Please Read my review if you are going to surgery in the Dominican Republic...Just a few pointers!

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I am a 35 year old mother of 3 ages 5,11 and 17,...

I am a 35 year old mother of 3 ages 5,11 and 17, two boys and my last is a girl. I was 30 when I had my daughter, and needless to say she tore me up. I gained 60 plus pounds weighing over 200 pounds. My birth weight for my first son was 150, with my second 180 and with the the scale.

This site has helped me do something I’ve been wanting to do for years. My family is against me traveling alone but I don’t care. As a mother I always put everyone ahead of my needs and wants but not this time. I’m finally doing something that is SELFISH and I deserve it. And after my surgery of over I’ll go back to putting myself on the back burner but until then…DR here I come.

I keep looking in the mirror wondering what it would be like to actually like what I see. And if I look as good as some of you guys that have had your surgery then it will be worth all the pain and suffering. I had lasik surgery and I felt like a new person… so if it feels anything like that…. I am so looking forward to it….that’s after the pain and swelling goes down.

My husband is against my PS and says “God made you this way”…and I respond by telling his ass…”NO you made me this way and I’m changing it back to what God intended me to look like!” My husband love me just the way I am but I can’t stand holding in my gut, not to mention I have too many clothes that I can wear but don’t wear because I don’t like my stomach. I work out all the time but my stomach just won’t go anywhere and it is so discouraging. But there are some things exercise just can’t fix and for all those other things there a person call DR. ROBLES…lol…

I’ve lost weight since the picture I posted and I am nervous as hell, I will be traveling alone but I’m looking forward to getting away from all my daily responsibilities…As a mom and wife it seems like our jobs never end so I’m looking forward to being away. Not looking forward to being swollen and hurt on Thanksgiving but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to take…

So if you’re active and go to the gym will this help with the recovery? I see some people recover a lot quicker than others…you know what side I praying that I fall in line with….lol…

So who else is going to be in DR during the week of Thanksgiving…I’ll be there on the 19th.

OK so the date is getting closer and closer. Since...

OK so the date is getting closer and closer. Since I posted those pic I've lost about 5-7 pounds. I'm looking in the mirror and saying to myself I don't really need surgery, now everyone looking at those pic know DAMN WELL I need this surgery. I guess the the anxiety kicking in and my nerves are shot. I'm looking forward to getting on the plane and getting away from my responsibilities but I'm not looking forward to the recovery. But like they say no pain no gain. I don't know how I'll be able to not take a bath/shower for 10 day let alone 24 hours. I just don't know how I feel about regardless of what I think or feel I plan to follow the doctor's orders fully and I pray that my period does NOT come on while on the no bath

I'm going to wait until the last minute to pack so I'l have plenty of distractions...This procedure is scheduled before Thanksgiving and I always have al least 20 family members come into town and I stay up for 2 days cooking...needless to say everyone was in shock when I said I won't be cooking this year...especially my I told his ass you on your own this year Dad..That could be one of the reasons he is giving me a hard

I'm thinking I may need to put up the Christmas tree before I leave. It's a 9ft tree and it normally takes a few hours including standing on a ladder and reaching and now that I think about it will be a requirement before I leave...I'm sure there is no way I will be able to do it when I come back home. Needless to say it will probably be up until February depending on how I feel..My husband won't put it up but he will help take it down...

After looking a few of the ladies post on here I have increased my vitamin intake, I was taking the min which is:
Vit C 1000mg
Iron65 mg (equivalent to 325mg)
Vitamin B50 complex
I have added:
One a day vitamin (Walmart brand)
D3 1000i.u

I take all these once a day at night, I can't take all those pills during the day and plus I am afraid I will forget, I have one of those pill dispensers that has the ways of the week on husband refused to use it because he said it made him feel sure did come in handy for me. All are taken at night except for the B complex which is a metabolism.

I'm thinking about buying a compression garment, but I'm not sure what size. My current weight is 150 and my height is 5'4.5. Anyone have any suggestions on where to buy or should I just wait until after the surgery??? Thanks ladies! the less family you tell the better... the less family you tell the better especially for those that are traveling alone. So I had the talk with my husband last night (he's been giving me the silent treatment) I stay clear when he's on his anyhow he shares with me how he does not want me to have the surgery and he cannot support me going to DR alone...Of course I'm not trinna hear any of this but I ACT as if I may change my mind. So basically I had to explain that I am grateful that he loves me for me BUT this surgery is for me and only me. I explained that for many years I have not liked what I see in the mirror and always wanted PS (after my last child) but was not able to afford all of what I wanted to have corrected. I'm the type... If I can't have it ALL I'm not going to have any. Finding this site was one of the best discoveries on my life and it gave me all that I needed to:

1. Find an affordable PS 2. Connect with actual women that have gone and come back safe 3. Educated myself on what to expect from you ladies on this site. He understands my perspective, he's still not happy about me going alone but like I told him...who is going to be able to leave work or their families and travel with me to DR when all I'm drugged up for most of the time. I wouldn't feel right asking I told my husband with him being home with the kids will give me a piece of mind while I am away healing.

So ladies, I feel your pain but I must say it makes me mad as hell when I think of all the money my husband (and I but mostly have blown or what we've spent on stupid stuff and you really have a problem with something that is going to make me feel better about myself...Now you want to say well he can pay bills or do something else with that money...UUUMMMM EXCUSE me there's a few thing that are guaranteed until we die and BILL is at the top of the next...

MY VAJAJA is out of control...but I think I like...

MY VAJAJA is out of control...but I think I like it...OK so i listed the vitamins that I am taking and I have noticed that I have excessive vaginal much until I thought I had a yeast I had to check and it turn out that the vitamin B complex can increased vaginal lubrication...Notice that I take ALL vitamins at night except for Vitamin B Complex...HAS ANYONE HAD THIS side affect...I think I like it (MY HUSBAND LOVES IT) except when I'm at work...this may be TMI but I'm one that only wears underwear during that time of the month or if absolutely necessary so I noticed that I have to wear thongs with panty liners due to the extra lubrication...So needless to say I may keep that Vitamin B complex after my surgery is

COUNT I only have a TWO days left. I...

COUNT I only have a TWO days left. I contacted Raquel and asked her to send an e-mail confirming my surgery and all the contact phone numbers and address so my husband and me can have something on file in case of an emergency. Raquel sends the e-mail but one of my procedures is not listed (lipo of the inner thighs). So I send an e-mail and text asking to include the procedure... NO response. Raquel was very hands on through the process HOWEVER I feel that once I sent the confirmation of my airline ticket it seem like ALL communication has stopped. She did ask me if I was ready for my surgery and I responded but personally I feel like the customer services have decreased.

Has anyone else that has used Dr. Robles has some of the same concerns??? I ended up e-mailing Laura, telling her about my concerns and also stated that if needed I could postpone my surgery until we are all on the same page; Laura stated that all is well and all my surgeries will be included. BUT I'm still a bit pissed that Raquel was able to text me on a regular but soon as that confirmation was's like whatever...

Well everyone I went to Wal-mart with my list...I got everything except the chewable nausea tables and the compression socks, because I was not sure if I would actually need them...any advice would be great! I’ll put a list of everything packs and when I return I will list anything that I did not use…because it will be returned as soon as I get back…lol…Happy healing Ladies!

OK so I made it safe. I will tell anyone that you...

OK so I made it safe. I will tell anyone that you MUST make sure to use Dr. Robles transportation because anything else…is just scary as hell…. I was a relief to see that handwritten sign with my name on it...I'm at the hospital and Laura came to see me, I was able to pay her as well. I will say that walking around with that kind of cash is nerve racking. Even at the hospital I didn't want to leave my bag to complete my x-ray...But the tech assured me that the door would be locked.

I think I'm in shock…I feel like I’m watching a movie…I’ve never traveled outside the country (other than by sea) let alone by myself…I still can’t believe that I am actually here in the DR about to get plastic surgery.

I had the hardest time contemplating on if I should get pesos or just use American money (not for surgery but while I'm here). I ended up not converting any American dollars I waited too late to do my homework. Oh guys when you get to the hospital make sure you are in a room that the wifi will work in…my first room had no signal plus all the channel on T.V are in Spanish...Lucky for me I love CNN…it is the only channel (111) that is in English.

So my surgery is tomorrow morning, I can’t sleep I’m gonna be up all night…Dr. Robles is suppose to come by tonight…not sure is she will actually come it’s almost 9p.m.

My flight was good no complaints as I got closer to DR I almost started having panic attacks…lol...It’s sooooo weird being here….I feel so out of place but everyone here is really nice… far so good!

Hello Ladies I made it...I'm in too much pain to...

Hello Ladies I made it...I'm in too much pain to take off the CG to take pictures at this point but I promise I will post as soon as I am able. Dr. Robles is wonderful and she does outstanding work. I wasn't able to get the inner thighs done because my iron was not as high as she liked it to be. I was upset at first but appreciated her being honest and not putting my health in jeopardy. The recovery house looks like a mini is beautiful, Vriginia is soooo nice and Leo the driver is nice as well. As soon as I am able I will post pictures...Happy Healing and thanks for all your prayers!

OK ladies so I have updated pics for you, to be...

OK ladies so I have updated pics for you, to be honest I don't know what I feel. I had a few issues with the compression garment being so tight that it hurt to breathe. These pictures were taken after having the CG removed so I was not able to pay attention I was just glad I could breathe without hurting...needless to say I didn't put it back on. I know that my body will look good in a few weeks but I see my stretch marks more now...However I do believe that Dr. Robles work is perfect and it will take me a few days to get use to my new body.

I was not sure if I wanted implants or not, I know I listed it but once you get those papers and start to read all the complications associated with the implants I was like..Oh kept going back and forth w/Dr. Robles because I was not sure. I was a DD then my breast deflated to a D, and I was not sure of the size after the lift, but I knew I would not be happy with a B cup...She helped me with a difficult decision...

She said she will do the lift first and it the breast are too small she will add a small implant...I was happy with that, I did end up adding 200CC or so.

YES I HAVE JOINED THE FLAT'm still in shock that I am here in the DR but even with my feelings IT IS WORTH EVERY DIME!

Virginia is great and she takes such good care of us, she has a beautiful heart!

Hey Guys so everyday seems to be a little better....

Hey Guys so everyday seems to be a little better. I feel stiff but the pain is bearable. There are two other girls here which is making the process so much easier in addition to this website, which is really a blessing. It really is hard to be so out of breath I feel like a fat ass just eating and I'm not going to rush it, my drain is clear today and VIrginia told me to walk but I give out of breath so fast I can't walk for long I have to sit. I have been drinking loads of water because I don't want to leave with this drain. Out next doctor's appointment is in a few days and I will post more pics then. The days seem to be going by fast, I guess because there are 3 of us instead of just one person, I am so grateful for them and for this site...

Virginia told me today no sex for 2 months...I said to myself YEAH RIGHT...more like two days after I get home..I'm gonna try to act like I'm in pain but knowing my husband he'll just say "I'll just put the tip in"...LMAO...AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENS...LMAO...Happy Healing Ladies...Nap time!

Hey guys I forgot to update you on my last...

Hey guys I forgot to update you on my last doctor's appointment 11/23, well before that let me bring you up to speed... While in the hospital after surgery the CG is already put on you. After waking I explained to the doctor that I was having trouble breathing, but she said I just have to adjust. I was NOT given a bra after my surgery only ace bandages.

I didn't know what to expect and only could rely on the post from the other girls on here. The CG was so tight around my sternum that it made is difficult to breath. The size of my CG was XXXXS, plus the bikini CG cuts around my pubic area. When I went for the appointment I asked for an CG that has the shorts instead of the bikini, she refused and said that it was a gift and said that the white binder is the basic binder that is given to patients. I was upset because if I pay for a CG I should be able to pick the one that I want especially if the CG is costing me $100.00.

So Before you purchase any airline tickets you need to make sure you have Laura (not Raquel) send you in writing what type of CG you are getting and it also needs to say that a bra will be supplied. I had to ask for the bra, one was not offered to me, I was asked if I brought a bra. When I questioned why they were asking me for a bra and told them I was suppose to be supplied with one then they said I will get one on the next visit which is tomorrow.

I can't really complain about the overall experience because Dr. Robles work outweighs all the minor things that pissed me off and her work is off the charts, However if you can make minor adjustments to omit what I went through then you will be fine. Dr. Robles is a perfectionist when it comes to her work and her patients are her WORK. I do not regret my decision to come, just a little disappointed in the services with Dr. Robles after.

Also you need to bring about $150 just for medical expenses. I had to purchase four shots that helped increase my red blood cell count. So I would say you need about $300.00 for medical and if you plan on buying another CG which I would NOT...wait until you get home like PRK said, because your weight will go down and you want your CG comfortable for you since we will be wearing them for a while. Hopefully I will have more pictures to post tomorrow, Happy Healing!

Hello Ladies, we went to the doctor, my incision...

Hello Ladies, we went to the doctor, my incision is healing well but I do have a lot of selling so Dr. Robles said to wait until the next appointment on Wednesday to take any pictures. I did take pictures of the recovery house which is really nice. Also those that plan on coming to DR try to bring enough money to tip the staff, it is not required but just sit back and watch and let your heart lead you to what to leave. I know everyone will not be able but to those that can please do. So I finally put back on the first CG and today I can fit into it nicely, BUT I did leave the top 3 snaps loose (under my breast). Don't get me wrong it is tight as hell but it doesn't hurt like before. I really think with the trauma of the surgery and the CG was too much.

I have no pain just a feeling uncomfortable at times and I CAN"T STAND THE DAMN DRAIN...Dr. Robles said if all goes well it should be taken out on Thursday. My flight leaves early on be honest I believe that no matter what she leaves in the drains the entire time of your stay. I have been drinking water 24/7 even through the night at times because I don't want to leave with this damn drain.

Hey Ladies someone posted a great question and I...

Hey Ladies someone posted a great question and I wanted to update my profile with the answer. For communication in the hospital and recovery house you will have wifi. YOU NEED TO GET GOOGLE VOICE on your phone and on your laptop. I can call anyone in the U.S for free and talk as long as I want.

I have Verizon and I had them to disable my phone on a certain date because once you enter DR you will start roaming and the calls are $1.99 per minute, texts are .50 outgoing and .15 incoming. I didn't want to take any chances so I called Verizon and they disabled my internet and text. HOWEVER I can use my cell to make calls with google voice (just turn on your wifi...not mobile) make sure your mobile is always OFF. I have a google voice phone number so when I make calls the google voice number shows on the caller I.D. All this can be done before leaving out of the country no matter where you have surgery.

I have the Galaxy S3, also make sure to keep your phone in airplane mode unless you are using it to make calls, AND YOU CAN TEXT with google voice, I believe I can receive calls to but since I don't know for sure I don't answer I just call whomever is calling back! Till next time!

Hey guys sorry I've been MIA, it took me some time...

Hey guys sorry I've been MIA, it took me some time to adjust after I got home. So I had my last appointment with Dr. Robles on Thursday November 29th and I ended up leaving with my drains. I was so upset because I had been draining very little but on the last day of my appointment the drain was full, and I was pissed. I must say that the surgery is not the problem it's the grains, CG and the swelling that is the worst. Now I really understand some of the posts.

So Leo arrived to pick me up at 4:30a.m my flight departed at 7:00a.m. I arrived to the airport around 5a.m., Dr. Robles wrote a note in Spanish letting the airport staff know I would need assistance due to surgery. Also I did sign up for wheelchair service through the airlines. I must say that was the best decision that I made because I would have missed my connecting flight. When flying international with a connecting flight you must pick up your luggage and go through security all over again. It took me two hours to get my bags, go through immigration and check in with wheelchair assistance. I am not able to walk long distances so the wheelchair service was a life savor.

I got home around 11a.m and I really intended to leave in my drains, but I started to smell SO BAD (I had leakage a few day prior). I ended up having my husband take them out that afternoon. I took a 20 minute shower and a bath. My skin was so raw from the drains and the CG and shed so much skin it reminded me of a snake shedding, it was so nasty. I didn't post any pictures because my incisions are healing.

Dr. Robles said to be very careful because the incision can be easily opened. They look kinda nasty because I'm not able to really clean the area I just use a little liquid soap and gently massage the area. no scrubing, picking or rubbing. I don't want to do anything that may cause the incision to open. I clean the area add my scar away cream and keep the incision covered with gauze.

I do have bad news, since I took the drains out early I have seen a build up of fluid, I know I will eventually have to get the fluid removed, but honestly I knew that was a possibility when I decided to remove the drains. I took more pictures of the hospital that I will post in a day or two.

You not really aware of all the things you can't do until you get home. It's so hard sitting on my ass doing nothing, the first day I got home I did too much standing and walking and my feet swell up like ms had no ankles...

I plan on doing my research to see what type of specialist I need to see in order to have the fluid removed...I'm will post pictures as soon as I take more...happy healing and thanks for following my journey!

Hey Ladies, I ended up going to Walgreen and...

Hey Ladies, I ended up going to Walgreen and getting Scar away for my tummy tuck incision, I did research online about different silicone treatments, and I saw a youtube video for Oleeva but it is expensive for your tummy tuck and breast is $200.00 and they charge per breast which is some bullsh%&, Last I checked we all have two breast even animals...So to charge per breast as if we are only born with one breast really pissed me's too close to Christmas to be spending $200 on anything...I really want to order them.

I may use the scar away for theTT incision and order the Oleeva for my breast which is still $100, which is still high. I do think they work, I am also using a cream called Contractubex, I was able to purchase it while in the DR for $20.00 ( I purchased 2). The cream was recommended by GoingtoDR, she said is works great so no questions asked I bought two and I do like it. BUT ladies just be aware that if you already have stretch marks you may develop can't see on the photo I posted but I have horrible stretch marks on both my sides, I'm trying to be positive and pray that after the swelling goes down they will to but I can't describe how they's just that BAD, but I'm going to continue to use my creams and pray for the best.

I consider myself to be very strong minded but PLEASE prepare yourself mentally YOU WILL REGRET having the surgery and ask yourself WHY you decided to have PS... I'm told it will pass...but I'm in the WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING stage...I'll let you know when it passes...I do like looking at myself with clothes on however naked is another story...but I'm only 2 weeks post op! Happy healing ladies...pray for

FYI I almost forgot, Ladies Dr. Robles does put...

FYI I almost forgot, Ladies Dr. Robles does put you on antibiotic the entire time that you are there and I just so happened to bring a diflucan (for yeast). I would advised EVERYONE to get one diflucan tablet from your doctor and have it handy while in the DR. I ended up having the itches about 3 days BEFORE going home.

Well you know how you go to wipe then wipe to hard...Well the next day I had an appointment with Dr. Robles who uses Alcohol Spay to clean your incision..all I can say is " A Bit%% was on FIRE...I was like: I'm burning.... I'm burning....poor Dr. Robles I kept getting louder and louder (remember their English is not so good) she finally caught on after 2-3 times then ran to get solution to spray in my vagina I type I'm LOL so hard.... but let me tell you.... I was on Robles and Raquel were spraying and fanning and we all were lol...(that's after I stopped burning)

Hey Ladies sorry I've been MIA...I have a bit of...

Hey Ladies sorry I've been MIA...I have a bit of bad news, I took my drains out at 10 days post-op and ended up getting seromas. Very large seromas, I went to the ER to see if they would remove the seromas but they advised me to wait to see if they would dissolve in a few days. Then I went to see another PS locally here...BIG MISTAKE...he basically talked crap about me going over seas and tried to charge me $2500.00 (to drain the seromas and insert another drain). I was in a panic mode and didn't know what to I ended up going to see my primary care, who is OUTSTANDING...he put in a referral for me to see a general surgeon, so now I'm waiting for an appointment. I have not taken any pictures because I've been very depressed due to the seromas.

I just want to be clear that Dr. Robles told me to leave in the drains but I couldn't take it anymore....I removed them when I got home at 10 days post op...My surgery was a success, Dr. Robles is a perfectionist and any blames is on myself for not leaving in the drains. Soon as the seromas are drained I will add more pictures, I am still swollen which is normal, aside from the seromas my surgery would have been perfect. I can't complain I am healthy and I am still taking my vitamins and plan to do so for a while. I have been using silicone strips on my tt incision (not on my breast) and it has sped up the healing process. My tt incision is healing so fast but my breast incisions are healing slowly, even though they were done at the same time, my tt incisions are far more advanced in the healing.

I keep on my CG but with the seromas it's difficult to wear but I also have a binder that I wear on a regular. Luckily I don't go back to work for a few more weeks, but I am glad to be home and I love that my tummy is somewhat flat and my breast have started to soften up and fall just a little which is normal...Happy healing ladies!

First I just want to say thanks for your post and...

First I just want to say thanks for your post and all of your prayers, I am scheduled to see a general surgeon on 12/18, for the seromas. I'm sure it's just a consult and I know I'll have to come back to have the actual seromas removed but I'm hoping that he can do them on the same day, or at least before's such a shame to be on the flat side and not even enjoy it yet...but like all the ladies say...this too shall pass. BUT when I have clothes on I look

During the beginning of the year I started buying lounge wear from Victoria Secrete like the panties and small-medium shirts to get ready for the new me after the surgery. I use to buy size large to hide the rolls and my stomach but no more... I just took down a box invoice dated 5/2012 of pretty panties and shirts that I purchased because I was determined to have my surgery, so even though I had no date I was saving and I was determined to do something about what I hated the most about my body.

I'm really glad i'm on the healing side, I know I keep repeating myself but those damn drains were the was talking to GoingtoDR and she only had her drains in for 2 days. I was so jealous...but I guess it's proof that there is more than one way to complete a tummy tuck. Dr. Robles did such good job I really have no complaints plus she did things that I didn't pay for..which will never happen in the

As soon as I find out more and have my procedure I will follow up with pictures. I'm not sure if I will post any with the seromas. If I do if will have to be the day that they are removed...I really hate looking at them...thanks again ladies for the post and happy swelling is going down a lot. I have been able to stand straight for a while and I can bend over...I try NOT to bend but I as able to do so without any discomfort. Today I am 3 weeks post-op today...Happy healing ladies!

Hello Ladies, today I am four weeks post op, Bad...

Hello Ladies, today I am four weeks post op, Bad NEWS..I have been to 3 doctors here in Pensacola and no one will drain my seroma. My primary care said they were too big or else he would have done it, I went to see a general surgeon and he refused, then I went to another PS here and he wanted to charge me 3K. I ended up calling Dr. Robles and sending pictures and needless to say I will be going back to the DR in a few weeks.

Now check this out for all of you who are using RAQUEL...she contact after my surgery and SHE NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT THE INSURANCE...yes.. Dr., Robles offers insurance that is only $150.00 extra in case you have complications, it will cover you up to $1500.00 but you have to pay for your flight.. Not only do I have to pay for a flight I have to pay for the hospital stay. It's still WAY cheaper than the states but it's gonna cost me about $1100.00 to go back. I did contact other PS in Atlanta and they were gonna see me but it was going to cost $500-700 just to drain for one office visit.

I told Dr. Robles if I came back she would have to drain and INSERT another's pointless to go back just for a draining and then I develop more this time I don't care if I have to leave them in for a year they are staying in...Seromas are no joke and I'm already' looks like a I have fluid draining from my belly button (so gross).

Dr. Robles is a perfectionist and I know she really doesn't want to open me back up because my incision is perfect but I begged her and said I had to have her word before I booked the flight..and she agreed! I makes me mad because I'm sure if I were in a REAL city like Atlanta or Virginia another PS would have no problem but since I'm in Pensacola where the population is 5...the doctors here SUCKFACE...or they try to get over on you because let's face it.... Who really comes to PENSACOLA, FL to have PS...uuummmm NOBODY!

So when I go see Dr. Robles she has agreed to:
Drain the fluid
Insert drains and fix my belly button issue all for under $600.00

Just to be clear Dr. Robles is not charging me, but I have to pay for the hospital stay, procedure and transportation (trans is $100)

I posted pic I didn't want to but I did...happy healing ladies!

Also ladies I do still have a great deal of...

Also ladies I do still have a great deal of swelling...and my weight is going down..I'm about 146 pounds now and dropping!

OK so after looking at a post from Joy202 I...

OK so after looking at a post from Joy202 I decided to do a bit more research and I found a medical practice in Atlanta that will see me and drain the seromas for $250.00 on December 27th.... even if I have to come back to see them it's still cheaper that traveling back to the DR...I was in a panic mode because of the lack of doctors here in Pensacola that I just gave up...Atlanta is only 3 hours from me and we already made plans to go before I found this doctors...The doctors do a lot of their outpatient surgeries in their office and so their cost is lower because they don't need access to the hospital....I just want to say Prayer and Realself changes me luck guys!

Hello Ladies sorry it took so long to respond, I...

Hello Ladies sorry it took so long to respond, I have family in Atlanta so the entire time I was there I was on the go. Good news I was able to get the fluid removed. There was a large knot below my breast I thought it was fluid that turned into scar tissue so when I arrived to the doctors office my blood pressure was high….like 144 over 100 high.

I was never in any pain but I knew something was wrong which is why I went to see all the doctors but no one would help locally. But luckily I found Dr. Petrosky with The Plastic Surgery Center in Marietta GA. As soon the doctor came in the room he was SO POLITE and he went to work…It didn’t matter where I had my surgery to him, within 5-10 minutes of him coming in the room he was draining me.

Dr. Petrosky was a bit unsure about the large lump under my breast and he did say that it was unusual. When he started to drain the lump, the blood was dark red. Dr. Petrosky said not to worry the color indicated that it was just a build up and there was no current bleeding. He said if the blood was bright red then he would have been concerned, it was a hematoma.

My tummy is still numb so when the needle was inserted I didn’t feel anything. Only when he applied pressure to get all the fluid is when I was able to feel the needle. The pain was bearable I was so glad I was getting the medical help I didn’t care and told him to do whatever necessary to get everything out. After he was done I was immediately back on the flat side. I asked about getting lymphatic massages but the doctor said no, he only wanted me to continue to wear my CG all day everyday unless I am showering. I scheduled a follow up appointment with him on the 7th. It’s been a few days since I was drained, I do feel a little bit of fluid that is in both areas that were drained but I’m not sure if is was left over from the drain or if I’m still draining. BUT nothing like what I had before.

I also asked if he though I should get another drain and the doctor said there was no need. Also I asked about putting a stitch in my belly button because of the leaking. The doctor explained that once he drained the fluid the BB would heal on it’s own and just to add ointment and keep it covered…I can already see a difference in my BB and it has begun to heal on it’s own.
I plan to make another page for this story alone so that ladies can use Dr. Petrosky if they have complications and they don’t like too far from Georgia. I ended up spending less money by going to Georgia than paying for another ticket to see Dr. Robles. And that’s with GOING BACK TWICE…including the gas and office visit. The first office visit was $250 the next visit will run $60-125 plus I don’t have to travel out of the country…so it was so worth it!

I'm waiting to post pictures..I used a lot of creams to help with my stretch marks and I'm peeling really bad on my tummy area so I didn't want to add any pictures until the area has healed...I plan to post more pictures after my appointment on the 7th, also I'm going to see if I can get Dr. Petrosky to register on realself...Happy healing ladies!

OK ladies, I'm here in Atlanta... tomorrow is day...

OK ladies, I'm here in Atlanta... tomorrow is day two of me getting drained..I will post pictures after...thanks for all the posts...Happy Healing!

Hello ladies, I had my second draining, but I can...

Hello ladies, I had my second draining, but I can tell I will need another draining...I don't think the doctor drain as much fluid as he did the last time. But I always feel better after going to see Dr. P....I have been on a leave from work so my weight has not gone down as much as I would like. I do love shopping for shirts and buying all smalls some extra small...It's such a good feeling. I went for a bra fitting and I'm at a 34DD (Victoria Secrete)...I was shocked..I was sure I was a D but I'm not complaining. I can't go to the gym which is disappointing. I'm sure when I return to work I'l shed about 10 more pounds...currently I'm about 145, happy healing ladies!

Hey ladies sorry it took me so long to respond the...

Hey ladies sorry it took me so long to respond the seromas get me down at times but I still have no regrets I can feel it inside but it’s really not noticeable to anyone else unless I point it out.

Great News I found another doctor closer and cheaper in Fairhope, Alabama (50 miles from me), his names is Dr. Staggers. He is very good and they only charged me $60.00 for the 3rd drain, which was on 1/22 (he drained about 10-12cc’s). I had an ultrasound done to help Dr. Staggers monitor the fluid build up. I noticed that the fluid was no longer yellow but bloody.

I believe at that time I had no more seroma and now have hematomas. The doctor explained that if they are treated and drained I’m fine it’s when they are not treated and grow, then it will sometimes require them to be physically removed. My hematomas are not large but they are uncomfortable. It feels like when you are pregnant and the baby sticks his/her foot in your side…yep that’s the feeling…lol.. the good thing about being preg is you can poke the baby’s foot and they will move it…but not with hematomas.

Dr. Staggers said to come back in a few weeks and then he will either insert a small drain, or there is another procedure where he will inject something to help close the hollow area. Dr. Staggers stated that the body is making fluid to fill up the hollow areas from surgery, which I was able to understand. He said that normally the body will reabsorbed and heal on it’s own and this side affect is common nothing to be alarmed about, this visit only cost me $60.00, he said if he has to insert a drain the entire procedure will cost $150.00 which isn’t bad considering in Pcola they wanted to charge me over $2000.00.

Shortly after that appointment it took no time to feel the fluid coming back. So I knew the doctor would more than likely put in the drain. I had my primary care order another ultrasound in hopes that it would help the doctor with inserting the tube.

On 2/13 I went for my appointment with Dr. Staggers and surprisingly he only drained 2cc, But I thought it was more there. Dr. Staggers said that it is scar tissue and it will take a while 6-12 months for is to reabsorb back into the body because it is small. He did say that it was okay for me to go to the gym, he said not to do any straining ab exercise for now. I was relieved of not having to have a drain inserted. With all the fluid and going back and forth to the doctor I can still say that my surgery was worth it, and even with the extra expenses It was still much cheaper than having is done here in the U.S. No PS would have done all the extra things that Dr. Robles did to me without charging me.

I will say that you go through phases of depression if you have any complications but it all will eventually pass and you body will get back to normal if you listen to your body and get the medical care that you need after, I’m sure If I would have not gotten drained I could have had some serious problems…The first draining I had around 80cc and today it’s down to 2cc, and I thank God that I was able to find two great doctors to help me with this minor set back. Considering that fact that I had NO infections I call it minor…but even with it being minor it could have been much worse…but not because of anything that Dr. Robles did…some patience develop seromas and hematoma and unfortunately I was one of them. I do believe that it I would have left my drains in longer I would not have gone this long with fluid…but hey we live and learn.

Now that I can start back going to the gym I’m going to be better at updating my profile, I was depressed because I was gaining weight from being home (I’m not currently working). But after my visit today I feel much better and I plan to get back to the gym asap!

Hey it is me or does everyone feel like you ass...

Hey it is me or does everyone feel like you ass and hips get huge after TT and lipo...I'm not complaining (well just a lil bit) now that my waist is hella small my butt is out of control and to think... I was actually thinking about fat transfer to my butt...Thank God Dr. Robles said

Hello Ladies I’m almost 4 months post op and I...

Hello Ladies I’m almost 4 months post op and I have good news…..I have not had to go back for anymore draining. The last time I went to for a draining it was less than 2cc….I did feel some fluid come back but not enough to make me want to drive 50 miles to have it drained. I ordered a new CG (Fajas Salome) and I love it…As you can see it comes with shorts so it’s not cutting the crap out of me. One of the other girls ordered it and I had to have it!....FYI I am around 145lbs and I had to order a large…I found out the hard way and ordered a medium because I REFUSED to believe that I needed a large! Well it cost me $7.00 to return it and they sent me another one in about 10 days…But I love it ladies…it cost me $110.00.

I’ve started back going to the gym; which is really helping me tone up. I do have some scare tissue left over from the seroma (upper part of my stomach)….I can’t believe that I’m about to say this but……. later on in the year I may go back and have Dr. Robles do some lipo on my stomach to remove the scar tissue. It’s not noticeable but I’m sure after it’s gone my stomach will be flatter. I do wear my CG everyday and especially when I go to the gym, it gives me the support that I need and it also keeps me from eating too much…lol…Happy healing ladies

Hey ladies, I was playing around with the pictures...

Hey ladies, I was playing around with the pictures for a side by side view.

8 Months post-op still the best decision of my life!

Hey guys just checking in to upload new pictures of my progress. It has been 8 short months and I still have no regrets, getting the surgery has changed my life forever and given me back the confidence that I had before "THE KIDS" tore up my body. I still have stretch marks on my sides but as long as my boobs don't hang to my navel and my stomach is's all good.

I've been hitting the gym hard at least 4-5 times per week. I also purchased a slimming belt for when I work out. I noticed that my tummy feels strange after working out (if I don't wear any support), it could be from the seromas that I had in the past.... But for me personally... wearing my slimming belt is a MUST when going to the gym. I purchased mine from Burlington for $9.99 (by bally's grey and black) it covers my whole stomach and it has metal rods (soft) along your back. I just purchased and mailed one for one of the girls I was with in the DR with (she lives in the Virgin Islands) and hers was better and included an ice pack. I also wear a secure sports bra...gotta protect the girls. I have uploaded a picture of it as well. Make sure you get the one with velcro not zippers. When you have a TT the zipper will be too big!

I noticed in my last post my weight was at 145..well I went up to 152, now I'm currently back at 145 and really I love being this size..I would like to get down to about 135... but we will see..I don't want to look like a crackhead or loose to booty so I have to proceed with caution!!!!!!!!! (no I didn't get any butt work done… I have

9 Months Post-Op

Hey ladies, just wanted to post an updated picture...I'm 9 months post-op. And yes one of my pictures is in the dressing room...don't judge me!!!.. I was sending shots to my husband to see which bathing suit he liked best. ALSO my photo's are not photo shopped and I DO HAVE STRETCH MARKS on my sides...I think the lightening in this dressing room was makes you look better than what you actually look

BTW I did not buy that swim suit...I'm not that bold...I was afraid that one wrong turn may show the TT healing...Even though I'm 9 months I still have issues with my tummy from the seromas but I can't complain I love the way I look!

Don't get mad at me!

Hey I'm going to take this time to step up on my soap box..I don't normally do it but I feel that I need to warn the ladies that are about to have surgery... what to expect after surgery is done. Ladies if you haven't already try not to tell too many females about your surgery. I can't tell you how many haters you will have after Dr. Robles or whomever turns you into a sex Godest...LMAO...(I'm just joking but I'm so serious...I get sick of my husband sometimes, he was the main one telling me not to have surgery and now I can't keep him off of me).

I talked to friends/family about going together to have the surgery done but of course no one had enough courage to go except me...So after I came back certain people changed in my life. If you don't believe me you will see....I had a nice shape before surgery but I was tired of wearing gurdles..go figure I still wear gurdles but now it's for support. But when I tell you that SOME of those same women I mentioned earlier were my worse haters...It was me. There is nothing you can do to change when it happens be prepared, and know that you have nothing to be ashamed of and hold your head high...As women we always complain about our bodies but DO NOTHING TO CORRECT the things we hate....Now let me clarify; as women we ARE OUR WORSE CRITIC, so just know that I say I love my body but there are so many other things I would like to change but let's face it.... we are ALL flawed in some way.... so please don't go to the extreme and end up trying to make yourself perfect only to look like a clown or unnatural creature!!! After surgery there will be something you still won't like but for the most part you are going to love your results (after the swelling goes down which can take months)..I'm 9 months post-op and parts of my tummy are still a little swollen and numb to the touch...I just had to address that issue...I had people in my life to totally become distant and there is not other explanation other than jealousy. But beauty comes at a price and when it's all said and done I would change a thing EXCEPT taking out those drains too healing ladies and feel free to share your experiences on my page....Smooches!

Water after surgery!

Hey ladies, I saw a post and I couldn't help but to update my page...I saw a young beautiful woman post that she was drinking 7 liters of water and she was suffering from seromas...I almost lost it...Now some may NOT agree with what I am about to say and it's fine but for those that are drinking all this water and feel like bloated fish PLEASE STOP DRINKING ALL THAT WATER...OMG....while I was in the Dominican the food was excellent but it was too much!!!...Tell me why do I need to eat 3 meals a day when I'm doing nothing to burn it off...I gained like 10 pounds there and i was pissed!

As long as you are inside and you sit water or ice chips then your good...remember there is also water in the food that we eat! But please stop forcing yourself to eat and drink after surery your body will tell you when you need food or water...Please listen to it...Everyone is different and I wish I would have listened to my body while in the Dominican when I was forced to eat the food..

I can say that a few days before It was time to go I refused..and I was told I would have to buy ensures if I didn't eats...but I was like "NO" I'm not hungry..I mean look at me ladies do I look thin.."Hell No" I weigh 145 pounds and I'm 5'4 but my ideal weight for my height and body type is 125 pounds so technically i'm over weight.

Getting this surgery is only 25% after that you are spending the rest of your life maintaining it!!! But the good thing about TT is you can't eat like u did before so if you try to force it you will be miserable....and that's a good thing so you try having a TT and a XXXXsmall CG on...and try to eat a whole plate of's not happening (and yes I counted the x's on my CG it was 4x'

Use our healing time to retrain your body and mind on how to eat..I'm not saying starve yourself but after surgery you don't have an appetite and that's fine take full advantage... eat small meals...and listen to your body...I can't stress enough how much the site has helped has truley changed my life forever (for the good) which is why I take the time to update hoping I can do the same for all you BEATUIFUL LADIES!!! Happy Healing!

Please read if you are going to to the Dominican Republic!!!!!

OK so after my seromas I ended up getting scar tissue at the top of my abdomen and sometime it causes a bulge. It’s not real noticeable to anyone else but after paying all that money I wanted my abdomen to be completely flat but I did not contact Dr. Robles for this issue…I ended up getting a displacement, which meant that my implant is not in the pocket where the surgeons initially placed it. This is a complication and there is nothing I did to make this happen…it just happened.

I ONLY contacted Dr. ROBLES AFTER my implant became displaced…and guess what ladies…first I was told $500…then it went to $1500 now NO RESPONSE AT ALL…I even had another lady from realself (who is from the Dominican and speaks the language) to call Dr. Robles personally. That didn’t help either… SO Even though Dr. Robles is one of the BEST…PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT AFTERCARE AND GET IT IN WRITING…

My ONLY Regret is I wish I would have had Dr. Robles sew my abdomen skin down to the muscles during my tummy tuck….This techniques DOES NOT REQUIRE DRAINS!!!! AND making sure what my options were after surgery…So ladies if you haven’t left yet please get this information in writing!!! 1. HOW MUCH IT WILL COST IF YOU NEED TO RETURN FOR ANY REVISIONS AND THAT THEY WILL ACCOMMODATE YOU IN THE EVENT YOU NEED TO RETURN.


I would also like to add that I did not update my profile after a few weeks of trying to contact Dr. Robles it has been a few months since June 2013...Learn from my mistakes...happy healing..and get it in writing!!!!


FYI my displacement is only in my left breast not both!

Over 2 years still going strong!

Hi ladies just posting a recent pic...I'm still keeping up with my results...Maintaining is a must because the stomach and weight will come back! Diet and exercise must be apart of your lifestyle otherwise your money will be waisted!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I've been doing research for years but the cost of the surgery was out of my price range, until a few years ago when I saw the special on CNN about people that go overseas to have cosmetic surgery. Then I found this site and it was all that I needed. I originally planned to go with Dr. Hernandez but his prices were too expensive and it did not include the recovery house. I also contacted Dr. Hungria whose work and prices are really good (5K). But I ended up going with Dr. Robles, because Raquel is very good about communication and she keeps in contact with me answering all of my questions. Plus I was able to see and talk with women on here that actually had their surgery with Dr. Robles and her work in my opinion is perfect! I had to update my profile because the afterware is awful and if you need to come back for any type of may be ignored!!!

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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