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Days come closer #TeamRobles Tummy Tuck

omg the days come closer and every minute more nervous and excited , but also happy for my flat side. Laura gave me two prices one just surgery and another everything included, but I think I'd rather stay with the all inclusive package so do not worry about anything and do not see much difference. what do you think????

Wish me luck!

New Pictures!!!! #teamrobles

sorry to take so long to update will explain my experiences day by day.

I was so nervous the day before surgery. I arrive to the airport and the I cannot find the driver then I noticed that he was outside of the airport with my name then he took me to the hospital straight to Dr. Robles offices where I meet Raquel and Laura both are great, they help me with the test and Laura was inside with the doctor at the consultation time, then I was move to the room where I can say was the longer time because I was by my self in the room and just thinking about the new me and the risk I read before on the consent that I signed. On the next day I went to the administration to pay (I used Credit Card) that I do not recommend because they charged a lot as fee, then the doctor was waiting for me at the room to see if I have questions and gave me the blue pill I just remember that I wake up in the room I try to move but was not possible they said I have to wait until next day. On the third day Raquel arrive around 10:30 gave me all the medicine to bring to the recovery house and help me to get ready, around 1pm Wilson arrive to bring me to the RH, I have no complain about the RH they was amazing, they provided the medicine on time and they really care about you and your recovery... Be prepared for drink a lot of water. I recommend to bring to Dominican Republic books, ipod, iPad or cellphone.

The pictures was on my last Medical checkup, I decided to stay the 10 days at the RH and then 15 more in Bonao with my family.

I am going to continue later...

I don't regret… LOve my results thanks Dr. Roble Team

I deftly love my results, everybody love my news shape. will update with pictures soon, I love the treatment and I can believe the post surgery services that is very important because also after surgery you need follow up. they keep send me email, calls I really love Robles Team.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Robles by researching my information here in RealSelf. I got in touch with her assistant and then I made my decision. For me the most important is be alive and healthy, I have 4 babies and I do not like how I look like. I hope to be like other girls here. Very anxious for my surgery.

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