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HELLO EVERYONE ?!!!! So I tried to organize my...

HELLO EVERYONE ?!!!! So I tried to organize my First Posting to make it EASY To READ.. SO feel free to JUMP right ahead to the Details you are MOST Interested to learn about.. lol.. Cause I CAN Talk.,… LOL. I hope to be as detailed as I can when it comes to my POST OP Journey.
About me!!! I just turned 30 (3/2 Bday) LOL. SInGLe and have been blessed with my Beautiful Baby Girl (10 months).. ….
I currently weigh 205. Yup I said it!!! Before my pregnancy I struggled with my weight fluctuating from 170-180. I also found myself snacking a lot at one point and gained up to 190….. OMG!!!!
After H.S. I was 150 to 170 lbs. Worked Retail… MORE active, but once I got a DESK JOB I weighed in at one point 190.. Darn Seats… Leading to FLAT Bootay and a Bigger Me!
I was lay off was my job about 1 yr & half ago. Had a baby and struggled with personal things… N E WAYSSS now being Single and still pursuing my dreams…. I am blessed with my family and my new baby girl BUT still I am TOO THICK for my liking lol….. Im a Latina so I still want sexy curves..
I will be FINALLY graduating this MAY WhoooHoooo! And I find myself eating BIG MEALS 1x or 2x a day, and my snacks consist of SUGAR..... (Chocolate, cheese Danish, cheesecake, and Starbucks marble loaf cakes, etc) I’m sure many others struggle like meee????!!!!
When I saw my WEIGHT GAIN at the Office job, I heard about, (Online Journal/Weightloss program that is tailored to the Goals you choose, your medical conditions, and the days you have time for exercise. Oh and its FREE!! It provides meal plans and other ideas for meals to inspire you versus eating the WRONG things and sticking to BAD HABITS… When I followed this back then I lost 20 lbs in a few months went from 180 down to 160… YUP I said it 20 LBS….
All I remember was damn I tired of eating lol. SO YES In my case the MORE I EAT the MORE I BURN….. my Metabolism SPEEDS up…
SOOO Im going to do this again. I know I had the WILL POWER to do it then so WHY nOT NOW!!! Im not sure why and where I left my Determination… lol
First & foremost, I want to be at a HEALTHIER WEIGHT to avoid any Health Complications. Diabetes runs in my family. I also want to show my daughter how to eat healthy and implement it in her lifestyle so she doesn’t struggle like I have as well as many others have too.
Within these PAST 2 yrs., I have changed the way I eat, by MAKING healthier CHOICES, but at times of course I do INDULGE. I’ve STRUGGLED with hitting the GYM… I ADMIT of being LAAAZZZYYYY
I haven’t had the Drive to really push myself, because I give up easily because something ALWAYS came up that INTERFERED with my Schedule. My time was more or less concentrated on catching up on my sleep half the time. ? Having my baby 1 year and change has GONE by with a Blink of an Eye!!!
I have been following REALSELF for about 2 months now!!!! Thanks to you Ladies and your experiences, which I have shared similar ones too, I have gained My DETERMINATION, WILL POWER, STRENGTH AND THE COJONES… LOL TO OUSH MYSELF AND LOSE WEIGHT FOR A HEALTHIER ME AND HOT AZZ BODY….
My friend did her surgery last year with Dr. Lima Vargas… She had Breast Implants, Tummy Tuck, Lipo waist, back, & inner thighs) I had a consultation with him Last Year, and he charges really cheap.. I also received a discount because I was referred by her Mom who has brought over 10 clients for Plastic Surgery.
I emailed him this Year to follow up I received NO answer. I also had inquired about something I read up on Unvision Foro (Spanish Forum) where someone mentioned that her friend did her surgery with him and he did a wonderful job (I did see the day of my consultation Last year, a waiting area full of women who looked beautiful,) However, I mentioned that her friend in the operating room heard and saw he put his assistants do liposuction. Now I am in no way Verifying this…. I am only stating what I read. There were no complications with her, but this was a concern for me. Her friend had brought up a good point about whether or not the assistants were certified…. Soo I emailed him and asked him… Followed up 2x and received NO ANSWER… WHOAAAA .. SO I just stopped following up and found Realself, where I did even find pics of his work here.
However, I have seen plently of Dra. Robles and Yily De los Santos. Whewwww. LOADS of stories.
Just about two weeks ago I was in the fence between CIPLA or CECIP….. I am fully aware of the horror stories that came about 2010 about Dr. Hector Cabral and the victims that spoke about their burns… Appalling!!! He is listed under CIPLA.. so when I saw Dr. Yily de Lo Santos worked there, I have to admit I was a littleTurned off. BUTTTTTT, her works Obviously speaks for itself. So had a titty attack for a Moment and moved on…LOL.. However, Its been 3 weeks and I have not heard back from her.. (Mind you I have sent three consultations- 2 via her website and 1 directly to emails she provides…. I decided to send the extra emails in Spanish b/c I heard her English needs polishing…
Being that I know there will be waiting list lol.. Dr. Robles is for now my #1 choice…. Maybe for additional Lipo next year I will go to Dr. Yily de lo Santos.. Definitely. I’ll be able to plan more in Advance…LMAO
I sent my consultation via the Doctor’s website and her from Laura, Dr. Robles Assistant within 48 hrs. AWESOME!!! She is the Best….. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
In the email I received the following:
1- Plastic Surgery Book- Very Detailed Pre-op and Post Op.! Perfect.
2- Health Questionnaire and Body of Email had a list of questions too (Basic Info)
3- Image showing you how to take your pictures
Although, I have received plenty of answers to my questions by reading everyone’s profiles (going or gone by Dr. ROBLES) , My mom wanted me to ask.., She was Very worried. After sharing my knowledge and pictures !! She’s kinda on board…. In FACT she wants to get work done too.. She’s 57 , and has been losing weight since this past year, she’s 222 lbs. . And was told she was borderline Diabetic. SO last year she began changing her eating habits and lost up to 50 lbs.. She went from 240 to 175-180.. Whoa..!!! But then fell off the track and gained up to 220.. She spent some time in her country so the rice and beans did not help her lol.
My MOM and I are on this journey together… Talk about BONDING….LOL.. I love her to DEATH…
My mom is from Dominican Republic … SO we decided to reach out to our Cousins out there the other day and inquire about CECIP. One of my cousins says it is known as the TOP Plastic Surgery Centers in the Country. This Definitely calmed my MOM’s nerves. But because of her age she very scared. The Doctor says she is healthy so there is nothing to worry about. She also says her friend works in administration and says they are very organized and there are all great doctors with of course having their skills better in certain areas than others. It is also located in front of the Presidential Palace.. Nice!!!
My other cousins have friends that have had work done at CECIP, don’t know with what Doctors though…
Laura Castro, Customer Service- Dr. Robles Assistant
You can also TEXT her!!! 347-667-2704
Clinic- ‘CECIP’ Centro de Cirujia Plastica y Especialidades Santo Domingo
Calle Manuel Maria Castillo No. #20
Gazcue Sto. Dgo. Rep. Dom.
Tel.: 809-221-8878

All Inclusive Package:
I’m looking to GO in JULY of this year - 2013…
I was Quoted $5200 (Tummy Tuck, Lipo (Back, Waist, underarms, BBL- fat grafting/ fat transfer). If my Hemoglobin is at 13 or more the Doctor will do inner thighs and MAYBE backside of thighs…
I wanted a Breast Lift, but the Doctor said NOOOOOO… Too many hours and too many procedures for under surgery. Keep in MIND currently weigh 205. So its too much for my body… BUT when I LOSE weight she will do more LIPO… I’ll do Breast LIFT another time, she will offer a discount! Yay ME…
MY MOM was quoted $4200 (Tummy Tuck & Lipo to the Waist) She weighs 222. If she loses 20-30 lbs more Lipo and BBL will be performed. Yay !!!
RECOVERY HOUSE: (Laura coordinates this for you)
Spa Medical JM
Av. Francia No.50, Entre la Av. Galvan y la C/ Rosa Duarte,
Gazcue Sto.Dgo. Rep.Dom.
Tel.:809-412-8239 Móvil:829-966-8878
Email: (If you want to reconfirm ?)

Bra Size 38D / Waist 46” / Hips 47” / Thighs 30” / Arms 15” / Forearms 11”/ Calves 17” / Neck 14”
Weight: 205 lbs.--- I fit into size 12-14 JEANS…

How to Take Body Measurements:
FREE… Weight loss Tracking Program:
Here is My Username is – smgutierrez3
GOAL : To Lose 40 lbs. by July 13th, from 205 lbs. to 165 lbs.
By posting my weight loss & Surgery Journey Details here . I hope to:
1- Be sure to stick to my Weight loss Goals.
2- Gain encouragement from my RS (realself) community!
3- Encourage others who feel the same way
4- Provide any knowledge I learn along the way to share with my fellow SX ladies
5- Show My change…… for others to use as a Reference.. (If they share similar Body Type)
Some Info. I received from my Q&A with Laura, Dra. Robles Assistant: (As of March 2013).
I Hope this Helps!
1. Dr. does NOT perform more than 3 surgeries per Day
2. Dr. visits you every 3 days at the Recovery House
3. Dr. works from Monday to Friday
4. Drainage should be 50cc. Usually will come out within 8-10 days.
5. Deposit is Not Requested, only Flight Confirmation is required. This is because they want the client to have the option to change their surgery date anytime and also they’d like to avoid the refunds/ cancellations etc.
6. The Nurse is available 24 hrs at the Recovery House, she takes care of us on a daily basis.
7. For any additional lipo, the Doctor will consider if your Hemoglobin is 13 or higher.
8. Each room in the Recovery House has two beds and someone can stay with you for $55 per night, meals are included.
9. If someone will stay with you at the Recovery House, you should let her know at least 1 week in advance to coordinate.
10. Visitors are allowed at the Recovery House, Only if they Females.
11. Massages are about $30. If you live in the NYC Metro Area, she can recommend several. Just Inquire to see which one is closest to you.
12. Discount is available for a friend with the condition that they get operated the same day!
13. A girdle is provided to you since it is included with the Package. However, you will need to purchase one to wear after the drainage/ few weeks post op. The Dr. sells several brands. Laura recommended buying it from her since she does not recommend several other brands.
14. You can start taking the vitamin pills way in advance. The earliet the better to be prepared for the surgery. I’m buying Iron in GNC and also I’m buying mines from here
15. Although the lab tests will be performed the day before the surgery it is highly recommended that we do our tests here for the hgb. If we are anemic or hgb are low it can be fixed so that surgery is not postponed
16. You can ride on the airplane after about 12 days… I asked about my flight to and from NY (4hrs) and my stay will be for total 12 days.
MY SURGERY LIST: Going in Carry-On Luggage
1- Passport & State Drivers License
2- Pen
3- Extra Cash – Emergencies & Thank you gifts
4- Toothbrush & Toothpaste (Travel Size)
5- Mouthwash, Dental Floss (Travel Size)
6- Deodorant (Travel Size)
7- Antibacterial Soap
8- Hand soap
9- Hand sanitizer (Travel Size)
10- Dry Shampoo (Travel Size if possible)
11- Feminine wipes & pads
12- Panty Liners
13- Baby wipes- 1 Bags from Costco Huggies Bx.
14- Cotton Wash Cloths- 2
15- Foot Lotion (Travel Size) - My feet get dry in hot weather!
16- Q-Tips (Travel Size)
17- Lip Balm
18- Compact Mirror
19- Shaver (1)
20- Funnel
21- Clorox Wipes (1 Pack)
22- Hair Bands (3)
23- Comb (1)
24- Facial Cleansing Towelettes
25- Face Moisturizer (Travel Size) for way after surgery
26- Makeup- To Glam Up Way After Surgery
27- Sterile gauze - just in case (1 box)
28- Medical Tape (1)
29- Antibiotic Cream
30- Extra strength Tylenol 500 mg - NO ibuprofen, Aleve etc
31- Rose Mosqueta Oil
32- Phillips Cramp free Stool Softeners
33- Compression socks
34- Compression garment- Will buy in D.R.
35- Anti-Embolism Thigh-Hi Open Toe Stockings- Will buy at D.R. Pharmacy
36- Incentive Spirometer- Will buy at D.R. Pharmacy
37- Vitamedica Recovery Package
38- Iron (Ferrous Sulfate) 300 mg
39- 100% cotton tank tops-wife beaters (5)
40- 100% Cotton Comfy Underwear (3)
41- Sleeping gowns (2)
42- Summer dresses (3)
43- Loose Pants (2)
44- T-Shirts (3)
45- Crew Socks (3 pairs)
46- Sneakers / flat shoes, Flip Flops (2 pairs)
47- 1 Liter Water bottle
48- Tape Measure
49- Avoid Boredom…..Cell, Laptop, MP3 w/ earphones, Ipad, Calling cards, Book etc- Bring Chargers!
50- Healthy Snacks -Tea, crackers, trail mix etc

Example Morning Vitamin Routine – Take before breakfast
1. Iron (Ferrous Sulfate) 300 mg, 2 times a day
2. Folic Acid 4mg, Once a day. I take a 5mg tablet, that's all I could find here in the DR
3. Complex B Once a day- GNC brand, its called Complex B 50, 1 caplet per day
4. Vitamin C 1000mg(1gram), Once a day



I wanted to add on a few things….

- I will be buying the Vitamedica Program from another site, $89.99 (Currently Out of Stock- I’m hoping they’ll have reorders soon!) Separately I will NEED to buy the 300 mgs of Iron & 5 mgs Folic Acid.

- FYI.. the Example Routing from my first post, I must credit NewCurves25. Ideal Routine!!

- My mom used Rose Mosqueta Oil when she was younger as well as her 2007 surgery (benign tumor on the side of her face) and it WORKED WONDERS!

It Brings Arnica 30X, Bromelain (with Quercetin), Clinical Support Morning & Evening Formula.

Other Info. Ref. Links:


AWESOME for SCARS!! Chk it out

Hey there..... Here are some pics of Me.......

Hey there.....

Here are some pics of Me.... Weight 205...


I Came across this and thought id share.

Almost there

Hi its been a while. Just a quick update. Just a few weeks left before I leave. I'm scheduled on the 11th for medical clearance. I'm looking to go on the 31st and get surgery on aug 1st. I submitted my medical leave papers and my company is able to allow 30 medical personal leave. I don't qualify for fmla. I'm so excited. I've been going to the gym but having lost the weight. But I havr lost at least one inch all over. Wierd. Cant wait. I'm supposed to start my vitamin pills. Laura has been very patient with. Lord knows ive questioned that girl like i was a detective. Lol. She said we are able to pay with credit card. It will be 2.5% extra. The virhinia recovery house is $75 for each extra day. Good luck to everyone.

NO Vitamedica

So I read from a couple of girls who have seen Dr. Robles, that the doctor will not operate if you take Vitamedica Recovery. Apparently it contains Vitamin A which causes bleeding.

Getting ready for surgery.

Arriving 29th and getting surgery on the 30th. Im so excited and had my first dream the other day lol. :)


When I came out of surgery I had the shakes. I was freezing... Robles said the operating room is very cold and that the patients have water in their skin when she performs Lipo. Its The solution they use. I woke up at 5am and was asked to change into the blue robe. No earrings scrunchies nothing. Oh and the panty they gave me was soooo small it didnt cover my entire booty. Lmao. I was taken doen to the first floor where the operating rooms were. I went down in a small boxlike elevator and the operating room is small. They sat me down . I tried to make conversation and thr lady was not into it. Lol. I was a little nervous. She noticed I've never gotten surgery. She was going to inject me and I asked what it wss. All she said was its ok put your head down you'll be ok. I don't remember a thing. When I woke up I was shivering. I had the tube in my mouth . I swear i thiught i woke up on th e table. Thank god i didnt. nd the first night was a bit difficult. I coild breathe right. I felt claustrophobic. An alarm went off atraight for 3 hours. Annoying!! I was able to eat at 5 chicken soup. Omg soo good. And in the morning at 8 I dipped toast in oatmeal. My jaw stil. Felt locked caise of the shivering. Around 10:30 thr secretary came to help me get up. I was so scared. But it was fine. I had trouble getting in the van to go ti the rh but all went well. I arrived and jalisa was great virgina came that evening and she's awesome. I had soup for lunch and my pills and went to sleep I woke up with thr biggest headache.and then a really stomach ache. I went to the bathroom. Every time I takr the pills I go to the bathroom within 5-10.we think its the iron.

On My way Home--- 13 Days PO

Hi Gals,

I had an Amazing time in DR. I am grateful to God for his blessings. I enjoyed this experience and have made new friends. Ive added a couple of before pics and after pics. 13 Days PO

More Pics

More Pics.....
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I will complete my review after post op.

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