters of mine I keep forgetting about my real self because I'm constantly on my Sx Instagram if you like to follow its blackbeauty.sxpage if u don't have a Sx page I won't accept BUT anyway surgery in near March 9 I leave in March 7 just booked the ticket I'm so excited Lesley dr Almonte assistant isn't very communicative as I would like I mean really it would be nice to have reassurance after I sent u full Payment but she's emailed me to ask me for flight itenerary i will keep u updated from here on out

So I went with Manon in DR

So I end up not going to Almonte ... I wasn't feeling her assistant with all those pop up fees she ain't tell me about then told me I couldn't get my boobs and my great because I wasn't over 13.5 even tho I already knew I could then she just had a smart ass mouth everything about her I wasn't feeing not trying to bad Almonte or her team but it just wasn't in the cards for me to have surgery with her but on to better news I contacted many doctors to switch all of them said I can do both but no lipo I chose Doctor Manon since he responded faster than most but anyway so I went to his office and he was nice he met with me right away he had just got out of surgery he went over my lab work from Cecip and determined the same u can do boobs tummy lipo to the flanks no lipo to the back I said ok great they begin prepping me and he asked did I want to have surgery today at first I said no because I wasn't sure I was so hungry and tired from running around all day ...anyway he said its today or later this week cuz tomorrow he was busy I went in basically got my surgery and they moved me to a new room I was under amasthesia but I was woke the whole time ...any whoo here are the pics he sent me in in Armonia Recovery house now I love it

Mañon Was a Last Minute Choice and the Best Decision I've Made

I went to mañon after I had a horrible experience with my original doctor and her team ! And i wasn't in a good mood but as soon as I saw him I instantly felt ok o felt he was going to help me achieve what I wanted . I mostly spoke with his assistant rosa who was Extremely sweet and thorough and she still checks on me now that I'm home ..my procedures were breast lift without implant and tummy tuck the doctor told me I couldn't get any type of lipo but to my flanks because of my hemo levels which was fine that's what round 2s are for lol ! His bedside manner is EXCELLENT and he is super sweet and caring ...I recommend him if you plan on having surgery in DR if you want to experience great customer service and assurance that you'll be ok

My breast are horrible my TT is ok I guess

I hate this
I'm sad to say my stitches popped my breast look horrible I don't feel sexy at all I actually wish I never had surgery at all I wish I would've never did this to myself I know shit happens but how do I get my scars fixed someone help me please
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful bedside manner , excellent assistants excellent team very professional

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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