Dr Walkiris Robles in DR - Tummy tuck plus breast augmentation, lipo & butt fat transfer on Oct 8 2012

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Hello my RealSelf ladies :-) I decided to begin...

Hello my RealSelf ladies :-) I decided to begin posting about my experience and journey to help those of you who are also looking to have cosmetic surgery safe and affordable. After many months researching, speaking with others here and constant communication with the doctors assistant. I finally made my decision to have my surgery done in the Dominican Republic with doctor Walkiris Robles. I will not bore you with my whole life story but to give you and idea of who I am and my reason for wanting this surgery, this is my story in short without giving to much details in order to keep my identity private. I have more than 3 kids some older and some young. Many years ago after my 3rd kid I had a tummy tuck done. As crazy as this sounds but I had it done with a doctor that my sister worked for but was not a certified plastic surgeon (I know!) but he was a doctor who did gastric bypass. Anyways, he gave my sister a great deal and offer to do a TT for her at 3,000. So I waited to see how her results were and after seeing her I too did it for the same price.

Honestly, it was my first surgery ever so it was painful but well worth it at the end. It was so worth it that after 8 yrs having done the TT I had another baby and my stomach remained looking the same. Until, I had my last pregnancy.Which my stomach is kind of flat but the skin stretches if I pull it. When I sit my top portion of my stomach rolls over my pants. I have rolls on my waist back and under my butt cheeks (which by the way is the part I hate the most about my body) my boobs are also saggy. I decided to make this decision when I realized that I lost all the pregnancy but now remained with a lot of fat everywhere that dosnt seem to go away even though I work out. My husband at first wasn't happy about this because I seem to be beautiful to him in his eyes but in mine it's not the same. I hate the way I look especially when I see myself in the mirror. I know that I'm not going to look like beyonce after surgery but I would like to look like a sexy woman with a nice stomach little waist and perky butt (even if I have cellulite) as long as my butt looks round curvy and full I would be so thrilled cuz right now it looks like an old ladies butt. I'm even embarressed to post my before pics but this is my documentary so I guess I have to be real.

After talking with a lot of ladies here and constant questions to Raquel who is Dr Robles assistant I felt comfortable enough to say yes I'm going to do it. Plus it's either now or never because I don't know when there's going to be another time that I will have this kind of money to spend on me and not the bills. The great thing is that my sister also will be joining me as she will be having lipo and butt fat transfer, so I will at least have company during my time in DR. The great thing about Dr Robles price is that it includes your stay at the clinic and recovery house. Meals, snacks and beverages are included as well as your medicine one garment and transportation to and from airport as well as your tests and procedure. For me, it's great to be away for a few days while I recooperate and be able to go back home somewhat healed being that I have a few young children at home. Don't get md wrong I pray everyday to god to please allow me to return home to my family because they still need me, so it's all in his hands. I'm truly excited to check this one thing of my list and be able to move on with my life feeling confident in myself.

Thankfully I managed to purchase my airfare in advance at a very cheap price after I had my complete blood work done and sent the results to dr Robles and got the okay that I will be able to get the surgery done being that your hemoglobin levels have to be a certain number. I am now taking super B complex which has vitamins b6 b12 folic acid and vitamin c all in one and I also am taking iron. I so far have bought a few summer dresses in a larger size than I normally am so that it wont irritate my skin and a few XL men's shirts to also be comfortable. Baby wipes being that I won't be allowed to shower and gateraide to go powder mix for dehydration. In two weeks I have an appointment with my primary care doctor do that shd can prescribe me some purkasets. I'm definately taking my laptop so that I can have communication with my husband and kids. The of thing I have left to do is buy two full body garments for when I return to work, the vitamedica pills to take before and after the surgery as it helps with healing and swelling and I need to get the app called magic jack so that I can make free calls from DR to my husband. If any of you ladies are wondering how to get in touch with Dr. Robles for questions or quotes then contact Raquel Medina who is her assistant and she always is sweet and patient to answer your questions and she's the one that will relay your message to the doctor.

Ok ladies so I will continue updating this post for any other things that develop or happen before my October 8 date. TTYS.

Hi ladies, here is more information about the...

Hi ladies, here is more information about the doctor that I forgot to include:

Facebook Fan Page: Dr. Robles Plastic Surgery
Facebook Fan Page of their New Project: facebook.com/dominicansurgery.com
Twitter: @DomSurgery
Twitter: @DrWrobles
Website: dominicansurgery.com
Skype I.D.: raquel.medina14

OK ladies, so I posted my horrible before surgery...

OK ladies, so I posted my horrible before surgery pics. Please be kind as I this was actually the hardest part to do than having the surgery. To show my flaws to you and everyone, is the hardest thing. Plus I'm ashamed and embarressed that after having so many kids, this was what I was left with. Sorry that the pics came out dark but I had to take them after the kids were in bed. Plus theres no need to see very dimple and dent on me, LOL. As you can see from the pics, the part of my body that I hate most of all besides my Tummy is my butt. Mind you, I know and am aware that the doctor can't make mirracles but by god do I hope that she can give me a more normal looking butt. One that does not have rolls under the cheek, a more rounder and curvier butt and more fuller looking. I'm okay if it's not big but I do hope and expect (which is why I am paying all this money) is for it to look like an actual butt.

Hello ladies! So I now exactly 3 weeks and 6 days...

Hello ladies! So I now exactly 3 weeks and 6 days away from my mommy makeover :-D
I am now going to call dr Robles office tomorrow to schedule my phone consultation with her so that I can ask her a few questions regarding my procedures. As soon as I speak to her I will let you know the questions I asked and the answers she gave me. Also this week I plan to buy my post garment that I plan to use when I return to work, just in case I have issues with the one that the doctor provides. I will also buy my vitamedica so that I can begin to take it two weeks before surgery. Talk to you soon :-)

Ok my RealSelf ladies, so I was able to speak with...

Ok my RealSelf ladies, so I was able to speak with dr robles over the phone a while ago and she is very nice. I had a list of questions that I wrote down from my procedures to when I get there to the anesthia process. She was patient and also honest about what she can and can't do and that I appreciate. I am more now than before confident and extremely excited about my decision. Also I was surprised on how patient she was with answering my tons of questions. It was also a great way to introduce ourselves and for her to know who I am and what my expectations are. The reality now has settled in and it's finally starting to seem real as my date gets close. Talk to u soon.

Ok ladies, so I am so stressed out today. I know!...

Ok ladies, so I am so stressed out today. I know! After speaking with the doctor I thought I would be worry and stressed free until I leave. Today I had asked about the best way of making my payment, either through a wire or cash since I need to spend the less possible as I was able to save exactly what I was quoted. In wanting to find out this, I was told that my lipo transfer may not be included in my price. I was like what!! Omg!! Please don't tell me this!! I already have my mind focused on this and worked 60 hours a week this whole summer to save my quoted amount and I can't work overtime because my kids are now back in school. So I have been waiting all day to hear back from Raquel because I forward to her the last email that she mentioned my price quote. The worst part of all is the waiting and the not knowing. I am so stressed but in a way deep inside in a little area in my head I knew that this was to good to be true. I guess I just have to wait n hope that this is not a game that is done purposely a few weeks before surgery date since I am only three weeks away. I will keep u posted n let u ladies know how things turned out. Please cross ur fingers for me that this is all a misunderstanding because right now I feel like I'm in the twilight zone :-0

Ok ladies, so the problem was resolved late last...

Ok ladies, so the problem was resolved late last night. The reason why I did not hear from the assistant was because she was waiting to get home to reply to me. Apparently there was a misunderstanding of communication between us. I was just so worried since I didn't hear back until late last night. But thankfully she verified and told me that my lipo was included in my price. I am so glad that that is over but it's good to let you see what sometimes can happen. I understand the confusion on her part since I was constantly asking how much certain procedures cost and going back and forth with yes and no about me moving forward with this, so I don't blame her. However it would have been nice to get some sort of response an hour or to after I was told that and not until 10pm. But that's ok, no big deal now and I can now focus on me getting try vitamedica and stage 2 post surgery compression garment. I also have plans to buy sensa tomorrow to help shed my last 5 lbs.

Oh another thing I forgot to mention for those of...

Oh another thing I forgot to mention for those of u who are interested in getting all these procedures at once. I was informed that I can definately have my tummy tuck but if my hemoglobin levels are not high enough after they test me when I'm there then I won't be able to get all these done. They will only then allow me to do the tummy tuck and breast implants or tummy tuck with lipo n butt fat transfer or lipo with butt fat transfer and breast implants. So I have prepared myself into thinking that I'm going for a tummy tuck and lipo with transfer being that these are more important to me to get done incase my levels are not high. This way I'm not disappointed if they give me bad news that I can't get my implants. And with my luck, I bet that might happen. So for now my brain thinks thinks I'm going for tummy lipo n fat transfer.

Another thing, about payment. This is one thing...

Another thing, about payment. This is one thing that you will think about more than anything. The doctor accepts cash wire transfer or ur debit card that has the master or visa logo but keep in mind that they will charge an additional 5% fee for paying with the debit card. I'm still contemplating on which method of payment I will go with but as soon as I decide I will let you ladies know. BTW, I am now 3 weeks and 2 days away, yay :-D

Well well well my fellow RS sisters. So today I am...

Well well well my fellow RS sisters. So today I am officially 2 weeks away. For the most part I'm not nervous yet but I can't stop thinking about the unknown such like the pain from the lipo or fat transfer. The other thing I seem to think about a lot is how I will do to manage to sleep or move around since I'm getting a TT lipo and butt fat transfer and if my levels are good (keeping my fingers crossed) then the doctor will let me get my boobs done. But anyways my vitamedica, bra surgery garment and full body stage 2 garment should be arriving tomorrow. I went today and bought my water filter bottle, wife beaters (aka guys undershirt tank tops) Gatorade single powder packs,a bunch of travel size stuff like dry shampoo deodorant toothpaste mouth wash dry skin moisturizer etc, also body wash wipes facial wipes 100 calorie snacks in case I don't have an appetite, open front granny pajamas and cotton granny panties oh and pads for the leaking of fluids. So my plan is to pack my stuff today so that everything is ready. Oh and I was able to get antibiotics, Vicodin and muscle relaxers. If you ladies have any suggestions of anything else I should take, feel free to let me know.

Ok ladies so yesterday my vitamedica, post op bra...

Ok ladies so yesterday my vitamedica, post op bra and post op full body garment arrived. I immediately began taking the vitamedica so this shows that my time is near as the instructions of this is to take the am and pm pills 14 days before surgery. I tried the bra on and it fits quite tight. I'm not sure if its suppose to be like this being that my boobs will be bigger. If any of you know please feel free to tell me. But for now I guess I will keep it (medium). As for the body garment, I will try it on tonight as I was too tired yesterday to try it as it is a struggle the first few times to put on, so I will give you the funny story tomorrow. Also, today was a bit stressful for me as I was sent a link from another girl who wrote about her experience and it was not a good one. Quite frightening I must say. But I'm still confident with my decision as I am not looking to have a big booty, since the ladies that already had work done by her have said that she does not inject a lot of fat in the butt. For me, I'm okay with that as mine is big but I want it to look young, more rounder on the bottom cheeks and full on top. I know what it is to have a TT so I'm excited about having the flat stomach again and no rolls on the sides. Cuz when she cuts that tummy fat off the rolls will go with it as well. Then my boobs, I am sooo hoping that my levels are high so that I can have full and perky boobs. I am hoping to have a full C, not so small or big. Ttyl :-)

K ladies so I tried on my high back full ankle...

K ladies so I tried on my high back full ankle compression garment with suspenders stage 2 that I bought from the mmh website and this thing could not even pass thru my butt and hips. Both my husband and I pulled and tugged and nothing so I gave up and decided to return it for a larger size. I ordered a large and it seems that I need an extra large. The problem I came to realize when I called mmh to return is that when u call and wait for a rep the automation will say that your wait time is 1 minute and then u wait and then it says your wait time is 4 mins then 7 mins then 9 mins. WTH! I ended up waiting for 30 minutes and gave up. Then I went online into my mmh account and clicked on my item and chose return. Well turns out that they email you so many steps to return and in tiny words it says that garments are not returnable. Omg! The darn thing cost me 80.00. Then it also says that your item has to go thru inspection to various departments and if approved then the refund can take up to 4 weeks. This is nuts cuz I need one for next Sunday when I leave. So I'm going to still return it and see how that goes but for now I have no choice to get another one. So I came upon this website called Isavela.com and they sell medical garments at affordable price especially the ones with the side zippers that mmh had for over 100.00. Plus Isavela rep told me that they are having a promotion of 10% off which saved me on the shipping and the garment cost me less than the one I got at mmh. So I will let you know how the garment is. As for the bra garment I bought at mmh for my implants, I can say it was a great choice. It's a bit tight now so it will be perfect for my new boobs. If your interested to know which one I got leg me know and I will give you the product number. So my lesson of the day is not to buy anymore body garments from mmh. Other stuff ok but not the body garments cuz they will not let you return it. Ttyl :-)

Ladies! Ladies! Exactly 1 week left! So the days...

Ladies! Ladies! Exactly 1 week left! So the days seem all of a sudden going by so fast. I guess because I'm managing to try to a lot of organizing before I leave. I'm still taking my vitamedica and bought everything I will need for the trip. I'm excited scared worried and happy. I have a lot of emotions but I'm trying to be strong. Ms. Pinabahamas has given me some peace of mind as she had lipo and butt transfer on September 26 and we have exchanged messages and I feel better after reading Maryellislove story which worried me a little but now I'm good as Ms. P is happy with her results and card at the recovery house despite her not speaking English. My sister is thrilled as well and I will see if I can post pics of her this Saturday as she will be driving down from Pennsylvania to meet me at my house to leave together on Sunday night to the airport. Oh and the best thing of all is that I got my period 2 days ago so I will not have to deal with that nonsense while I'm recooperating. Ttyl

Only 4 more days til I leave to DR! I have a lot...

Only 4 more days til I leave to DR! I have a lot of emotions yet I feel calm still. I guess once I am at the airport things will sink in. I'm almost packed, I have my documents, vitamedica pills, antibiotic, pain killers and muscle relaxers all packed. I plan on getting my feet done the day after tomorrow (Friday) and my eyebrows, then I plan to straighten my hair on Saturday. I also asked Raquel last night to ask dr Robles which breast implant manufacture does she use. The dr said she uses Mentor, Eurosilicone and Nagor. I learned that Mantor is a US manufacturer, Eurosilicone is a UK manufacturer and Nagor is a French manufacturer but all three seem to provide rupture warranty replacement. I'm thinking I would like to go with Mantor because it was the first breast implant company to provide warranty but I will decide with the dr when I get to feel them. Well ladies I will post back again shortly.

Well, I guess the moment is here. As you can see...

Well, I guess the moment is here. As you can see it is 4am and I am still up. Not becasue I am nervous about the surgerty but because my body tends not to sleep as I have a fear of flying. I finished packing the last items. I decided to also take a few small cereals and 100 calorie snacks just in case I do not have much of an appetite. I also got the gatorade powder packs. I am happy to get this over with but I know the deal and exactly what to expect in regards to pain. I also texted Raquel today cuz I wanted her to ask Dr. R if I can take a muscle relaxer to help me on the plane (still waiting for a reply). Also I plan to call Dr. R to give her the heads up that I will be on my way so that she will know who I am, as well as my sister. Oh! I am going to upload a pic of my sis. Hopefully the editing the private areas worked. The only worry I have is that I will not be allowed to take my meds with me, so I hope I can cuz I will definately need my pain releivers. K my realself ladies, I am going to hit the bed but I will post later today when I am at the airport. Let's see how things go. Thank you all for your thoughts. .

Hi ladies wat a long flight but we r here!!! I got...

Hi ladies wat a long flight but we r here!!! I got here at 3a n Leo the driver picked us up. He's nice. There clinic is closed but there's a nurse here n she gave my sister n I a room to share. However she was snoddy but maybe that's cuz she woke up at 3a to open the doors to us. I'm going to lay n rest but it seems they will start the blood work on us at 6a. I will try to keep u guys posted. Oh, n I'm texting from the hallway cuz the rooms in the clinic don't have wifi. Ttys

Ok so they came in to tell us that the dr will be...

Ok so they came in to tell us that the dr will be getting here shortly. But for those of u who don't speak English understanding what they r saying may b a problem. Because I speak Spanish but not well enough, many things they asked u had to have them repeat it many times. Also this other person not friendly or welcoming but I guess that's how things work here. Ttys

Ok so they took blood did EKG n a chest X-ray. My...

Ok so they took blood did EKG n a chest X-ray. My hrmoglobins are at 13.1, but guess what! Some crazy BS! So since July I was quoted 6500 for breast implants TT lipo n butt fat transfer. I even spoke with the dr 2 weeks before coming about my procedures n she said that as long as I maintain my levels I can do all. Now it turns out that they might not. Which us the reason y I didn't send my money thru wire cuz another girl had told me this happened to her. So I'm super upset but I'm going to wait until the doctor arrives and keep my fingers crossed that she can. I met her assistants Laura n Raquel (not the Raquel medina) n they were super nice compared to others that were very snoddy and not friendly at all. I'm going to be upset if I can't get these things done cuz I will never b able to do this again. It's hard coming up with money like this. So lesson here is for u ladies who r thinking of coming triple check that ur procedures will intact b done. Also no wifi in the room so I'm getting service as I stand next to the door. Also it is almost 12p and no doctor yet.

So here's the scoop, it's 12p n no doctor yet....

So here's the scoop, it's 12p n no doctor yet. They did our blood work EKG n X-rays. We now have our gowns on n IV. Just met The other Raquel n Laura who r the doctors assistant n they r super nice. As for the rest if u r expecting hospitality or welcoming, don't cuz they r not friendly at all. So my big problem of all, after having my quote in place since July for boob implants TT lipo n fat transfer they now telling me that I may not have all my procedures done. Can u believe this!

Ok ladies! Wow! So dr R arrived n she is super...

Ok ladies! Wow! So dr R arrived n she is super sweet n understanding. She explains everything well n guess what she is going to do all my procedures!!!! Yay !! So my sis is going first she is actually getting more fat taken out than she thought n she's super excited. Becuz I had a TT 10 yrs ago my new TT scar may be higher than it should but I'm fine with that as long as it looks flat with a nice button. K so my sis should b done in 3 hrs and I will b next. Pray for me as I have to take my pill soon.

Day 1 - Hi ladies!!!! so things went well. I was...

Day 1 - Hi ladies!!!! so things went well. I was abler to get all my procedures done and my sister had hers plus 2 other little things that was not part of the quote. Can I tell u how much this doctor is caring. Shes not about the money at all. So my boobs hurt and also my TT cut but as for the lipo it dosnt hurt me. My back and butt is sore. We r now at the recovery house and another realself girl is here too. Now the wifi dosesnt work upsatirs but it does downstairs. Thank you ladies for ur encouraging words, prayers and thoughts. By the way, make sure that when u come down here for your procedure to not take the blue pill too early. I made sure to take mine 1 hour before my sisters surgery being over and I did not wake up at all. Also be prepared for the needles here. They use the one that is thick so it hurts a whole lot. They dont use those little butterfly needles. K, so Im beat but I will do my best to post pics tomorrow.

Day 2 - So this morning I woke up sore and felt...

Day 2 - So this morning I woke up sore and felt the burning of the cut on my TT wound. My back feels exactly what the other girls described. Which is that when I touch or lay on my back it feels as if I have a hot compress on it and numbness. The docotor had Leo the driver get me cuz she wanted to check my wound. Everything looked great. She even took a picture of me as I was naked and my tummy looked so natural the belly button looked real and my boobies looked fully perky yet natural. One thing I want to recomend for those of you who are scheduled for your surgery, is to bring a robe. You will definately find it handy as Virginia here will drain your pump several times throughout the day and your gauzes as well. Because leaking fluids is something that happens alot. Overall day 2 was ok but I believe that day 3 or 4 is where the swelling will begin on the legs. Lets see what's to come. I am going to post pics of me in my undergarment and the room of the clinic where we stood while we waited for surgery. I will continue keeping you ladies posted as the days go by.

Day 5 - Feeling pretty good. But I do have to say...

Day 5 - Feeling pretty good. But I do have to say that on this day is when one begins to get the itch on the back, so if u had lipo done there, its annoying cuz as you are tryinbg to scratch u feel a numbness sensation and the scratching dosnt realy help because u feel the numbness (I hope this helps). Also, as disgusting as this may sound, I finally pooped. I was constipated for 4 days and i finally went today. Also this is the day that one begins to let all gases out, but its okay and acceptable to do that hear. Today, I also got drained out and can I tell u how weird it feels. But it actually does help relieve the pain in the back. Oh and a word of advice for those who are scheduled for surgery, please remember to bring a robe, cuz it will be your friend. But I am happy to say that im feeling so much better n I hope that it continues as the days go by.

Day 6 - Woke up feeling so much better. Was able...

Day 6 - Woke up feeling so much better. Was able to get out of bed with out any pain or problem. Today they drained me again, which I think has helped thru out the day because it is almost 9:30p and my drain has no fluids in it, which is a good sign that my drain may be takened out sooner than expected. This is also a good sign that I am healing well. Word of advice, I came to realize that bringing pads was a good thing but for those of you coming also bring elderly pull ups because when they drain your back, you continue leaking fluids like crazy to the point that the pads get soacked quickly and your garment will get soiled. I know because it happended to me. Had I had the elderly pull ups It wouldve prevented me from getting my garment soiled, so bring elderly pull ups. Also I began wearing my special socks that I had to by here because my legs began to swell which is also a normal process. THe ones that I got here are really good because the material is soft and silky yet tight enough to releive the swelling. So if you can get these socks before coming, then you can save money by bringing your own. So the weather here is extremely hot, try to bring tank tops and summer dresses, as your room where you sleep is the only thing that has a/c cuz downstairs is only fans. Oh, also if your a tea drinker then bring your bags of tea as the only tea here is made of the country's herbs and spices. So if your a lipton lover, then I suggest to bring your tea. Lastly, remember to bring enough feminine wipes and body wipes as you will use these everytime you go to the bathroom and to clean yourself everyday, since your not allowed to shower during your time here. Overall today was a really good day. I will talk to you ladies tomorrow.

Day 6 - By the way I forgot to mention that as my...

Day 6 - By the way I forgot to mention that as my garment was bveing washed, I had a chance to take a look at my body and I can say that I am very pleased with my results, even though I know that 40 % of my butt will go away, I will still have enough to keep the look I was going for which is a small waist, round hips and fuller butt.

Information for Dr Robles and/or Price Quote,...

Information for Dr Robles and/or Price Quote, contact her assistant Raquel Medina at:

Email: surgerycare@hotmail.com
Text only: (678) 212-4899
Dr Robles website: drawalkirisrobles.com
Facebook fan page: Dr Robles Plastic Surgery
Twitter: @DrWrobles
Skype ID: raquel.medina14

List of Things I Think Are Important to...

List of Things I Think Are Important to Bring

1. Robe - if possible long, short sleeve n dark color
2. Feminine Pads - if possible heavy flow, a small pack of 10 is fine
3. Adult pampers - this is good for the first days after lipo cuz u will be draining fluid everywhere
4. Compression socks - for swelling of legs
5. Cash - for additional medication or specialized cream that the doctor can recommend that is not part of the package
6. Water Bottle - cuz u will be forced to drink tons if water
7. Feminine wipes - enough packs for ur stay cuz u will be cleaning your private areas for going to the bathroom or refreshing as u r not allowed to shower
8. Body wipes or wet body wash cloths to clean urself and refresh since taking showers r not allowed
9. Tooth paste, tooth brush, mouth wash preferably the travel size.
10. Desinfective wipes - to disinfect your bathroom or the bathroom that others use
11. Flip flops to walk around cuz ur feet will swell
12. Stool softener cuz u will b constipated
13. Nausea chewable tablets cuz u may get nauseous after surgery for the first 2 or 3 days
14. Chapstick, dry shampoo,cutips, shaver to shave the day before u leave cuz u will be hairy after a few days.
15. Tea bags if ur a tea drinker
16. Summer dresses about 3 or 4
17. One cotton tank top cuz before u leave they will put this under your garment
18. A small pulling luggage so that u can pull once ur stay is over n cuz ur not allowed to carry anything heavy
19. Your laptop or iPad or cellphone cuz there is wifi at the recovery house
20. Bromelain and Arnica pills
21. No jewelry or nothing valuable

Hi everyone , just saw the doctor and I'm doing...

Hi everyone , just saw the doctor and I'm doing really well. Thankfully I am not draining anymore fluids in my back and drain as well so more likely I will be going back home without the drain in, yay! Cuz FYI, if u don't drink at least 5 bottle water per day which will help u pee a million times ur fluids and walk around as much as possible, then u have a high chance of returning home with ur drain in. Now unless u don't mind paying a copay for ur doctor to take it out or have a friend who is a nurse or have the stomach to do it urself then I suggest u drink tons of water pee as much as possible and walk as much as possible. So I'm glad that the doctor told me that I look as if I will be having my drain removed this Thursday. YAY! I will post a pic or two shortly.

Day 9 - Ok ladies so not much to update u guys...

Day 9 - Ok ladies so not much to update u guys besides one thing that may be helpful. Yesterday during my check up I showed the doctor the garmnbets I bought from isavella.com and for those of you who have or plan to buy an additional garment dont. Cuz she gave me the okay to use the bra garment I bought for my new boobies but she does not approve the body garment I bought. She said it was not tight enough the material and she wants me to buy the one that all her patients get , which is called Fajate. From what she said that prices can vary from 100.00 to 200.00 dollars. So I think tomorrow during my check up I will be able to purchase my garment. However they do not accept debit card unless u plan on buying two, so bring the 100.00 for possible meds that r not included in the package if u r not doing well after surgery and bring at 150.00n dollars or 200.00 if u can to purchase the garment that she helps u choose that is fit to ur surgery procedures. Other than that I woke up with out a headache today but can I tell u the worst itching ever. This is a good sign that my wounds are healing but there are moments that the itching gets so bad that I feel like I want to loose my mind. Thankfully I have been in good happy spirits since I arrived to the recovery house so that shows that I am handling this pretty well. My drain seems to be low so I am hoping that it means that my fluids are done so that Dr. R can remove my drain and I can go home with out it. So fingers crossed that all goes well. Until next time.

Day 10 - Ok ladies, so I am sorry that I was...

Day 10 - Ok ladies, so I am sorry that I was unable to post something yesterday as I was not feeling well. K so here's the real deal (from what I experienced) yesterday when I went to asee the doctor, the bottom of my tummy had fluid still, so the doctor took the stich off my drain which was being held from my skin (and yes it hurt!) then she pulled the drain further in my stomach (which yes hurt even more) then she entered air into the drain to unclogg it (and yes it hurt!) then she pulled the majoirity of the drain out (hurt! hurt!) and left the remaining drain inside near my ribs (hurt! hurt!). This was the only pain I have experienced so far. Later the night the doctor recommended that Virgina the care taker to drain my back and I had very little and yellow fluid left. So today, I was at the doctor for another check up and here is the good and bad news. The good news is that the fluid I had stuck in my stomach yesterday drain completely in my drain today, so my stomach was nice and flat with now waves. The bad news is that she did not remove the drain becuz I had more than 50cc of fluids and I am suppose to have less than 50cc in order for the drain to be removed. Tomorrow I will see the doctor again so all I can hope is that I will have less. And if not, then thats okayed cuz I am preparred to do it myself. The doctor showed me how to drain the pack which holds the fluids and once I see I have less than 50cc then I will have my husnabd help me remove it as the remaining tube that she left inside is perhaps 2 inches long. So the moral of the story is that if yoiur coming for more than one procedure be prepared to have a drain and more likely go hoime with it. Unfortunately, many of the stories I have read of girls having multiple procedures forgot to mention about the drain part. So do your research, speak to your doctor to see if they would be okay to remove the drain for you or unless you have the stomach to do it yourself. IHonestly at first I was nervous and scared about me leaving with it but after speaking to the dcotor I feel better to know that it is not that serious. So fingers crossed and I will let you know tomorrow the final verdict as tomorrow will be my final update in DR as I will be heading out to the airport at midnight tomorrow and arriving to my destination on Saturday 6am. Yay! Cuz I am missing my loving husband and children,.

Ok ladies I'm leaving tonight to the airport at...

Ok ladies I'm leaving tonight to the airport at midnight. My sister n I were up at 7a cuz we were do excited to be going home today. We had breakfast and then had the driver pick us up at 9a and we went shopping for souvenirs mamajuana which is a dominican afrodisiac drink n dominican liquiors and henessy white which is not sold in the US only Dominican Republic Bahamas n Europe, so we definately had to get it. Unfortunately for my doctor visit I was told I had to go home with the drain n was told that anyone can take it out its not a big deal so I will have my husband remove it on Sunday as told. My driver is now here n we r in our way to the airport n it's poring like crazy. I should b arriving at 6a so as soon as I get home I will post how the flight went. By the way my body looks sooo fantastic that I will post a pic when I get home of my new boobs booty n small waist. Talk to u later.

Hello my fellow RS sisters :-) I have so much...

Hello my fellow RS sisters :-) I have so much details to give u but so little time to do it. However as I promised I will give you all details from what I felt on the plane the day I was leaving DR to the struggles of removing the drain ourselves and the latest where I started noticing that I was getting fluid in the bottom of my belly. So here goes, well I was excited the day I was coming back home because my sweat pants fit so cute cuz my butt look perky and my waist was so small. I took pics if that day which I will post tonight when I get home. So I took about two muscle relaxers right before flying cuz of my fear of being on a plane. So as the plane took off I could feel pressure in the bottom of my tummy where the incision was at, throbing everytime there was turbulence. By the time I got off the plane my feet were super swollen that it felt as if I purposely bought a smaller size in my sneakers but thankfully I wore my compression socks cuz if not I may have had to take the sneakers off and walk barefoot. Then as the days past I made sure to clean my body with wash cloths cuz I wasn't allowed to shower yet as the incisions were still not fully healed but I made sure to everyday put oil of mosqueta rose that the dr reckmdnded me to do everyday. At first sleeping on a regular bed was a bit hard but as the days past my body began to start being able to stretch all the way. So finally this Monday (oct 22) my drain had only 25cc so I emailed the doctor and got the okay from her to remove it. Let me just say wow! The most nerve wrecking thing I and my hubby had ever had to do. I can't wait for u guys to see the drain that was in me and how long it was and also the entire drain itself, I'll post those pics tonight. So back to taking out the drain, well I laid naked as my husband wiped the area of skin where the drain was in with alcohol and then he began to pull it out slowly, he was shaking and so was I, lol. At a point it became painful but that was perhaps the way I was laying so I straighten my body all the way and then he was able to continue to pull it. It seemed like forever lol but he managed to pull it all out. It was not even a messy thing to do as I was prepared to see fluids everywhere but that wasn't the case. I felt so much better to walk around and move around without that thing in me as it was beginning to irritate my skin on every move I made. Now two days ago I began to notice the bottom of my belly beginning to bulge. I took a pic of it and sent it to the doctor. She told me not to worry that it looks as if its swollen which was perhaps cuz my garment that she gave me was no longer tight. She recommended me to go see a dr she knows of where I live that does the lymphatic massages and the dr will be able to tell if I have fluid and treat it if I do. By the way, I've been feeling fine except for some slight pain in my right boob cuz of the implant but can I tell u how my back has been killing me! To the point that I have not been able to sleep in the last three days. It's more like a super sore n swollen and stiff feeling. So today I went to the dr that dr Robles recommended me and they first began the massage which the first session is done by hand and then the next sessions will be done with a machine. Ouch! Wow, the massages do hurt as they make sure to break up these little balls if fat that feel hard in certain areas of my back caused by the lipo. They massage over each of it to break up the fat. Wow, hurts! Once that was done the dr "Angela" checked me and said yes I had fluids but it was fat fluids from the lipo and not seroma and it was nothing to worry about. So this was the most painful part of all. She had to take out the fluid with a syringe and mind u, my tummy tuck is not a real full tummy tuck so my stomach does have feeling. It hurt so bad as she moved the syringe inside to find the fluids but now my tummy looks so much better and can I tell u how my back feels soooo relieved. Even though the massage was costly at 60.00 and to remove the fluid was 50.00 it was well worth it. But the best part of all is that they sell medical compression garments. Omg! The best. It even has cotton inside for the front of your tummy and the back so I don't need to wear the wife beater aka men tank top. It also has a butt lifter and five row hooks to tighten the garment as one continues to get slimmer when the swelling begins to go away. I was even able to try it on. Thank god cuz I made the mistake not to buy it in DR so I bought 3 here n none fit the way I needed it to. It's only good after I'm fully healed. The name brand is "pontebella" and u can also find it online at www.pontebellastore.com. It cost me 120.00 but so well worth it. This will now be tight enough as I conitinue to get slimmer and will help my tummy to be compressed correctly. Now I'm getting ready to go home and I feels so much better. But the best news of all is that I got the ok to shower cuz my stiches are almost gone and my incision is about 95% healed. Yay! Oh as I was fully naked I came to realize that besides my implant dr Robles did do a small lift to my boobs as I saw the stiches on the side of each boob. It's no wonder y they look great. I will see if I have the balls to post a naked pic. Anyways my ride is here n I will do the pics tonight.

Hi Ladies, so I finally made it thru week 1 at...

Hi Ladies, so I finally made it thru week 1 at work besides dealing with my house problems due to the storm. Where should I start... Oh yes, the itch and numbness in my back. So I think everyone seems to have different symptoms after having lipo. My sister is doingg great with no pain or numbness in her back. Yet for me about two weeks ago I had the most intense itch all over my body, especially after I showered. To the point that I had red blotchiness all over. So what I found that helped me with this was to take benedryl at night along with my arnica and jergens ultra healing lotion. My butt has finally stopped from flaking but I guess it was due to the aquphor ointment that I was applying. K so this week was my first week back to work and on the first day, everyone was staring at me. My men colleagues kept asking if I had lost weight so I would just reply by saying " I dont think so, why?" But the woman are more smarter so they try to ask in a sneaky way, like " girl u look so good , what did u do while u were out?" I just asked stupid and say " nothing, why?" But two of the ladies who I trust knew about my procedure before leaving and they are so blown out of ttheir mind how good I look. Now one of the girls is planning to get in contact with Raquel for possibly getting surgery in March 2013. She loves my look and would like the same, plus I told her how happy I was to make the decision and how well they take care of you at the recovery house. Being that I have a desk job, I found myself having to go to the bathroom or kitchen a few times because my butt would feel sore after sitting on it for more than two hours straight. But the worst experience for me is that by the time end of day gets near, my back begins to swell so bad and it ffeels like I'm going to pop out of my garment like the Hulk. The other thing to is that because I have a tighter garment, it begins to irritate my body by the time I am driving back home (mind u its a two hour drive). Oh! Oh 1 So this past wednesday was my appointment at Angels Spa for my massage and appointment with Dr Angela. This time which was my second session the massage was done with a vibrating ultrasound machine and OMG!!! It freakin hurt me, especially when the apply preasure to the areas that have spots of hardness, which helps break up the fat and smooth out your skin and reduce swelling. For me this is painful since my waist had a lot of lipo done so I am very sore, like abruising feeling. But I maintained strong and just tried to deal with it. Then I saw Dr Angela and she asperated again the fluid I had in the bottom of my tummy, it hurts since I have feeling in my entire stomach. My bottom belly was swollen but when she asperated the fluid it immediately became flat. She says that with one more session I should bve good and that its normal when one has lipo and tummy tuck, plus the other reason for the swelling is because the garment that I bought from her last time in a large is too loose now as I have lost a lot of swelling. So even though it cost me money, I had to buy another one in a medium and now I am super tight, but I love this garment cuz it gives a good lift to the butt. Oh and she also removed a few of my stiches that didnt disolve because she said that if it does not get removed then it can cause the incisions to become effected. I wasnt so sure about it so as I waited for Dr Angela, I took advantage to email Dr Drobles to see if this was ok and she told me yes, to allow her to remove them becuz it should have desolved by now and for me to make sure to apply neosporin for one week and then continue putting the mosqueta rose oil. So Dr Angela removed one stich from under my butt cheek where the fat was transferred to, then she took the stiches fom each of the side of my breast where the lift was done, one from the inscision of my back on the top right and the other from the middle. What a relief now because I no longer feel itchy from the stiches. This session again cost me a bit of money but im okay with that so that the swelling can stop. The other thing Dr Angela told me to buy is a electric heat pad being that I cant afford to go twice a week, to help reduce the swelling on my back and tummy. Im going today to walmart to get one so lets see how that goes. After this update I will post pics of me in my work clothes and I tried my best to take pics of my booty myself. Oh, so far my boobs are begining to feel natural. My left boob no longer hurts when touched but my right boob still is sensitive to the touch. As for my booty, it still hasnt gone down and Im hoping that it dosnt as I now have learned to love my big booty. At first I felt embarressed of the size, becuz Im conservative butt now I love it and have no problem showing it off. So my tip of the day once your surgery is done and as your healing, if u get the real bad itches, keep in mind to try benedryl. Talk to you soon again. I almost forgot to tell you that I weighed myself at work this Monday and I now weigh 139, which before surgery I was 147. So the hard part for me will be to maintain this weight because I dont want to loose anymore cuz I luv my booty and I dont want to gain weight becuz I luv my curves and I dont want to ever have rolls on my back or waist. So this will be a huge challenge for me.

Hello! Hello! My fellow RS friends. I know! It's...

Hello! Hello! My fellow RS friends. I know! It's been a long time. But I am alive and very well. So much has happened since my last post. So bare with my as I will try to give as much details. So I am now about 3 1/2 months post op. I am feeling sooo good and loving my results. Ok, so when I last posted in November I was having issues with fluid build up on the bottom of my tummy but I was going to the spa that Dr Walkiris recommended me to for aspiration, stich removal and massages. Well as I said in my last post , Dr Angela at the spa told me that with one more fluid aspiration I should be good and sh was right. I went back to see her and she aspirated me for the last time which was also the last time I had the massage done. I found that the massages did help get rid of the hard spots from the lipo but I only had about 5 massages done. Once I saw that I didnt have anymore hard spots, I stopped going. The best thing I was able to get from the spa is the faja. They sell a faja called " Ponte Bella" and I luv how it makes my body look. I was wearing the faja 24/7 and only taking it off for showering. But just about two weeks ago I stopped wearing it to sleep and on weekends. Other than that I wear it Monday thru Friday. So its been about two weeks now since I haven't gotten the bad itches and blotchy redness on my body especially when I use to shower. My back sometimes gets swollen but not all the time. However my back still has a slight numbness and slight burning feeling but only when I scratch my back or lay on my back. I am very happy with my tummy tuck. My scar is lightening up on the right side and middle section but my left side is still a bit dark but from having experienced with a previous tummy tuck, I know that once I turn a year it will be super light. The one thing I love from this tummy tuck compared to my first one many years ago is that I don't have any dog ears. With my first TT I had dog ears but I was okay with it except when I would wear pantys or pants they would stick out a bit as if it was a tiny roll. I am super happy with my new TT results because I wasn't able to get a full TT as I didn't have enough skin to pull but Dr W did a good job making it look natural and flat. As for the lipo, all I can say is wow!!! I can't believe how much it can change ones body. I no longer have back and bra rolls and I have a tiny waste. Now for the booty, I am very happy with my results. Now I had a big butt before the transfer but what I wanted was for it to look fuller and perky cuz it looked big but like an old ladies butt, especially under neath my butt I use to have what they call butt rolls. Which is fatfrom weight gain that gets stuck under your butt cheeks even when you loose weight it would stay stuck and it made it look as if I had to cheeks or two curves. I definately like how my butt now looks but I feel that not enough fat was removed under my cheeks. I love the top volume of my butt and I love that my cheeks now have that nice round curve on the bottom but I still hate that I have little tiny butt rolls. My right leg has almost none but my left leg still has a small roll. This has always been that one thing that I hated abou my body. So I would like to take care of that area to eliminate the remaing little roll. But overall I lovvvee my botty cuz it looks like a young girls butt and coming from a mom of six this has made my self confidence rise. My boobies now feel and look so natural. They are not hard at all and the swelling has gone done. I love the way they look now. Perky and full. They no longer look saggy like the national geographic type and they are definitely bigger in size because I use to be a small B and I am now C. Im just not sure if it's a small or full C. Now don't get me wrong, I love my new girls but I do regret not going with 375cc's. I was scared of going to large and them looking fake so I went with 350cc. Now I am contimplating if I should go back for a larger size. I would like to be a bit bigger than what they are now. So for you ladies going soon for breast implants, I would say don't be scared and go with your gut and also keep in mind that once the swelling goes down which is about three weeks, you will notice that they will go down in size. I am now going to buy this faja from Salome but its not a full body it's a capri, because I plan to keep my butt and continue having it look good. So faja Salome online has a capri called Levantacola since summer is around the corner and theres now way I will be wearing a full body faja so this capri faja will help me maintain my butt just as I do with my new boobs by wearing the right support bra to keep them perky. By the way, I want to say thank you to those who have kept in touch with me while I have not posted in a long time. I want to apologize for not posting as it got a bit crazy for me when I returned back to work because I had so much work to catch up and behind. Then december came and it is the busiest time of the year as people are trying to meach sales goals before the year ends so it was sooo busy. Then came chritmas and with 6 kids it's not easy to buy gifts in one shot and definitely not easy to hide them. Then New Years came and we decided to put the house up for sale and we have been busy with painting fixing decluttering and packing, so just now I finally had down time. I am writting to you guys while my three babies are napping. I will try to post picks toight and I will continue todo my best to post often until I turn six months, just as I promised.

BTW, I forgot to mention about my sister. Girls!...

BTW, I forgot to mention about my sister. Girls! What a transformation! She looks like a complete different person. Even her colleagues at her worked are amazed of her results. My sister is sooo loving her butt and small waste and no side, back or bra rolls. However, she is now thinking of getting a tummy tuck done because her big butt now matches her stomach. So I guess we'll see how that goes. I'll keep you posted. I will try to see if I can post a pic of her too.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I chose this doctor by researching my information here in RealSelf. Also by getting in touch with the ladies that also had surgery with her either by posting comments here or contacting them directly and talking to them about their experience. Bug most of all keeping in touch with Raquel Medina who is the doctors assistant and asking her every question that came to mind. Thankfully she is patient and understanding.

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