My Tummy Tuck, Lipo and Breast Enlargement with Dra. Yily in D.R! - Dominican Republic, DO

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I am a single mother of 2 beautiful little girls...

I am a single mother of 2 beautiful little girls and have been dreaming of having these procedures done for almost 5 years. I have done extensive research and have been emotionally and physically ready and now I finally have the money! I will be going from a b/c cup to a DD with a full tummy tuck with hernia and muscle repair. I want a waist back so will also have some lipo of the sides. I'm 5,4" and weigh 144 lbs but been advised to loose weight before the surgery... I'm now starting taking iron, vitamin c, complex b, folic acid, 2 litres of water daily and have quit smoking!

Change in doctor!?

So there have been some changes, instead of going to Dr. Robles I think I am now going to Dr. Yily. As far as I am concerned they are both amazing and have done fantastic work. I had some communication issues with Dr. Robles when I asked her to double check the doses I was told to take of iron and folic acid as it meant taking 50 plus tablets a day... 7 days passed with no response and other questions are still unanswered. It was making me very nervous as the surgery is in a couple of weeks and I consider it vital information to know. Dr. Yily has responded to all my questions within 12 hours. I've read reviews on the whole experience on both and it's hard to decide but I feel I may confirm with Yily. I have her bank details so can pay in full on Monday so I don't have to worry about carrying lots of cash from the UK to USA and then to DR. So with Dr Yily here's a breakdown in costs;

Procedures: 5700 USD
insurance: 250 USD
Lymphatic massages x10: 310 USD
2nd compression garment: 140 USD
Jaqueline spa recovery house x 10: 900 USD
Medication: 150-200 dollars
Extras/tips etc: 200 dollars
Dominican pesos: change 100 USD
Flight from UK cost me around 1300 USD

Dr. Robles breakdown of costs;

Procedures: 6000 USD
Insurance: 150 USD
extras (iron shot, rosa mosquetta oil, extra garment): 300 USD
Flight: still 1300 USD
Medication: 150-200 dollars
Extras/tips etc: 200 dollars
Dominican pesos: change 100 USD

I have been researching the best things to help with recovery. I've heard the following works really well;

SinEcch Arnica Montana post surgery therapy tablets (for swelling and bruising)

Kelo-cote scar healing and reduction gel
Scar fix silicone scar and healing reduction sheet

Problem is, these products are very hard to get and cost 5 times more in London. I'm trying to find out if I can buy them from DR or if I can order from US. I will be stopping over in New York but apparently I won't be able to leave the airport even though I got ESTA authorisation (visa).

Anyway I'm feeling really nervous about flying alone, leaving my kids, the actual procedure, the recovery and being alone in a country I don't know for 12 days. I'm trying to learn as much Spanish as I can before I go. I will be taking iPhone, iPad, portable DVD player and lots of DVDs and books to help pass the time. Although there's a lot to be scared about I am also really excited about fixing my body.

Finally, I've done my complete blood count and Dr. Yily said its all fine but I must keep taking iron tablets. So next week I will give some more updates as I will be packing and finalising details. If anyone is going to DR on or around 27th August to 7th sep 2013 let me know or any advice, tips or recommendations would be appreciated.................. Just over 2 weeks!!!! Agggghhhh ????

Only 7 days left!!!

So this time next week I will be on my way to the airport, I hope I don't miss any flights in London or New York (connecting flight) not sure what I'm going to do at JFK airport for over 4 hours. At least I can say I've finally been to America (even if it is just the airport lol).

So I'm so I haven't packed yet but have got most of the things I need around the house. Here's a rough list of the things I will be packing;


Cotton underwear
Draw string pants
Maxi/summer dresses
Compression socks
Cotton tank tops
Dressing gown
Flip flops
Flat shoes
Sports bras


Portable DVD player
Lots of DVDs
Notepad and pen
Apple chargers
UK to USA plug converters
Nail polish (just incase)

Day to day items

Body towel
Face towel
Antibacterial soap
Antibacterial body wipes
Feminine pads
Sanitising hand gel
Bed sheets
Hair brush/comb
Hair wrap (for relaxed hair)
Hair cream
Body lotion
Bum bag for money

Recovery aids

Stool softener
Urine funnel
Waterproof liners
Donut pillow
Lipo foam board
Arnica Montana cream
Arnica Montana pellets
Mosquetta rosa oil
Silicone sheets
Lidocaine gel
Sleeping tablets
Nausea tablets
Pain relief
Vitamin c
Iron tablets
B complex


US dollars
Dominican pesos
Pound sterling for return to London

I hope that is all I need as I will probably be over my baggage allowance of 23kg. I also need to find out about roaming charges for my phone. I've downloaded a Spanish translator app and Skype (which I've never used). I've booked a lymphatic drainage massage for when I return, in London they are on average 100usd so found a bargain at 35usd. I will be picking up my visitors card when I get to D.R for 10usd (double in London). I've got all the details for the British embassy in D.R just incase. I've also emailed pictures of my passport, card details and flight/accommodation details to my family incase I loose my stuff, it gets stolen or something goes wrong. My last worry is how my oldest daughter will get to school, which starts the day after I land. I can't drive and I'm the sole driver in my family, mums got knee problems so may have to hire someone. I'm now just writing questions to ask Dr. Yily at the consultation and converting them into Spanish. I'm a little worried about the language barrier but will do my best.... Will update very soon

Recovery Aids in London

So I found it very difficult and very expensive to find the American brands and products in London, so I done some research on the equivalent that is easily obtainable from the UK (just incase any Brits decide to jet off for surgery too).

So I got;

Dulcoease stool softener capsules for going toilet post up with less strain £5

Nelsons arnicare arnica cooling gel, 30c pillules, cream 50g for bruising and swelling £5/6 each

Trilogy certified organic rosehip oil 45ml to reduce scars and stretch marks £23

Emla 5% cream to numb arm for blood test (heard needles are massive and the women just digs it in) £3.50

Health aid sleep aid natural tablets to relieve anxiety, stress and create sleepiness £6

Migraleve pink tablet to relieve pain, migraine, nausea and vomiting after anaesthetic £7.50

Palmers cocoa butter scar serum with vitamin E to soften and smooth scars £9

Dermatix silicone gel scar treatment 15g to stop itching, pain, redness, and prevent bad scarring when wound is closed £30

There's a website called 'pharmacy2u' they offer next day delivery for £5 and stock nearly everything above. For other items the local chemist or amazon stock them for a lil more.

So pretty much finished packing, just last minute things to add by Monday and still on the hunt for waterproof liners, urine funnel, donut pillow and lipo foam board. I need to change over some more money before I leave. I'm just a little scared that ill have all my recovery aid pills and creams taken off me at the airport as they are soo strict. Also need to check if I'm allowed to have wear nail varnish before and during the procedure. I'm soo excited but also soo nervous about flying alone and I petrified of waking up during the procedure.

1 day post op

So I just wrote a long arse post that somehow got deleted. Anyway ill give a brief recap. So travelling for 17 hours is NO JOKE! London to JFK then on to SDQ. Especially being sleep deprived for 24 hours. I arrived at 1am and met Leo who took me to angie's house where i met the two ladies (very nice and friendly) that work with her, but they don't speak English. There are two women at the recovery house who have amazing figures thanks to Yily and seem to be healing very well (4days post op). I went to sleep around 2am and woke up around 6am to have an antibacterial scrub down. Angie is just so lovely I would be completely lost without her. She helped me pack an overnight bag for cipla and then drove me there. She is so friendly, she explained everything and helped me stay calm. She translated for me and made sure I was ok. I had a blood test- 14.3 hb level, X-ray-clear, EKG good and blood pressure 110/70 so all good. That took about 2 hours and now I am being admitted to have my consultation with THE Yily, who I just met. She is lovely and yes, very beautiful, pregnancy is progressing well. There are 3 of us having surgery today as far as I am aware.

So I the last thing I remember was laughing and joking with Yily, samira and angie haven taken the blue pill.... Hours later I woke up in complete and utter pain in my breasts. The other parts were sore but the under muscle implant almost killed me. I remember screaming and crying like a little baby throughout the whole first night. Sorry to any women I woke up but the pain was worse then both my natural and drug free child births. I was ignored for what felt like hours and eventually when someone showed up they didn't understand and told me to sleep. I didn't sleep a wink the first night even after sedation. Maybe I got too much done at the same time; liposuction of back. Waist and abdomen. Breast enlargent under muscle, fat graft to hips and bum and hernia/muscle repair with full tummy tuck. I felt like I'd been run over by a truck twice over!

The next day (today) has been a little easier than yesterday. The tablets make me heave which is killing me. I need help to get in or out of bed but can go toilet alone. I pray my end result is worth all this, I have every faith in Yily.

5 days post op

So today was a very bad day for me, just as I thought I was on the rocky road to recovery, I find myself questioning why I chose to put my body through all this torture. I take vitamin c, iron, complex b, antibiotic, romex pain killer, muscle relaxer, sleep aid, arnica, bromelain, stool softener and top up with codeine when pain gets too much. I am relatively pain free when I sleep but when I sit or stand its another matter. My back is soo swollen it feels like I'm permanently giving a piggy bank ride to an elephant. I've managed to was twice since surgery which helps to feel better. And I finally managed to go toilet today. For any women planning to get a similar procedure just be prepared for the recovery, especially the first couple weeks. Everyone is different and has different pain thresholds, mine must be very low! I'm dreading the massage tomorrow as I have been told it feels like your skin is ripping off and is excruciating, I'm trying to be mentally strong and I guess we'll see how far that gets me. I will be seeing the doctor tomorrow for a check up and need to ask her why my belly button looks soo messed up! Everybody who see's it asks what happened and I'm a little disappointed as that was the main area I wanted sorted.

Pictures of CIPLA and Silhouette recovery house

Doctors check up and 1st massage

So today I went to see Dr. Anna she had to cut my back a little and manually squeeze out the blood and fluid that had collected. It was very intense and uncomfortable but also bearable. I have a low pain threshold and managed not to cry (for once lol) after I was really tired. She fixed my drain as there was a hole and it kept inflating with air. She changed the tummy tuck and nipple bandages. I am so glad that Yily does the incision around the nipple as the scars look almost invisible when healed. During my visit there I saw lovely MzTiny and three other fellow Londoners (felt like home lol). After seeing the doctor she told me to order a band to help implants settle in the right position. Oh and I asked about the belly button and she put cotton wool ball there to try push it in. She said if its not an inny by Wednesday (next appointment) she will put some anaesthetic and fix it in her office (a little nervous about that 2bh). Angie (RH owner) is amazing and took me to KFC for some mouth watering chicken before we came back. She's great, she'll take you ATM, shopping, hairdressers, nail salon and anything you need she can get.

So after eating the massage therapist turns up and the blood literally drains from my face. The dreaded lymphatic drainage massage, that i had been putting off as long as possible. I took off my faja and lay down on my back after begging her to be gentle. She does long, deep strokes on your belly which feels weird and uncomfortable. She massages all the fluid down towards your drain. I then had to stand up for her to do my back while I kept chanting 'be strong, beauty is pain' which helped until she did my sides and I literally howled in agony, soon after it was over. In all honesty, as unpleasant as it was I felt so much better and fell asleep for a few hours. The lovely girls at the recovery house washed my faja for the 3rd or 4th time since I've been here. Bracing myself for 2/5 massage tomorrow.

Good luck to those about to have surgery and happy recovery to my fellow Yily dolls

My living nightmare!

This is my running log over the last 72 hours as i couldn't post daily.

Tuesday: Didn't sleep a wink last night my left side was killing me and my chest burns like acid reflux, maybe its my meds or fried/spicy food. I don't know what is wrong but all i know is i will actively avoid pain for the rest of my life. I've truly had my fill of pain and suffering for a lifetime. Been vomiting a bit and feel sick, have lost my appetite and can't take meds cse I bring it back up. The pain of heaving after tummy tuck is UNREAL!!!!

Wednesday: Oh my word, i thought last night was bad but last night was even worse!!! I kept getting deep shooting and gripping pains in my belly every few minutes, usually followed by green diarrhoea that stings my bum! The only way to describe the cramp was like onset labour pains, it would come in waves, peak at its most painful then fade away. I was up from around 2-7am pacing the RH and crying. Nobody knew what was wrong and I couldn't explain it to them in Spanish. as soon as the workers were awake I asked them to call angie, an hour passed and angie called to say wash and she'll pick me up and take me to CIPLA as I already had an appointment scheduled for belly button repair.
At cipla I explain to everyone about the cramping pain but no one seemed overly concerned, they think I overreact (maybe I do...low pain threshold). At the end of my appointment they told me to get a stool sample. I ended up having blood test and x-ray done aswell after the xray guy saw the pain i was in (he is very sweet) it cost about 10 dollars. To cut a long story short i was re-admitted to CIPLA after doing two blood tests, an abdominal x-ray and taken two pooh samples. They don't know what is causing the stomach cramps and diarrhoea as X-ray was clear, my bloods showed a high count of white blood cells which may indicate an intestinal infection. My temperature is normal but I'm dehydrated so I had to have an IV. A young girl tries and fails, she tries again in a different spot then calls her friend who tries but fails, this went on for 10/15 minutes of pain before a doctor comes and places it in 1 minute flat. They need to stop making this a learning curve for students who don't know what they are doing, especially as I expressed my fear and anxiety around having the IV. I'm in a terrible mood, tired as I didn't sleep last night, Im starving as I haven't eaten today and was off my food all yesterday and I am totally fed up and home sick. What I would give to be in London right now! Most people don't bother explaining what they are doing to me or what is happening as I don't speak Spanish, I don't know how I'm going to make it through tonight. I just want this horrible living nightmare to be over!
Just saw Yily and I have to stay here I'm on fluids, antibiotics and apparently pain meds. I don't feel great it takes nurses ages to come help me out of bed. i almost wet myself twice (once on floor). My right arm (IV) aches, I can't sleep, I can't move, have a migraine, back is really killing and swollen. It's either boiling or freezing, tv is Spanish only, no pillows, belly still cramping and I don't think IV is even working. I kept telling them the IV was blocked and now they realise I've been getting no fluids or pain relief for hours. It's frustrating not being able to communicate I'm always lost!
So got my lab results back and i have some sort of parasite in my stomach/bowel from contaminated food (food poisoning) Dr ana called to tell me and check up on me. They probably thought it was in my head and I was moaning over nothing, I thought it might have been mosquito related as I've been bitten a few times. Right now I'm just glad they know what it is and can stop the pain I've been in for 24-48 hours.

Thursday: the night was rough but some of the nurses are quite sweet. i managed to get a pillow which helped a lot and managed 4/5 hours sleep. there are so many interruptions, every time I fell asleep a doctor, nurse, cleaner or food lady would turn on the light. I would get really annoyed cse they would put things where I couldn't reach or they would leave lights and A/C on when I'm already cold and trying to sleep.

To make matters worse i get a message from my mum stating that my youngest daughter aged 3 had an accident and her gum/lip is cut open and her tooth missing. My world plunged into darkness, my heart was breaking and I just wanted to be with my baby....felt so useless!!!
In the morning they gave me a proper wash, felt so clean and fresh afterwards. I ate some soup and waited for Yily, samira and angie to come. My phone died during the night and I lost contact with my family so I was anxious and desperate to charge it. Samira helped me get to a charger and I saw Yily and put back on my faja that I had been out of for over 24 hours!
I had to pay 170 dollars for being treated for food poisoning on-top of the 85 dollars I paid to not stay at RH so i was super pissed as that was my money for stage 2 faja. Angie reckons it was the KFC from monday. Yily doesn't think I can fly home on Saturday and I can't take drain out. I told them I can't afford to stay but if Yily doesn't write the letter saying I'm fit to fly then.....

I'm back at the RH now I'm just concentrating on getting better, taking meds, resting so that I can fly on Saturday. Apparently I should be prepared to suffer during flight and when I arrive in London as the altitude really messes with your body etc. please just pray I make it back safely that is all I care about right now. I have to start a new course of antibiotics today.

Angie gave me her stage 2 compression garment from her surgery as i don't have money to get my own now as I just spent it on hospital. i have to fly on Saturday, i hope for all clear tomorrow but either way i will sign a legal waiver so I can go home! been back 20minutes and the cable is cut out (probably due to rain) and wifi comes and goes so hope this posts. I've taken meds, will try to rest but neck is very stiff from cipla.

Home sweet home

Well words can't express how happy I am to be back in my hometown and reunited with my beautiful children, mum and brother! The 12 hour flights were very long and uncomfortable but I feel blessed and just a little bit stiff. Thank God I went to CIPLA for a final check up and had my back drained. I also got my orders when I get home to clean incisions every 4 days for a month with iodine and powder then retape. At 21 days post op I should take out stitch near my private and start wearing stage 2 compression garment. I also asked about the op and discovered I had 430cc implants which is bigger then I had expected, especially for under the muscle. I also had 1300cc of my own fat added to each check/hip and I can get the drain taken out when it is 50ml or less in a 24 hour period. I also need to have 10 more lymphatic massages but they cost between £50-65 each. I will also continue to take iron and vitamin c for another couple of weeks. Due to my horrible ordeal with food poisoning I had to start a new course of antibiotics and anti cramping pills until Tuesday.

Anyway some tips for travelling home
• see doctor for final check up, change of bandage and after care instructions
• get letter from Yily to clear you for travel as some airlines need this
• check in on-line if possible
• pre-book a wheelchair and try get an upgrade for a seat with extra leg room and extra recline if possible
• make sure you have lots of small change for tips -100/200 pesos or 1/5 dollar bills as tipping is demanded (in some cases in DR) and expected in USA (for me)
• wear your compression socks
• make sure you have important meds in carry on luggage
• try to sleep or distract yourself with a film, book or music
• eat well on the flight

Recovery HELL....the drain removal

I don't even know where to begin. So 16 days post op I went to my GP to have my drain taken out as it was starting to cause irritation and burning. He said that a nurse would have to do it but she was on annual leave for a couple weeks. I then went to a local hospital who refused to do it as I didn't have any discharge medical papers. I called up around 5 drop in health centres to ask if they would do it but they refused. At cipla they said I could do it myself but I was scared. I went home to change bandages and my belly was very swollen and parts were very hard. when i took tummy tuck bandage off, a little part of the wound was open and weeping a dark brown liquid. the drain dropped and pulled a bit and the pain was INSANE! it was throbbing and burning like someone had a lighter to my side. The pain was so intense I ended up going to hospital by ambulance after several hours of agony. When I got there the nurses were unsympathetic as I was a private medical patient, they all commented on how crazy I was to have so much done at one time and abroad. They said they cant believe a surgeon agreed to do soo much and how negligent it was to leave my drain in for so long. Initially they didn't want to treat me but they have a duty to help when in pain. So they put an IV in, took bloods and put me in a hospital bed. I then was given pain relief tablets which didn't do much, I saw a couple nurses, doctor and surgeon who finally agreed to take the drain out. I was warned that it would "hurt like hell" because it had been left in too long and my tissue had grown into the holes in the tube. The nurse came with some morphine (which is one of the strongest drugs in the UK) she put it in the IV and my blood ran cold my head became fuzzy and then I felt the most excruciating pulling/ripping pain in my belly as he slowly pulled the drain out. I literally screamed the hospital down even with the morphine. When they finished I must have gone into shock because I started shaking uncontrollably. I woke up a little while later and the pain had stopped. so as soon as I was able to I got a cab home. They gave me antibiotics with penicillin and every time I take the tablet I heave or throw up, maybe I'm allergic. In the last couple days recovery truly has been hell for be honest I feel pretty rotten. Haven't done a pooh in 6/7 days. Been vomiting a bit and completely lost my appetite. Feel very weak and constantly sick and constant headaches. One minute I feel really cold to the point I'm shaking and the next I'm boiling to the point I feel I will pass out. I am Just utterly fed up with this all. I would give anything to just feel normal again. I pray by next week I feel better but it just seems worse. Can't afford to keep paying for cabs to take my daughter to school as funds are extremely low. My belly is still a bit swollen, my boobs ache and my lower back burns/stings when I move or sit for too long. I'm not sleeping very well and wake nearly every hour stiff or in pain. At this point in time I would be lying if I say I haven't regretted having this op. I can't imagine having my life back or just feeling pain free and not sick for one day. I'm just soo fed up, I was not mentally, emotionally or physically prepared for this type of recovery. If only I had a time machine... But I don't so I just have to bare the agony and pray one day it will be better. I will NEVER EVER EVER HAVE SURGERY AGAIN!

3 week (21 day update)

So since the drain drama I was hoping it would be relatively plain sailing for at least a week. However, an easy recovery for me clearly isn't on the cards. I'm learning to look for the good and funny side of all this crap cse being depressed wasn't helping me and just dragging others down. Anyway a couple days ago I developed a dry and persistent cough which is driving me crazy. I have cough medicine and throat losengers and still I'm coughing my guts up. It's like the more I try to stop the worse it gets. In any other circumstances this would just be annoying however. Due to the hernia and muscle repair of the tummy tuck my stitches feel like they are ripping apart every time I have a coughing fit... Which is quite often! :-( there's nothing I can do to stop it so I just brace myself and apply pressure to the operated area to minimise the impact of the coughing but it still hurts. I'm just worried this will effect the tightness of the muscle repair or open up the wound. God willing it will eventually go with the medicine.
Anyway on another note I'm managing the pain and stiffness as much as possible with muscle relaxers and pain relief every now and then. I have to move positions quite frequently as everything is uncomfortable for long. I also worry that I will loose too much volume on my butt and hips so try to rotate but there's not much else I can really do until I can sleep on my TT and BA. I am able to do a bit more everyday but do get quite tired throughout the day. I've managed to drive around quite a bit and that has been empowering. I'm a bit lost though cse none of my jeans fit my hips/butt as a lot were size 8/10 (UK size) as I had no hips at all and carried my weight in the stomach/side back area. So... Now even with a BA I'm drowning in my tops as I used to buy them big so they wouldn't cling to my belly. Really need to do some shopping but I'm broke and to be honest I'd rather wait till the swelling in my lower back and lower abdomen has gone.
On another note.... Ladies PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE TAKING STOOL SOFTENER!!! Oh my word!!! I was on so many meds I lost track of the stool softener and realised I hadn't taken it in a few days.... Suddenly I felt a real urge to go toilet. I have never given birth to pooh before yesterday! I was in the toilet for about an hour... Crying, howling on all 4's like a dog, bargaining with God while I was pouring with sweat like a fat man watching a porno.... Oh my that was some ordeal that left me with golf ball sized solid black pooh, a bleeding and sore bum and my muscles ached like I just ran a 10k followed by a boxing match then an extreme workout in the gym. As soon as I could sit down again I fell into a como like sleep... I was wornnnn ouuutttt lol. It's only now that I replay it and just have to laugh cse the SHIT hurt but would have been crazy to watch!

Ok so I forgot to say that I moved to stage 2 compression garment a couple days ago and had to fight to get it on. I struggled to sleep the first night and to be honest it still hurts to sit down in but lying down is much easier now. It makes me feel like my back and tummy are lined with wood so bending feels like I may just snap! I am counting down the days until I don't have to wear this anymore but I'm not even at the halfway point.... 1/4 down.... Ahhh sigh... Ill post a pic of stage 2 tomorrow as I'm quite busy today. I'm having bandages changed tomorrow morning after school run so should feel fresher.... Sorry for all the detail in the post but I promised that I would give the ugly truth about recovery so that everyone can see a range of realistic experiences

Lumpy back

Just a quick update, I'm a little worried about my back. It is very swollen and very, very lumpy. It is very sore and tender to touch and I can't stand up straight. It is so uncomfortable to sit, sleep or lean back to rest my back on a chair etc.

I've had my bandages removed and the scar is healing even though my swollen belly gives it a tight, pulling feeling. There is a hole where the drain was removed that looks disgusting and will probably form a horrible round scar. The nurse wants to keep an eye on it and the part of my incision that was a little open. She also removed the big blue wire stitch on my private which required quite a lot of tugging. I have two more stitches under my bum cheeks that are becoming a little painful, I have to remove them on Monday (not looking forward to that).

The cough is still persistent and very annoying, it seems to be worse at night when I have extreme coughing fits. I'm taking codeine, cough medicine, cough sweets and gaviscon just incase is related to acid reflux. I'm just really fed up with this recovery and desperately need to see a plastic surgeon but don't have £100 plus for consultation.

Any advice would be welcome.... I tried to take pics of back but you can't see the lumps properly

Scar pics

It uploaded without me posting the rest of the pics

Manual drainage

So I was telling you ladies about my hard, lumpy, swollen back. Well I had enough and was so uncomfortable I called NHS Direct (a free healthcare line in UK) and spoke to an out of hours doctor who booked me an appointment within 2 hours to see a doctor at my local hospital. I went down there and yet again they put in another IV (have so many holes in my arms people must think I have some kind of drug problem, frankly I'm surprised they can find any new entry sites for the needle). They took bloods and I saw a surgeon who drained my back for me with a needle and syringe. It was relatively pain free, tbh I didn't care I just wanted some relief on my back. I was shocked at how much fluid he removed. He took a sample in a tube as it was thick, pinky and looked like puss. He then referred me to another hospital to see a more experienced plastic surgeon. I waited for a few hours and finally got examined by a surgeon who was truly shocked at how much surgery I had done at one time. After the usual questioning, disapproving looks and judgemental comments she stated that it wasn't infected and that it looked like dead fat and tissue that had liquified. She then asked her resident plastic surgeon to come and give a second opinion. He just seem disgusted by my choice to go abroad and put down all the D.R. Surgeons which I found highly insulting. I asked what this opinion was based on and he made a sweeping statement that they probably aren't board certified, they don't care about patients, they just want your money, their aftercare is substandard and that I should ignore 90% of everything they told or adviced me. He looked at my scars and operated areas. Confirmed I have a fibrosis in my stomach which is hard scar tissue which could get better or may stay that way forever. He looked at my back and said that because the liposuction had been done too superficially it has left me with very uneven lipo and that is why I had several lumps and dips in my back. He said they may resolve themselves but insisted it was bad lipo. I personally do not agree, I wanted Yily for her aggressive lipo and sculpting skills which UK and USA surgeons don't seem to be able to achieve. It was my fault for not having the massages I needed before leaving D.R. So I take some responsibility for that, especially as it was part of my post op care instructions. I just pray its not too late to try and rectify it as I would be truly heart broken if my back remained like this as it looks incredibly deformed.

Also the surgeon said that I had too much fat reinjected back into my butt and hips and that it will most probably die and turn to liquid or be reabsorbed. He said that it was very stupid that I was given a compression garment that squeezes my bum and hips and reduces blood supply as this would only result in more re absorption. What he said kind of makes sense but I'm not sure.... Any thoughts on this ladies???

For the last couple days I've been stretching my back and massaging it and it seems to have made a massive difference on the stiffness and the appearance of the lumps.
The worst parts of recovery now are the belly swelling which pulls on my scars when I stand and this bloody cough that won't go away and seems to be getting worse and affecting my chest now. It is driving me crazy, even my ribs hurt from all the coughing fits. I've tried 3 different cough medicines, 3 types if cough sweets, codeine tablets, vix vapour rub, drinking honey etc.

Everyday is getting a little easier although I hate this compression garment with a passion and counting down the days until the 6 week mark when I can have a nice long bubble bath.

Wishing you all a love, joy and happiness and ill try post more pics today or tomorrow

Scar pics and back

So I thought I was healing quite well but on closer inspection today I'm really not sure anymore. After looking at these pics and spending some time naked in front of a mirror I'm not sure about anything anymore. Feeling a little depressed now but I'm going to give it time. Even my boobs have become a concern now, I don't like them at all right now... Scars are worse than I thought.... Well ill let the pictures do the talking....

Almost 16 weeks post op update

Well it has been quite a few weeks since I last updated. In all honesty I had to deal with a trial where I was a witness against my ex who attacked me earlier in this year. This was not only time consuming but also emotionally draining, hence why my updates were neglected.

The last updates showed I wasn't coping very well with my recovery. I have been doing soo much better overall. The scar is soo much better, my breasts have evened out and are soft.... I absolutely love my boobs so defo no regrets on this procedure. My stomach is almost ironing board flat but still hate my bodged up belly button (will have to save to get it fixed). My sides are no longer hyper sensitive and not too sore unless I'm squeezed really tightly around my waist. My back doesn't hurt really but Im still getting a small ripping/stinging/pulling sensation on my back. There is a fair bit off firm tissue which has clumped together to create a whole area in my lower back which is kinda stiff and reduces my flexibility in my lower back as the skin feels stick to this clump of solid tissue. I'm not sure what to do about it. It's hardly noticeable to look at when I stand but if I sit and lean forward it is very obvious.

I have tried to contact dr Yily on at least 2 occasions but have never recieved a reply which I think is rather neglectful and poor aftercare especially when I'm requesting vital medical information. I haven't seen a doctor in almost 2 months. I feel pretty much back to normal now, I can do all the things I used to before surgery, still worried to put too much pressure on my stomach muscles cse they feel strained if I do too much requiring my core muscles.

The hardest thing I'm now struggling with is finding new clothes to fit my shape. I'm currently wearing a lot of leggings with long tops, elasticated jeans in size 12. I've lost quite a lot of the fat from my hips and my bum is smaller. I was a bit upset at loosing my hip volume but my figure isn't soo shocking to people who knew me before so I just say I had a boob job only. Being intimate for the first time post surgery was quite an experience, some parts were quite painful like my back and boy do I need the gym lol. Anyway ill say no more on this point. I just can finally say that after everything I'm still very happy I went and had this surgery, I feel a better version of myself, have increased confidence and love the new me...

To every women who has just had surgery, just about to or are planning to.... I wish you many blessing on your journey. Just know that when everything around you seems dark there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Much love, happiness and positive energy to my realself ladies.

God bless xxx

A year on...... Well a lil more

So...... Its been over a year since having my procedures and i couldn't be happier with the result. It wasn't an easy journey but it was well worth it. It has completely transformed my life and confidence. I not dress in more bright coloured, fitting clothes and no longer feel self conscious and embarrassed during intimate moments. I don't hide from mirrors anymore and I finally look the way i felt deep down inside. I have been really bad with aftercare (as I've been soo busy and other times lazy)...... I haven't had any checks since my last post. I havent used any creams for the scars and remaining stretch marks, i haven't adopted a healthier lifestyle, nor have i been exercising outside of the bedroom (lol). But i just feel great anyway and Mr has had no complaints either. Life is great right now and i just thought i would share this last post as i often would see posts that cover the before, during and immediate recovery but would not update on long term results. So, parts of my skin around my back and waist still feel a lil weird like its cemented to tissue and not as stretchy and fixed in place.... Like if im grabbed or picked up around my waist tightly it can feel like burning/ripping under my skin (i put this down to not doing the massages). Also, my breasts sometimes feel quite tight or can hurt a lil if too much pressure is on them, other than these odd occasions they are great and no one seems to notice they are fake as they feel and look natural with no visible scars or incisions. My bum is smaller but still bigger than it was so I'm still happy about that, more concerned about the impact of loosing weight but I'm trying to maintain the weight i am now. Im not very happy about the end result of my hernia repair as it looks like a very odd belly button. Anyway, thats pretty much all i can really update..... Bottom line is that it was all scary and hellish but still its been the best decision for me personally. Love, peace, happiness and love to all you beautiful women xxx
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