Tummy Tuck And liposculpture in DR - Dominican Republic, DO

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I have been in contact with about 4 doctors in DR,...

I have been in contact with about 4 doctors in DR, and I am leaning towards Dra. Robles..she stated that she couldn't do all the surgeries I wanted so I am going to stick to a breast lift, tummy tuck with lipo. I was quoted a reasonable price (including recovery house) even though I found it to be more expensive than other patients' prices.

So I got my passport!!

I received my passport and it's like omg! This is really going to happen!! Lol I can't wait, my husband acting a bit funny after I told him once I get back I will still be recuperating for another 2-3 weeks or so.. He probably expected me to start cooking and cleaning as soon as I got off the plane haha.. Anyway, gere are some pre-op pics for your enjoyment..

Started buying my vitamins, etc...

Okay, so I been online shopping on Walmart.com, so far I bought the bromelain, vitamin C, depends, lotion, stool softener, arnica and a couple of other things. would someone please let me know what else is absolutely imperative to take with me?? I'm so psyched, I can't believe how excited I am..

Change of plans!!!

So it appears that since so many people have been raving about Dr. Fragoso-Baez on this, I decided to email her just to get a quote and not only did she respond quickly but after looking at my pics she says she can do liposculpture on my full back as well as tummy tuck and flanks! And of course my BL!! I'm like wow, dr Robles was only going to do lipo on my waist, under armpits and BL and her price was way higher. I mean, not to be cheap but if I'm paying thousands of $$$ I want to be happy with the results and not go back and forth for multiple procedures, I'm just saying.. But anywho I'm really considering switching over to Baez. She does great work and seens very nice. I'll keep u guys posted on my decision :)

Changed my mind..

Well, after much deliberation, I have decided on Dra. Fragoso-Baez. She seems to know what I want and I have heard nothing but good reviews about her.. Dra. Robles does great work but I'm not crazy about her breast lifts and that's very important to me. I have to change my date since dr. Baez is busy in the 22nd of April.

Wish pics

Uploaded some wish pics, this is the silhouette I want!!!

Future Baezbarbie!!!

I can't wait!!! My surgery will be on the 24th of April, she only requires that you email her your flight info which I will be purchasing before the end of this month. Girls, Expedia.com is the bomb.com lol, I found great rates for round trip on nonstop flights cuz I'm not trying to get caught up in a layover! From where I'm at, I should not pay more than 470.00 minus baggage fees (if course) grrr. But I don't expect to be taking much cuz I don't plan on sightseeing, just need my dresses, robe, faja and sandals. I'm debating whether I should purchase another faja over here or after the surgery b/c I don't know how small I will be... I am wearing xl now so I'm thinking I should get a medium but a lot of girls on rs are saying that they end up in sz xs after surgery and I'm like WHATTT??!! Woohoo is I get to be that tiny.. After giving birth 1 1/2 ago it does seem like to much to hope for..


Omg! i've been reading some horror stories about Robles and Baez. Robles left a gauze in a lady and she needed an IV line pumping antibiotics straight to her heart! Don't get me wtong her results were fab but look at the price she paid..it's crazy! About Dra. Baez, I hear she doesn't remove much fat and it basically looks like you didn't have shit done. I'm not spending thousands to just look a bit different, I want a major change like these Yily and Duran dolls. The only problem is that I want a BL done and I am not crazy about Yily's BL. I guess I have to do a bit more research but it's ok cuz I still have 5 months b4 sx. TTYS!

Back to Robles!

Well, let me explain.. I guess I took too long buying my ticket cuz Baez just informed me that there were no available spaces left for April, but when I was emailing her like a stalker to communicate with her what time should I arrive, etc. etc. she never answered so I started communicating with Laura fr Dra. Robles office. She really is a sweetheart, I can't wait to meet her. So long story short, I'm scheduled for April 22, 2014 and I'm staying at Virginia's rh. Bought my tickets yesterday and I must say, I paid a pretty penny cuz Im not trying to have a long ass layover in PR! JetBlue is cheap for a reason, they offer great rates but it takes twice as long to get there! Anyways I'm out to DR right after graduating so I can't wait!! This little trip is getting expensive but I'm worth it!!

Aaaaahhhh! This wait is killing me!!!

I have been having dreams about my surgery, is this normal??? Or am I just being a cornball?? I wish April would hurry the heck up and get here! Icantwaiticantwait lol

Google chatted with the Dr.

Omg! She seems so sweet, she hit me up on google chat just to make sure I received the confirmation email and if I had any questions or concerns. I feel really confident that Dra. Robles will give me the results I want. I really have to lose some weight so that I may achieve the best results. These holiday meals aren't helping, I gained at least ten lbs. :/ but anyway I still have 4 months to drop at least 20 lbs. I have been taking my iron, vitamins and eating a lot of greens. My downfall seems to be my damn sweet tooth! I can't wait til April, I want to meet the Dr and her assistant Laura. The Dr. is very nice and professional, she told me that as long as my hemp was above 13 I would receive my procedures as planned. I hope so cuz even if I only get a tummy tuck and lipo I would be happy but I really want my breasts lifted as well. Oh well, I guess I will just have to wait and see what will happen. I am very anxious to get this over with already so I can start the healing process. Who am I kidding, I just want a flat stomach and slim waistline already!! ;)

Here are some preop pics..

I gained weight grrrr

Instead of losing 25 lbs, as recommended by my beautiful surgeon, my ass gained 11, so now I'm 178. I could just punch myself in the face for pigging out during the holidays!! Thanks a lot, holiday season.. >:( Anywho, I do have 4 months before sx date so I will be getting on the ball after New Year's with a strict diet and exercise regimen. Even if I lose 20 lbs I will be happy, but of course I want to lose 38 lbs. I'm 5'4 but I carry my weight well. Nobody would think I was this heavy but I def feel the difference. Well, dolls, have a Happy New Year, I will post again soon..

I been patiently waiting...

Less than three months to go! Been packed since muthafukkin November, lmao it's not a game!!!

Some more pre-op pics >:( UGH!!

Here are some pre-op pics I took last night, this is after my holiday weight gain so I was really shocked after seeing this.. I knew I gained like 11 lbs. but damn; does it really have to go to my my back?? I'm tired of looking like I'm in the NY Giants starting lineup!! These stupid photos have convinced me my titties can wait; I am definitely doing my tummy tuck, liposculpture on my back and fat transfer to my manly hips FML!!

BBL wish pic

Love her bubblebutt! Whoever did this did an awesome job!!

Here we go again!

I was being my usual unsatisfied self and shot an email to Dr. Yily, wow I was surprised when she quoted me only 500 more than Robles! She has had some bad reviews but those Yily dolls speak for themselves!! I'm really debating whether to go with Robles or Yily..anyone who knows their work knows that Yily's lipo is more agressive but man, does she snatch in those waists...I'm so confused, I have already sent Robles a deposit ($100) but I want to be happy with my results.. decisions, decisions!

Typo alert**

meant to say *dissatisfied* :)

My magic pills..

I started taking phentermine 30mg yesterday for weight loss. It's a helluva appetite suppressant, u have to have a bmi of 30 to even be considered for it, but I'm cool with my doc and I let her know that I was having sx in April I need to lose 40 lbs STAT! She laughed and wrote me a scrip but I had my bloodworm done just to rule our any health issues attributed to my weight gain. I get my results from the CBC on the 11th of Feb, so I get to see if my hemo is better than last year (11.8). I ve been taking iron, Vit C and B vitamins faithfully so I better see a change. I'm in the 180 bracket so even if a lose 30 it will be a major improvement come sx day..


Frickin autocorrect, smh @ bloodworm lol!

What to do? What to do??

I dont just want a nice ass and tummy and when i take off my bra it's like WHOA! lol I chat with Robles at least once a week, she's way more accessible than Yily. I have read stories from some girls on RS that Yily doesn't even do her sx, she lets interns do them, hence the burns. I'm confused, I sent her an email regarding adding a donut BL to my TT, BBL, inner thighs and liposculpture. Lets see what she says.. if she says its too much, I will stick with Robles, but if its possible then Im gonna do it cuz I don't know when i will be able to get away again. I have a 1 year old and my husband is willing to stay with him this time but who's to say that I will be that fortunate again?

Where there's smoke, there's fire!

Emerville Mom, lisaandra34, are just some of the bad reviews towards yily. I am also posting a link which shows lisaandra's burns before she took them down..

What's going on over there?

Saw this on my FB timeline, hope it wasn't at CECIP..

Getting anxious...

It seems like the plastic surgery gods are against me, my hubby who was supposed I care for our son while I was in DR has injured his back an his been out of work for three weeks! He put his request in for a vacay in April but since he's been out so long I find it highly doubtful that his request will be approved. I am getting depressed because my little boy had been sick (but much better , thank God) an my husband cannot move around too much so I have a lot on my plate with school, work, and my guys. The only thing that I have been looking forward to since last year seems to be getting further and further out of reach. I don't have a strong support system, bitxh my parents are deceased and my brother cannot watch my son full time. I am trying to think of someone who will stay with him for the 11 days that I am gone + help me with him when I get home. My son isn't even two yet so I need someone who I can trust to babysit. I have friends but they have their own issues and I haven't told many ppl about my surgery, since I really don't want to hear everyone's two cents. Anyway, that's my status for now. Will let my RS sisters know if the situation changes. Peace

Well, only a month away!!

So guess who hits me up after 3-4 months?? The beautiful Dra. Baez! Last time I e-mailed her, she said that the 4/22 date was no longer available, and this was back in November. So all of a sudden she's available now :O So now I think I'm going to have to switch it up ..again! LOL Haven't made up my mind yet, but I have to make my decision by next week, since now I have two drivers picking me up at SDQ smh -I know, I'm the worst! teehee

6 days before surgery!

Next time I update this review I will be in the recovery house, I've decided on Yasmin's RH. She seems very nice, and she has had some lipo recently done so she's been recuperating herself. Gish, this is exciting! I'm nervous but in a good way..


This will be my last weekend with this jacked up body! Getting my mommy makeover on Tuesday! Wow, so nervous but in a good way..more like anticipation rather than anxious. Anyway, see you on the flipside, will be posting from DR soon! Ciao

I'm hereeee!

Hello, just wanted to let me rs sister that I arrived safely yesterday, the wonderful Jose Brito picked me up from SDQ and now I'm up nervous as hell cuz my sx is at 7am. Bad news tho, my hemo is a little over 12 so DR. Baez is only doing the TT AND full back liposculpture. She is not greedy and is the nicest person you would ever meet. She greets you with a hug and a kiss and her husband is very nice; although much more reserved.
I'm staying at Yasmin's RH and it's comfortable, it's not the ritz- Carlton but I'm only paying half of what Virginias was charging so whatever, it serves its purpose!
Her stepdad is the driver so he will be taking me to the ER at 5:50 am.
Here are some pics, enjoy!

Well, til next time!

hello my rs family!

Well, yours truly had her surgery done yesterday, im now 1 day post-op. I have some before and afters on my iPhone. Will post pics as soon as it recharges.

Before and after

Day 3 post op

Here are some more pics of me on day 3, I'm already getting a waist but still in swell hell

just a tidbit

Please bring stool softeners because the anesthesia will stop u up! I had my first bm this morning; and it was tough! I still had to push and it really hurt..this sx is not for the faint of heart..hurts really bad! Oh, I forgot to mention that my Dr showed me all the fat she sucked out plus the meat she cut

sorry about the mistake..

I'm now 2 days postop, not 3! Lol

Yasmin's RH

Let me tell you, these people are so hospitable and friendly, I am glad I chose to stay here. They make you feel comfortable and place your needs first. I will definitely come back here after my next surgery

Doctor Baez removed my drai..

Yes, I know I am only 2 days postop but my drain was removed because the hold started leaking fluid and I had dropped the reservoir a couple of times and it must have pulled the tune out of my body a bit. So now I am required to wear a stage to impression garment which I had planned to buy in the states but now I must purchase here. Yasmin says it costs about 158.00 usd. I also had my dr take some pics when she was changing my bandages

My new fajate compression garment, stage 2

Good morning ladies!

I have been home since Wednesday, I can't believe how great it felt to take a shower. Let me put you guys up to speed. After about 3 days at Yasmin's, the TV broke down in my room, the cable signal disconnected. So I was left with the remainder of my time there without a tv, thank goodness for netflix! I had to share 1 bathroom with three other ladies, and I got into a disagreement with my roomie and her friend over who was supposed to go first for our massage. All in all, it wasn't the best experience. Don't get me wrong, I really like Yasmin and her family and staff ( except for one who asked for for a tip, which I thought was highly inappropriate) but it was too overcrowded for my taste. Next time I go to DR I will be staying at serenity RH, which I visited while I was there. It was absolutely beautiful! And doesn't care for more than 7 women at a a time, so everyone gets proper attention. Anyway, as for my recovery, my bellybutton started getting red about Wednesday, but by Friday it was much better. I stopped using my faja so tight because I feel it was irritating it too much. Here are photos of the bb..

Bellybutton trouble!

My bb looks like it's separating, anyone else have this problem? I'm putting neosporin and cleaning it out 3x a day, but I think my ps took the sutures out to early. What do you think?

Love/hate relationship with my faja

Anyone else hate their faja? I'm only 2 weeks post op but I've noticed my bb looks better since I've started wearing it less. I only wear it when Im in class or otherwise out, at home I rip it off! Here are pics of my bb when I got home last week..

On my last row!

Might have to take this faja in again! :)

One month po!

I am now officially one month PO, I do not have issues with my TT other than I wish my line was lower. I have started silicone strips about two weeks ago and I'm hoping that it will fade my scar considerably. I do want to cover up the Line with a tattoo, but I don't want it to look do obvious. I will post pics in the next few days. Also today is my beautiful son's 2Nd birthday! I love him so much; my miracle baby! I'm glad that all is well, although lipoed areas still hurt like the dickens I'm complete off any type of painkillers for over a week now. I'm not a pill person but I am still taking my vitamins because it couldn't hurt.

Hello guys????????????

I've been mia but here's an update of my tummy tuck 14 months later...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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