New Smile Real Soon. Dominican Republic, DO

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I've hated my smile for years I've finally can...

I've hated my smile for years I've finally can across a dr. Who's work is truly amazing pure artistry . I finally have my date 5-23-16 it work awhile much perseverance and nit giving up , the communication barrier was challenging however I found away to over come that thanks to google ! I'm excited and I can't wait until I'm a "Liranzo smile doll "

Pics I found

This is my before

Time is flying by

I can't believe I'm just 42 days away from being in the Dominican for my smile make over ... I've stalked his Instagram so much. I wonder will my new smile make the cut we shall see I'll give I full update with everything from start to finish although every case and experience is different at least it will provide some incite. Ciao besos

My PCP appt meds Dra Duran requesting

I'm so excited I went to see my PCP for my post op meds and everything went well did my labs to see where my hemo level is I won't know until Friday the results, however he did write a prescription for all the med except the heparin shot I will get those in the Dominican ! He also prescribed me Valium and Tylenol #3 for pain . I have a great PCP he wants to see me when I get back home, I return on Thursday night so I will be in his office Friday afternoon ! For those that do not know I'm have lipo n bbl with Dra Duran and smile make over the meds are for the lipo procedure! It's really happening I can't wait !!!
Dr. Juan Luis Liranzo

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