Full Body Lipo/BBL - Dominican Republic, DO

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I haven't had this procedure done yet but when I...

I haven't had this procedure done yet but when I called Dr. Jimerson of Atlanta I was told it'd be somewhere around 11,000 so I'm rather surprised with these cheap reviews. Before this I considered silicone shots which are dangerous but when I felt a few butts of people I knew that had this procedure done I said heeeeeeeeeeeeell naw. So far I've heard about Yily and Duran from the Dominican Republic. I haven't begun to save for this procedure but I'm in no rush you know. Everything takes time and when you rush you don't always get what you want. From my extensive research Duran has great results. I'm new to all of this but I'd love if someone with more knowledge about the procedure in itself could give me a heads up about this shindig lol

I've been looking at some more pics of people and I love her body

Wish List


I loooove this

Now all I gotta do is find out how much its going to be and go for it


So...I haven't heard from Duran yet but nonetheless I'm still hopeful and looking forward to it. I do have some new pictures. As time goes I get inspirations from just Googling random things that really have absolutely nothing to do with big shapely butts LOL. I feel they are all self-explanatory therefore I do not have any captions


I want the projection of the black shorts and the width of the purple #swerveoncurves
:-) The third one is nice but I actually want an animated ass. Go big or go home. If I'm spending money I want a huge stallion booty

Tiny Dramatic Waist

What I want is a tiny waist. I'm talking about aggressive liposuction on my back on the sides where the bra meets, stomach area, and sides of my knees on the inner part MAYBE

Still in search

So I'm still in search of a new job. I've only been doing squats but I did slow down on that because I don't see any huge results and actually lost major mass on my legs and I'm not feeling that. I've also been looking at other pictures of inspiration as to what I'd love my results to look like. There's a stripper by the name of Britney 'Bam Bambi' Robinson and she's Mexican with a massive culo lol

Here are more pictures

Here are more pictures for a better visual

Being realistic

LMAO, so I'm sitting here at 3:34 am and I'm looking at all these inspiring reviews and I'm thinking man, aggressive lipo? I don't know where the fat is going to come from on my body besides my upper back and stomach which really isn't much and definitely not enough for the results I'm hoping for

I'm Curious

I'm so curious to know if when you ladies take your pictures if you pull your stomach in, push your stomach out or just let it "hang". I know that sometimes when I take pictures, due to the fact I modeled I have a tendency to pull my stomach in so it's a little difficult for me to let my stomach sit naturally, it feels weird.


These are all my pre-op pics

I dont know what happened BUT I have a new wish look

I tried to upload my pictures of my before but this time from my phone and it didn't work. However, I went fishing around and I have a new picture I'm looking at for inspiration

Thank You Jesus

FINALLY!!!!! I heard from Duran this morning and I'm so happy. I just sent her my before pics

Just So Ya'll Know

This is not a wish pic or whatever you call it but I must say I admire the shape. Duran wherever you are please reply sooner than later because this gives me an idea. I'm not opposed to implants anymore because I also want hips added. I personally am going for a dramatic, animated look. #VaVaVoom

Oh shoot I forgot the pic LOL!!!!!

Here it is

Still Waiting

In the mean time. I've signed up for school for nursing and I'm excited to start in January. I'm thinking about going to Dr.Salzhauer to have a Breast Augmentation and I'm bringing my friend because she's thinking about becoming a dancer. She's also signing up for nursing. It sounds like I have a surgery buddy :-)

I was thinking

I was thinking to myself maybe I can take booty pills instead of undergoing surgery, workout and take pills or if surgery is an absolute must to achieve the results I'm looking for I could always take the pills in preparation for surgery maybe...just a thought, If any of you ladies have tried these pills or know of any, OR anyone you know who has, let me know how that turned out.


So Duran is taking my life to reply so I'm looking at Baez and she replied the next day...what a huge difference. She's professional, speaks English..HELLO!!! Can I get a side of hell yesssss. I'm super excited..again. I sent her all my info and am now awaiting to hear a quote and see when I can schedule a surgery date.


I'm so happy to update this review. I've heard from Baez yes my baby BAEZ lol has replied. God has heard and answered. My quote is $2700. Is that not a deal or what. I only wan a big but. My cup size is a 32B but I love my teenager boobs. I've fully grown and this is my final size and I love it. I have a pear- shaped body already and I know with enhancements to accentuate my derriere and hips, it'll look so much better and I'll have the best bangin' body I ever believed I'd have. I can't stop sayin' all these 'B' words but yes I'm so have about this. I have school starting January 6 of 2014. I'll be getting money back for the rollover of my loan but I'm not sure when exactly I'll be receiving the money. Gosh dernit I want a car..I NEEEED a car so I don't know which one to do first. Each way I'll be able to do both but I don't know which one to do first. The way my school schedule is set up as well, I don't know if I would be able to take time off or if I would have some time of school brake to enable me for this but I'm definitely on the look out for this school schedule to see if it's possible aaaand I think I have a SX buddy heeey. She's super cool and I can't seem to remember her Real Self name but I know she's in my phone as Real Shann lol You Go Shann with your REEEAL SELF :-D

It's time!!!

Not time to get my booty done lol but time to save...and that's all for today folks lol


As the days go by I think about everything I've done with my body. I was indeed a stripper. Its been a year now since I've worked there. I started dancing because I love to entertain, NOOOOO I don't enjoy being naked but when I looked around and saw other women doing the same thing I said well I'm only dancing so what the heck. Most of the girls bought their bodies. You'd see a few that actually went to the gym and then had surgery as a last shot option. I know that I had two trainers, I worked out at home, danced in the mirror at home, took pole classes not to learn tricks but to be more familiar with pole. Most of what I learned was trial and error like survival you know. Like if you're trapped in a room with a bear and you know this is all you have to eat, you're gonna find a way to kill it, cook it and eat it. The money is good but like every job you have your slow days and your fast days. It's not all it's cracked up to be. Television and music videos have made the life look super easy when it's not. Even in working there you are being judged by your appearance. If it's an urban club then it's by categories whether you like it or not. You have your pole queens that do tricks out of this world, twerkers that have fat butts and nice figures who know how to gyrate and throw that thang you know lol, you have the gymnast who are super flexible, the people that talk a good game so they don't have to dance naked often, much like the gymnast, and pole queens putting on a heavy act. Before you know it you begin comparing your bodies to the other women with better (curvy,defined) bodies, the women that look like stallions, thick legs, big butt, perky fake-looking boobs. I began thinking man I just know I'd make more money with a better body. It's a hard life to pull away from because of all the glitz and glamour that comes with that fast money. Now that I've done all I can I know I want to improve my body because it will make ME happy and not to be ran down by long standing, constant dance, and pole tricks. Don't get me wrong I get tempted to go back every now and then so don't fault me if I return lmao but what I'm saying is I want this procedure done for me and because I've done all I could to get my body to look how I wanted it to naturally so this is MY last resort. In the beginning girls were getting unsafe butt shots until they realized how hard the girls butts were that had the procedure so then implants became the hype which is better but the fat transfer has the most natural effect. As the days go by I love myself more and more and don't really care whether or not I have this procedure done so now I know it'll be done out of sheer want and not necessity.

Real Friends...

If you're going to Baez in the year 2016 let me know what's good. As you all know if you've been following my posts, I'm going with that" Bae' lol I'm going with Dr. Baez. Again I have school starting January 6, 2014 and I'll be done December 2015. In February I'll be in Georgia for the hair show god willing but I might just do my procedure and hold the Georgia trip off until further notice...like the next year :-? maybe :-/

One More Thing

That'd be Georgia in 2016 so if I go, all my "Geech"..(if you're truly Georgia made you'll know what I mean) let's meet up

Change Of Mind

I think I might go with Dr.Hector Cabral. I'm waiting on my quote from him to see if that's a good idea. I love his results. He's on instagram and as soon as I find his instagram name I'll post it.I also think I wanna go waaaay bigger. I know I have a small frame but I plan on working out sometime after surgery(sx) so I believe any weight loss will have already been compensated for in my derriere.

I don't Know

I'm sort of frustrated because I've been trying to hear from Dr. Hector Cabral and it's like trying to get in touch with Obama. I mean come on, how many messages before you get to mine

My new wish pics


Doctor Cabral, if you ever read these reviews I've tried sending smoke signals and beating drums...can you please reply to my email because I am all out of options. THANK YOU

Thank you @MelloYellow

This lady was so kind to send me a message with Cabrals information from what's app and he replied immediately. My quote is 3300 but here's the thing. I have a petite frame and I don't have much body fat so I don't know about this procedure. Maybe I should wait until later down the road when I have a baby and if I decide I still want it done, at least I would have the fat I believe I should have to achieve the look I desire. My homegirl told me I should gain weight and to not go over 150 but when I asked Cabral he said I do not need to gain weight. I don't know what to do but in gaining weight I know where my weight goes and with that being said, I'm not going to push myself to an unhealthy weight just to get a procedure. I'm going to exercise and work on my body so rather than invest in a body now at the age of 22 with no kids, I'll wait, get myself in better shape no just for image but for my health. The other day I thought to myself with all the women who are out of shape and have this procedure is this a shortcut for them? Does it just end there, or do they have intentions of exercising for good health and better definition. I know when I gain weight you can see it in my face so what happens for people similar ,when you transfer that fat from your stomach but your face may be still big from the weight gain. I haven't heard people talk about exercising I just hear them going back for another round. Surgery can slow down the appearance of aging but my greater concern is what about what's going on internally in the body.
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