Plus Size Woman Seeking Brazilian Butt Lift + Chin Lipo - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello! Aren't I glad to have found this community!...

Hello! Aren't I glad to have found this community! I'm 27 yrs of age, 220 lbs, 5'5, mommy of two. I've been on here a few weeks just playing the hermit crab but I think it's time I come out of my shell! I have added a few pictures of myself without any procedures, but I'm sure you noticed that by now! Looking to have a BBL + chin lipo. Despite having excess tummy, flank, back fat and skin I don't mind it much, what I'm more self conscious of is my booty and chin. So I've been in touch with several Dr.'s in Dom. Republic via Whatsapp (eg. Dr. Jairo Ulerio, Dr. Gustavo Almanzar, Dr. Duran-no response at all, Dr. Nelson Rubio & Dr. Emmanuel Mallol) All recommended by people in my town who have had work or know of someone who has had work done by them, I've also done my own research and made sure they are all members of SODOCIPRE (in other words, make sure they're legitimate surgeons). Why have I looked at so many, well it's like shopping around for a an insurance quote, a vehicle, a home. I'm determined to find the best care, work and price. Now I will say, I haven't seen one plus size women on here who has only had a BBL WITHOUT tummy tuck. I understand that everyone's BBL depends on many factors but I had one Dr. turn me down for BBL because he refused to do the BBL without a tummy tuck. I know the Dr. knows best (in most cases), but ultimately I have the final say as to what I want, right. Can anyone else relate? I do not want a tummy tuck, or the scar at this point. I plan on one more pregnancy, in the near future. I am in need of a surgery buddy..... my plans are to travel end of July 2016, and I would appreciate some advise, tips, ideas, places to stay.
As far as Recovery houses I've checked several in DR (Yasmin RH, Oasis RH, Betty family RH, Silhouette RH, Mansion Recovery Harmonia, My Home Caregivers & Recovery). These all have great reviews, I think I will be going with Yazmin RH seemed reasonable in price, reviews and response time and just what I need a place to rest my head, heal and go. I'll check back soon! xoxox .

Change of plans! Traveling- April 14-18, 2016

Hello from the other side!! As you may know by now, I've had a change in plans ....... Plans: I will be seeing Dr. Manuel Marte who had excellent reviews and reasonable prices, I've been in direct contact with him via Whatsapp, is very professional. Booked two round-trip, non-stop flights, through United Airlines ($940) flying from Newark, NJ airport to Las Americas Airport in Dom. Republic. I will be arriving in Santo Domingo (April 14, 2016- early afternoon). Because I am only having some minor chin & arm lipo (for starters), I will be staying at Aparta Hotel Plaza del Sol (hotel -$45/night), about 7 minutes from the clinic. Dr. Marte will have someone pick me up at the airport and I am fortunate to have a friend in the states who's father is a taxi driver in DR for any other means of transportation.

I will be in the capital April 14-15th , after my procedure I will be relocating to Boca Chica (closest beach to airport, 15-20 mins & a little under an hour from the capital. I booked a 1 bedroom apt with kitchen, through an AirBnB ( host -for $40/night, steps from the beach, breakfast included, close to everything! This place has great reviews, (whispers) the host is Romina!

Helpful tips:
*There are no swimming beaches in Santo Domingo (the capital) Bummer!
*There are banks on the upper level of Las Americas airport to convert your dollars to pesos
(best rates are through these banks, deal only with reputable banks and exchange booths)
*I found a nice cheat sheet to carry in my wallet that converts US dollars to Dominican pesos, I figured it would be less likely to get ripped off if I know my numbers. (
*Stick to using pesos, with dollars your less likely to get exact change, from my understanding. Welp gotta go, mommy duties call!

Best currency exchange places in DR!

Please disregard the info in my last post. When your browsing the internet like a maniac there are a ton of different sides to a story, we know this right! This article will give you tips of where to get a better exchange rate for US dollars and more!

8 more days until I'm in D.R-- Anxious & Excited!!

My nerves want to take over! Good thing I am very confident in Dr. Manuel Marte. He is so graceful & professional. Always responds the same day via Whatsapp, he has reassured me a ton of times that I will be fine. And because I have had a heavy prolonged period for nearly a month now. He recommends I don't follow through with a BBL. I respect him for his honesty. So for now I will be having chin lipo, fat injected into frown lines around my mouth & possibly arm and back lipo. Next year, God willing I can return for my BBL & TT. Packing and preparation has been hectic! Will try to check back in when I land.
My list of packed items: (Remember to check your airlines luggage size & packing info)
1) Gauze (pack of 10)
2) Self Adherent wraps (to keep gauze in place)
3) Ibuprofen 400 mg (recommended by Dr. Marte)
4) Mosquito repellant
5) Sunscreen 50+ SPF
6) Aloe Gel for skin
7) After sun cooling lotion
8) copies of my itinerary, passport, hotel addresses
9) light clothing (capris, shorts, button up blouses, t-shirts,) a sweater just in case
10) 4 pairs of sandals, one pair closed walking shoes
11) Sun glasses (2 pairs)
12) contacts / solution
13) unlocked phone, charger, headphones (saved important numbers in it before hand)
14) earplugs
15) maxi pads / tampons
16) luggage tags (amazon)
17) travel size shampoo, conditioner & deoderant
18) bar soap & loofah sponge
19) flat iron & heat protector, detangle brush
20) Vaseline intense skin care lotion
21) light make up pouch (bronzer, lipstick, mascara, eyelash curler)
22) packed 2 swimsuits (just in case shhh! lol)
23) 3 bras
24) Passport in my carry on bag along with ID & itinerary. (copies in check-in luggage)

*** Remember tourist card fees at airport per person----- on arrival: $10 dollars (in cash)---- on departure: $20 dollars (in cash) ...A lot of airlines include the $20 departure fee, see your airfare receipt. United Airlines included the fee on my receipt.

3 months & 3 days post-op!

So it's been a while I don't update since my arm and chin lipo. I am feeling good, no tenderness, pain or discomfort. Bruising is completely gone aswell!
I dropped 16 lbs since May 2016 getting ready for my next trip to get snatched and (protecting my investment lol)!....only problem now the skin on my arms is flabbier than I would like it to be! No buenoo..... Am I 100% satisfied with results, NO,.... but is it an improvement, YES! So in the meantime I actually have found a surgeon for my upcoming trip in April 2017. I have my quote, I'm confident in him, and he has great photos, feedback & qualifications ....Dr. Luis Mejia in Santo Domingo, DR. This time around I'll be having a tummy tuck, liposuction of back, flanks and BBL!! Yay so excited! Here are some photos of me now with arm and chin lipo done.
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