Here We Go!!! Surgery with Dr. Robles Feb. 4, 2015 - Dominican Republic

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Hello, I have waited to post until I sent my...

Hello, I have waited to post until I sent my deposit... Did that today! I will be traveling by myself, but that is ok. I'm sure I will get to meet some really cool people once I arrive. My surgery will be with Dra Robles, and Laura has not confirmed the RH... I requested Paradise, but Laura stated she could not confirm its available till I get there... I'm going with the inclusive package so I think any of the 3 RH's will be fine... my second choice is De la Recovery House by Virginia. I want to thank all the wonderful ladies who went before me and left such detailed reviews! I don't think I would feel safe going to do this with out them... Well that's it for now... I will post before pics soon...

Posting my before photos

Can someone help with questions?

I am reading the main lab you need before arriving is CBC (iron). Are there any others that are required for surgery? I am told that with the inclusive package that Dr. Robles has, were you stay will be between Paradise RH, Virginia's RH, Relax Recovery and, Queens... and where you stay will be dependent upon availability when you get there. If given a choice, can someone give me some pro's and cons on these places? I received my confirmation and it states arrive Feb.4th and surgery on the 5th. I want to arrive on the 4th and depart on the 17th it looks like I will arrive at 2:18pm in DR and depart at 2:39pm. They generally take you straight to Surgery Center for labs, EKG, etc.... then you stay there and have your surgery the next day.... do you request the personal nurse for post op there or before you arrive and is it necessary to have one? How do they count the days? I'm thinking since 2 nights are included at the surgery center in the package and 10 days RH is included would I pay for one extra night at RH ???? is that correct? Last question, what is expected to take place (generally speaking) will I go back to clinic the day I leave or will they just take me to airport? I know that was alot.... but I have so many questions and well, I guess Laura is busy...
Thanks so much!

Flight is booked !!!

It's starting to get real! I have 31 days before I leave... Not nervous yet... Just been busy trying to get supplies and get things in order here. Not many know about my surgery and I couldn't get the ones that know to travel with me... not even my sister who works for Delta and can fly free... Just not an overwhelming amount of support for me! They think I don't need it... but they haven't seen me completely naked... besides what I'm trying to correct the gym won't do it. My stretch marks and loose skin will forever mask any muscle definition I may develop, and my sagging boobs.... well, lets just say they are depressed and need a pick me up, lol. I'm trying not set my expectations very high... but don't get me wrong I do want a very neat job: minimal scaring, symmetrical boobs who's headlights point in the same direction, a tummy tuck that is flat, scar sits low and perhaps 50% of my stretchmarks removed... I don't thinks that's unrealistic expectation. I want lipo, but I hear thats more painful than the the other 2 procedures I mentioned... so I'm gonna try and work a little more on this midsection and back to minimize that... ok that's my update for now...Happy New Year!!!! This is going to be a great year!!!! I am claiming it! Many Blessings to you all :-))

21 days till I see Dra. Robles!!! for my tt, and breast lift!!!!

I'm excited! Everything is coming together. I had my annual physical and blood work done today and will get my results back next week... Hopefully everything checks out and my doctor here gives the ok to have surgery. :-). If anyone is going the first week in February, hollar at me :-D!! Im a 44 yo single mother who by profession is a RN. My height is 5' 3 1/2" and my current weight is 160lbs. My measurements are 36 breast, 31 waist, and 43 hips. I pray that this experience will be a positive one for all of us and that our confidence is renewed!!! Take care my fellow RS'ers.

10 days till I have my surgery (Feb. 4th,2015) Dra. Robles

my labs was still the same 13.1 hgb, so I have bumped my iron intake from 1 to 3 a day... and just go to my local urgent care and pay for lab draw to see if it has improved... I'm trying to achieve 14 or higher before my surgery. Does anyone know if I will be able to watch BET at CECIP or recovery house? Being Mary Jane's new season will air the night of my arrival and although I will be recording at home I would hate to wait to see when I get back, lol. I am so excited! I have got my FMLA forms in and my leave approved for 3 weeks. I plan to be in the DR from the 2nd of February and leave on the 15th. I will then have another week at home to finish recuperating. I hope this will be enough time! I sure hope that this recovery is not worse than hysterectomy... If not, I think my recovery will be just fine... Lord I pray!!!
I pray for those having surgery, those who are going through recovery and those awaiting surgery. Many Blessings to you all!

My Experience

Sorry for the delay... But I alway finish what I start:-))
I arrived in DR on the 3rd of February was picked up at airport by Jeremy. He also drove two sisters who I didnt know at the time would become my surgery buddies! We arrived at CECIP had to fill out tons of paper work, get labs, visit Cardiologist, diagnostic ekg and X-ray... Etc... They fed us and we waited for answers that we thought would have been easily answered once we got there.... Let's just say we didn't know what time our surgery would be, what recovery house ect until moments before which was nerve racking... To make a long story short. I love the work that Dr Robles performed on me which was a tummy tuck with lipo to flanks only and breast lift!! I could not be more happy with my results. The only pain I felt came from the lipo... The swelling is no joke, but am finding that it is better controlled with good compression garment. The dr started me in a large... Not sure why... Because I started out on 2nd hook and after a couple days was already on last hook... At my second visit which was 6 days post op they were giving me stuffing to make tighter... At day 7th I was fitted for my 2nd stage and that was a small... Which is what I am wearing now. recovery house was relax recovery: milly was the best!!! Soraya the owner was nice too... The main issue we had was no one spoke fluent English let's say it was fustrating at time but the place was very clean small they had hospital beds close to shopping and hair salon across the street if your feeling up to it... I was suppose to stay till the 15th but got really home sick and decided to come back on the 13th. I'm still doing well at home... Im currently 12 days post op... Dr did not clear us to have massages until 6th day post op I had one on 7th day and 8thday ( the morning before flying out) ahhhh is all I can say the massage was a life saver wished she would have cleared us earlier! I'm Home now and my sides are hard and lumpy again so as soon as I can get them here I will!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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