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HI everyone, i have been on this website...

HI everyone, i have been on this website researching and getting
information to help me make the decision to go to DR and have surgery.
This site has helped me so much! It motivates me and get me excited
to go.

I decided to go with Dr. Wilikiris Robles. I am super excited and
nervous. so i decided to write my journey on here since i have been
preparing to go.

A little about me. I just turned 35 yesterda (yay!) i have 3 young
boy and single. I have be on the heavy side alll my life. In October
of 2007 i had gastric bypass surgery, i went from 317lb at the time
of surgery to 215-217lb. I ended up getting pregenant in December of
2007. Had my second boy but didn't gain any weight since i was still
fresh off the surgery. 2 years later i have my 3 and FINAL son! lol.
i did gain weight with him. I am now around 235-240lb. I am 5'9 so
i am pretty tall so that plays a roll as well. i am plannning to lose
at least 23-40lbs before the surgery.

I decided to get the surgery done because i want to look as fabulous
as i think i do in my head! LOL. I have alot of extra skin from the
rapid weight loss and just need everything to be where it should!.
lol so i have contacted Laura and got a quote after filling out the
information and sending my pictures. So i am excited. As im writing
this, it is starting to seem more real. I know i have a lil time to
go but before it will be here before i know it! I have to really plan
because of my job and school of my kids. They are having a long
vacation in April so i decided that that would be the time to go and
get it done. My mom works for the board of ed so she had the same
schedule as my kids do. So she is staying with them.

So i just want to jot down my journey. So if anyone have any info or
tips on how i could lose these 30-40lb before April of next year
please let me know. If anyone is planning to head out there around
that time please hit me up. I will be traveling by myself so it would
be GREAT to have a partner in crime! lol :)

Until the next time......


Hey everyone. So I have a dilemma!! My sister is getting married 2 weeks after my surgery in Vegas! Now im conflicted because I dont know if I will be able to function at all or be able to even walk straight in 2 weeks time. It's More like 11 days! If I don't go I'll be the bad guy!!!

She has been debating about what and when to get married. I decide to do my surgery I'm April and spoke to Laura and everything. Now she comes back and tells me the she is getting married on April 23. I have been considering leaving from DR to Vegas but don't know if I would be able to handle it. Can anyone give me some insight on how they felt about 2 weeks after their surgery?? Ugh!!! Help!!! What should I do????

A couple of Before Pics

CBC confusion

Hey guys,

So I want to my PCP last week. I got my CBC done and received it in the mail. Everything looks good according to my doctor but can someone tell me which initial on the on the list does it state my iron level? I'm assuming it's "hgb". Can someone clarify this for me?

On another note, i'm super excited but feel like I'm not prepared as I should be. I feel there's so much to do and so little time. I realized today today is November 2 and I literally have about five months to go and it's flying by. I'm scared, I'm excited, I'm anxious, I don't know what to do myself! Anyway just a little update on what's going on and just hope I can get this iron stuff cleared up.

Ttyl ????????

Cold feet......

Just wanted to vent a little. I think I'm getting cold feet or just plain out scared! I have been going thru so many emotions that I don't know where to even begin. I feel so unprepared and I am pretty much basing my surgery on my income tax. I feel like something will go wrong because it typically does but I am trying to stay positive and fajth that everything will turn out as I plan.
I don't make a lot of money so I don't really have much to save I have been putting a little bit away from each paycheck but it just doesn't feel like it enough.

I don't know maybe this is my nerves. I also haven't told anybody other than my mother because she's the one that's going to take care of my kids and she's kind of skeptical about it but my mother is always been very supportive everything I do. I'm also scared to tell anybody just because I don't want the negativity or the convincing me out of it. I don't know I'm just in a funky mood I guess. I'm just I guess nervous or anxious just to get it over with and just be in flat side.

I'm also debating about telling my kids father even though we are not together we still have my friendship and I usually do like to tell him stuff. But he's currently deployed in Afghanistan so I don't want to stress him out or give him something to be worried about. Just so much to think about and to prepare for. I guess I'm just overwhelmed with everything.


This can't be life..... There's gotta be more!!


So so much has been going on. I had to push my date Bach to August! Ugh!!!!! So mad And pissed but I have not control over it right now. My finances are not in order and not where they should be for this type of. trip. So I'm looking to have my sx in August 15 2014 and leave here the 14th. So anyone planning to go around that time please let me know. I would love a sx buddy.
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