26 years old from UK Getting Brazilian Butt Lift-dominican Yily or Dr.aslani Spain

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I have decided to post my bbl experience. My first...

I have decided to post my bbl experience. My first choice was yily-she gives phantastic results, I continued researching and also like the results of duran.
I'm 29, 5'6" and weigh 168bs. I've gained some weight for this surgery, I have seen girls with similar frames getting really great results..
Also high on my list is dr.aslani in spain, he would have the great benefit of having him much closer, he is only 3 hours away. Love his results and still waiting for a reply from his office.
I am afraid he may be outside my budget……

I want that donk ! Great journey to everyone !


I have been stalking other people's reviews constantly and the more I read the harder to make a decision.Recently I have been looking into fisher, and really I have discarded DR. The I discarded the whole thing again, but I can't get this dream out of my head, so in the end I really think it will be aslani

I am back.....

so I have now fixed my date for april 2016. This has to be, I have a great feeling I have the money, the body , the fat (lol !) and the right man for the job marbella here I come !

online consult

so I had my online consult. I felt a little bit run over, don't get me wrong I am not saying the doc rushed me but he literally said hello, explained what he was gonna do and asked me for questions.That was it I do not think we got to 10 minutes . the main thing is he seems quite happy with my case. but still i think I am gonna ask jenny for a second go, I was so baffled that I forgot to ask most of the questions that I wanted to ask.

All nerves.......

Thursday is my day I am excited,afraid and all nerves !


From aslani's instagram????

Hi all

Safely on the other side and safely back home all was really good dr.aslani was great and so was everybody from the clinic I will post a very detailed review with pics later on but the way it looks right now I will post a success story

My experience

I have deliberately waited a couple if weeks to come up with a solid review.
My surgery was 2 months ago, had lipo on tummy,back and thighs and 1300 cc of fat into each butt.
Maybe it is a good idea not to write up your experience too early-the first days are not easy ! I had a lot of issues with swollen legs and massive bloating,pain yes-but not as much as  I had expected-this awkward position is what makes it bad.
Moving around is a challenge but makes you recovery easier although I did not feel like moving art all anywhere.
The first look in the mirror was an unforgettable experience,the doc actually warned me before about that but ohhhh nobody can escape butt greed !!
But I am pleased with my volume so far.
The only concern I have right now is my back. Two months after I am still very sore from what I have read elsewhere it should have been gone by now so not so sure about that bit.

The clinic was good,everybody was extremely nice but I think they have to work on their waiting times whether consultation or review you literally always wait a minimum of 2 hours which can be a bit rough when you are all encased in your garments.When I look back at my before pictures and the whole experience I think they were a good choice and I would go there again. Will keep you guys updated


I sdd a shot taken about two weeks after as you can see some volume has gone down but I feel it is within what I was told to expect

Comparative side shot

I have been asked for this not totally sure if I got this right

Surgery cost

Sorry for the confusion everyone I have managed to update my surgery cost statement

3 months

I don't feel that there have been any major changes.I think I will stop to use all garments now. Still struggling to get rid of my extra weight gain.....I am not sure if it is a good idea to excercise just yet ?

Four months post bbl

I am still quite happy with everything.

I decided to go to spain and have my bbl with dr.aslani in marbella this seems to have been a good decision so far

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