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HI ladies! First of all Good luck to all who are...

HI ladies! First of all Good luck to all who are embarking on their surgery and those who are in recovery. I have been researching Dr W. Robles since 2013 and have gone into detail with her reviews on realself dating back to 2011and finally decided that I will take the Plunged to travel abroad for my tummy tuck. In all the Doctors that i have researched Dr Robles seems to be the safest,does not have many really negative complaints & in my opinion very good at her craft,she also does a natural looking tummy and body shaping which i like. I am 51, grown kids and its my time now. I have been taking my vits for 2 months now and i jst got all my testing results and I am good to go. Hemo 14 and I still have 3 more weeks until my surgery. Ladies I recommend that you take a Blood Builder 325, your Iron325 & Vit C at the same time in the morning and the rest of your tablets during the course of the day. the Blood Builder helps build your hemo faster. I am all packed and ticket bought, comfirmed with Laura. My countdown begins. I am excited to get it all over with and return home but I am looking forward to the complete rest in Island Life again for abit. I am orginally from Trinidad & Tobago.

My before pics. & Wish pics

Ladies don't scream. Ian 51, 2 grown kids. 33 & 22 yrs old. DR Robles told me becus of my age. She does not want to do too many main procedures at once. I wanted to do my breast also. So once all goes well. I will return next year to fo a breast lift. It's all about me I told my husband of 3 yrs. it's my time to do something big for myself at this time in my life and he is gonna benefit from it. Lmao!! Don't you agree, ladies ?? Young or old if it makes us happy.

Vitamins & incentive Spirometer

Ladies I take these 3 together in the morning becus Vit C helps with absorption of Iron tabs. I take the rest B Complex. Folic 5 mg etc during the course of the day. The spirometer $12 on Amazon is to make sure I breath properly after my surgery. It was recommended by my surgery tech friend for safety. I rather be safe thn sorry.

DR Walkiris Robles

Ladies my wish pics were all patients of Dr Robles.

Wish pics

Look at this before/after body pics done by Robles. I think it looks natural. I hv booty, love mine but am older and I am gonna ask Robles when I get there if she can jst round it out alittle , not bigger If possible. I forgot to mention it in my initial consultation as my fat will be removing. I am 5'1" tall. 136 lbs presently. I was 141. Measurements 34C/30/42hips.

My Bad

Ladies sorry I forgot to mention I made a booboo when I started posting my journey and sign up again instead of signing in under my old profile . So you would see user names Trinipepper which is my older name and Marx the new mistake . I think they hv combined here. Don't worry. It's me the same person & sometimes it confusing me/ I would think for u also. I am trying to get Marx off. Not sure if I can but I requested it from realself .

Lease forgive !!

Posting my journey is overwhelming at times becus of a lot of well wishers/ supporters of my journey and corresponding. So bare with me ladies and if I have missed responding to anyone, I always thank you all for the support. We will all need it on our journey to a better looking you . Past patients posted tht you go through an emotional stage as you are in pain as you enter your healing. So the support is great/ this site is great I think. I am yet to experience tht emotional stage and will be posting about it. If I experience it.

Currency converter ??

Ladies does anyone know of currency converter appt?


I wired the balance of my surgery fees from myth bank and it cost $45 for any amount at BOA. I did this because I really don't feel safe traveling with that amount of money. I confirmed it with Laura. Next I am going to try and get a request Skype with Dr Robles, if possible. My date is soon. So keep taking your blood builders & Irons, Vito C etch to be ready with High Hemo

Hello Ladies!!

Hope your weekend was great! An greeting for a better week ! I am on my countdown to my surgery date . Positive vibes always!

Tick tock Ladies

Just touching base with everyone on their journey. No bug update. Just continuing to take my vits daily. Got to get the. " Bullfrog " repellent. Don't want to get bitten by tht virus mosquito . Nite nite everyone. Be safe, keep positive and go brave!!

Do forget Ladies!!!

All ladies who has close sx dates. Don't forget to try to eat less salt in your food and snacks so we can have less retaining of water and bloating . Eat healthy . Ttys

Omg!! Ladies

Sorry I was AWOL . I got alittle anxious the later last week and over the weekend due to a friend who is a ER nurse in Long Island, negative statements. But am fine now. I had to tell her that she will not get people who had great results and healing in the ER. That did the trick and shut her up. My sx day is Monday. I leave for the D.R. On Sunday 7.10am arrive at almost noon. My husband is getting alittle anxious as I am getting closer to my sx date. Anyway,2 ladies that I have been communicating with via what's app left for the DR today . Their sx is on 10th Loisla/11th. La Bella Signore. They are in my prayers for a successful sx and rapid healing process as I wish mine, which is on Monday 14th July . Am all packed and ready to start my healing process . Wish me luck and keep the prayers going for every last one of us that are on our journey to the sexy side.

Prayers!! Prayers!!

Hm2000 and I will have our sx on Monday 14 th July .

Successful Sx for 2 ladies

Loisla and another RS lady had there surgery earlier today and they are both fine an has started their recovery . La Bella sx is tomorrow a d myself and Hm2000 will be on Monday.

It's here!!!!

Ladies !!! My day is here! All packed and ready! I leave tomorrow Sunday at 7am for the D.R. Am excited for myself and to meet the other girls tht hv gone before me which I must say tht Loisla has always kept me updated an informed since her arrival /surgery and I thank her for tht. I am gonna do the same for you gals God's /wifi willing. She said the wifi sucks there. She is at Virginia 'a. Anyway, hz2000 and myself have been really communicating everyday updating each other on our prep for our sx come Monday 14th 2014 & keeping abreast of recovery do' s and dont's from Loisla. Ladies she said to take your stool softener jst before or right after you hv woken up from your sx or else you may become very constipated. We are both excited to meet in person, keeping positive. Thank you everyone who sent positive blessings. I do appreciate it. I will try to keep you updated on every section of my journey once the wifi allows me too. I will hide nothing . I am here to help you've better prepared for your future journey but do remember our journey may be similar but also different. Everyone is not the same. This is my journey. Ttys

I fly

Hey hey!! I am up early and preparing to fly out at 7 today. Landing in the DR around noon.y real journey hs began . Ladies of RS please send your prayers and positive vibes my way. Lord keep me safe in sx/recovery. Thank you! Stay tuned, I will try to keep your updated from time to time if n when I can. Ttys

Am pissed

Ladies soooo pissed. Hubby made me late. Missed my flight . Now am on standby for. 11.35 out. I hope I get on or it won't be until tomorrow.

Am here folks

at Cecip now. Wilson my driver was nice. He speaks alittle English. No one here doesks English. Building is nice, room looks clean n very quiet. Laura is coming later . No wifi in rooms only downstairs. Ttys

Hi the RS babes

I am alive and at Virginia's recovery house as off today . Met some if the ladies from RS. My surgery went well. I have to take 4 iron shots n 2 iv. Surprisingly surgery ws much easier thn I thought it would be. No Pain in tummy area, jst p
Back pain from having to walk hunched over. I hv not met Virginia yet. She is sick . The other ladies at the house are very nice n helpful. Hv to rest alittle. Ttys

Sorry 4th day update

I ladies hope all is fine. Sorry I was missing in action but I hd to rest. I haven't even taken pics of myself yet but I will today when I get cream me up. I feel much better today more energy, still feeling very tight, no pain only back pain from being hunched over not to rein my scar. I hd 4iron shots $40. Each . 2 iv. Still taking my blood builder/iron n vit C even though they said we don't hv too. I am taking them still so I would not hv to get another iron shot. Don't bother to bring arnicare creams u can use those when u get home, becus they make u buy a 2 different types of creams for brusing n pain $20 Each 4 creams. I was feeling very tired n weak yest. Am resting a lot thts a good thing. Will update. With pics later.

Updated pics

I am still swollen , remember ladies my waist is swollen, so it's gonna be smaller n flatter. I am happy with my results.

Feeling much better day 5

Support Ladies, I thank all if you who supported me in my journey on renewing me, we will all need it. Now tht I am really sx sober, here are alittle negatives tht I hv experience . I through up when I awoke from sx n a day after. It ws hard on my new tight tummy. I could not eat much or eat heavy solid foods. I requested soup for my first couple days, last nite ws the first time my stomach could handle solids . I got a lot if gas becus of it. Bring crackers. TT n back feels extremely tight on me , am guessing it's part if my healing. Back drain/ back burns alittle when touched by anything but goes away as so as not touched, even in the gentlest way. Thts normal , my brusing which I did not hv much of is going away as everyday passes. Please bring your compression knee high socks , you will need them to avoid swelling in feet. You really don't hv to bring any creams n scaring stuff because u hv to buy what they hv here. You can use yours when you return home.

Not to bring

No creams , you hv to buy . Amt u hv to buy varies on your brusing , anywhere from 2/6 tubes $20. Ea. I hd 4 it's 2 different types . Iron shots / iv depends also on how low your hemo drops after sx, dome more tht others regardless if how high if started. I hd 2iv, some ladies here hd to take
Bet 1/4, some ladies also hd to get the oxygen tank1/3 cost $100 per session. I did not hv to take tht, thank god, but the ones tht had to take it felt much better afterwards . No panties really becus u hv to use faja always. Wipes u need, wife beaters you need maybe 4/5. No tees shirts , 2/3 house dresses open front is better. We mostly stay in these all day. Dresses 4/5 long n short total. Pads. Some of us hd to use stool softeners. For coffee drinkers u can bring a small power creamer if u don't drink it blk. It's strong like expresso. Milk is expensive here. U can bring your blood builder n iron if u like, I did . To help build your iron faster after sx. You get a lot of pills ,3 times a day to take . Rub downs with the creams every 2 hrs . It's helps ! I am starting to get itching in my scar area, which means it's healing, so thts a plus. Today under arm/ upper arm lipo is very very sore as compare to the last few days. I can't think of anything more to post right now but if u hv questions I am happy to answer if I can or fine out. All og us here hv our checkup appts w Robles later today , some ladies went to mall this morning . They are leaving for NY tomorrow early .

All u need

You need is wht Laura hs in email really, u can bring your own snacks plus crackers. Thts it, carry on will do it.

Day 5

Not feeling to good today, ladies! Very bloated and swelling today. DR Robles gave me the green light for massages. I am gonna get one later today. Hope it helps w this awful feeling.

Hello 6 day recovery

Hi again. Today is better ladies, not really sure if it ws due to the massage yest. Still very tight in tummy. Robles told me I hd to walk more bent over n sleep more sitting upright I order not to stretch my tt scar. My butt is not as swollen hard as yest. It's returning to a normal firm butt ;) my tummy is still tight n I am not draining as much. Hopefully I will be one of the lucky ones tht will return home without my two besties (back & front drains) .. Yes ladies we get 2of these after sx if you hd lipo done back n front. These r very uncomfortable but is a must wear in your recovery for awhile in order to not get sermona. No pain for me , thank God, jst alit if discomfort whic I prefer. It's jst a matter of time I will be back to normal.

If you can!

Me again!! Here are the 2 creams they want u too buy but if u can get them at home cheaper get at least 2 each. If u hv arnicare already u can use it when u return home. Most hd to buy atleast 2 each here. They rub us w it 3 times a day. They also want u to buy ensure drink. You can bring yours if u like to save.


here r pics if creams they want u to use here. Not armicare.

Sorry guys internet trouble here

The wifi is good only downstairs & it goes in n out at times . Water n lights go at times also . Here r creams to get at home if cheaper to save on,

10 days post opp

I feel great today. Sorry I ws missing in action. I ws given the green light to start my massages n I hd 2 over the pass days( big mistake) it brought me to tears on the 2nd massage. I missed the 3rd day massage becus I was afraid I ws going to feel worse. So I skipped out on it ( best decision ) I felt better the next day an ws afraid to do another massage but I did yest n it felt good . I hd no after effects and today I feel great. I leave on Friday. I personally think tht the worse is over becus of how my body feels. I am not draining much so hopefully at tomorrow's doc appt i will get 1 drain if not both out. Hoot hoot!! I can walk more upright, still tight in the tummy but a better tight. It feels like my tummy muscles are getting alittle more relaxed so I can stand alittle more upright . Tomorrow is my last appt with Doc Robles before I leave on Friday.

Am home! 13 days out

Hi All!!! Sorry I ws missing for abit . My phone lost wifi at hour n refused to connect on it again, I ws the only one it happened to n none of the other ladies tried to help me w it but no one knew why. Iphone 4. Anyway , am home now w one front drain which Is draining down my leg from the entance , I am gonna take out tomorrow am tape a pad to my legs, jst incase. As you know I hd a few bad days after my first n second massages . I did hv 3 other massages after tht one day rest from it n it ws good. Maybe I started to soon! Everyone body responds differently. My swelling reduced day by day but still hd to wslk little bent over which is havoc on your back. I am still as we speak having to walk like tht, do my back gets tired n hurts after a short distance . The ladies at the house ws great. Jalisa n her sister Honey who works at the house is super great!!! Joann the cook ws very nice also. Virginia on the other hand ws not tht friendly n helpful as we all read about. We were abit surprised at tht because of the raves we read before coming , maybe it was us, I can't say. Anyways, even after sx please continue taking your blood builder/ iron tabs/ Vit C and B complex to help bring u back to health. We at the house all hd good days n bad, sometimes even emotional at the lingering discomfort. Ladies this is major sx, listen to the doc and follow suit . We all at the house loved our results after our fussing in the beginning . We hd a great group at the house n we are all home now n we are still keeping intouch as c we continue our recovery .


Please bring your compression socks , you will need them to help w swelling feet. My feet did not swell a lot, and ws back to normal days before I left the house. I ws the only one with thigh high compression socks not sure if it ws tht or jst my body tht responded good . Before i boarded plane my feet started to swell from sitting in wheelchair at airport and became more swollen during flight . Ladies please make sure when you book your flights to request a wheelchair for your return flight. Believe me you will need it. I hd the least swelling and pain, but I had the least lipo/ least fat on my body , so not sure if tht helped w having less pain thn the other ladies at the house. The ladies w the most lipo done hd more pain. The tummy tuck strangely to everyone hs no pain , it jst feels very or in my case extremely tight. Lots of numbness, especially in back. Mine is still hard n numb to the touch. You can't n don't eat much the first couple days after sx. I hd n asked for soup the first 3 days . The 2creams I posted about earlier works miracles when it comes to brusing n swelling. Under arms are painful after sx n becomes very numb, mine r still hard n numb but not much pain jst stiff. I still walk bent over becus u can stretch your scar. Robles gives a great thin , low scar n a sexy belly button. I love mine. Can't think of anything else to mention but if u hv questions , please feel free to ask away, I will answer any questions n concerns in updates do keep reading . Ladies who r preparing for up coming sx, please continue popping your Blood builders n Irons etc, be well prepared. Take on average approx $7/800 extra becus you will not know how much Iron shots/Iv's/ creams u may need after sx. You cannot leave the RH when u want. Robles has to give u the green light. You can carry your own little water bottle if u like but they hv enough for everyone. They also hv a water dispenser at your disposable. Take your snacks / peanut butter/ crackers incase you feel hungry at nite after dinner. You only get 3 square meals. You do not need a lot of clothes when u r inside the house, wraps r good for inside house n dresses only when u go for checkups. No panties, no bras, no robes. Maybe a soft bra w no underwires tht u will only use if u wise on your day home. All things like scar tapes, alchol spray etc is not needed. Wipes a must, about 4 rags . You cannot bathe got awhile.

13 th Day at home - My Opinion

It was worth every penny I spent and traveling to Dr.Walkiris Robles.

Just took this pic day 13 at home

I love love my results. I still hv swelling . Thank You Dr Robles. I am a walking PROUD example of Results of your Gifted Hands at Plastic Surgery.

Things not u carry

You will not use these things, panties , bras, maybe only 1 , a soft one w now underwires to travel back home . No pants , no scar creams or gauze, tapes , not too many salted snacks , salt retains water n causes bloating .

Took front drain out and Passed out

I with the help of my cousin on Saturday took my front drain out. It was easy but after it came out Zi began to massage my belly, thinking tht I was going to maybe squeeze some extra fluid out of the hole and my tummy began to cramp up n pain. With my stupid self I continued and when I pressed the glands at the area of my leg where it meets my torso , I screamed n passed out cold my cousin told me. She fan me n after a few mins I came too. My arms & legs began to feel like pins. & needles and after this going on for awhile I afk her to massage my arms but close to my armpits and soon both my feet & arm cramps subsided. Tht did the trick. So a lesson to you ladies ( Do not massage or try to squeeze out any fluid out of the hole when you talk out your front drain). Done of the other ladies tht were at the RH at the sametime as me experienced this, I think this happened to me becus of my own fault. My husband contacted Robles ASAP and she said she never had tht happen to any one. I felt fine after all the drama. I am fine today!!

15th Day out! My Doctor's visit today

Today Zi went to my regular doctor visit for her to check my TT scars etc. I did inform her before tht I was traveling to the DR for my TT and she agreed to check me post opp. She lived Dr Robles work and also said she always found tht the South American countries do better looking TT. She also felt alittle fluid lump under my skin on my left back hip and advise me to start my lympathic massages ASAP to get the fluid out. So I called Angela's in manhattan for appt . I hv my first massage since I returned home tomorrow. Wish me luck. !!!

My first Real Post Surgery lumpathic Massage

On Dr Robles recommendations I choose to go to Angela's Spa in Manhattan, NY. For my massages. I did previously read on RS tht they do really effective, good post surgery lympathic massages. It was the best decision EVER!! I went in bent over, stiff, swollen with alittle hardness under my armpits and came out walking upright, which I did not even notice until I got to the stairs and did not have to hold on. Relaxed and with all my stiffness especially under my armpits, all my glands relax. I would never believe tht one post surgery lumpathic massage could release so much tension n stiffness in my body. I did not know wht to expect but I really thought it was going to be very painful based on how I felt going in. I giggled at times based on where she was massaging at the time. At times I felt alittle pain but at the sametime it felt sooooo goood! I have to take 10 of these, recommended . Based on how Zi feel after one I can't imagine having to take 10 with 2 free ones. But I want to be better soon and safe. I have to take proper care of myself especially as I am older. It's only for a time and I will be shining . Lol!!. My hubby came home early today and was surprised to see me walking straight .

Post surgery lympathic massage info

I would definitely recommend them for people in and around Manhattan, NY.

Your second Faja Purchase

Ladies ! I await delivery of my 2nd stage body contouring faja in small. I can't tell you when last Zi used anything in a size small. But that is the doctor orders. You hv to buy 2 sizes smaller thn your normal size for your second faja. This one has to be very tight for approx 3 months everyday or more if u wish for it to contour your new body. You will hv to stuff your new body with some help into it. The best and orginal fish can be purchased online with free shipping at Mis faja D' I hd to get a small size $125.80. The site n garment must say D ' Prada after it. Hopefully mine will be here soon. The company also has distribution in some areas of NY/NJ ,

Fluid drain

Today u had my 3rd lympathic massage. It ws great and at the end the extra fluid I had in my body she pulled it down and it came gussing through my back drain hole. I felt so good after and my 2nd stage garment (small )was able to clip on the 2nd row .

My 2nd stage faja

Size small. My husband hd to help squeeze me in it. We all hv to wear thes day and night . Yes ladies we do hv to sleep in them slso for the next 3 months to mould our new bodies .

Today fluid extraction

Today after my massage Angela the owner can in to check my body. She saw fluid build up in my back, lower abdomen and either side of my. Belly button. She removed all my stitches from the lipo sites and took a needled syringe and stuck it under my skin and remover all the fluid she can from all those sites.. Feeling better. Every 3rd day of my massages she is going to check me.

5th & 6th massage

Yesterday after my 5th massage. Angela the owner came in to check me. I had fluid in my tummy and alittle in my back. She extracted it w it needle. Ouch !!! Today when I checked my tummy /back, it was flatter thn yest becus she took out the fluid. I feel great today. Walking straight, very little stiffness, no pain. Back to work on Monday!!! Ladies if u live in NY and u can get there . It is well worth getting your massage from Lois who is Angela 's sister. Wow! They both are experienced taking care of Dr. Robles post surgery patients for years!!

Before. & After Pics

Thank you !

Hi to all my RS sisters who supported me and followed my Tummy Tuck Journey from beginning to end, I Thank You very much. To the other ladies that I connected and befriended from RS and actually met in person at our RH, Virginia's on our recovery journey. Our RH time together was great!! Most of us are still in communication and we continue to support each other in our continuing recovery. It was a great experience. Friendships came out of our time together. I thank you all.

One month Update

A good lympathic massage therapist makes a big difference in draining fluid from your body. I am doing fine in my recovery at this point. I will keep updating from time to time. Loving my new body and all my clothes are fitting better. My waist went from 31 to 26 & becus of this my boobs n hips looks bigger but they are not.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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