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Wow I can't believe I'm finally ready for this! I...

Wow I can't believe I'm finally ready for this! I been researching for some time now. I am a mommy of two, a 1 and a 4 year old. My body is not bad at all but I don't really appreciate my stomach if you know what I mean. I'm 5 feet 4 in and weigh 148. I'm very athletic and in great shape, but as everybody else say "no matter what we do, the stomach does not cooperate. Anyway I decided to go the Dominican Republic and let Dr. Molina bless me with his hands. I love his work! He really sells himself on instagram. I found he through Bella Barbies page. If your not following her, you need to! She has a ebook out that helps with everything you need to know. Anyway I sent him pictures via WhatsApp. He gets right back to you! He's great. He recommended TT, LIPO, BBL, and BA. He said that I can get implants thru my tummy tuck and then I wouldn't have any scars on my breast. I'm considering it. I sent him my $1000 deposit to his chase account, I'm just waiting on a confirmation number from my bank so I can give it to Dr. Molina and then he will confirm a SX date. I'm hoping for July 2016. So that's next month. Fingers Crossed. I already let my job know and I'll be taking 3 weeks of leave. I hope that's enough time to come back to work. Ill post pictures of my body post op as soon as I get the courage. I'm not too comfortable with it yet. Well I invite everyone to follow my journey. Peace and Love.

July 14th ! Im Going To Be In Pain lol/Maria's Recovery House

I Got my date !!! July 14 2016 I will be a Molina doll ! I'm so excited . I will be staying at Maria's Recovery House From July 13th-July 28th . My husband will be staying with me and helping me through this journey . I paid $100 deposit for me and my husband through western union for our days to be secure at Maria's recovery house . It's $60 for me and $40 for my husband . What's Included is transportion when you stay 7 days or more, a nurse 24 hours, laundry, WiFi, Ac, hospital beds , and she has a promotion going now ... 50 % off massages you only pay 15 dollar per massage. She gets back to you very fast also . I wrote her on whatsapp... 1(809) 819?2558?. Is anybody going to be staying with her when I'm there that is bringing their husband ? I want my husband to have someone to hangout with because I know im going to be in bed all day . Lolol

Hemoglobin/Tourist Card

So I went on line and ordered blood labs. It cost me about $50 but that covers everything. Then I went to lab corps and got my blood work done there. The most important part of my results that stuck out to me was my hemo level... its at 13.3 so I'm go to good! I also ordered my tourist card for me and my husband online. It was $10 for each. My flight is book and now I'm just waiting on my passport... praying that it comes in time.


Well Good news is my passport came ! Bad news is ... I sent dr Molina my blood labs and my AST and ALT level are high. He said if those levels don't come down I can't get surgery because it's a chance that I would bleed a lot . Those Levels have to do with my liver and it's looking like my liver is inflamed. I don't drink or do drugs. I eat healthy and exercise daily so the only thing that I'm doing different in my life style is taking hair infinity pills . The doctor told me that they are not good to take and stop right now . So I hope if anybody is taking those pills you guys make sure your okay. The doctor said my liver could heal itself in a few weeks so I'm just playing the waiting game until I can get another blood test . Wish me luck !

Blood/Dream Body Diva Recovery House

So my blood work came back normal !!!! I'm so happy ... I stopped the hair infinity pills and my liver healed itself. So i'll definitely be a Molina Doll on July 14th ! I also switch Recovery Houses. Marias Recovery House has a lot of great deals but the reviews are 50/50. I just want to make sure I'm in good hands and some reviews I have read about them... I did not like at all. Sooooo I switch to DREAM BODY DIVA RECOVERY HOUSE. Its a new house... I contacted them on Facebook and they responded right away. Surgery night is free... hospital beds... they give you a slipper and a robe gift bag... the bathrooms come with body wash, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and hot water... 24 hour laundry service... nurse is in the house... daily housekeeping, personal assistant to run your errands, they also provide all cleaning supplies... wipes, pads, alcohol, gloves, gauze pads, chux disposable under pads, disposable washcloths, paper tape and arnica gel. They make a chart for you so that they can make sure all medication is taking on time. They keep track of doctor appointments and the transportation is free! 3 meals 2 snacks. Wi-Fi, A/C and fans, bottled water, and ample amount of pillows. Right now the are doing a special for July and August. $75 single room $65 double room, guest $50. They only take 3 dolls at a time to make sure that they take care of their guest. $100 deposit to reserve a room. And also they sell everything else you need for your surgery right at the house so you literal don't have to pack anything! They even sell maxi dresses for $15. I fell in love with this place right away. Well Peace and Love!


Sooo I just looked at my plane ticket and noticed I'm getting to the Dominican Republic on the 13th at 11:59pm. My SX was scheduled for the 14th. So now I have to have my SX on the 15th because I need time to get my blood work done... and my heart checked. MAKE SURE YOU LOOK OVER YOUR TICKETS GOOD... I DON'T KNOW HOW I OVERLOOKED THAT. On another note I sent Dr. Molina $2,000. So thats $3,000 that I sent him altogether. I think I'm just going to send him it all because I really don't want to walk around with all that cash. I been reading a lot of ladies were getting robbed by gun point. Peace and Love.

10 Days Until I Get On The Plane

OMG i'm so nervous... these days are going by so fast. I'm having my doubts... i'm questioning myself. I'm 28 with two children... a boy and a girl... they are my world and what if i don't make it back to them? I live for them... so am i being selfish? I will be turning 29 in the DR at my recovery house with my husband. My birthday is July 17th. I guess i won't be celebrating it this year... I'll be 2 days post op. Please send prayers up for me and if anyone is reading my reviews... like or comment... i feel like i'm doing these post for no reason if i don't have any readers. Peace and Love.

My Pre Op Pics/Four Days Until I Board The Plane!

Well I Have FOUR Days Before I Catch My Plane To Dominican Republic . I Thought I Should Share Some Before Pics Now Just In Case I Don't Get Around To It .
28 Years Old... 29 On July 17th
2 Children ... 4 and 1 years old
1 C-Section
1 Vaginal Birth (VBAC)
5ft 4in ... 146lbs

I Got My Period smh

So I Board The Plane Today And I Got My Period Yesterday . I can't believe this ... I must have a lot of anxiety because I haven't had a period in a couple months due to my birth control . I hope everything will still be Okay for me . I'm totally stressed . I lost a lot of weight ... I don't know if I have enough fat for this procedure ... My husband and I been having problems ... Work been stressing me out ... I been sick for the past week . It's like everything bad that can happen to me is happening . My son fell off a golf cart and got a concussion ... At this moment I feel like my life is just going downhill . Pray for me ... Peace and love .

Hello From The Other Side !

I made it ! I'll update asap .

Airport/DREAM BODY DIVA RH/1 Day Post Op

So my flight was delayed and I arrived in DR 6 hour late at around 2am. The recovery house lady (Carolyn) was standing there waiting for me with her dreambodydiva sign. She hugged me and we were off. At the airport make sure you fill out both papers they give you on the plane and I recommend you definitely order your tourist cards online before you get there. Its just one less line you have to wait in. Also make sure you know the address of the place you are going... If you don't know it... they will not let you through.

NEXT Thing... My recovery house is the bomb!!! OMG the food is great... the owner is great... i think i might cry when i have to leave them. Its clean... smells good... and its so comfortable. They make me feel like I'm at home. When i walked into my room there was a big bag waiting for me... it had a robe... slippers... toothbrush... toothpaste...razor... lotion... soap... shampoo... conditioner... etc. You literally don't have to pack anything if your going to stay at this recovery house... they have everything. Ella the cook prepares the food... and she's always here trying to feed you. If she hears you up at 5am she gets up and goes and cooks for you lolol. I love her. Every diva coming here needs to contact this house. You literally get treated like a diva. Carolyn the owner speaks English also... she took me and my buddy everywhere we had to go... she spoke for me and made sure i was ok. She never left my side. She even paid for my X-rays because i didn't have any money with me. It was 500 pesos. She told me don't worry about paying her back but i did anyway. The day of my surgery she literally took her flip-flops off her feet and gave them to me because i didn't have any and my shoes were closed flats... she said to take hers just in case my feet started swelling. My nurse is great... she always here if i need her. Despite my surgery it feels like my husband and I are on a vacation. They treat him like a king and me like a queen.

Lastly, Dr Molina and his wife were so nice to me. His office is very busy but he'll get to you sooner or later. My SX was a success... I feel great and look great already. Dr Molina gave me all my meds i need. I didn't feel any pain yet... just discomfort. Dr Molinas whole staff was very nice to me. I felt safe and comfortable. They Even let my husband come in the back and kiss me before they put me to sleep. My whole experience been great so far. I got a tummy tuck... lipo... and a bbl. Well thats all i can remember right now. Peace and Love.


Day 2 Post Op

It's my birthday !!! I'm up and walking around ... I'm taking it easy tho . I'm getting in and out of bed on my own and I'm using the bathroom on my own ... With the go girl thing ... It makes it easier to just stand there and use the bathroom . My recovery house is feeding me all the healthy food and drinks I need to get better and it is working ! They have my medicine chart and bring me my meds when it's time and I feel no pain ... This faja is just annoying and I can't breath that good with it on . I go see Dr Molina tomorrow so I hope he tells me I can take the faja off and at least wash it . I can't take a shower yet either so I'm using baby wipes . My nurse cleaned me yesterday but I can do it on my own now . Peace and Love

3 Days Post Op

I Just Left Dr Molina . He Said I'm doing great ... But I'm swelled up ... He said I have to walk more ... And put pillows under my feet when I sleep . I still have my drain in ... I'm scared for them to take it out ... Well I just wanted to let you guys know I'm okay and here is a few pics of my front . Peace and Love .

Pics !

Sorry my pics didn't post in the last review .

DreamBodyDiva RH

Day 4 Post Op

Well I didn't know after the 3rd day you don't get anymore pain medicine . So this is day one in my own no medicine . But I'm actually still doing good . Still no pain . I went back and forth to the bathroom and I was okay . So maybe the pain portion might be gone . I'll keep you guys updated . Thank you guys for being so supportive . And I'll take more pics on Thursday when I see the doctor again . Peace and Love.

5 Days Post Op

So I haven't had any pain medicine since day 3 and I feel great . No pain .
I pooped today for the first time since my surgery . It was hard so I took stool softener to help me out for my next pooping session .
My feet are back to normal ... They swelled up a bit .
I can feel fat on my butt that wasn't there yesterday . So I guess my body is starting to form .
OMG I Coughed yesterday . Now that was painful . Whatever you do ... Do not COUGH ... SNEEZE ... THROW UP or LAUGH ... Try to avoid those things the best you can . When you have a tummy tuck . Do not get surgery if you have a cold because you are going to be in so much pain .
My drain get clogged day 1 of post op ... I forgot to tell you guys about that . Make sure you keep an eye on your drain . It's an easy fix ... They just wash out the tube ... But if your not aware of it ... Then your body is holding in all that liquid . Pay attention !
Also my go girl urinal is rubber and flimsy ... I wish I knew ahead of time to get a plastic one and not a rubber one ... It bends and I pee on my faja ... Which I cannot take off to clean . So ... Well you know . Lol . Also when peeing in the go girl ... You have to cut it short every few seconds so that it doesn't overflow and get on the faja. I learned that the 2nd Time pee'd on my faja . Peace and Love

Very Sad and Hurt

Dr Molina Wife hurt me ... I'm crying like a baby ... Even the people in the waiting room are crying for me ... I will update when I leave this clinic .

6 Days Post Op

Hey Divas . So today was the worst day of this journey so far . Dr Molina Wife ... Was very mean to me , my husband , and my RH owner . She thought the owner was someone else and took her anger out on us . Especially me . So let me start from the beginning ... We get to the clinic around 7:30am . The time she told us to get there but she was late anyway . I had to use the bathroom so we all went downstairs so I could go to the bathroom . While waiting ... Molinas wife comes in and my husband says Buenos Dias to her and she looks at him and ignores him and walks away . We were confused like what was that about. Okay so I go to the bathroom and we head back upstairs . She calls me in the room and my husband and the RH owner comes with me . Dr molinas wife was being so rude to them . Then she tells me to sit down and all hell happens . She took scissors and cut my back ... It hurt so bad ... Then started pushing it so hard with no passion . She was trying to hurt me . And she succeeded . I was screaming and crying ... I didn't understand why she was doing that to me . She said she has to do it to a lot of woman but I know when someone is trying to hurt me on purpose . I was so hurt to be treated that way . I loved my experience from the beginning . As I left the room unable to walk good ... Everyone was looking at me ... Then this Dominican lady grabbed my head held me tight and started saying words in Spanish . When she let go she was crying . After that I went straight to the massage section in the clinic . I got a massage ... The woman there were great and very nice to me . The massage part was nice but the drainage part hurt like crazy . As I finished up in there ... Dr molinas wife came in and came straight to me and said ... I'm so sorry ... She said that my husband just made her cry and set her straight ... She said she is sorry for making me feel a way ... And taking things out on us . She said she thought my RH owner was someone else . I told her it's okay and I accept her apology . I just don't want any problems and It sucks that she has the power to hurt me . I'm so thankful for my husband ... He set her straight ! But I'm in pain today guys ... I'm going to get some rest ... Please don't let my story scare you ... Rough days don't last always ... And I'm going in there tomorrow with a smile on my face . Peace and Love .


Pics from today ... 6 days post op ... My drain is still in .

1 Week Post Op !

Today was a good day ! I went to the clinic to get my massage and everyone was nice including Dr Molinas Wife . She took my drain out ... It did not hurt ... You just feel it coming out like through you stomach . They took the tape off my tummy tuck so they can clean it . It didn't look bad at all ... I'm going to try to get a pic of it on Wednesday the next time I go to an appointment . The massage wasn't as bad as it was yesterday . Now I'm back at Dreambodydiva ... They are washing my faja so I'm enjoying my time out that thing . I also made it to the 2nd hooks of the faja ... So my swelling is starting to go down little by little . Thank you again divas for your nice words . Peace and Love .

1 Week Post Op Pics

DreamBodyDiva Recovery Home

Carolyn (the owner) said don't call her Recovery Home a Recovery House because she wants her divas to feel like they are at home . Lol . She's the best . When she leaves it's like moms gone ! And we ask Ella (the cook) for things we know we can't have Lolol . And we try to take our faja off . But the nurse keep telling us no Lolol but we can sneak things pass her lol . But when Carolyn comes home we have to straighten back up like moms home ! Lolol Then she tells us that Ella and the nurse already told on us Lolol . She took us to the mall last night ... It was so fun ! The people was looking at us weird tho and Carolyn would stare them down like all you guys better turn your head ! She's literally like our mom . She brought her son in yesterday to meet us also . My husband and him played video games while us girls went to the mall . Ohhh I almost forgot ... They were doing construction around here and the water turned of for a few hours ... It didn't bother us because we can't take showers ... But just the fact that the water got cut off ... Carolyn was yelling at the construction people because they didn't give her any warning . But it's back on now . But yea that's the only thing so far that went wrong .

17 Days Post Op

Hey Divas,

I haven't been feeling so well . Sorry I haven't been updating . I have the surgery blues .

Sooo ... I'm home . I got a fever the day before I was suppose to leave it was 101.4 and dr Molina said if my fever didn't go down then he would not clear me to fly . I recommend you guys try to stay at least 3 weeks In the DR . I wish I stayed longer ... My body wasn't ready to leave yet . The fever went down but I still felt sick .

They plane ride was not that bad but I swelled up bad . Make sure you guys get a wheel chair in advance at the airport ... It made my life a lot easier .

I went from a small faja to a XXS faja . If the faja is big on you ... You will get faja burns ... I have some on my stomach ... They don't hurt but it just looks bad . I bought my faja from dr molinas office ... It was $130 .

I got my 10 massages professionally and now my husband does them for me . I won't go into detail but I received a message in my inbox about sex ... Yes my husband and I did the due already ... Lol ...

Well ... I'm just all over the place ... I'll try to give a better update later ... I'm so tired . Peace and love .

Tummy Tuck Scar/Faja Burns/Belly Button Pics

Hey Guys ... Don't worry the burns do not hurt . It just looks horrible . Right now I do not like my body ... My scars are ugly ... I don't see any difference in my butt and my lower back is rock hard . I can't feel my stomach around my cut and my belly button doesn't look centered . I'm going thru it guys . I just don't feel happy and that's why I'm not updating often . Just work with me and I'll update as best as I could .

1 Month Post Op

Hey Divas... Thank you all for sending me messages and checking up on me. I didn't know that a lot of people were reading my review. I'm sorry that I just stopped like that. That was very selfish of me. BUT I'm feeling much better. I guess time really does the trick. Guys don't get down on yourselves it will get better. My burns are healing up nice, my cut is healing up great and my butt is finally "fluffing"! But now I want it to stop because its getting too big lolol. I use Bio oil on my scars and its really working magic. My stomach is still swelling and my back is still hard but it gets better everyday. Sometimes I get a weird feeling in my back... it feels like something is sticking into me... I looked it up and it has something to do with my nerves healing up. Its a really annoying feeling. Be aware of that... but its very common. My husband does my massages for me everyday also. I got the first 10 down professionally. My XXS faja is too big now so I substituted it for an XXS waist trainer. Its working well. I'm walking straight up, sleeping on my stomach, I'm feeling back to normal I guess you can say. I haven't started exercising yet. I'm going to give it one more month. Most of my stitches are gone... I have like 2 left that haven't dissolved yet. My breast are so nice. My belly button is a different story though... I still don't like it and I still think its off center but my stomach is still swelled up so maybe when it goes down it will line up right. I'm back to work... and feeling good. All this extra attention is weird because I don't really like a lot of attention.

So Dr Molina sent me a text to check up on me and he asked about my review I made about his wife. lol. Well I know you Divas have my back because he said a few ladies contacted him about it. I love you guys. But in the end his wife was very nice to me, and apologized to me. She grew on me and I ended up really liking her. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Dr Molina. He is a great man and doctor. So don't let what I said about his wife give you any bad feelings about him. He is truly heaven sent.

I miss the ladies at DREAMBODY DIVA RH. I don't know what I would've done if I didn't make that change to them last minute. Thanks to my buddy Kiki!

I'll post some pic later. Peace and Love

6 weeks pic

2 Months Post Op

Hey Guys!!! So I am loving my body! All I can say is give it time. My body literally changes everyday. My breast are hard still but I'm waiting patiently for them to feel more realistic. My husband is still doing my massages for me every night . I wouldn't waste my money on someone to rub you down if you have someone at home willing to do it for you. My butt fluffed so nicely. I'm exercising and lifting weights. I run everyday. All in all ... I feel good!

2 Months Post Op Pics!!!

4 Month Post Op Butt Pic. It Fluffed!

4 Months Post Op

Hey Guys. I'm sorry I missed an update for 3 months post op I just been really busy.

Sooo .. I'm loving my body. Everything is looking great! Well my tummy tuck scar is still not looking too good but the doc said give it 6 months to a year to start fading but it is looking better everyday.

I feel 100% healed but I know I still can't get too crazy. Im exercising... pulls ups... running ... sit ups ... weight lifting ... the works and I feel great . I stopped using my faja . I don't use anything and I'm still looking great . My breast are soft now and fell right in place . I'm feeling is beautiful guys.

Well that's all really . Keep asking questions... keep messaging me ... I talk to a few ladies on the phone ... FaceTime ... text messages ... however you want to contact me ... just let me know . God Bless .
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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