I have large gaps and I have an overbite - Smile Makeover - Dominican Republic, DO

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I have been in search of a good cosmetic dentist...

I have been in search of a good cosmetic dentist in either Mexico or the Dominican Republic as having the smile makeover done in my country is too expensive, for me at this time. I have large gaps and I have an overbite.

I decided on going to the Dominican Republic because I will be getting plastic surgery done there. I am not doing my smile makeover and BBL at the same time but it is cheaper there in the DR and I can use that time to meet with plastic surgeons and do a thorough investigation of them. Another reviewer spoke of Dr. Alonso and after viewing some reviews on him and communicating with him via emails I believe my decision has been made. I have not seen any reviews on him on realself and I am hoping that this would help ladies, or men here.

In all I will be having six (6) porcelain veneers and six (6) porcelain crowns done.

Need braces

I have been advised that I need braces prior to getting veneers. I really don't want abnormally huge teeth and I need to correct my overbite. So I'll be getting invisalign before heading to the DR for braces.

Date Changes

As I have shared with you guys I need braces (whether traditional braces or invisalign) before I do my veneers. I am hoping I only need a year of that treatment before my veneers are done but I will update you guys along the way...

Braces Update

I will be getting my braces put in next month and am really looking forward to that journey. It has been something I wanted to do for many years and just one of the many steps I need to get me to my goal of a beautiful smile. Also when I do get veneers done it will not be with Dr. Alonso.

Putting things in perspective

I have had to postpone getting braces due to the fact that I have major surgery on June 26th. Once I recover I will be going to Dr. Nova in the Dominican Republic for him to do my braces at the whopping cost of $450USD...lol. I just have to get my orthodontist back home to do my monthly adjustment, which I have already organised.


Simply sharing this. I realize a lot of persons are interested in contacting cosmetic dentists in the DR to make an informed decision when they go.

Sorry for being away for so long

My journey to a Hollywood smile is still underway, it is just a bit delayed. It was my intention to go to the DR for braces with Dr. Nova. He is such a sweet guy and has amazing reviews. I think after taking everything into consideration I will get my braces done locally (N.B. I do not live in the US) and once my treatment is over I will see Dr. Nova for porcelain veneers.

Everything has a price tag!!!!

Today I saw my orthodontist. Did my panoramic xrays and went through my treatment plan. I will be doing ceramic braces for 2 1/2 years. Time to start saving because my treatment starts January 5th, 2015.

Impressions Done

On February 23rd, 2015 I had my impressions done. I have cleaning and filling to do in preparation of my separators and bands which will be on April 8th and 11th, respectively. I can't wait...just saving for those visits.

Teeth Whitening in preparation for braces

Well I get braces (ceramic) put in next month so I wanted to whiten my teeth in preparation for that. The results are really great but the lining of my upper lips have taken a beating due to the strenght of the whitening gel. After two-one hour treatments I have to take a break or I may wake up with no lips...lol

Trying to get some information on Carlos Alberto Medina

His work is amazing. I am trying to get some information on him. I have his whatsapp number so I'm going to give him a shout...

I am #MsMetalMouth

Today I FINALLY got braces. The entire process was effortless, or probably that's because I took pain killers prior to going in. I chose metal traditional braces because I have a thing for the bling look...lol


I am so happy...
Dominican Republic Dentist

Stage 1: Deep Cleaning and Traditional Braces (locally) Stage 2: Monthly Braces Adjustment (locally) Stage 3: Braces Removal, Deep Cleaning and Whitening Stage 4: Porcelain Veneers with either Dr. Nova or Dr. Estrada

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