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Ok i"ve contacted a few surgeons got replies back...

Ok i"ve contacted a few surgeons got replies back from all of them, i was leaning more towards surgeon Mario Diaz but came across a girl who goes to the same beauty parlor as I, she mentioned she had work done she than showed me the incision & it was made beautifully thin ( c-section ). So she mentioned she got it done by Dr Luis Lima Mejia so i got ahold of him yayyyyy!!! the procedures im getting done are body sculpting, tummy tuck, breast lift with implants i know it sounds like a lot. my weight right now is 140pounds i have 1 baby boy whose 13months, b4 getting pregnant i was 125pounds and on my last trimester i went up all the way 190pounds very depressing, after birth i was 165pound & gradually kept going down my body dosent look like it did which was a bomer boyfriend wasent opt for me to be getting surgery done but i finally saved up on my own! & now im ready ive booked my flight for december 1st!!!!! so i"ll be going under the knife dec 2nd God willingly. & i should be arriving back dec 15.

I cant believe it im so close to surgery im nervous & excited!!! if any of u you girls know of the most important essentials that I'll be needing pls let me know!!!

I've been in contact with Janet who seems to be....

Dr lima"s assistant at first when i was trying to contact him it was a lil difficult to get a hold of him when finally i touched base with him he made me contact Janet so she can review my photos and she was the one that gave me my quote..... Ive been conversing with some of my coworkers & they all seem to like DR Hector Herrand i was able to get ahold of him quick directly from his cell phone but hes asking for around 6k a lil over than that. I cant believe that the date is finally arriving 15days away exact yikkes extremly nervious & anxious

Dr hector Herrand....

Also emailed me back after viewing my photos he told me what i needed and also insisted that i dont need implants thats 1 thing i dislike, if i want implants thats it finale dont try & tell me what im getting if im paying for it why try & talk me out of it

My mother is freaking out of me going...

to another country to have surgery shes been insisting for me to go for a consultation for Dr Jeff Yager in Manhattan NY she feels its safer so do i but paying 15k to me is a lil ridic it makes me feel more at ease the thought of having surgery here but owing money i dont like that idea, so im going for a consultation this wednesday isee how it goes i will be informing u ladies please shower me with support ladies i feel sorta undeceive if i didnt have a kid i would go 2 dr without a care in the world but its dif hard the thought that i might not make it back my son needs me.... Staying positive. i also asked jnet for some b4 & afters since theres none on his website i will be posting them up if u ladies are interested

posting up b4 & afters of...

DR Luis Lima if u girls r interested

Dr Luis Lima's work

Janet his assistant

Wish pics

Wish pic

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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