Sabala Baby in the Making .. Scheduled 12/5/16

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Im a 26 year old mother of 2 and my birthday is...

Im a 26 year old mother of 2 and my birthday is coming up in June. Im 5'3 and weigh a steady 200 lbs. Im told I wear my weight well, no one believes me when I tell them the truth. I jist had my second child, who is 5 months now and after trying every diet possible and working out, I dont seem to lose any weight. I had an IUD (intrauterine device) placed for 8 years prior to conceiving my newborn and also had one placed shortly after having him in November. After some research, I have found that an IUD like mine will not only pause weight loss but induce weight gain. -__-

A Picture

Just to give you an idea of my current situation. I promise I will take better pictures soon! =)

Changing Doctors

Dr Sabala seems like he could possibly be a nice man. I was referred to him by a family friend who also had a tummy tuck and bbl done by him and she looks good. I contacted him via whatsapp and didn't really feel comfortable after our conversation. Don't get me wrong, I've never met him in person but it just felt like I was getting a cold shoulder. I had a few questions as far as sx prep and his availability. I never got a clear response. After researching my options I've noticed a few doctors that realy snatch a waist. I'll be starting a new review once I book my sx with my new doctor.

Met with Dr Sabala

I spent 10 days in DR visiting family and I decided to consult with Dr Sabala, being that I had already witnessed first hand what he is capable of. First impressions tend to stick most of the time but I had this guy all wrong. He was patient and really listened to what I wanted. I like that I didn't feel rushed in his office. He was able to size me up and promised my results would be fantastic(if I decided on him). He is very detailed on his consults and you can tell he sincerely only wants the best results for his patients without taking any health risks. He stated he would be able to give me everything I wanted all in one visit as long as my hemo levels were up to par, as we all know. I was surprised to hear that it would be possible and now I am even more eager to finally get this done. I insisted on losing weight first but he said I was good to go if I wanted it sooner. Gosh. Decisions, decisions....

Getting Surgery Summer/2016

Although I was aiming to have surgery done in March or April, I will be pushing out to a date this summer. Since we are currently in tax season, all of the well known doctors are very busy. I don't think I want to go through such a risky procedure during "rush hour" if you know what I mean. Also, since I have plenty of family in DR just 20 minutes away from the clinic, I can take my kids with me for summer vacation. It's a win/win situation lol :P If anyone is planning on having surgery during the summer months(july/august) please let me know and maybe we can be sx buddies! I would really love to have someone to take this journey with!

It's official.. Now the preparation

I've set my date with Sabala for Dec 5th and I've already paid my deposit. I am so anxious for this day to come ! I am prepping for surgery now and it's getting real! I will be buying my flights soon cuz those sell out and prices skyrocket real quick for December.

I told my sisters about confirming my surgery date (I have 3 btw I'm the baby) and my oldest sister is so against me doing the surgery. She has not stopped sending me photos and articles of things that have gone wrong during this kind of procedure. She hasn't had any children and does not have the same problem I have when it comes to my stomach. I wish it were easier to share my emotions and have people understand my reasoning. Everyone has the right to their own opinion of course but respect mine like I do yours. please.

I have my reasons...

So many people have their reasons to why they get these kinds of surgeries. I am only representing myself and my own situation.
I took a few photos of my stomach to show you guys the results after having 2 kids(which I love btw). Having all the extra stretched skin, it's causing my belly to form what I hear is called a "meat apron" when I stand up. I think it's called that because it hangs like an apron lol. Not only did my pregnancies leave me with a meat apron but I also grew bulges around the bra line(back fat rolls). I have lost plenty of weight but these bulges seem to never let go.

I will continue to work out and lose weight, prepping for surgery. I can't wait to see Dr. Sabala again and FINALLY get back to a place where I can wear a bathing suit and not be ashamed of the extra skin gifted to me from the gods..

Flight booked

I purchased my flights today ! One whole month out there with family and friends that are supporting me throughout this journey.. I can't wait for this day to come (I mean, I can but I'm so anxious lol)

Anyone Scheduled For SX in DR for DEC!?

I'm scheduled Dec 5th and will DEF not be changing this date! If anyone is interested in a sx buddy I will be there! We can help eachother get through this together. Let me know if you will be at CECIP on the 5th or around the 5th of December :)

Surgery Supplies Suggestions?

I am currently searching for supplies to prep my bags for D.R (even though I'm still a little over 2 months away from my surgery) a girl's gettin impatient ! Lol

Does anyone have any suggestions? Any feedback from anyone who can tell me any supplies that were found to be helpful in the first few weeks after surgery ?? I'm staying in DR for the entire month of December and so t want to forget anything ????

Stress eating X-(

I found I have been eating so much more than usual. There are times that I'm not hungry nor anywhere near my next meal or could have literally just had a meal and still crave to munch on something.. I feel so heavy and like I'm dragging everywhere .. i decided to take magnesium sulfate (suggested by my nutritionist to cleanse my insides for a fresh start) and will begin a clean diet again.. I have gained a bit over 10 pounds and I am looking to drop those before surgery. I wouldn't be mad if I lost more than that tho lol .. I'm jus sayin ..

Cleanse Results!!

Ladies !!!! After taking the solution last night I lost 4.2 lbs literally in just ish and water weight !!! I can't believe how easy that was either! I was expecting the worst lol i feel great now! Light and energized and clean inside lol i can also see the difference in my waistline!

Im less than 10 weeks away from my scheduled sx and I'm super excited and nervous and now e every time I see myself in the mirror, all I can do is wonder what my body will be like afterwards.. I hope my anxiety doesn't affect me physically because I need to be at optimal health at time of surgery. I've also started to take my vitamins as directed by my doctor twice a day. I included a photo for u girls !

Wish pic of all time

My wish pic of all time is this lovely doll and her fine self ! Yaasss girl !!

Pre Op Clearance

I saw my private doctor who ran all kinds of test on me and it turns out I'm cleared for surgery !! My hemo level was 13 which worries me because I hear a lot of women say that once they fly to d.r the levels drop.. I'm not sure if it's the pressure from flying high or of it's the way they run their tests down there but I'm def going to pick up some more iron supplements and vitamin c. My doctor says vitamin c is required for the body to break down And absorb the iron so it must be taken together !

The day is coming closer XD #47daystogo

Some pre op photos

Took a few pre op photos. I can't believe how close this day is. I've been so busy lately with my kids birthdays and the holidays that I haven't really even began preparing for my trip. I'm going to be buying some supplies today that I see from other posts as most crucial. I'll try posting more frequently now that I'm closer to my scheduled sx.


It is 3 o'clock in the morning and I can't sleep lol I'm so nervous now for what is to come !! My husband and I were talking about the sx last night and we decided to watch a video on a tummy tuck procedure. When I tell you shit just got real, I mean.. shit just got real! Ugh :l


A photo of some of the supplies I've gotten. I tried to pick up only those that I see most women describe as mostly used. I see that a lot of women purchase 3 times as much as I have and don't use half of it.. some of the items I already had at home like the tank tops(took those from my husband lol) I still have to grab a few more things and will be doing that today !

Im so excited !!!!

Preparing for flight!

I leave tomorrow to DR and I am packing my last bit of belongings .. I'll post a picture soon of the second set of supplies before I put those away :)

Something a little off the topic of surgery... I am Dominican and I have family out there. I hear so many ppl make Dominicans-be-like jokes and it's funny how this one is too real! Most of my friends and family members that live in the states who know I'm going to DR have asked me to take something to DR for them... clothes, medicine, jewelry.. you name it! I cAnt help but laugh!!

Any who.. working a half day at work tomorrow and then it's sayonara baby!


Here's a few other items I got .. sorry ladies .. I'm sure I missed a few things that I had already packed :/

At Dr Sabala's Office

Getting my pre op analysis done before sx on Monday. I can't wait !! I also started an Instagram page if you ladies want to follow my story @reborndecbaby :)


So it's true! Photos don't upload well in DR lol

Mosquitos !!

Ladies I would just like to add.. to all of you planning on coming to DR for SX and are already prone to mosquito bites no matter how much you cover up (like me) MAKE SURE YOU BRING INSECT REPELLENT! The bug spray is a must cuz even the regular small black house flies bite !! I def brought my repellent but every now and then when it's just wearing off *ZAP* ! Ugh..

On my way to the clinic!

For final analysis and sx. I was scheduled for first but I don't think I will be since I was not able to get my X-rays done the same day o did my blood work. That's going to take some time ... it's 6 o'clock in the morning and I couldn't sleep last night .. must've fell asleep around 2 a.m .. I'll keep you dolls posted as my day goes on :)

Made it to the flat side

Im so glad to say I made it!! I have so many photos I would like to upload but it's a pain trying to in DR. I will attach photos but can't guarantee the come up. If they don't, I will upload when I return to the states. Sorry dolls!

Any who.. the DETAILS!!
On my day of sx I had to finish my analysis. I was checked by a lung specialist, cardiologist and had X-rays done. Everything returned with positive results! I then went through the intake process on the first floor and told to go the 4th floor to get set up with a room. My room had 2 hospital beds, a chair and a sofa bed. The private bathroom was very nice. I didn't really have much time to use it tho lol. I was told to undress and was placed in the infamous blue gown for sx and had feet slippers put on. They gave me hydrocortisone through my IV because at one point in my life I suffered from asthma and my doctor was not trying to play with that. (He's amazing I must say) I was given the blue pill and was wheeled off to surgery.

The surgery room was very clean and everything was neatly placed on the table. I could see the nurses unwrapping the supplies from their packaging which made me feel much more comfortable knowing my doctor uses nothing but new supplies. I tried staying awake as long as I could but boy that blue pill really knocks you out. The last thing I could remember was getting my anestesia placed through my spine.

I woke up during surgery! I was flipped over to have Lipo done on my back and I felt the doctor poking away. I did not feel any pain or discomfort. When the doctor realized I was awake, he had them give me more anestesia and knocked me right to sleep again.

I woke up in my recovery room and the first thing I asked my aunt who stayed with me that night was did he do my bbl lol! I actually called the doctor and confirmed he had done it because I was laying on my bottom but did not feel any pain. He indeed confirmed and stated he would be visiting me in the morning. I didnt really have a rough night. I heard women screaming and hollering from across the hall which had me wondering what they were being given for pain because I was fine.

The next morning, my doctors therapist came around 10 a.m to clean me up, give me my first massage and place me in my faja. She helped me get up from my bed and unwrapped my sutures. She stepped out to get some gauze and tape and left me with my aunt completely undressed and I was able to see my new body for the first time.

I passed out!! My hemo level before sx was 13.3 so I didn't expect that to happen. Turns out, it dropped to 7 after sx! While I was sitting on that chair waiting for my therapist to return, I saw nothing but stars, my vision got very blurry and then bam! I passed out. My aunt woke me up and helped me sit back up. My therapist returned to the room and had the nurses check my hemo right away. She also communicated with my doctor. She cleaned me up and asked that I wait for my doctor before placing me in my faja.

My doctor arrived within a few minutes and revised me. He explained the situation with my hemo and suggested I have blood transfusion done. I purchased 2 pints of blood at 4800 pesos each which is about $100 each and waited for the blood bank to deliver. He wanted me to lay on the bed backwards as I waited for the blood so I was laying with my head where my feet go and he my feet propped on the back rest of the bed. It was to help get my blood to my head so I don't pass out again. He actually carried me onto the bed like a baby lol.

The therapist returned and gave me my first massage. She suggested I use dermoplast on my back to prevent Lipo burn from occurring. Then she placed me in my faja. I got my blood transfusion done shortly after and was ready to be sent home. Each blood transfusion takes about an hour by the way!

My doctor came to visit again before discharging me to make sure I was good to go. He said he removed about 6.5 liters of fat !!! Wow. He prescribed some pain meds, antibiotics and a shot to prevent blood clots that I have to administer daily for 7 days. He gave me the first one at the hospital and said I was ready to go.

I got dressed and waited for my father in law to pick me up. When he arrived, the nurses called for a wheelchair and had me wheeled to the exit. The gentleman who helped me onto the chair also helped me into my car after wheeling me to the exit. He placed my seat belt around my knees so I don't hurt my tummy and then I was off to the house where I found my mother in law waiting to put me in bed.

My phone was dead the majority of the day after surgery so I could not update anyone. **Ladies!!! Be sure to bring your phone chargers with you!!! **

It's now Wednesday 4 o'clock in the morning here and I am finally able to post an update. I feel great but my booty hurts from having to sit on it all day! Going back to sleep now but I will keep you girls posted on my recovery!


Dr Sabala works hand in hand with his private masseuse at the clinic. The massages have lasted about 40 minutes so far. The first was light on the day after sx. The second massage I received was Wednesday. That massage was so painful! My body would not stop shivering during the massage. Thursday was my 3rd massage and it was much better. My body seems to be recuperating well. The masseuse suggested I take in a lot of fruits vegetables liver fibrous foods vitamin c and iron. Although the massages are not fun or comfortable they are def worth it because it helps remove all the fluid built up inside. She gave me my 4th massage today and this time she also worked on my thighs(had Lipo on inner thighs). She is very good at what she does. She actually said she will be 20yrs working doing massages coming 2017. I love how attentive she is, making sure the drainage reservoir doesn't clog and assuring all the fluids are moved where they should be and on top of everything making sure you are in good health.

5 Weeks Post Op Update

Ladies!!! I have missed you all! 2 weeks into my recovery and my phone literally DIED! I placed it on the charger and 2 hours later it was dead and would not turn on any more. I was so depressed without my phone you can't even imagine! I came back the the U.S a bit over a week ago but went right back into my work schedule. I still haven't been able to get my iPhone fixed.. I visited the Apple store 2 times so far but they are always extremely crowded and I find myself with no time to spare lately. Trying to get back into the habit of life on wheels with my kids and work and my husband, it feels like my day is never over !!

I wish I had my phone running so I could upload all the pictures I have on there from DR. I attached 1 more before pic that I have on my computer taken in a dressing room. Later tonight I will take some pictures with my husband's phone and upload those as well.

So far all I can say is this faja is so annoying! I can not wait until this faja stage is over LAWD! It hurts especially when it folds into you. I was told by the doctor, when it folds, that means it's too big and should be take in or get a smaller one but I can't imagine this being any smaller. I also use an ab board and a back board and I don't think I can fit all of that together with an even smaller faja ! I am happy with my results so far and am hoping the swelling on my back is exactly that, swelling. My husband thinks that I still have back fat because of these little rolls on my back but only time will tell. I will post photos of that too..

I took a total of 18 massages while in DR and they were very helpful. I was told to continue them after returning to the states but my husband promised to rub me down every other day to save on the expense.... It is really more like every 3 to 4 days with him and I think I'm still going to have to find a place to get these massages done but I don't know any places near me :( I'm in NJ btw if any one has any suggestions :D.

My scar is healing well but it seems like my drainage whole is taking forever to heal. I think it may be caused by the tank tops I wear or maybe I should keep the faja off for a while so it can dry a bit. It is still a fresh wound no scab yet. I'll take a pic of that as well for you girls.

The "sensations" after lipo/tummy tuck are the strangest I have ever felt. There are times were I feel a random tug in one spot or a jolt in another. Sometimes I'm just itching like crazy but it hurts to scratch because I'm so sore! When I cough or sneeze, my abdominal wall gets really tense and stays that way for up to 3 minutes at a time. I can't stay seated for long periods of time either because when I stand up, it's like my abdominal muscles have been asleep and it takes time for them to wake up again. In the morning, when I wake up, I get the strongest urge to do a full body reach for the skies kind of stretch. UGH it is extremely hard to control that urge since I still can't fully stretch my abs!

Gotta go cuz I am on my work computer and it's time to go home but I will be back with additional photos and will def keep you girls posted on my recovery/journey!


Snapped this pic this morning really quickly before my husband left to work... the sweats i am wearing at one point would dig into my gut .. im going to try to locate a picture of me in those sweats before my sx for comparison. Will post side by side before and afters soon, promise!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have not had any procedures done yet.

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