21 Years old, 2 Children, Looking for Affordable Surgeon!

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I have a slim frame I have thicker thighs and a...

I have a slim frame I have thicker thighs and a average/small butt. I weigh about 130-135 and I'm 5'4. I have always wanted the surgery but now I am old enough and have discipline to try and save up enough money for it. So I'm trying to look for a affordable doctor and I don't mind traveling outside of the country. Wish me luck!

i think ive found the perfect doctor!

So i am so excited to tell all of you i think i found the doctor that can make my dreams come true! his name is Doctor Molina. I couldn't find his correct contact info at first but when i did you wont believe the smile it put on my face. And his wife was sooo sweet and apologetic for the inconvenience! huh.... i cant wait to start my journey! i plan to have enough money saved up by late January beginning of February.

before pics

I will be paying my deposit $ next Friday for bbl and ba. With Dr Molina!

paid my deposit! well some

so I paid some of my deposit. I paid $300 and I decided to make payments until my surgery date. Im still excited but i feel like time is moving so slow. I decided to pay 200 to 300 every other Friday. Because it is my payday! Dr Molina was very understanding about the payment situation he also decided to push my date back to the end of February. I decided to push the date back because I haven't been at the job for 6 months yet and in February I'll have been at my job for 6 months so ill be able to take two weeks more easily. Also it will be around tax time and since I don't have vacay time/pay since I haven't been here for a year yet I can use my tax money to live off and pay my bills for those two weeks that I am off. So I guess I'll begin my count down now 4 months away! Ill start counting days as the time gets sooner. Also i started taking one vitamin A Day I have also considered adding labiaplasty to my procedure.

surgery date

Hello all my real self sisters! I know I haven't been on here in a while but I decided to get on here update you guys on a few things that have changed! First off is the day I will be leaving February 27th and do all my lab work on that day hopefully I get down there early enough I'm going to book my flight in December and I'm going to get my passport in a few weeks just to get that out the way with. I've also been paying biweekly on my surgery so hopefully it'll be paid off by then if not I'll have tax Time right around the corner. But I am definitely super excited counting down the days I have 98 days left! I also talked to one of his other patients that I saw on his Instagram page she was so helpful and friendly she made me feel even more comfortable with going with Dr Molina especially after seeing her results I really hope you can work miracles with my small amount of fat! I'll update again when time gets closer.

60 days left!!!

So I am getting super nervous about traveling out of the country. I have not gotten my passport yet I absolutely have to do that this weekend. I'm also still trying to budget everything out Ive only pay my deposit for the surgery and still have more payments to go to complete paying off the surgery.
Also feel like I haven't received my support for realself, or any advice. My page hasnt really had any traffic either. So after my surgery and I do my last review I will delete everything I thought it would have been helpful for me and other woman going through the same process the people don't seem as open.

almost tht time. .

So I only have 41 days left definitely starting my countdown. I go for my pre-op appointment with my primary care physician in two weeks. I'm super excited to find out my blood level. I have been taking an iron vitamins and complex bplus and also some other vitamins for hair skin and nails. I'll post a picture of them so you guys can see them but the pharmacist said that the b + complex definitely helps with blood levels and health in general. So God has been blessing me in so many different ways. I was worried about not coming out with all of my money and time with hill and kids and everything. But fortunately I was able to take out a small loan and pay for it. & I should have extra money left over just in case of emergencies of course. But now I think I'm going to be traveling to Dr alone. I got into a huge argument with my significant other well I guess it wouldn't even be considered a huge argument it was a silent argument. So now I will be traveling solo. I definitely need to find a recovery house. If anyone knows of any good ones please leave the name in the comments. I'm not too worried about being in dr I'm more worried about the plane ride down there by myself. Well i cant lie i am a little worried now I have to find a recovery house. And I'm going to have to be G and recover and make progress as soon as possible. Cuz I won't be having someone waiting on me hand and foot exactly. Well if anyone is traveling to Dr the week of February 27th reach out please I will be super happy to have a buddy to experience this with. But even if I got to do this alone, ima do it because this is something that I want and I worked hard for. Can let one monkey stop yo show. But until next time. I'll update soon.

27 days to go..

27 days to go! I'm so excited! I went to see my primary doctor and got an EKG and also got my hemoglobin tested my hemoglobin came back 13.75! So I'm ready and my EKG came back fine as well. This journey has definitely been just a roller coaster for me. I've been through so many up and down moments. I've also been struggling back and forth on my decision to get the surgery and also with my religion. I keep reminding myself that God isn't going to love me any less even if I do want to alter or change things up on my body. Also I decided that I'm going to stay at Hotel Riazor that Dr Molina recommended. My boyfriend decided to clean up his act and get his shit together so now he'll be going with me again... so hopefully everything goes as planned I am just waiting on my passport it seems to have gotten approved I have a tracking number so hopefully its here by the end of this week. I've also been communicating with Dr Molina he seems excited and I'm definitely excited. So I will keep you ladies updated!

almost there..

So today I purchase the plane ticket! My passport came a few weeks ago! So im super excited about that. Now I'm just pretty much counting down the days and second guessing myself lol. I just really want the results that are in my head to be reality. I want to be curvy I want to be full and I really hope that everything works out. Today I was talking to one of the parents at my preschool and can you believe they just got the same surgery done! Lol what a coincidence. But she filled me in on all the juicy details what to expect when not to expect. She made me feel a lot more confident and the pain part of it. She didn't go to the doctor I am going to she went to a local doctor. I know I already chose a hotel to stay at but now I'm second guessing that too I just really want to be close to Molinas clinic. If you guys have any suggestions please send them my way.

I'm here bishes

So today I arrived in dr after 6 long hours and running like crazy to catch a connecting flight. And being pounced on like rare meet by the taxi drivers at sdq airport. Omg I still can't believe I'm doing this or that I'm even here somebody pinch me lol. But I am very sad about leaving my babies my daughter started crying like never before and I started crying it made me want to turn back. But I knew it was too late and I know they are safe with my mom we just have a really close bond. But anywho I get my blood work done tomorrow am and meet with Dr Molina Monday and also have surgery the same day..I am super excited I will take pics and let you guys know how everything goes..by the way hotel riazor is very nice and antique looking there is a restaurant next door that is very yummy, there's also a waiter named angel who was so sweet and went out of his way to help us.

so ladies I meet my doc at 630am tmrw

This afternoon Raul and his beautiful daughter came by, and he took my blood and urine he was very gentle and it was also very quick. I meet Dr Molina at 630 am tomorrow I am super excited I talk to his wife over the phone she sounds like such a sweetheart. She told me to stop eating and drinking by 8 o'clock tonight. So I have to stuff myself so I won't be starving when I wake up. Also she told me don't worry about bringing anything besides something comfortable to wear when I leave. Also she said she's going to try and arrange for transportation for me. If she doesn't I'll just take a taxi they are not very far away from my hotel probably about 4 blocks. Or at least it looks that way on the map. So I guess you can call tonight the last supper before surgery. I am debating about adding something to my surgery... Lip enhancement. What do you guys think? I like to put some recent pictures up of myself don't judge me. I have been gaining so much weight for this surgery lol. I went from 126 to 157. I'm probably a little bit bigger than that now. I feel like a busted met lol.

I made it

Hey dolls I made it out if surgery. I enjoyed meeting the doc and his wife they are both very sweet. Unfortunately only one nurse spoke English besides the doc and his wife. A little frustrating bit I made it work. Once I met with the doctor I went to do my EKG down stairs.i then walked to get my cray which cost 16 dollars then I waited a few hrs and the doc came in marked me up and anesthesia came in and I was out. I didn't wake up until the morning..I'm excited to see my butt only saw one pic before faja and it looked fatts lol my boobs are big sitting in my chest. But the pain isn't too bad just sore and uncomdortable. I been doing a lot of walking the hotel is two blocks from the clinic so I walked bck with my bf. I haven't pooped yet too hard to sit tht low. I don't really wanna lay on my butt but it's kinda hard not to using pillows as much as possible.


Having trouble uploading

only pic tht will load

Check up

So today I had my check up with Dr Molinas wife. It went very well, I met a lot of other women who were having surgery. It was kind of a long wait but I expected that with such a popular doc. But anywho while I was there I decided to get my lips done..tht shit hurt like a bish lol..But Dr.Molina was so gentle and patient. He's such a good doc.I love my lips by the way. And before I got my lips done his wife and the other nurses took off my faja (no shower in 4 days and 84degree weather I know I was stankin) she said my board had moved with gave me a small pocket of fluid at the bottom of my back she wants me to come back on Monday to get drained if needed. Thank goodness she ain't try it today I might have passed out. Overall I feel good just sore of course. The best advice I can give anyone is walk don't lay around yu will swell more and be stiff as a board. My bf literally has me walking everywhere dwn here. I just txt yenny to see if she can come and give me a massaage ($35) I gotta be ready to go home by Wednesday. I'm home sick and miss soul food and my kids and my bed and my life!!!lol I almost had melt down in mcdonalds today.

Yenny!! Massages

So yesterday I got my first massage with Yenny....omg can you say pain! And she was being so gentle. ..but it literally feels like a thousand tiny bones are broken in my stomach and the massage thing keeps rolling over it. But trust me I needed it is rather have this pain than seroma pain I heard it's horrible, and I had a lot of fluid built up even though it didn't look like it. So anywho..let's start from the beginning. .i text yenny Fri took her a min but she responded and came the same day around 9pm..she was running late but the traffic here is crazy. .so anywho she's such a little doll! And she speaks very good English so I didn't have to use my struggling Spanish lol. So she helped me get undressed had me lay down for the frontal part of the massage she also had to put a needle in the bottom of my tummy where my incision is actually didn't hurt she drained my tummy fluid from there. Then she had me stand up with my hands on the wall for support and drained my back..it was so freaking disgusting looked like my butt was peeing..it needed it she drained me dry..and did it again today(didn't hurt as bad) and she's off on sun but will be bck mon! She is very professional yu can pay her all at once or each time after the massage she also brings all the materials needed gloves,new needles, cloth to lay on etc.. yu just need to have your baby wipes and arnica oil or what ever yu choose to use. I def reccomeneded her services she's so friendly and made me look at my body like damn....even though I was swollen, she has a really good spirit and has a lot of medical knowledge! Love Yenny!!

Yenny massage pics


Do not pay yenny or any massage person all at once(for all your massages) ..she came and did my massages the first two days and she was great. The next day she was suppose to come was Monday. She never showed up! I'm use to her being super late but this time she didn't call txt or anything and I called and text her atleast seven times. .no answer ...weird so anyway letting you guys know don't pay for your massages all at once because of sh*t like this, pay as you go after each massage. So today I got a massage at the clinic they are actually very good and it didn't hurt as much . I now prefer the clinic just hate the long wait. So either get there super early 730 or sign in take a card and go eat or something and call every two hrs and stay near.

I'm home..

Hey Dad I made it home yesterday. I was supposed to come home on Wednesday but thanks to stupid American Airlines they made me late for my connecting flight and I got stuck in Miami want to stand there. I've been really good since I've been home at first I was kind of worried about doing too much because I had to drive my kids to school but I've been using the boppy for the most part and trying very hard not to sit on my butt as much as possible. Then also not to pick up anything. I don't have as much fluid as I had when I was in Dr but I still have a long way to go for Recovery I am still very swollen. Also I still talk to Dr Molina everyday he asked me how I'm doing and I have a billion questions.. I go back to work next week and I'm kind of worried. I'm just so ready to be back normal! I am still very happy with my results and my doc! Does anyone know how long do you keep the ab Board in? In the back sponge thingy? ?

new pics

long time no hear!

Hey dolls have so much to tell you that so bad I'm so sorry I've been MIA lately. As soon as I got back I was dealing with my kids my family work bills and everything else that came my way as soon as I stepped on American soil. So anyhow I went back to school and instead of buying a BBL pillow I've been using a towel and I roll it up and put it underneath my legs and it prevents my butt from sitting on the seat but it does cut off my circulation to my feet so I have to get up a few times and move around. So as you guys know my time of not staying on my bottom is supposed to be up. So yesterday I sat on my butt and for some reason I feel like I can already tell that I lost a little bit of my booty. I wish I would have waited and I listened to everyone telling me to only wait 3 weeks. Because even though I waited those three weeks I feel like I lost some of my fat but I'm not even a month out of surgery so who knows what's going to happen with my body improvements may happen or this maybe my results will see. I will be updating you guys with some more pictures shortly I get a massage Friday so I'll take plenty then. I've only have one massage since I've been home. I know bad me I need to catch up but it's so expensive here. I definitely miss the Dr. I'm already pretty much thinking about going back for round two! What does same. Of course! So anyhoo Dr Molina has been checking up on me every so often usually on the weekends he text me and ask me how I'm feeling. I really appreciate that I didn't really expect much after I left the Dr. Also I recently went to a concert and decided to take my garment off for a few hours so I can wear a cute dress LOL I was fine it's just that towards the end of the concert I started feeling a little sick and I can kind of feel my stomach swelling back up I rushed home to put it back on LOL. But only if you could see the looks I was getting hahaha... even all the women at my job and asking me about my butt LOL I aint telling them shit.. butt I'm kinda sad my butt went down a little bit I should have waited longer than 3 weeks to sit on it. My boobs are still doing really well. I am so anxious to be healed I just got a key remember to be patient. Well. Feel free to ask any questions!

still swollen but good

So my body is still swollen especially my stomach and back area even though you guys probably can't tell I can. I am still very happy with my results and I am already thinking about round 2 everyone keeps saying it seems like I'm recovering very quickly of course to me it doesn't feel like it. But I definitely think that I may be recovering very well because I was taking so many vitamins and eating really healthy before the surgery and I stuck to a really strict no caffeine Diet before and after words I also walk walk walk walk is so important to recovery.


Hey you guys i'm back on here! I am going for my round two! This time I am planning to stay at a recovery home I just haven't chosen one yet for some reason the recovery home see more expensive now that I remember when I got my surgery done last year! Do you guys have any recommendations for any reasonable recovery homes that I know my items will be safe in and I will be safe and well taken care of? Awesome so I have the transportation included in the price?
not sure yet

I will be going to Dr Molina this stupid thing won't let me add him as my doc.

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