Tummy Tuck with lipo on arms

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Hello everyone! I plan going for a Mommy Makeover...

Hello everyone! I plan going for a Mommy Makeover in June or July of 2017. I have previous liposuction and need to finish the rest what was not done in the first round. This time around , I am not nervous about the surgery because I know what to expect . Therefore, I am really calm in this journey. Lol. I was a mess before and very unsure and afraid but I am made it through. Will anyone be going around this time ?

Pictures and procedures

Hey dolls, I am posting some before and after pictures. I am still deciding if I should do a Mommy makeover or Tummy tuck. I don't like too much strain on my body. The first round was really hard on me. I guess the close I get to the day of scheduling , I will decide by then. Also, I will like to stabilize my weight before going too.

Change of Plans

Hello dolls! So I have a change of plans. I am going to hold off on getting my breast done. However, I will be getting a tummy tuck with lipo to my arms. I am so excited! These are the most unacttactive parts on my body. My son was a 10 pound baby. My pregnancy really expanded my stomach muscle. My arms are so huge and always have been. I can't wait until I schedule my surgery date.

Platinum Package and insurance

I just got off the phone with Laura. She is very informative and speaks perfect English. I was quoted a price of $5,700. 4,500 for the surgery and 1,200 to include the package with insurance.The package includes: : All medical fees, all clinic s fees, laboratory test, cardiologist test, one post op gartment, one night stay at surgical facility, all medicines inside surgical facility, anesthesia, all ground transportation(including airport)private driver just for the patient, stay after surgery at recovery house, all meals and snacks, 3 post op linfatic drainage massage, post op medicines, and insurance. I am so excited and looking forward booking my surgery date soon.

Planning of having surgery sooner

Hi dolls, I am moving up my surgery date to March 2017 but still shopping around for other options. Let's see what the future holds. :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far he has been very quick and responsive with my questions and inquiries.

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