23yr Old W/a 5yr Old in Need of a Full TT - Dominican Republic

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I am 21 yrs old and a single mother of a beautiful...

I am 21 yrs old and a single mother of a beautiful 5yr old. Anywho she left me w/the ugliest stomach ugh!!!! Alot of my friends were able to have babies & bounce RiGHT back or their babies gave them this bad asx shape (hips & butt)! Unfortunately I wasn't that lucky.. I have no hips and a lil butt! Lol but a lil more wouldn't hurt though. I've been doing research on TT's & BBL w/fat transfer for as long as I can remember & came across a few Dr.'s here in Houston, but only one Dr. stood out to me Dr. Wilberto Cortes. He does the BEST hour glass TT's!!!! I also want a BBL w/liposculpture w/fat grafting to butt & hips all done at the same time, sounds like alot but its really not and I just want to have one recovery but he doesn't do those two procedures at once:-( So then I found Dr. Andrew Jimerson aka Dr.Curves. He does Amazing work!!! Only thing is he has a yr and a half waiting list & he's a bit pricey:-( I'm not too much worried about the price as to the wait!
So then I joined realself and read reviews on those combined procedures and came across the Plastic Surgeons in the Dominican Republic. I see alot of reviews in Dr. Yily , Dr. Duran, Dr. Cobral , & Dr. Alejandro Hernandez Pizzoglio! They all seem to do good work but I've been leaning a bit more w/Dr. Pizzoglio he has the most experience vs the other doctors & also does Amazing work. I emailed him for a consultation & he immediately responded letting me know details on the Sx& the prices! I must say he's very reasonable but I'm kind of scared of flying out the country for a surgery this serious by myself!!! Ugh decisions decisions :-/
I want the surgery done by this summer so I'm thinking end of April and May! I know recovery time is gonna be rough so I'm not hoping to be up and running in June lol.
*****If anyone who's considering flying out there for Surgery anywhere around that time please comment!!!!!! It would be nice to have a surgery buddy :-) *****

My Real Self Pic

My ugly tummy! Here are my pics of my tummy & butt! I'm really nervous but theres no doubt that I want it done. I've been hearing about all the stories of what can go wrong & I'm just tryna keep a clear mind & get it over with! I wanna be able to wear a two piece this summer!!!

Update as of may & change of Doctor

Hi there RS fam! So alot has changed since my last review. I since then had a consultation w/Dr. Wilberto Cortes here in Houston. He was very nice and friendly as well as his staff, he quoted me $9,659 total for evrything including hospital stay, anestesia, garmets, meds, and etc. Thats a bit pricey for JUST the tummy tuck itself! I want lipo,tt, & fat tranfer to butt all at ONCE w/ one recovery time. Anywho I've been doing more and more research on Dr. Duran in the DR and thats what I am sticking with! She does Amazing work man omg, and I know w/o a doubt she's gonna give me the body I've long for!!! I first followed her on instagram and thats what pretty much summed my desicion. So I went ahead and emailed her a few wks ago and she instantly replied. I also heard her patients say tuesdays and sundays are the best days to email her. I sent her some pics and she gave me a quote of $4,600 for everything I want and gave me info on Recovery Houses.
I have the money saved but the biggest thing right now is getting my granny on board with it. She just don't trust me going out of the country for Sx that serious she says... I understand her concern but dang!!! She know how bad I want it and she's ok with me getting surgery in general its jst the pt about going out of the country away from home. *sighs* I jst wish I knew someone personally thts been there for surgery already to help convince her tht its not so bad! ***** Someone help me*******
I'm going to email her assistant Jessica to see what openings they have and jst go on and get started. I jst pray that all is well and a safe trip & speedy recovery!

Change in plans

Ok as usual alot has changed since my last review! Well maybe not that much but... anywho I'm going to go back to my very first choice Dr. Alejandro Hernandez Pizzoglio! He's awesome w/tt & I just loveee how neat & thin his scars are. Dr. Duran is cool to I love her work as much but , my only thing w/her is that she in high demand meaning she has tons of patients!!! I like individual attention & as much as possible knowing I'm going to have MAJOR Sx! So yea Dr. Hernandez it is ;-)
I'm planning on going around March 11/12 - 22, 2015! (spring break) Mainly bc I'm in school & I don't want to interfere w/that!
My cousin also is interested in getting the same sx as I am but , she wants to go to Dr. Robles. She's good as well w/her tt's but she doesn't do the bbl at the same time -_- Hopefully I can talk her into going around the same time I'm going & to go w/the same Dr.
I'm thinking about paying my deposit in january! Lawd I am sooo anxious & ready for this yall just don't know!!! I just want my lil confidence back when wearing my clothes.. He gave me a quote of $5,200 for the sx plus the po things I may need. He also gave me a quote of $6,100 & tht includes EVERYTHING; sx, tt, lipo, & bbl , the recovery house , p.o garment , meds , & 3 drain massages! Thats what I'm most likely to go with. Still need to get my passport & then pay my deposit & after that get supplies and schedule my flight :-p
Welp yea this concludes my update for now guys:-)

Oh if there are any of previous clients or potential client for Dr. Alejandro Hernandez Pizzoglio please inbox me I have a few questions reguarding on the pre op vitamins , supplies , & how to send my deposit? Thanks in Advance

more wish pics .. until my sx day

It's Official like a Whistle ;-)

It's offers like a whistle ;-) I am 16 days away from having my Sx done by the BEST tt Dr. in the DR! (my opinion)
Paid my deposit & booked my intinerary friday!!! I am so freakin happy & excited ugh you JST don't understand!!!
I've prayed and prayed about ths surgery and all from there EVERY thing jst started falling in place! ( thank god) I couldn't have picked the perfect dates as well! I'm currently a student again & I didn't want it to interfere w/my school schedule. I'm going during my spring break (perfect timing) I haven't missed anydays in none of my classes either jst in case i need time off for recovery purposes. I'm currently taking three classes ths semester & when i return from Sx I'll only be taking two classes going only on tues & thurs :-)
Anywho I will be departing on 3/12 & returning 3/24 bc I will be staying down there for 12nights at Maria's Recovery House.
My cousin recently had pretty much the same procedures I'm having 2wks ago in the DR w/Dr. Robles & she looks really good! She told me tht the tt didn't hurt & the only thing tht bothered her during recovery was the bbl. She said it felt like she had been really working out & its like her muscles are sore but other than tht she said the tt didn't hurt at all! Thts what I was really worried about during recovery..
*** Anyone will be having Sx In the DR around 3/12 - 3/24 w/ Dr. Alejandro Hernandez Pizzoglio??? ***

itinerary & deposit done

packed & ready to go! exactly 1wk away

all packed & ready to depart texas to arrive in the DR! i think the reality of it is starting to sink in a bit! but i'm more anxious than nervous:-) picking up my passport friday & i'm all set to go..

i made it to the DR & my Sx is in the morning

Finally made it here!!!! Sx in the am (i'm the first patient of the day:-)
Meet w Dr. Hernandez Pizziglio & he's cool AF! Staying at Maria's Recovery House (the wife of my driver Leo)
Keeping it brief tonight bc i am supposed to be sleep.. ttyl prayers going up and blessings are coming down

i made it to the DR & my Sx is in the morning

Finally made it here!!!! Sx in the am (i'm the first patient of the day:-)
Meet w Dr. Hernandez Pizziglio & he's cool AF! Staying at Maria's Recovery House (the wife of my driver Leo)
Keeping it brief tonight bc i am supposed to be sleep.. ttyl prayers going up and blessings are coming down

Made it to the Flatside ;-)

As you know my surgery was yesterday morning & everything went well(thank god). I spent one night at cecip now i'm back at the recovery house healing. i have to walk slumped over but not much pain. i tried uploading pictures yesterday but i may have to wait until i make it hm ( the wifi here isn't all tht good)

i'm just going to be real w you guys HONESTLY!

I don't want to start this review on a negative note BUT I had a rocky roller coaster experience overall starting from the night after surgery. Ok let me start from the beginning..
Once I arrived in the DR I was picked up by my driver Leo, (the husband of Maria) whose recovery house I stayed at while I was there. He is one of the nicest people that I encountered the entire time I was there! Ok he picked me up from the airport thursday around 1pm & we immediately went to Cecip & I met with his assistant Laura and she took me down stairs to get my lab work done. First mishap of my experience was that the lady that took my blood for my hemo could barely find my vein & I've NEVER had that problem before! Anyways after she found it & took the blood I was gushing blood for about a good 5mins non stop idk what she did.. So I was kinda upset about that but instead of getting upset I gave her the benefit of the doubt.. Next was x rays.. It took the guy 45 mins to see me & remind you guys they told me "the day of surgery not to eat anything upon arrival for my labs" idk why but I anywho I was kinda annoyed bc I was hungry & just waiting. Finally I was able to get it done then next it was to the cardiologist.. Once I made it to his small office he pulled out a machine that looked like some damn jumpers cables for a car lol..
After all of my lab work I finally got to meet w Dr. Alejandro Hernandez Pizziglio. Soon as I came in he asked me to undress & began to exam my body.. Immediately telling me that I would need a tummy tuck & lipo of the back. I also told him that I wanted a bbl & a little fat grafting to my hips..
Next we sat down & he asked me why did I choose him to do my surgery instead of the other doctors in the DR? I thought that was kind of odd but I responded telling him it was bc of all his yrs of experience and that I was impressed at the work that he post on his site & FB. He seemed to be pretty cool at first real down to earth kind of guy and a bit arrogant. So he showed me some of his work on the computer and showed me how everyone's body heal differently basically and how some ppl keloid but insisting that it had nothing to do with the way he does his work. Towards the end of the visit he went over my labs & everything was good my hemo was at a 13.3 so I wasn't anemic and told me that I would be the first one the next day for surgery. So I paid him the rest of the $6000 then I asked if it was true that I would recieve the RealSelf discount for mentioning realself.. He said yes its $300 of giving me only $200 bck remind yall I went in with 6k he was supposed to only take $5,700 but I ended up $100 short(second mishap).
After the visit Leo took me to the Recovery House and brought my bags up as I settled into my room and told me that my roommate would be arriving later that night and she would also be getting sx with me the next day. Once she got there she seemed to be cool she was from New York & I thought "oh yea this will work out we're both young parents trying to get the same mommy makeover" cool.
So we were given our last meal & antibiotics and sleeping pill to prep for sx the nxt day.
Surgery day we woke up around 4am having to be at the Cecip clinic for 5:30am.. Leo came and took us to the clinic. When we got there it seemed like we were in a vacant ass hospital with nobody in site lol (weird) but Leo was able to find one of the CNA's and she checked us in our rooms.. Soon as I got in my room I was like oh shit reality had sat in.. I ended up dosing off & was awakened by Dr. Hernandez. He came in with an assistant (not Laura) & told me to undress so that he can mark my body up. Immediately after that he gave me some Sx clothes to change into followed by the "majic blue pill" & left the room, I said a little prayer and before I knew it I was knocked out.
Then I remembered waking up shivering hard as hell in an ICU room full of ppl moaning & crying! I thought I was tripping or dreaming lol then I tried to sit up & felt pain. When I looked down I seen the faja & thats when it clicked that I've had my surgery already and passed back out (due to the anesthesia i guess). I remember waking up again when they were transferring me to my bed in my room & i felt the pain of my whole body felt like.
So later that night I remember waking up again bc I was hot! So I called for the nurses to come cut on the a/c. They tried to turn the temp down to make it colder but it still wasn't doing anything. (3rd mishap) Remind you that my hemo was a 13.3 from all those iron pills I was taking to I get hot easily & start to sweat on my chest & back area. Long story short I didn't get much rest after that and I was in pain! I know I had to call those cna's (bc I don't think those little young hoochies were nurses) about 5 or 6 times through the night so yea they were getting tired of me lol.
I stayed up the entire night trying to watch tv & playing games on my phone thts all I could do bc I had no service or wifi in there.
Once the morning came they DR.'s assistant came in to check my results & to check on my stomach. Shortly after came Dr. Hernandez around 10am. I told him that my a/c was broken & that I was hot all night.. he replied "don't worry you look great & you're getting ready to get discharged to the recovery house".
Then a CNA came to remove my catheter (that was hurting like hell! I hate those things) & she made me stand up walk inclined (bent over but lifting up your head). Shortly after that Leo came with a wheelchair Omg I was happy as hell to see him lol!!! He wheeled me down to the car & went back to get my roommate.
We went on to the recovery house to get comfortable and rest. I'll say maybe around 10pm my roomqte decided that she was too cold so she turn the a/c off! (4th mishap) remind yall I was tourtured in the hospital with no air & to come to the recovery house w/o air too OH YEA that was a problem! I immediately woke up sweating Again & asked her why did she cut it off? She gone say it was too cold & she couldn't sleep! (remind yall she is from New York shouldn't she be used to the freaking cold?) anyways she complained to the nurse at the recovery house about it and she tried to explain to my roommate that we would have to have it on & find a meeting point. Oh she ain't like that & from there she complained about EVERYTHING!
So this continued up until Monday morning by this time I was feed up with the situation and her as well!!! So I would jst leave the room & go to the living room to avoid conflict.
So monday morning maria came and woke me up for breakfast and to take my meds. My roommate was already up bc she cut the a/c off again & was complaining as usual.. she complained about her bed was too hard she wanted to sleep in the hospital that I was in, she complained about the food the gave us over the wknd & etc. (annoying right?) So after breakfast the masseuse came (Dr. Hernandez's wife) she got het massage first so I went to eat breakfast in the dining room until it was my turn for my lymphatic massage.
This is when shit got real.. (mishap 5) Once it was my turn to get massage I asked if they could turn on the air bc it was stuffy in there. So as she began to take off my bandages my skin was coming off with it so she immediately stopped and threw her hands up like "omg" so when I saw it I was like "WTF? call the DR. ASAP" immediately so Maria came in & they were talking in spanish about it and the masseuse took pics & sent it to Dr. Hernandez! He told them that he wanted to see me immediately and I was as eager to freaking see him.. I thought I had been botched! Meanwhile my roommate over on her phone chuckling like the shit was funny so me already being heated I finally went TF off on her ass! Thats when Maria came in & gathered my bags & told me that I was going to be going to stay at her other recovery house! (i didn't even know that she had two rh?) Once I went to see the Dr. I was crying my ass off nbs! I'm like what did I do to deserve this & why is this happening to me? He sat me in the bed & began removing the rest of the tape as more of my skin came off with it! He told me "omg I can't believe this! This has never happened before!" so as I'm crying I'm like what do you mean Dr. Hernandez that this has never happened before? In my mind I'm like you claimed to have been doing this shit for 20 + yrs WTH you mean? He said this is a heat burn & it caused you to blister! I was like you seen the blister saturday but I thought that it would have went away bc he didn't acknowledge it then. But he was like it came from the heat in the room causing a second degree "Faja Burn" So i'm like well what do you suggest I do? Hell he had me scared from his reaction as well! He assured me that if I went to the oxygen tank (Hyperbaric Chambers) that it would help it heal & apply some gel like ointment on it that it would go away by the time I went home BUT I had to go immediately that same day and that I needed a total of 4 sessions & they would be $100 each!!! So I was like I only have $200 (still $100 short from him keeping it when I paid my surgery) (6th mishap) so I'm like what should I do? He told me to ask someone to wire the money to me?! I'm like well wtf I paid $150 for insurance and its not covering it? Anywho I wasn't into going bck & fwd about that so yea I immediately jumped to going to the tank!
I paid for my first two sessions with the last $200 I had & I was like my roomate should pay for the other two since it was practically her damn fault right?
After I left the tank all I wanted to do was go to the new recovery house & just sleep that shit away.. honestly it felt like a bad ass dream i kept saying to myself this can't be real! Once I got to the new rh it was wayyyy nicer than the old one! It had new furniture in it, nice & new paint & restrooms in every room vs the old rh with only one bathroom in the whole darn house! And my new roomate was way cool & had our room a/c blasting like a freezer lol but I wasn't complaining it was better than that hot box that I had left!
We had more than one nurse at the house as well! But my first night after I got there I ate then went straight to my room.. I had done had an extremely long day & once i hit that bet I jst broke down crying all over again!!! I kept thinking about all the what if's, the would've's, should've 's & all.. Then my new roommate came in and when I say she was god sent to me that day.. I mean just that.. she was trying her hardest to comfort me & tell me that the worst part about the situation was over & that it could only get better from here! Lord I needed those little words of encouragement from her at that time bc i was an emotional wreck!!! I cleaned my wound & applied the ointments on it finally went to sleep & prepared myself for the next visit to the oxygen tank..
After my last visit that I could afford that tuesday I went to the Dr. that following Wednesday..
I'm like what now? preparing myself for more bad news.. He was your doing good just keep going to the oxygen tank me personally i don't think the oxygen tank did much of a difference my wound was still there & he pmo when he got those tweezers & began to pull the rest of the blistered skin off by then my stomach was worser than before it was all pinkish red looking talking about he removed the dead skin! I was mad as hell yall!!!
So he gon say "I'm trying to help you! I'm the doctor I know what I'm doing you don't! You think that neosporin stuff is going to heal you but it won't! Your only luck of getting better is to continue going to the chambers!" I'm like "I don't have anymore money for the chambers!" then he replies "I will pay for you to go today but from that Idk what to tell you its only going to get worser!" i'm like what you mean you gon pay today? you kept $100 from when I paid my sx thts my money you using if you were paying out of your pocket you'd be paying the 4th & supposedly final visit!" (right?) Now why did I say that thats when he got extremely mad with me & went left lol! By this time we're basically going bck & fwd about the whole situation & I told that the faja he gave me was too small & it hurts my burns everytime he makes me wear it! I asked for a size medium bc he had me in a small! He refused to give it to me & gave me an abdominal binder instead! (cheap) Then said that it will help me get into my faja?! I'm like thats not the point its too tight around my thighs as well just give me a medium! He went off again talking about "there you go again thinking you know more than me! I'm the doctor you're not so what you say don't make any sense! you should just do as I say & not argue with me! Bc once you leave here & go back to the states their not going to want to help you bc you got surgery outside if the states!" So I'm just like ok I took the binder & left! He suggested that I wear it for a few day since I was still swollen and inflamed from surgey & after that I should be able to fit the faja properly!
So as the wk goes by my drain ended up breaking so I had to buy a new drain $15 pesos & some compression stockings so by now I'm all out of cash foreal and I couldn't use my debit card out there for nothing!!! My bank was not having that & I couldn't call them bc my phone wouldn't let me! I know ppl be like bring extra money but I didn't bc I was told that eveything I needed was included in my stay package for $6500 including post op garmets, meds, insurance & etc! & I personally wasn't comfortable bringing alot of money out there hell I didn't wanna get robbed & plus I don't even carry cash like that on me period when I'm here at home in the states! Ok so I kind of felt bad about how things turned out between me & Dr. Hernandez that weds at my second appointment so I sincerely sent him an apology via email about how I reacted & basically trying to make mends. (I do have a conscious outside of my temper during frustrations lol)
Anywho bck to the point of the story!
Leo was nice enough to take me & a few of my roommates to the beach Saturday knowing that damn near my whole experience out there was hell!!! So that was a breath of fresh air(thank god) for that!
So after the wknd that monday was my final visit with the Dr. & for him to finally remove my drain! I prayed the night before & on my way there in hopes of good news on the healing of my burns (seriously) I didn't wanna leave on a bad note! BUT soon as I got to his office after waiting in him for like an hr and a half he finally comes in & didn't even speak or acknowledge me in the waiting room knowing that he saw me bc I was sitting right by the front door smh.. Ok my apt was for 11am he skips me & see's another patient (a male pt at that) that had just got there moments before the dr walked in himself! So I was cool I waited in that cold ass waiting room until they were done and then he called for me.. Soon as I walked in I can see the expression on his face like "ol lawd lemme hurry up & get her ass out the damn way lol) he didn't say it verbally but body language speaks as well.. Anyway I went in he greeted me & I greated him back being as nice & happy hopefully hoping for good news.. First things first I undressed & layed on the exam bed.. he usually is right there helping me but ths time he made me do it all on my own (climping on that high as bed) so from there I was like yea he's still kind of upset I guess from the last visit so lemme try my hardest to be nice i don't want him to do nothing painful to me or get on his bad side lol but seriously! meanwhile i'm on the bed he's over there i guess checking emails so i'm like he's really procrastinating on seeing me today lol.. So he finallay comes over & looks at my scar & my burn.. He shakes his head & tell me that since I didn't continue the treatment of the chamber that my wound isn't healing properly & its nothing him or anyone else could do to help me bc he claimed that I will have a big hole in my stomach about my incision! Smh I'm like really a hole Dr. Hernandez? He says "yea bc you think you know everything so I feel sorry for you bc you're going to need medical attention and the doctors in the states aren't going to want to see you bc you got surgery in another country!" So by now I'm like ok whatever you say & while we're talking he eased the drain out lol the whole time i had it i was thing dang when he takes this drain out i know its going to hurt like that was all i had been worring about my last few days down there! I wasn't really too much worried about the burns anymore bc i had been applying neosporin and the gel ointment he had given me on it twice a day & it started to finally grow a black scab on it where it was once pinkish red & where he told me it would be a hole! Crazy thing is 1st of all if this has never happened to one of your patients before how do you know what it looks like when its healing or what its supposed to look like? Second what was the oxygen tank going to do differently? It was still going to scab bc it was missing skin! Just like when I burned my thigh with a curling iron, it blistered then a few days later it popped and it was the same pinkish color & it eventually grew a scab & healed on its on w/o darn oxygen tank snh! Anywho long story short he comes back to where I was and brings his infamous orange digital camera and starts to record me and my burns! So you know I got pissed all over again!!! He says to the camera while I'm laying there "This is (he said my name) she had a tummy tuck, liposuction and a fat transfer to the butt! She developed a second degree burn due to heat exposure and I suggested he to seek treatment for the burns at the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers and she stopped and refused her treatment is that right (he said my name again)"So me already heated that he done pulled that darn camera out & trying to put the blame on me like this had nothing at all to do with him! I replied "yes you suggested that I go to the chambers atleast 4times and I went only 3times bc i only had $200 for treatments and that was from the supposedly $300 discount i partially recieved from you after I paid surgery but I guess that why you willing offered to pay for the 3rd session bc you knew that that was the extra $100 you kept! so yea I did do 3sessions & this is the result of only the 3 sessions, it could have been 4 if you would have really actually paid for it!" when I say he cut that darn camera off so freaking fast yall (Lol) and he was heated! & from there he dressed my scars back up super fast & hollered for his assistant Laura to come and squeeze me in the too little ass faja again! when I say she was struggling with all her might trying to stuff me in there by herself with no help or effort from me nor him bc I keep insisting that it was too small he had the biggest attitude yall all was going off on her in spanish while she was trying her hardest to get me in the too small ass faja yall! I wanted to just walk out from there but I need a conformation letter so that I can board the plane the next day to come home, so I just stood there.. soon as she got it on I could instantly feel it burning the burns I already had from that same damn faja so i keep it & kept my cool until they gave me my release papers.
Soon as I got done he explained to ne the after care & insisted that i'm going to need medical attention in about 2mths bc I would have a huge hole in my stomach!
After that Leo came to pick me up and take me back to the recovery house and I found it weird that Laura walked me to Leo's car she never walked me to his car any other visit I had done had so I thought that was weird.. She told Leo something in spanish idk what but he was like ok and we left.. as we were leaving he asked some how is your tummy? not good? I was like yea not good according to the dr & didn't say anything else to him about it.
Soon as I got to the recovery house I packed my bags up & took a nap bc Idk what was said & I knew I had left on a bad note with the doctor so I planned on staying up that whole night watching out (lol but seriously) hell they wasn't fina throw me out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night when i was supposed to be going home the next day! I don't play those types of game oh no!!!
Anywho when I made it to the rh I told my other roommates about what had happened from beginning to end and they were just in complete shock! From the email that he sent me bck to his lil attitudes and threats all that. & Thats when I found out that another one of my roomates had previously had surgery with him 5mths ago & she wasn't happy with her results so when she complained about it to him she said he told her "wtf you expect me to to make you look like a damn barbie doll?" I couldn't believe it but at the same time I could bc the way she was describing him and his attitude was right on point! remind yall that she had just got to the recovery that same day bc she had sx again with dr. cabral for liposuction that she wasn't satisfied with from Dr. Hernandez! (Crazy right) She was like he does your body how he wants to do it not based on what you want done! (which is so true)
Well guys this is was my experience with Dr. Alejandro Hernandez Pizziglio
P.s I will be uploading the pictures to prove it beware their not the best pics you'll prolly wanna see but hey this was my reality of a nightmare! Oh & I will upload the emails as well from my apologies to his response;-)

Let me not sound so much like a B$&@! in my last update

I will say that I am in love with my tt scar however that part & the tt was great! Oh and the lipo of my back!

The juicy emails lol smh

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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