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Well i might has well jump on the bandwagon!!...

Well i might has well jump on the bandwagon!! Hello Rs ladies and gentleman i am sure we have some men on this site doing their tucking and flexing your muscles too. where do i begin i been a member of RS for a year and half and spend countless nights on the site reading reviews and commenting on some of u beautiful ladies post! I have to call it my second family! You have lend me up on choosing the right dr and making right decision in near future! Has we all are in the search of finding a doctor who we feels confidant with in accomplishing the best results of our lifes! Now let me introduce myself i am a Mother of 4 grown children and my last baby is 12 years old, i am 184 pounds and 5 ft /4 inch i have rid so many stories and seing some great and some scary bodies that send chills to my spine! My heart goes out to all of you bold inspiring beautiful ladies, thanks for sharing your stories/ Journey! I am truely touch by them! Also i am praying for all of us ladies! I have contacted Drs in the state, Dr Stove, and Dr Ballio in Miami, love love his work i have seeing so far! so you know drs in the State dont hesitate to do both procedure at once, but the pricing is out of reach for me right now, unless i decide to wait another year before going through with it. i dont want to Finance the procedure . just dont want to have to be worrying about another bill. I'm a tough cookie once my mind is made up its no turning back for me lol I am looking to get my body back in check my desire accomplish is a Mommy Makeover procedure, lipo, TT/ Back, Waist, Flanks, Body Contouring /sculpting and BL no implants. I been wanting this for many years now seing it possible. My first choice of getting this done was here in the state but then i saw those snatch bodies coming from DR and the price is looking appealing I'm now looking into the sunny side of the world. I have gotten qoute from AlMonte, Medina, Mejia, and Mallol, Cabral now Almonte offered to do 1 procedure at a time and Mejia offered to do both at the same time reasonable price but i am not so comfortable with Mejia lately seeing some reviews gave me a change of mind! The king also offered but I'm not sure on the breast is there any Cabral's Dolls out there help me solve the breast issue!! I know without a doubt King Cabral ? is excellent on the body Contouring /Sculpting with the tiny waist. Please someone take me out of my misery lol So its all about health wise! I am a healthy woman dont Smoke no health diseases/problems i am fit has a cow! but being as i am going to get My TT want to get all at once. Cant imagine seeing a flat tummy and no boobs i have a big ass already which might need a little rounding up but dont think its necessarily needed at this time! They are more leading and suggesting lipo /TT and BBL wish i would rather get my brest and TT done instead of the Bbl and not wanting any and anyone touch my breast, i am just like that. also thinking on sx date around October a month before the holiday season, so i have a little time left no rush. I have a pix up on my profile but will post more in dew time. I am now hanging with u family because i beed your support.

New issue accure needs to attend too now

Hello Rs beautiful ppls ! Just sharing new information i just discovered! I find out from my that have a huge cyst on my ovary which needs to attend to rigjt away!! It came so suddenly here feeling like my something rip stomach rush to the emergency room and finding out i have a few of the sucker inside of me , puzzling to be find out this way knowning I normally visit my GYN sometimes even twice a year, this goes to show you never know, but the huge one that needs to be remove ASAP!! So delay on my original procedure by Drs orders! This comes first before any other procedure. By Gods will I'll be find . I am a tuff cookie thou so I'll get through this! Now i am suppose to meet with a surgeon to remove it. Anyone out there knows about or as gone through removal of a cyst? Could u share your experience and the down time before you can return to normal activities? I would appreciate whatever information you can share! Anyway i wish u all safe and speedy recovery! AGOD BLESS
Still posting my wish pix

Update on sudden issue lead in other area.

Hi Rs ppls, hope all going well with u all! Well last time i made a update was about a week ago! I left off on discovering i had a huge cyst on my ovaries i should've said many of those suckers but one is more concern on getting it remove! This thing is a slow process because i thought at least by now would've gotten a surg date but not yet. Was send ny the gyn to go do a sonogram watch i was told the dr wants to make sure if anything eles is going on with my pelvis and being has the first discovery wasn't discovered by the GYN but at the emergency the gyn surgeon wants to do his own Investigation where their wont ne no surprises! Better safe than sorry!! After that i am suppose to go back to see him on the 28th of this month than there we will discuss about if any new discovery and surg date!! Yea i am still on track interviewing Drs on my original progress in getting my body back in check!! Well the pnly thing is the downtime on how long its going to take me to recovery resume back to normal! Even though i am in no rush! Desired date for plastic surgery is October to ending of the year! Hopefully I'll be ready for another major major surgery. God is working on his time because look what came up in the nick of me planing on going go do my mommy makeover surg. God is good all the time. Good luck on all u all ladies and gentleman may God be with you throughout!! Happy recovery on whom reach over on the flat side.

I thought i just post some of my before realself pic

Now ladies be honest let me know if i need a Bbl are just focus on getting lipo back, flanks, waist. breastlift and TT. I personally dont think i need it, maybe some roundness shape! But baby got back. (Smile)

Thought I'll share this with you all ladies!

Thought I'll share this with you all ladies after all we all are woman and as gone through some issues with our bodies one way are the another! Anyway has i been updating my progress in pursuing one of my golds in my life to get my body in check this was a wish for me to me wanting to do this for so long! has i mentioned that issues lately discovering i have cyst on my ovaries which delaying progress!! I went to do sonogram on july 21st as required by dr. Lieberman( GYN) i
went back to see my gyn on the August 2 hoping i would get the word on a surgery date to remove these suckers out of me! Come to find out its not going to happen at least not now because i was told my dr. Lieberman that he is puzzled that he didn't a largest cyst that was discover raise eyeblows is now in question becuz he didnt see that cyst but see many others on both side of my ovaries and now 1 particular one as a nodule on it therefore he cant set a date for surgery at least not yet! But is referring me to an oncologist to be checked! And told me not to worry everything is going to be alright! Easy for him to stay becauz right now i am faking out!! U guess he saw the worry on my face becauz he kept on telling me not to worry he just want to be on the safe side knowing its safe to remove them than him open me out and seeing other complications!! Ladies not going to lie i am very worried! I am a worryer cant help myself! i might not do lot of talking i play it tough keep things inside a lot! But then worry in silents.
Now i am supposw to get a date to see thos oncologist which is refer to me as of this moment but dr. Lieberman secretary suppose to call and tell me when and where I'm suppose to go see this dr.
I am hoping by all those checking out and they found nothing hopefully I'll be cleared to get them suckers out of me and be ready for official surgery by October becauz i dont need this lingering for much longer by Gods will i would get to deal with my outside body appearance! I seeing so many of you beautiful ladies i have been stocking this site for over 2 years! You guys gave me the courage to know and to be well informed on making the necessary steps to go through with picking and choosing the right dr to do my plastic surgery! I just hope and pray for you all have a safe and sound recovery!! I will keep u guys posted.

Wish pix love love the body and awesome shaped boobs

I still can wish for now keeps Focus!!????

New update ladies!! I am getting a little figurative with my progress.

New update ladies i am getting a little frustrated with my progress in getting my body beautified!! Because of the issue that derailed me to atten too!! Well picking up from where i felt off on went to the oncologist on the 9th and got back my results came back negative not cancerous!!!!! Thanks God ???????? now i have to go back to my gynecologist on the 31st to discuss removing these syst from my ovaries!! Not sure tho if i want them to take out the hold ovaries been has I'm not yet gone through menopause!! Thats my woman wood I'll hold on to that until God says no more children!! Lol but if its best then i would have no choice but to remove it.
I am still hoping everything goes well with that and i am hoping all good for all of u ladies who is pre/pro sur praying for all goes well & speedy recovery .
I will keep u posted on the out come from this issue on forward to my original progress.

Ladies what would i do without u all reviews

Ladies what would i do without u all reviews!! Ii officially wanted to stay away from being scared was looking in other areas the first time i starting out i decided on changing my body image to my breast/ fat tranfer and smart lipo to tummy I'm scared scarring !! come to find out this procedure wasnt done in the Dominican Republic, when i ask the answer is they dont do it because its risky as far as cancer! So that burst my bubbles! And prices there in the state was way out of my reach at the time. But being so much has happened over the time with my new discovery on my health and timing gives me more time i am able to save up somemore funds I'm seeing it a possible getting my fat grafting transfer done here in the states than I'll go to dr for my body tummy Tt repair /Contour i will need it because of the excessive loose skin dew to children birth!! I wish i didnt have to go throught with Tt and repair but i see it no other way!! Lol I'm sounding like a chicken! wish tomorrow I'll wake and hear about a new procedure on getting tight tummy without being cut open!! Realistically i dont think so at least not tomorrow! With that said i was trying to get a qoute from Doctor Urzola in Costa Rica he is good on fat trans to breast too! I send a qoute to him for consult request and dr Bednar in Charlotte Nc ! Hoping I'll get a response back soon! That would be nice because those drs have most successful rate in the fat transfer to breast! I know i have better sense not to get my Tt repair/ body Contour/ sculpture done here in the state have 2 much regulations!! And that hourglass shape! Is a Yesssssss back to reality still cant do anything until this other issue dealt with again removing these unwanted syst from inside of body! This had me a way even since the discovery occurred!! I cant wait to have them gone. Well seems like Cabral going to be my dr to snatch that waist in October my qoute is $5.556 wich only include my tt repair full back, waist, flanks and inner tights or bbl which i dont think i need bbl but i know my tights is really needed lipo!! Does anyone have any information about satellites to tights on how to get red of them i have so many i just cant stand looking at them. Anyway ladies thanks for all the help i gathered from u!! Ur Simply Amazing couldnt do this without u and this site. (BEST OF LUCK TO ALL )

Dreaming for my day to come ????

Hi ladies hope all is going well with all. I just cant sleep at nights around this time when i should be sleeping I'm this site roaming reading through most of ur reviews there anxiously anticipating my turn!! Seems like the days are moving slowly for me to go consult with my GYN dr. Lieberman on removing these syst out!! And lately was thinking this is slowly moving along too close to my time when in which was set for October begin on my other procedures!! I reached out to Dr Bednar in Charlotte Nc for a consultation on my breast procedure but i got no response yet!! Makes me thing things might not go has i planned before i find out about my other issues with these syst!! I am so pissed flustrated and so wanting to be on my Journey!! Dr Bednar please respond to my request!!

I am a working progress!!

Hi my RS peeps i think the only thing i can be at this point is wait!! Its not in my control and i cant rush it!! I have to think its not working on my time its working on Gods time!! Is why i things are moving slowly! I had set my timing to strat on my Journey this coming October i already got my qoute from Cabral month set for October no date yet because i have this other issue with the syst suddenly revealed so i have to take care of this issue b4 i move on to the next!! Well i am wondering whether to get breast done first b4 tummy reasons be the procedure I'm going for is fat transfer to breast therefore will need fat to be harvest for my breast!! But i didnt get back a response back yet from Dr Bednar!! So which ever one comes will jumping on it. I also have a feeling that Dr Bednar is already booked for the rest of the year!! I more likely want breast done first b4 tummy!! Oh my i am going absolutely crazy with this.

Lots of confusion with these doctors

Hi real self peeps update from where i lefted off! So i did contact Dr Bednar! got response back from Sylvia which set up an appointment after i filled out forms questionnaire and photo she ask for me to submit! She setup one a one with me & dr Bednar on 8/29 16 he called me i must say what a nice human being!! I respect his honesty!! The look i wish to achieve by going for fat transfer to my breast is a more natural look with some volume like with cleavage!! That was what i hope to accomplishment with this procedure!! But Dr Bednar said that would be impossible to get with fat transfer to breast! He said with a breast like mines thats deeply deflated and hanging as low has it is now! i would never achieve it standing higher even with the fat in will even drop lower!! I even ask him how about a lift and fat transfer to my breast he claim he is afraid it would leak out!! He said no doubt i would've fuller breast with fat but with no cleavage and they will even hang lower! Because the top of my breast wouldnt get fuller! I'm just saying didnt think my breast was that deflated yes i had 4 children and all breast fed!! But if u go to my page you would see how my breast look! Compare to some of these of the breastes i have seeing on this site they look more deflated flat chested than mine! however he told me for the look i wanted to accomplish he require to get breast augmentation lift and implants!! So with that said i know what i want and i know i dont want any foreign object in my breast so now i am back to the drawing table!!
Now this other issue had my appointment with my gyn on the 31th which i made! Only to find out dr. Lieberman had to tell me to wait again for 3 more months come back for a sonogram follow to check if any changes on the syst!! This really come to ruin and plans untop of that he is telling me how he don't no longer see the large syst what was found that send me to the emergency room june!! Also he telling me about pass medical history i had occurred over 15 years ago went in remission i no longer have!! How my pass medical history would be highter risking doing the surgery than the cast of removing the syst! My question is if that was the case why would you not say to me the first time we discuss that?? about these risk & complication that would occur if i had to have surgery and why would u send me to oncologist only to have her send her assistant to examine me come in after ask a few question and tells me ok everything seems to be find with you! Come back in the next 3 months for follow up!! Really really now!! Now your telling me the same shit! He now wants me to go have a pelvis specialist to check my pelvis to see whats going on there!! I swear this is getting to be tooo much!! I reason coming to you in the first place was to remove the syst from my ovaries which was and still is making my life a living hell!! I am in constant pain plus bleeding heavily on my monthly!! And cruciate pain during intercourse!! And now he is sending me to come back in 3 months for rechecking!! ???????????????????? i am going to go insane with what i am going through right now!!

This is the look of my breast now

Tell me if my breast is that deflated, because i have seeing way more deflated breast than mines. I just need my breast fix looking naturally! Is that too much to ask????

To all you beautiful realself ladies

To all you beautiful realself ladies how are you guys doing?? I hope all going well for all of you!! Has for me I'm still in dilemma with moving on with my progress!! Has i left off b4 on the breast issue and finding a doctor in the states who would give me my wish but keep winding up with hope only to get let down! Like i mentioned before with consult i got from one of the doctor there in the state specialized with raving reviews on good results in fat transfer to breast procedure is Dr Bednar! Whoever didnt get the response i wanted to hear even when ask if a lift wouldnt be recommended while procedure been done to give more perkey more cleavage effect to my breast he told me he dont think he would do so because he was afraid of leaking!! Who knew i thought professional should go though endless possibility and can combine different procedure to accomplish results!! I guess he wasn't that good after all. Moving to so i contacted this other dr Horowitz who coordinator told me she couldnt give me a price until i come in for a consult after telling her i would have to travel from New York to California for that consult before i can get a qoute possible price range saying aroung $12 - 18 thousand dollars!! And the other drs talking about for me getting the results i want they recommend breastlift with implants!! I dont know if its God telling to to just forget about getting my breast done here and just look elsewhere for both!! Realistically i cant get 3 body done elsewhere out of the country the price i would pay to get my breast done there in the States!! Not saying I'm downing on anybody who's getting procedure procedures done there in the States but if you got that kind of money go right ahead! I want good results on my procedure my body should look like a million bucks if i am dishing out that kind of money!! Another thing many celebrities are getting there waist snatched who do you think they're going Columbia, Dominican Republic ,Costa Rica!! Thats where they go to get that hourglass shape!! Dont let them fool you! But to each their own!! I love saving money and wisely spend it on things of my pleasure. Sorry i think i can find a doctor with skills in Dr to do my breast and body same time. I really wanted the king to snatch me up but he offers only tt , bbl, lipo!! No really need bbl!! I badly need my breast and tummy done at once!! I am going to look into other doctors that will make my wish come thought! Yes safety is first not going to fight on that!! But i am a healthy person with no health complications no disease, and my hemo right now is 13 .5 and counting and bmi 31 was told from us doctors my bmi is high the normal should be under 30 well thats us doctor requirements however in dr as long as ur bmi is not over 32 ur good! I have to say people continue to underestimate those doctotrs abroad but little did they know these drs does most of their studies in Europe, and USA travel to the poorest countries and Proform amazing!! Trained by well renowned surgeons Proform some amazing surgeries on the needy when doing their studies and clinical they develop tremendous skills some even better than some right here in the US So please keep your judgements to ur self!! With that said I am building my blood up for quite a while with natural juicing smoothies ,and loading up on my veggie i am also taking some vitamins and vitamin D which I'm locking ,prenatal vitamins /regular vitamins . i know i should stop taking them a month b4 sx but i think i am on the right track!! I will do anything to make this happen!! My wish hemo # is 15 when i get there I'll sharing it with you all!! Because i am going for both procedures my breast and tummy & maybe lipo 2 other ares on my body!! I send out a few request for consults to dr Hernandez, Robles, and dr fisher lets see which one answers back.
Thats all for now until i hear back from them!! I also forgot to say my original timing had to be change from October to probably early December!! Cross my finger hope and praying!! All you dolls and dolls to be in the making well wishes to a safe procedure, love, healing and speedy recovery!! God bless.
Any suggestions is always welcome.

Doing some more research on other doctors in other countries

Doing some more research on other doctors out of the country like Columbia & Mexico!! Two doctors caught my interest Dr Hector Duran! Dr Sacristan, and Dr Marcos Petro i think dr Petro has Tides with Argentina he is from Columbia also dr Sacristan! But dr Hector Duran is from Mexico! Now i hope all are board certified i still doing my research on them in finding out more about them!! Has i mentioned b4 i send out request for consults and qoute to Dr fisher in Miami, Dr Hernandez Pezzoglio, and Robles in Dominican Republic i hard from Dr Robles and Hernandez Pezzoglio i must say i like Robles response on my request on having my breast and tummy done at once she said she would try to please and make me happy i think that was sweet of her!! Seems like she understood where i was coming from even if i wouldn't get the other parts of my body taken care of this time!! Her concern is on my health which is a pluz to me!! And also Dr Hernandez mentioned about my health doing to much procedures at once!! He seems very forward truthful and honest when i ask him about lipo wanting my waist to be snatched & contouring my body he said a tummy tuck with a small lipo to waistline!! And no cant do! To tell you the truth that frakes me out because i couldn't understand what did he mean by that!! I mean is he telling me my tummy tuck procedure would consider a small lipo to my waistline!! I am confuse because i am big boned not petite girl so no such small lipo to my waistline would give me a snatched waist. Maybe i misunderstood what he meant so thats all for now i am still looking into other countries finding other doctors to give me what i need has you guys know my first initial on my Journey was to get my breast lift with fat transfer!! I am still on that journey trying to found a doctor who can give me with reasonable price. If not then i go the other way which is lift my breast with or without implants but my lift have to look beautiful where you have to ask if i had implants.
Lord Jesus these long ass writing who have time to read all this lol
Ladies please bear with me.
Goodnight ?& ????

So i am gone south of the border! Into Mexico

Hello my Rs family i feel all alone where you at??????????
So I'm gone south of the border into Mexico i have been on it doing my research on getting sable in decision wgo knew this would have me on a rollercoaster i swear its like one minute you feel like this might be it then you get a vibes or something dont sit right with you!! Bi contected Enovation in Florida enquiring about a dr i happened to stumble upon IG goes by the name drlipo however i requested a Mummy Makeover quote well i got quote alright one surgery coordinator who assist me said her name was Carmela told me to send pic which i did! she came back to me with a quote & instruction supposedly from the doctor the in instruction goes has follow the doctor request he want you to go to Florida to do lipo on you tummy bra area and back then you will wait for 4-6 months for your tt and breastlift!! Mind you i am not nowhere close to Florida i live in New York which i stated to ms Carmela and when the first procedure will cost $4500 then when i return for my tt & breast procedure the cost for my tt will be $ 5,600 & breastlift will be $4,500 chic chin calculation we are talking about $14, 600. To get tt and a breastlift!! Is this person for real. I ask her why do i need to make 2 trips for this procedure? Her answer because the doctor want to give me a flat tummy where there wont me no fat on my tummy and I'll be happy with my results!! Really They can kiss my rumos let me first state its not so much about money more so like the trauma 2 my body and my health putting my body through this unnecessary task not to mention the downtime which i would've to take off from my job twice for this one procedure which only need one like how many downtime should a Mummy Makeover takes! And for other area if needed lipo it would cost $1500 each site. travel expenses and all that i am looking at around $25,000!!!Please no anway this other Vanity Cosmetics Miami inquiring about dr fisher only to hear dr fisher is booked right up until February of next year!! So no won do i am now on a different trail has i mentioned south the border Mexico the place and website is Top surgeons Mexico thats who i am dealing with now seems like i am getting somwhere i love they approach they've been answering all my questions my surg coordinator name is David Suez!! Which i am sooo happy its not a woman not saying i dont like dealing with woman i am just saying when it comes to women i always have a hard time getting what i need in business transaction!! So lets see will this go somewhere!! I'm optimistic open minded and hoping everything goes moody!! Lol me and my long ass reviews will keep u all posted on that. It would help if there's anyone on this site have went with this sx company in Mexico before your welcome with any information you can share with me about ur experience!! Thanks again ppls ?& ????

I'm literally drained!!

I'm literally drained with this process on finding the right surgeon to do my procedures! Well ladies has you know I'm in the search now looking to go south across the border into Mexico oh yes since has i been checking out a few doctors there in the States and abroad Dominican Republic and getting no luck with prices here and the hour glass shape i desire there in the States and dr most of the doctors i got quotes from obly 2 out of the 5 drs i reached out to would do both procedures at onces Mejia and Robles said they would do both procedures at onces!! I have been seing some amazing dolls produce by Robles and with all her pass issues i am willing to overlook that dont get me wrong i wont put my life in any danger not for some ass are any other. With that said Mejia have some good ones to but Mejia deals with body lift procedures seems like thats his best fileds seen some beast and tt looking good but lately i have been hearing so unpleasant reviews miss and hits from him!! thats what made me want to look elsewhere! Robles did sound like she is confident with making me happy but when saying she will try i dont lime the sound of that!! I i get dont want getting there and hear so sorry we couldn't get to ur breast due to surgery timing but you can come back for rd2 that what the king told me tt + bbl first then breast rd2 and thats not sitting well with me! I dont think i need bbl .
I dont want to put my body through 2 much trauma within the 6months period!! Once i just want to be done with i want to be doing anymore surgeries at least not for now maybe 3 years when needed touch up. So Mexico is the place i am looking into the company name is Top Surgens Mexico. So the trip amd sx coordinator working with me ne is David Suez so far he answered all my questions i asked but a few concern seems to bugging me about this company (1) they pick the surgeon for you to perform ur sx (2) they gave me a dr name Juan Bernardo Baltazar saying he is one of the top surgeon in hospital Angeles del Pedregal but when i go looking up this dr i couldn't frind nothing on him found no testimony reviews not Facebook, Instagram nada!! The only place i saw this drs is in a advertisement on the hospital and Specialty's procedures for reconstructive surgeries on cancer patients!! Thats it!! I am calling on all you beautiful ladies to share a word anyone who went to this hospital Angeles del Pedregal in Mexico for sx are knows anyone who went there plase I'm anxious to know. I just dont feel like i want to go not knowing anything avout this surgeon.
Thanks again ladies for all your help.
Happy healing to all the dolls how's on the flat side and the ones getting there.
All the best

I am finally getting somewhere

Hi ladies seem like i am finally getting somewhere.
I am on the trail to Mexico Merida
meson de la luna hotel, My doctor will be Hector Duran his assistance name is Lucia Gamboa she helped me in getting a quote on my procedures and made contact with other arrangement for my post-op care, my post- op care will be dr duran working partner who is a CEO for Yucatan Medical Services this is the contact information from Dr jose Enrique Guerra.
Dr. Jose Guerra, CEO of Yucatan Medical Services. A company that provides all the arrangements for medical tourism, or people that want to come for a medical or dental procedure.

I work with Dr. Duran, and he kindly refered me your case, so I can help you schedule all your trip (plane, hotel, transportation, tours, etc)
please let me know what are your needs, and let me do the intinerary for you.
I am extremely impressed of the professionalism ,accommodation, and sincerity approach toward helping me with my necessity needs to make life pleasant for me before/during / and after my procedure. I will be staying for 15 days i am trying to leave on the 5th of December and return on the 19th if all goes well! Not trying to leave before my drain out and i am completely ready to travel!
I will be posting all the details on my Journey!
My daughter will travel with me so i wont be alone thank God!
Things are now looking up for me.

I am glad i got off this trail with Topplasticsurgeonsmexico wasn't feeling comfortable with them picking my doctor for me and not able to make contact nor saw much information on the doctor i was able to get a few information posted on this site but i wasn't impressed.
Hope all u dolls to be and dolls already are doing well.
I couldn't do this with u all beside me.

Across the border trailing to Mexico!!

Hi beautiful people its so amazing to have good people like you in my corner the love & support we give each other on the same goals in the process cosmetic or other surgical procedures we are all here to lead a ? ???? thoughts, concerns, experience! Most of all the love ???? 100%
I couldn't do this without u all!! The world would be a better place if we could draw from this and realize we are no better than and all are Gods Children with same at the end we all return ashes & dust. What this world need is love ? the 4 letter word dont take much to shear it.
In all ur doing do well for others and self.
Have a productive day queens/ princesses, kings, and Prince!

Working progress!

So now i am just waiting for my time to come December it is if all goes well!! Just a few issues with my health doing all the necessary steps on clearance for my day of sx i have a few issues with back, shaulder, pain i had sciatica problems for the past 4 years now! Thats no joke pain to deal with and herniated /bulging disc in my lower back neck damage nerves due to job related!! I also think me being unable to do rigorous exercise cost me to gain so much weight! I use to be such an active person and since this happen to me i am restricted to do certain things so my me doing this sx i hope will help me with my posture and back problems!
I am a big girl weighing 188 pounds last time i weighed myself! I gained more from b4 that! So i really need to loose at least 15 pounds b4 my sx but not dwelling on that bedside i dont know what else to do to get the pounds off i being trying so much hgc pills and drops and eating lots of veggies/ more protein but still nothing works! So i give up on those and now looking to other source!
I am still open to suggestion if its really good if anyone here have any unbelievable weight loss experience without doing any surgery please share!!
But the struggle is real! I also i am booking with this cosmetic rejuvenation place here in New York taking an approach in taking care of cellulites on my legs i cant stand to see them no more and it seems each year they have gotten even worst so prevalent that its shameful to wear short shorts even in my house my confident level as dropped! I want them gone at least somewhat.
But i am working on my blood making sure my hemo is at the level it should be to face this major sx coming up in 2 months and also my bmi its at 31 still too high i need it to be 29-30 at least so i really need some help in the weight lossing area help help ppl anyone great story to share will get me to goals!
Well all for now!! Best of luck to all dolls, queens, princesses and kings.

Yea y'all dolls! kings & Queens! ????

Yea y'all dolls! kings & queens ????
So much has happen since we last spoke! As i left off with going to Mexico to get my sx done with Dr Hector Duran saddly 2 say thats not going to happen not only realize he wasn't the right dr for the job after requested some information from him which i was told they would deliver i waited almost 4 weeks and still not get the information i requested! On top of that his assistant he had b4 is no longer with him to my understanding a new girl took over and since than the attented communication drop! So whats to be will be! Moving on to other issues remember the issue i had with the syst it now revolve and now back to the fouth front and now considering sx to remove them! I also went back to my gyn dr to discuss the procedures that will be taken place no date yet because i have one more appointment with another surgeon that surgeon suppose to be working with the gyn dr to preform my sx. Not only removing the syst from my ovaries but will do a vaginal lift & cervix to put thing back where it was b4 i gave birth to my bundles of joy! (smile) they say those who wait on the lord will renew their strength rise up like an eagle! I have so many issues going on with me that when i am done i will be a new person i really think that! I have had my share of unpleasantness in my life time!! Always taking care of others! Now its time i taking care of me.
50 is the new 20 lol and i have just this time left i have to get it right this time around! Although Plastic/ cosmetic surgery will not make you feel your hold self! Beauty is skin deep if u know what i mean its from within and i have done that! Now I'm working on the outside.
How much of us on this site have to deal with stuff!! I would say all of us thats y we're here to give support! Honestly i couldn't do it without y'all i know i am greatful & thankful for almighty God yes i know him 2 if i didn't have him in my life idk where would i be!! He is an awesome God u should try it sometimes.
I am on this Journey my testimony! I will update an further note on my progress taking care of this issue b4 the other! Leaving off with this wish y'all the best dolls! Queens! Kings! Princesses! & Prince.

Crying blood tears now!!

Crying blood tears now!! what i have to do relating to these issues that i have being dealing with! I am researching up on what these issues is and procedures that will be performing!! I am stun to the fact that i went in thinking cyst was my only problem come to find out that i have other issues connected in the same area and i might wine up having to do a hysterectomy!! Boy boy boy this is like a nightmare that will take a while to get awoken from!!
If this the new 50 than i rather go back to being 40 years!!
Idk if any of u ladies who had many pregnancies and childbirth that do a number not only on your body but your Vagina area has well!!
Oh God!! my body has to be fully prepare for this procedure i thought i will just be removing the cyst & a vaginal lift but to my suppose when meeting with dr fligman i was informed i will be getting a Sacroclpopexy which has explained with hysterectomy be associated with a mash to hold everything up back in its rightful place!! Wow in that process the cyst will be remove and so is my labia will remove all that unsight flash will me gone. Woowee this is a lot to take in at once but i am trusting that this will be done asap because i want to get back to my main focus!! Anyone out there that had this kind of procedure done i would like to get ur feedback on ur experience and post-op trans mission into normalcy!!
Thanks for all ur inform u can share.

Well Surgery date is set .

Well surgery date is set for 12/10/16
After going through on again off again and the rest between putting of my goal sx to completing this sx first which i think make all the sense in the world! Them cyst will be gone plus the viggie lift if all goes well next year march will most likely get my tt & breastlift goals done.
I am asking you ladies to keep me in your prayers i and doing the ssme for myself!
Idk how it took my dr so long to figure it out .
Oh i forgot to mention I went also and got a second opinion with another surgeon only to find out i will not need a hysterectomy to do my remove the cyst & lift so i change from the original dr.
I am so relieved and happy i went an do so.
Ladies i just want to say this its your body and u know u want done to it.
Read up an do ur research before you jump into anything in a rush
Thank you guys for all for a listenjng "
I'm actually falling asleep here goodnight y'all, has soon as i am feeling well i will reach out.
Thanks again

reschedule surgery date!

Reschedule surgery date, sorry ladies been a while since my last post!
Following on last update I was scheduled to have my surgery done on December 10th but was canceled not of my fault! Urologist surgeon cancelling out due to not having the OBGYN Dr with her on the time schedule to get this done! So as of now I am reschedule for April of 2017! Which I am not happy with I'm now in search of finding other surgeon who can get it done sooner! I lost confident in her this Dr! Will keep y'all posted upcoming ! Not going to stress God knows best!
Hope all dolls, queens, princess, prince, kings are doing & healing well! Peace and love

Overdue update

Well ladies I know its been quite a long time since I updated sorry for That! Things got so intents for me after first surgery date was canceled not of any fault by me Dr canceled due to not having the obgyn with her to proform sx , with that same must of you know my original plans was to get my body sneached but other issues had came up which needed to be dealt with before getting my body worked on.
So surgery finally happen on the 7th of April and has we speak I am in so much pain ! I had hyteropexy/ perineorrhapy /cystoscopy / hysteroscopy/ D & C biateral/ salphino-oophorectomy/ labialplasty hmmmm yes all that and i don't even know if I want to go through another sx lol.
First I have to give God thanks & than to the surgeons for performing a safe sx???????? and the out pouring support I am getting from family & close friends I couldn't done it without y'all ???? it's greatly appreciated.
So both of my ovaries & fallopian tubes had to be removed no sense of keeping my fallopian tubes in being has both works in the cycle chain! My ovaries I was told has damaged and didn't look healthy so was wise letting them go.
I want under general anesthesia and sx was 2.30 pm but didn't get stated has plan time u know how those things goes but I went in at 4.45 pm and was told was finish in recovery room at 8.25 pm I was out don't know what has hit me but I wake up with pain pain pain???? it's not easy very painful my tummy looked extended like I'm carrying triplets bloated and did I say painfullll yesssss.
I have gotten( Percocet) and those apron shots you get for bloodclod is a killer on my arms are all black & blue. I send 3 days in the hospital before going home I was constipated had to be prescribed laxatives and suppose to help me go.
I had the best nurses God bless them so much in there lives they all was so nice.
I was also told by my surgeon that her put extra sutures to tighten up the vagina walls and my labialplasty is painful due to removing of skin being stitched! Process will take 4 weeks before you can feel like urself.
Can't answer any questions about feelings on the inside more than if feels like pressure down there like something is about to fall out of your body! The appearance looks ok but sorry ladies won be any pictures sharing below.
Lolhaaaaaa .
The healing process as being and now hoping that all goes well.
Well bye ladies for now for your support and kind words. All the best to all on your Journey, God bless

Long overdue update on progress

Its bein long overdue but better late than never, so let me first say praying for all dollz who have begon sx hope all goes well for y'all.
So i had my surgery on April 7th to remind you all i had ovary cyst removed and my pelvis lift! My God is are awesome! And to my 2 drs Abraham Urologist and dr Justin gynecologists. that operated on me I cant thank you guys enough.
I went in on the 7th i was told to come in at 1.30pm that afternoon i stood there in the waiting room me & my one of my daughter and my Mother bless her heart we waited until near 4.45 pm until it was my turn to face the operating room.
The anesthesiologist was so nice he gave me more confident that I'll ne alright.
I was out like a bullet in which i knew nothing until around 8.30 pm is when i heard honey u are going to be escorted to your room on the 8 th flor is when i knew i was done and i am awake! Thank you Jesus.
The room i stayed in was private with a nice view.
Pain was high but was treated with pain meds Percocet morphine at one point didn't like how the morphine made me feel not only that i didn't think it was controlling my pain some so they started to give Percocet that also made me constipated but they gave me suppository and laxative. And every 3-4 hours i had haprin for blood clot.
I stayed at the hospital for 3 days and discharged after they knew i had a bowel movement i was up walking around in the hospital that same moring with a walker slow moves nut moving around. I never used the bedpan once. Hey hey i just could put myself to do so if i can avoid that.
I had some of the most incredible nurses i had no complaints thanks be to God.
I am now home even went to Canada bein i just found put about my brother bein terminally ill with lung cancer which spreading to his liver & kidney. I am so heart broken! I pray that God heal his totally body. With that said i am now giving my body time to heal b4 i go for my original goals i had planned b4 knowing abput this.
I still want my waistline snatched! And my boobs done. I am shooting for September October and i have another dr i am looking into i already got a quote but still worried about going to Dominican Republic bein has so much has happened in the pass year up until last wedk i am hearimg about a doll who had some cardiac issue npt sure if it was b4 her sx are during sx! good thinking and response by dr. Disla who immediately responded to getting her the help he needed. I am so happy all with well for that doll i hear she is now home
To God be the Glory.
I am think hard if i should go to DR or Columbia if its Colombia it will be dr hugo Rodriguez or dr Gomez.
So thats my goals i am putting into plan now and will update later on what my decision be.
For y'all i pray all the best with ur Journey and covering in Jesus name

Wish to achieve in progress

Sorry was suppose to add these pic at the time of my first post .
If i come close to all pf my wish poc I'll be more happy at 51 years i am so grateful for full life & experience! They all male me stronger and wiser.
Dr Hector Cabral

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