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First I would like to say thank you to all the...

First I would like to say thank you to all the ladies that were brave enough to post pic of themselves and share their experience the good and the bad. I am 43 haven't had any children but my body looks like this. I am ashamed of how it got to this way but I was only deceiving myself for years in regard to how my body looks. I have always had proportion to my fat so when I was younger I was able to get away with ton of things that age wont allow you too. I have never been a skinny woman and I had a bubble but before everyone was going to get one and they were called nasty and gross lol( Thank you Sir Mix you made me feel a whole lot better). I am not saying I was great but I was able to be an exotic dancer and I was 250lbs yea I know that is big but look at pic I was doing Taebo 5 days a week, working out with a personal trainer and taking the now banned Phen Phen. It was great I had energy to workout twice a day and work two jobs one 9-5 and one 8-3am. So lets fast forward 7 years later a divorce and a pilonidal cyst that kept me down for almost a year. That surgery alone made me feel awful no walking working out just lay on your stomach and I had a wound vac. The itching was horrid and it left scars on my once nice brown round. So, now without the Phen Phen and the energy I am going to try to workout to lose weight before I make a move. Right now I viewed a picture from a company outing and I know I cant go on like this I am usually a confident woman and I have lost a little of her. I have always had younger men approach me and when I am dating I feel like I cant get naked, do certain sexual position (can you say ride lol), or sit on laps without thinking I am hurting them. Which they assure me I am not but its not about them its about how I feel right ladies! So yesterday I weight myself and now I am at 280lbs. Yeah I hate saying it out loud but that is the reality of what if going on and where I am at in my life right now. So may goal is to see what I can do with the dedicated weight loss (smile harder than we say right). I have A- blood and my skin has shown to keloid. With those factors in mind I want to lose weight then go for a tummy tuck and aggressive lipo, and maybe arms and thighs depending on the results I receive from my own hard work. I know I want to go to the DR for the procedures but I am still trying to see who would be best Dr. to sculpt me my new reality. So ladies, dolls all input would be greatly appreciated. I am starting this journey about 6 months out I would like to see my weight loss and try to get the surgery the first of the year. Thank you ladies for reading and this forum for allowing me to get some things off my chest I am scared but I know I want a new me before 45 one that can hopefully wear a bikini and do a splits lol.


Here a few before pic in clothes I am having a hard time unloading photos. Also I am doing a pre op journey and the fields are not populating. I hope it goes to the right area. If not I will try again . as I said before I welcome and thank all ladies for the assistant and sharing your personal journey

More pics of motivation

There are pics when I was a 250lbs dancer but I workout still hated my stomach. But hey can't keep living in the past. So now all is out as you can see I have work to do. Also if your starting the same journey reach out. This is a big step for me and it would be nice to have a buddy. Also breast lift and arms but until I'm in target range I have work work work when you see me doing work work work lol

Not Going to Happen

Well today I am feeling a little down but not enough to go off of my low carb eating plan. Yesterday I called my insurance company to find out that they in no way shape of form cover any time of surgery for weight loss. I am disappointed because I thought I could have the insurance pay for the GS and I would come out of pocket for the TT. As you know life will not always go according to plan. So I have a new goal and that is to continue to lose weight with a GS type of diet. Then when I hit the magical below 35 bmi so I can get the results I want for my body type. If done right I can hopefully get a TT and lipo . So I will continue this on the TT side and hopefully I can get some more info on more Dolls experience before I make a decision on what doctor in the DR. I looking to get my bmi in check by December to do the surgery around the first of the year. Anyone have any thoughts or things I should consider would be welcome.

A week of somewhat doing it right lol

Ok, so I have been doing low carb high protein but not the way to put up big numbers. This week is the 4th July and I'm off of work and in a new relationship, which spells a wrecked diet . I have new love which always derails me. For some reason I get this false sense of security thinking " Hey I'm alright see how he looks at you. You don't have anything to worry about because your sexy and you can see that in his eyes." But I am kidding myself so I wont have to do the work because it is about my health and not how I am seen. Then on top of that when the relationship is really new ... you like doing things and going out and most of the times that evolves going to restaurants. However, I need to still stick to the plan. I come to see that my real problem is with portions. Don't get me wrong I have a weakness for ice cream or gelato, cheesecake, chocolate, and sushi . But I don't indulge in those food love affairs everyday. What I do eat is large portions of spinach with mushrooms and cheese with bacon and eggs. Well, I know it sounds healthy however when you consume 4 to 5 portions with a protein shake that has 4 Truvia with sugar free vanilla syrup it becomes a problem. Also who doesn't like to eat for the 4th lol so I will stick to the meats but I would like a corn on the cob and that would throw my low carb diet out the window. My plan this week is to stick to the low carb but allow myself small amount of things I want ie soft serve ice cream, corn and a tequila shot. Starting July 5th I will start incorporating a morning workout. I really need well wishes for that lol can you get up a log? Well 2 pounds down 178 Hey at least it didn't go up right! I will start posting pic of the scale to help keep me accountable. Thank you for all your words of encouragement it keeps me going!
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