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Hello Ladies, I am SUPER excited, just sent my...

Hello Ladies, I am SUPER excited, just sent my deposit and everything is booked for 3/24/14. I am having a tummy tuck with Lipo and an arm lift. I have always been insecure about my stomach and arms and I just LOVE what I have seen on here so far. I have consulted with about ten doctors and Dr. Robles was by far the best quality work for the price so I am over the moon with excitement that in a little over three months I will be starting a new chapter in my life. I love reading stories and looking at all of the amazing before and after pictures especially from my doctor.

Wishing, praying and counting down the days

Just looking at some girls that have similar before bodies to mine and just LOVING their after pics. I can't even contain my excitement I stalk this site all day at work and even at home, 3/24/14 can't come fast enough!!!!.

I have my flight!!!! Posiible dental work???

I purchased my ticket this morning and I couldn't be happier. I have also started talking to a dentist to see if I could have some cosmetic dental work while im recovering from my tt and arm lift. I was thinking the week after since I am going to be in DR for a full two weeks. How exciting???? like seriously my life is going to change SO MUCH!!!! I am no looking to look like a Barbie or a vixen, I am a mom who just want to feel comfortable in her own skin.

Weight loss journey

Soooo I spoke with the gorgeous Laura and she said that if I loose 35-40pounds I can also get a BBL!!! Ohhh I wasn't interested before but looking at all you gorgeous dolls and I am now OBSESSED with getting a BBL (Thanks girls). Soooooooo now I am diet crazy, I am pretty good at losing weight when I have a motivation to, so I started and I have already lost 6 pounds in less than a week (I don't play). If I loose about ten pounds a month I can hit my goal :). I am going to start taking my vitamins in January, when I say im excited, I AM EXCITED GIRLS!!!!!!!!

Update on me!!! 2month count down

so I have lost a total of 15 pounds, The goal is to lose 20 more and I am as motivated as ever!!! I have just about everything I need, I have already started taking my vitamins and drinking lots and lots of water. I also scheduled another surgery for June 18th, I have been saving money to buy my "fiancé" a car however we recently broke up and I decided to use the money on MYSELF!!. For my second surgery I am getting a breast lift, lipo to my back and thighs and scar revision on my arm lift and tummy tuck scar (from the first surgery), in addition if im not able to get my BBL this time due to low iron or whatever, I will get it then. I just did my taxes and get this im getting MUCH MUCH MOOORE than I anticipated!!!! I only worked for half the year so I guess I get more money because I didn't make much???? WHATEVER IM HAPPY!!!!! over the moon with joy im getting 11k back plus 2k that I have in savings I have more than enough for BOTH surgeries and expenses, and STILL have extra for bills and SHOPPING!!!!!! YASSSSSSS ladies, its all so real! anyway here is me now.

well the time is coming!!!!!!

I am still trying to lose weight, I haven't lost any since my update but I haven't gained any either, hopefully I can get my new booty!. I have all of the money set aside (including spending money for all of my trips)and I am psycho enough to starve before I touch it!!!! I actually have a safe in my home especially for the surgery money, I have spoken to Laura and scheduled another date for 6/18/14 for a second surgery. I am going to be getting lipo to my back and thighs, a breast lift and if I don't get my BBL next month then I will get it then, but I will be doing everything I can to get my bbl now because I don't have as much recovery next time around. Call me crazy but I booked my surgery right in the middle of my family vacation!!. I will be flying with my 4 year old son to my families home in Orlando on 6/14/14, Disney on 6/16/14 , leaving him with my mom in Orlando and flying to DR on 6/17/14, surgery on 6/18/14 . I will be in DR from 6/18/14 to 6/22/14 and then I fly back to Orlando. I have a layover in Miami and guess who isn't going to make that flight??????? that's right ME!! My ex fiancé (we have been living separately for 2 months but recently started hanging out again) Will be meeting me in Miami and we will be staying in Miami from 6/22 till 6/26, he will then be driving me 2-3 hours back to Orlando where I will finish out the rest of my vacation with my son and family, I fly back to NY on 6/29/14. All of this has been booked, my flights, my ex fiancés flight, hotel and car and my flight to DR. I am probably crazy as fuck but I am obligated by law (well not really but it feels that way)to visit my family every year, and I really want to spend that time with him in Miami, we went last year and we had an amazing time. I can't take another vacation so this is going to be a crazy ass experience, good thing we don't; have much besides beach lounging and maybe some yacht cruising planned, so I guess we will plan activities according to how I feel, I have a VERY high tolerance for pain so ill be just fine, as far as pain. Did I mention that I LOVE TAX SEASON!!! I don't care call me ratchet but im living this year up!! I can't freaking wait im SINGLE and soon to be looking better than I have ever imagined!, BAMMMM

two more days!!! update changes and more!

Today is my last day at work and im counting the minutes! As far as an update, well i haven't lost any more weight, but I haven't gained. I am nervous as shit but excited at the same time. I need to do laundry and get a pedicure/manicure. Other than that I am all set. I have a question for the Robles girls, how much extra money did you spend aside from your quote? I am a little scared to travel with all this money. Anyway I arrive Sunday night, I have no idea if I will be able to get my BBL, I will be bringing the extra money Just in case tho, if not then I don't mind waiting until June, especially after the recent death in DR. I did however decide to go with Yily for my second surgery in June because she is cheaper and her bbl are amazing, So if I don't get it now I also decided to wait on my breast, just because I don't' have as much money as I want to have right now and I am only going to have a few days to recover. As far as Miami goes, my ex is still going however i wont be joining him, im going to recover in Orlando with my family me and him just can't seem to get along. So here is what we have so far:

March 23rd fly to DR surgery with robles 3/24/14 Arm lift, Tummy tuck ($5,000) and possible bbl ($6,000 W/BBL)(but not likely because Robles said it might be too much surgery) fly back home on 4/4/14

June 14th fly to Orlando with my son
June 17th fly to DR from Orlando have surgery with YILY on 6/18/14 lipo to back, thighs and chin, BBL (3,000) Stay in a resort from 6/19-6/22/14 in DR then fly back to Orlando stay with my family until 6/29/14. BAM thats what we working with!!! I am really considering Just getting my BBL in June because i am just scared to have so much done at once.
Anyway hopefully the next time you girls here from me I will be on the flat side, I promise to post a ton of pics and update as much as possible.

Marked up and waiting

I can't believe how much skin is gonna be GONE!!


So swollen but so much better than my before pic

Relax recovery house

Dona Milagros is truly amazing, I recommend them 100%


Still haven't seen my arms, so far I'm very happy

Bath time

Yup that's right this is how we need to take a bath :( but Doña Milagros is the best, love her so much


Didn't upload the fist time

Side by side

Yea I'm happy lol still swollen


They are still super swollen but yes I am happy already,

Side by side arms

Just to show the difference , keep in mind my arms are still super swollen, this is not my end result.

Took a pic while they washed my faja lol

Side by side comparison

Drains out if my arms

And I feel great! I saw the doctor at 12:15am yea am! She had so many patients waiting, bit I was happy to get out of the house for a bit. Met a few real self girls and we shared pics, let's just say EVERYONE is super happy with their results so it kinda makes up for the fact that it was midnight and we were waiting to be seen lol. I feel great today and my swelling has gone down significantly. I'll post pics soon.


Went to see the doctor today because of an issue with my drain, got to see my arms.

Side view

No this isn't a scene from the walking dead, it's lipo!!!! Still super swollen so hopefully some of these rolls will go down a bit more with the swelling.

What a difference!!

Two massages and two days later, feeling much better

I'm home

Well lets start by saying this has been one of the hardest things I have ever been through in my life. I missed my son and my family so much, in glad to be home but it's been a hell of a ride. Least start by saying that Thursday night I was seen by the doctor and everything was fine. I was cleared to go home, however I was going to have to keep my drain in for another week or so because I'm draining over 700cc a day, that's right 700!!!! Any way the doctor prescribed me a creme because two stitches under my arms busted open. She told me to get it before I left because it's not available in my country, it was $60 but I got it because I needed it. Went back to the recovery house and packed my things for my flight the next morning, spoke to the driver who agreed to pick me up at 9am for my flight that left noon. Anyway I woke up the next day at 8am in a pool of fluid, MY DRAIN CAME OUT!! I Started to panic because I know I'm draining way too much and I needed it in. The recovery house calls the doctor and she tells them to send me in a cab. While we waited for the cab, Milly got me my creme and put it on my wound. I get dressed and grab everything I have. I get to Robles at 9am and she implants a new drain, she was very nice about it and reminded me to apply the cream under my arms, I told her I would and took off with the driver to the airport, he got me to the airport at exactly 11am.I had a wheelchair and thank god the guy got me to my flight on time, everything was great until I got to NY. I arrived to NY and there was a wheelchair waiting for me, unfortunately a woman a few steps ahead of me jumped in it. I asked if that was the only wheelchair and they said that only one person was registered for a wheelchair, I asked them to check the name because "I'm almost certain that person is me" the guy was too lazy to check and said that he would send someone for me. I had my purse with me bits since I had the two open stitches I didn't want to risk it so I waited, and waited and waited. My ex kept calling me asking where I was so I said fuck it, I'll just walk to baggage claim where he is waiting for me. By the time I made it to baggage claim my back was killing me and my arms were hurting from carrying my purse and laptop. I looked around and he wasn't there, I saw my luggage in the floor with a tag from airport security stating that it has been opened and inspected. In my head I said, well I know I don't have anything so I should be good, all I care about is my creme anyway, they can have anything else. I opened my suitcase right there because I had this crazy panic in my chest. Guess what was missing? MY CREME!!!!!!!! Just then my arm started hurting and a panic took over me. My ex called me and sake me where I was, I told him delta baggage claim, he tells me he doesn't see me, just out of instinct I ask "what airport are you at?" He tells me JFK. I wanted to die, I told him about give times that I would be at laguardia. I started sobbing in the airport I felt so helpless, I couldn't even close my suitcase, I was in so much pain and I was just pissed, scared and panicked. I dragged myself, my suitcase and my purse to a seat and I sat there sobbing for about twenty minutes until my ex came and helped me with my bags. I sobbed all the way home. I got home and immediately checked my arm, the hole was about twice the size it was the night before and even worst I don't have the creme that my doctor urged me use :( . I still don't know what I'm going to do, both my ex and my mom looked at it and said I should be fine but I don't like to take chances, I have never had any complications with anything and this arm lift recovery has been pure HELL.

A pic

Just a pic of my new body, I love my results, I'm super swollen and I know I don't look like a Barbie but that was never the plan, my arms look amazing and although the recovery has been hell I wouldn't take it back im glad I did it and I'm glad I picked this doctor! She has been super patient with me and I am such a needy little brat, I saw her a total of 5 times during my 10 days after surgery and each time she took her time with me to make sure I was ok. My arms have never been this thin, they have been my biggest insecurity for years, so now it's time to claim this summer and enjoy my beautiful arms.


Well today makes two weeks and a half since my surgery. My arms are still giving me a hard recovery and I still have my drain in, im draining 200-300ccs a day. My arm wound, well I guess we can say it's still a concern of mine but after being reassured by several doctors on rs, I am no longer scared. I am loving my results and although I still can't walk straight or lift anything heavier than a pen, I still have no regrets. My ex said that he is going to give me the extra $$ for my boobs in June so let's see how that goes, if not I'll be happy with just a bbl and lipo to my back and thighs.

today I feel...............................

great, i weighed myself and I lost 14 pounds since the day before surgery. Wow, im super excited and I want to lose another 15-20 pounds before June. I am 45 pounds down!!! 30 pre op and 15 post. Anyway I am still having some issues with my arms,, can't lift them or comb my hair. As far as my tummy tuck, im in love with my results, i'm walking almost completely straight and although in still draining 100-200 ccs a day, i feel like i'm glad to have the the liquid out of my body vs in and swollen with seroma. I plan to take it out Monday morning, god willing i will be draining less than 50 ccs a day. Over all, this experience was much harder than expected, the tt was a breeze but the arms, well don't get them done unless you really need to. I really needed to so im not mad at all.


Letting these bad boys air out a little today, I'm two days short of three weeks post op

My amazing stomach and waist

Just took off my faja for a wash and I just had to post a pic, I love my results I can't believe I I have a waist!!!!!!!


I'm a little under two months post op and I'm still super happy with my body. I started waist training and getting ready for round two (bbl and bl) anyway I'm not much of a writer is rather show pics


My arms are great, now I'm just working on the scar, I'm trying just about everything and I am probably going to get a revision during my round two. As far as results, in super happy girls I really am. And I know I posted about my ex before and I'm elated to say we are back together and happier than ever, I can't say it had anything to so with the surgery but I will say that I am now ten times more confident and it shows in my relationship, also the sex is just amazing because he's super attracted and I'm super confident lol

Another pic

Because I can't help but show off my transformation

Another pic

Didn't upload the first time

Tummy tuck scar

Honestly I really don't even worry about it one bit, only my man sees it and he saw me before surgery so he eint worried about a scar lol

a few more days until round two :)

I seriously cant wait!!!

Round two update

So I had my round two, I love my results so far I'm happy. But my booty has gone down a lot since surgery and now I'm planning my round three. Yes I know that's crazy but I didn't get my breast done either so I'm going back in March. Anyway here is my round two, I was scheduled for tummy, back and thigh lipo, with bbl and scar revision on my arm lift scar. Robles said that once I was under my skin started turning colors so she wasn't able to do so much lipo to my back or thighs and my stomach didn't get touched, I did however get my arm revision. Turns out I been smoking way too much and it affected my skin and blood flow. I can appreciate that she didn't beast on me and burn me, but of course now I want more lipo. My butt, well what can I say it was Amazing after surgery but then a few days latter when the swelling went down, well I still love it but I see another bbl In my future. Not because I'm not happy, but because I want my butt the way it was when I first got out of surgery, that's the butt I want. Anyway y'all know I'm not a writer so here's the pics

The booty I dream of

Here it is

5 month post opp update

Best decision of my life, i love my body so much!!!! i might be putting off round three for a while because im just so in love and happy
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I had an amazing experience. I am super happy with my results and I would have to say this has been one of the if not THE best decision of my life!!!.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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