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I am 5'6, 145 lb mother of 3 :) I am so excited...

I am 5'6, 145 lb mother of 3 :) I am so excited about having this done. I love the idea of a recovery house which will take a lot of stress off of my husband. It will also allow me to get through the worst of my recovery without overdoing it by chasing after my little ones. Out of all of this, being away from my babies is going to be the hardest part :(

deposit sent! date correction!

I'll actually be there the 6th, surgery on the 7th! Whoops! Looking up flights and vitamins :) also need to get my passport done!
A little background info :)
I'm 26 and this past year I have lost 70 lbs :D I nursed 2 of my 3 babies and now I just feel a bit flabby :/ its a real bummer when you work so hard to get in shape and you end up with a bunch of excess skin. My husband tells me he loves me either way (of course) but it makes me feel uncomfortable when he sees me like this. Definitely not how I used to feel. I am just ready to feel like my old self again!!!

just twiddling my thumbs

Flight booked, vitamins ordered, just have to get my passport... now its the waiting game. I'm so excited and ready! I'm going to try to lose about 10 more lbs before I go.

nerves kicked in

I have been nothing but excited about going to the Dominican Republic but I just started getting so anxious. I've lost over 70 lbs and was 10 lbs from my goal weight. Well between thanksgiving and Christmas I gained a whole 10 lbs :( I'm so upset with myself and I started getting scared that I wouldn't get the results I want. I'm just going to have to refocus and get this last 20 lbs off now.
Also, my periods are never EVER regular. Like aunt flo just pops in when she feels like it. I started my period today (last period was November 14th) so hopefully I'll have a period in mid February and won't have to deal with it while I'm in the DR. Blah...
I'm also really nervous about my breast implants. I know you can't tell in the picture since I blacked it out (sorry... The husband says no boob shots! Lol) but my books are still perky just empty since having kids. I'm a B/C depending on the bra and I really want to go up to a full D or double D. I have a big but so I want my boobies to match. My measurements right now are:
Hips (butt)- 42
wasit- 32
chest (over boobs)- 37
anyways...I think once I drop this holiday weight, I'll feel better!
Done rambling for now, hope everyone else is doing good!


I am so lucky to have such a great support system. The only people who know about my surgery is my husband, parents and two best friends (their spouses know too). They are all excited for me and understand why I want this surgery. They were all concerned about me going out of the country but they weren't negative about it. Just cautious. My dad was pretty funny/worried about it. He's convinced he'll get a call like on the movie Taken and have to set the whole island on fire. He's a bear of a man and a bit over dramatic ;) but a good daddy. He's thinking of sending my mom with me so that would be awesome! I haven't told my mother in law and I honestly don't know if I will. She can be very negative and I just don't want to deal with it until after because I know she'll make me second guess myself. Just reading all the other reviews about family not being supportive makes me sad :( I don't know if I could do this without the support I have so to the girls without support, I SUPPORT YOU!


At least I was blessed with a good butt ;)

passport came in!

I'm so excited :) I applied at the post office December 23rd and it got here TODAY! I didn't pay for rush, just normal delivery time. I wasn't expecting it to be here for a whole month at least :))


So I decided to upload a few wish boobies and a boobie massage pic collaboration. A lot of these were taken from other real selfers. Last night I stuffed a sports bra to give the hubby a visual of what I want and he's pretty excited. I'm just counting down the days. I even started packing my suitcase already. Lol!

playing around

These aren't the best shots but here's some comparisons. I haven't even had surgery yer and I already have book greed. I'm so scared that I'm going to wish I went bigger :/


So I periodically do flirty girl fitness and I run... light weights and elliptical. Nothing too crazy. Well my husband borrowed insanity from a friend and I agreed to do this with him until I leave for the DR. Tonight was the second night and I almost puked. Holy hell.

cbc soon!

1 month and 11 days... so sooo ready!


I have everything ready to go! I took pictures of everything... If anyone sees that I'm missing something let me know! For those who have lost a lot of weight and need some summer dresses that fit try I got a few dresses and post op bras from there and they were super cheap! My toothbrush, shoes and undies aren't pictured because I'll pack those last in my carryon with my laptop and passport!

flow woes :'( super stressed!

Now I am stressed to the max!! Usually my period is super chaotic. Last cycle was a month and a half apart which wasn't actually bad. Sometimes I'll go 4 months without one. Well my last period started January 2nd. Its February 2nd and i just started my period. I can't remember the last time my period was on tielme but knowing my luck it will be on time next month so I'll be on my period during my surgery :((( does anyone know how much that can affect my blood count?! I'm going this week to get my cbc so hopefully that will give me a better idea. I am so worried. Will she even do the surgery if I'm on my period?! I need to email Laura. I may cry :'(

exactly 4 weeks to go!!!

In exactly 4 weeks I will be in the air on my way to the DR!!! Only 28 days... woohoo!


I keep having weird dreams about my flight to the DR. I'm not nervous about flying, I've flown several times. The dreams always take place in Miami.
1) the plane breaks and we are stuck there for hours.
2) they make us get out own luggage and switch planes, my luggage gets lost.
3) I go to grab a bite to eat and use the restroom and I get locked in and miss my flight.
4) my first flight is late and I miss my second flight and have to stay overnight in Miami to take a flight the next day.
All dreams end the same- I'm too late and can't have my surgery.
Silly but annoying!

CBC results -_-

Well my hemo was 13.4 but my RDW was 16.3 which is pretty high. My doctor told me not to worry because I was on my period and have a super heavy flow :/ so that's why it was do high. Waiting to hear back from Laura now...

I leave in 3 weeks!!!

Still waiting to hear back from Laura about my CBC. I keep running over all the things I need. I'm looking forward to being comfortable! In clothes, naked, swimsuit, etc. Not worrying about leaning forward and my stomach spilling over or laying in bed on my side and all the excess skin spilling to one side and trying to hide it from my husband. I just can't wait to feel confident again!

19 days and I'll be in the DR!

Well Laura said my blood was good to go :) woohoo! This is all becoming a bit surreal. My besties and I are going out to eat before I leave. I'm so ready. I know Dra. Robles will work her magic on me and I just can't wait to strut my stuff in a BIKINI this summer. Woohoo!! I also took a picture of my vitamins. I had to get a weekly pill organizer because (omg) it's a lot to keep up with!

2 weeks!!!

Alright... here's some pictures. It's so embarrassing to post these. I emailed Laura last night to see if dra. Robles would consider doing an extended tummy tuck or a fat transfer to my butt along with everything else. We'll see what she says. Oh and I'm going to try to repost the picture of all my vitamins. Lol


I meant to upload this one with the other pics

9 days!!!

I'm down to single digits! Eek! My suitcase is packed and I am ready to GOGOGO! Can't wait to see the other ladies from RS who will be there!!!

almost time!

I'm on pins and needles! I just can't wait :)
I'm starting to get really emotional about leaving my babies for 10 days...
worried my first flight will be delayed then I'll miss my second flight.
Siiiigh. Just ready to be there!

sleep just ain't happening tonight!!!

My flight leaves in 6 1/2 hours! Cannot sleep. I am so anxious and worried about leaving my babies for 10 days. I haven't even left and I'm already ready to be home. Isn't that crazy?! Just gotta breath, it'll all be worth it!

ay yi yi!

Make sure you have some time between flights ladies!!! Literally ran through Miami airport. Just loaded and about to make the last leg of my journey to DR!!!

Just got here, waiting to do blood work :) everything is going good!!!

Hey everyone, if you layer because it's cold where you are, make sure you can peel all those clothes off because it is HOT here!!! Everything is going good so far xoxo


I've been sitting in the lobby alone for 3 hours. Laura came to speak with me once. Still haven't met dra robles -_-

woohoo! about to go to the recovery house, surgery in the am

I'll be getting 400cc hp, tummy tuck, liposuction of my back and a small fat transfer to my butt! Ready to go to sleep. I'm exhausted.


I'm not trying to be negative or get discouraged but I'm really annoyed. Yesterday I was left in the lobby for over 3 hours. I fell asleep and woke up, texted Laura to see what's up and she responded with saying that she saw me sleeping and didn't want to bother me. Wtf do you think I'm bloody down here for?! Had to wait until 10 at night to finally get marked up. Was told to be here at 7am for surgery at 9am. WELL. I've been sitting here with Hazel1 who was supposed to have surgery at 5am. It's 9 am. No rooms. No iv. No blue pill. No word from laura. Not a damn thing. Dukes is running around doing her labs. Tired, stressed, scared and annoyed ... teetering on the verge of pissed. I am sweet as can be and it takes me a good while to get pissed but once I am, it's not pretty. They need to get off island time and start picking this shit up.

marked up last night

Still waiting for surgery


I made it. Hurting like he'll but I made it! Details later girls :) also, dukes is amazing!

Omg I want to sit up so bad

So I dry heaved a bit through the night. That hurt like a mf. I want to sit up and readjust so bad but the nurses won't let me :/ I started my period. My pads are at virginias... told the nurse... All she said was good and left. Soooo I'm pretty gross right now to say the least. Dukes is like a mama bear though! Shw fixed my hair for me then later heard me yelp when the nurses were putting something in my iv and came running over. She is a trip! Can't wait to see hazel1. I have not slept very much at all :/


down and dirty details

K so i woke up from surgery completely alone and in excruciating pain. Couldn't find the call button so i literally had to yell for a nurse for like 10 minutes. The nurses are shit. I am not exaggerating. Just being honest. I would hit the call button, I could hear the damn bell going off and they would just turn it off and never show up. Pretty much every time it they had to put something in my iv, I yelped. I've had an IV quite a few times. It never hurt like this. All of a sudden it started hurting really bad. I rang the nurse, by the time she showed up my hand was hurting so bad that I was crying. She came over and patted my freaking hand and said "it ok" ... bitch, no it ain't. Wilson came in right after and I was sobbing. He had to go get a nurse totake the stupid thing out. I am bruised everywhere. At this moment, I'm completely regretting this. Virginia's house, hazel1 and her husband and dukes are my only saving grace. Sorry guys. I'm home sick and hurting.

Thank you!

Thank you everyone for sending me prayers and kind words. Things are slowly getting better. Other than my drain leaking 3 times today. Finally saw my boobs in all their glory, they look great. My biggest issue besides the pain and discomfort is having to haul this water jug up and down stairs. Getting your boobs and tummy and back/but done is no joke. I can hardly pull myself up because it hurts my chest. Would I do it all over again? No. I'd much rather be home, flabby and with my babies. I'm just not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel yet.

Having a good day

I got a great night sleep, my back is draining great and I'm feeling a lot better today :) sorry for being such a stick in the mud guys. It is really rough the first couple of days. I really mean that. It's very easy to feel down about everything. Today, I'm not regretting this so much :) I love Virginia's house, it's so relaxing. I'm here with a great group of girls. We were all a little rough yesterday. I think it was just the mood and being sick of hurting. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little bit better :)

day 4 -_-

I'm still in the damn band. Had to message Laura, which did not go well at first because she "can't work with my attitude"... well now she's sending dra. Lara who is dra. Robles assistant (Pretty sure she does the surgeries too) to put me in my faja. I'm completely regretting coming here to do this. I don't know if my implant went above or below the muscle. I don't even know what size I ended up in. All together I've probably spent 30 minutes with dra. Robles. Dr. Lara is supposed to also bring my implant card. I literally feel like a piece of meat to them. It is dirty, gross and no one gives a shit. The ONLY saving grace I'd Virginia's and the lovely ladies I met here. I don't care if my results come out amazing, this was a mistake.

day 5 ^_^

I'm a lot better today. Got put in a faja last night. Had a little tiff with Laura and now everything is resolved and she had been checking on me. I think me and 2 other girls just got the short end of the stick. Plus side, I'm finally draining good. I was hardly draining before and I knew it was because the faja was pushing everything up and down, my hips were like water balloons. Now the faja (kind that goes down your legs) is pushing the fluid from my hips and coming out! Finally. I have been chugging water like crazy too. I'm still disappointed with the hospital and the lack of time spent with dra. Robles but there's nothing I can do. I decided to come to a different county to get better results. So far, the results are good, I don't look like a board. I just can't wait for this swelling to go down. My biggest piece of advice for people coming down here, put your foot down.

day 6 ( . )( . )

Doing good today, it's my birthday. Just hanging out around the recovery house. I'm draining a lot less today and still drinking tons of water. I had to take a water pill, I am so freaking swollen. I feel bigger than I was when I got here. Can't wait for it to go down.

day 7 O.O

Virginia's is awesome, the girls here are great. That's it. Dra. Robles and her team are not. I don't care how good her results are or how well mine may or may not come out . There are 4 girls in the house that NEED to see dra. Robles. 3 are leaving. 2 have not seen her or had their dressings changed since SUNDAY. We have no idea when anyone is being seen. They are so chaotic it's insane. They have been calling and messaging since yesterday with no response. Even the nurses at the house have been calling and getting no response. This is complete bullshit. Utter and complete crap. We were told that this is the worst time to come. They run out of everything and are too busy. That's not our fault that they over booked. That is theirs. 100% their fault.
In other news, I drained less than 50cc in24 hours so hhopefully she'll take out my drain tomorrow. Leaving Sunday. I cannot wait to be home.


Day 4 and 6


I'm not sure if I mentioned this, I asked for 400cc, got my implant card 450. No explanation, nothing.


Wilson tried to get money from 2 girls for rides that were supposed to be covered in the packag. Asked for 40 from 1 and 100 from another. Dead serious -_- luckily they stood their ground and told dra. Robles who confirmed that they did not owe any money for the rides.

Day 8 o.O/ <3

Well my journey in the Dominican Republic is almost over. Hallelujah. But I am legitimately sad about leaving behind these wonderful ladies I have met here. I have a big heart and each of them have a place in my heart now. We stayed up until 2am last night laughing our asses off waiting to say goodbye to of my yankees. They house was a little empty when they left. I moved to a single room downstairs and BLBblue moved in with Hazel1 since they will be leaving later. I leave the house around 2am tonight. I will miss Hazel1 the most. I do not think I could have gone through this without her by my side. She was a true companion. She watched out for me and endured my moaning and groaning. We shared life stories and bonded in a way. Kind of feel like she's my Yankee sister now ;)
other than that, I'm feeling good. Going for my last checkup today and packing up to go home. We are ordering out for food tonight. (Did I mention that these girls got me a cake on my birthday and sang me happy birthday? Yea, they are awesome) I can't stress enough what a fantastic group we had here. It was a full house and it was full of laughs and frustration at Robles team. They should have had reality cameras here. It was hilarious.
For my real self sisters that were at virginias, Hazel1, mzcokebottle2B, BLBblue, and the other girls, may there be many "Brazilian lift butts" and "bless your stupid little hearts" in the future ;) love you all.
I'll try to update after my appointment. Doubt my drains will come out but I'm OK with that. Rather safe than sorry.


I forgot Dukes217. Girl, I wish you could have come to our house and even though we only met for a short period, you have a big place in my heart as well bae, love you!


My experience may have been crap at the hospital and dealing with Laura but Robles does great boobs.

I will be changing my review

Quick update, about to go out to dinner with the girls for a farewell food fest. Talked to robles, she was extremely apologetic and pissed. I truly believe she was sincere. She is a good doctor but she needs better people. (Dr. Lara is great too, very sweet) Robles assured me that there WILL be changes. Pretty sure Laura was crying when I left. She knew she messed up. Dr. Robles said she was aware there have been problems these past few weeks and she is working on changing things to make it better. I really can't be mad at her. She put her trust in Laura and she failed her. I'll have more details later. Xoxo


Had to go in the interview room. It did not go well :'( they are not nice. Just saying. Waiting for my next flight now.

a quick note about the recovery houses

Laura tells everyone they will go to virginia's because virginia's is the best. Hands down. I was so lucky to go there but there were many who were promised to go there who did not. They were highly pissed off.
Also, there was a girl at our recovery house who was nice, we talked to her but she treated the staff like slaves. It was disgusting. She acted like a child. You are not paying 300 a night to be catered to. You are paying way less and receiving way more. Do not disrespect the staff. At a certain point you have to do things more on your own. And respect the other people in the house. Do not lounge out and take a nap downstairs and snap at someone saying "don't you see I'm sleeping". Or sleep downstairs blaring the tv. Barking orders like you're the queen. Learn some manners. -_- THAT is my only complaint about virginia's.

Dra. Robles

Ok, here's my honest opinion. She is an amazing surgeon. She puts your health first. A lot of girls were not able to have every procedure done that they wanted because either their hemo was low or they were not in good physical health. I work out regularly and eat healthy and have been doing so for a long time. I hada high hemo and she was able to do everything I wanted. I felt better faster than other girls who had less done. So she knew what she was doing. She has no control over the nursing staff. She is extremely busy and put her trust in Laura who took advantage of her. She knows that now and she knows how it is negatively impacting her image. I do belive her apology was sincere and I do believe that she will be making drastic changes. I do not want to discourage anyone but I am not going to lie or sugar coat anything. For now on I will be contacting dra. Robles for any concerns I have.


Medicines- at least 2 tubes of arnica gel/cream. Benedryl (itching). Hemorrhoid cream if you are prone to them. Pain medication. Sleeping medication (you are in a different country, in pain and alone- sleeping won't be easy. Luckily it got easier for me.
Clothes- 4 soft cotton tanks for under your garment. A size larger underwear. You will swell... A lot!
You can't shower so plan accordingly.
You will need extra money. I had 2 iron shots and purchased liotin, it was about 100 for that. They'll mix your liotin with arnica. Dunno the difference.
Head phones. Possibly an extension cord for your charger. Mine was short.
I did not bring snacks and I'm glad I didn't. I ate what the house provided. Don't be picky. If you absolutely do not eat something, they won't make you. Your in a new place, they will make their food. Try it. It's new and you may like it. I Know I'll be cooking a lot more plantains.
Pretty much everything else they tell you. I under packed and since I got my lower back and a transfer to my butt, cash ran out quicker than I expected. I had my card though so it was ok..
that's all I can really think of.

day 10 measurements

Chest (over boobs) -40 (up 3 inches)
chest (under boobs)-34 (down 2 inches)
Waist- 32 (same, still swollen)
hips- 44 (up 4 inches o.O)

Day 11 pics

day 11 :)

Things are great, I've lost 12 lbs of fluid since I got home!!! Woohoo! I started taking 800mg ibuprofen and benadryl and I think it helped bring the swell down. Also soaked my feet in Epsom salt. I can finally see a little definition in my back. I am still not walking fully straight but it's close. My back was not draining on Saturday (day before Ieft) but it started draining again Sunday. A lot. (I don't have a drain, just a hole that you push the fluid out of. I'm getting 50 cc daily in my front drain and it's practically clear. Not sure if I should stop draining my back and see if it'll absorb on its own :/ I really don't want to get a seroma. Leaving in my front drain until it drains LESS than 50 cc for two days. Thank god it is still cold in the south so I can wear a hoodie to cover it. Every thing seems to be healing well :)) just ordered my stage 2 garment. Robles told me to order one that goes with my measurements. Do not order a size smaller. So that's what I did. Hopefully it will be right, I heard they run small. Missing the group at the recovery house but I am loving being home! Xoxo

day 12. wtf -_-

I empty my drain every night at 8pm. Well there is absolutely nothing in my drain... because it's leaking. .. -_- I've tried repositioning it but it's not working. There is nothing even in the tubing. Wtf man. .

day 13 drain o.O

Took my drain out last night. It didn't go very smooth. I heal very fast. Like my boobs are almost completely healed andmy tummy tuck scar I the same. So I tried pulling the tubing out and it got stuck and HURT. then blood started coming out of the tube. I didn't say much about this before but I have a serious blood phobia. Hazel1 is a witness to that. It's bad. So I started getting nauseous and light headed. My husband called my friend who is a nurse and she rushed over. Had me lay down and take a deep breath and she got it out. She had to tug it pretty hard. It bled and I passed out. (Blood phobia... bad... embarrassing and bad) she got me awake and some orange juice *she was laughing at me... she was there in high school when I passed out at the blood drive and I wasn't even giving blood- it's that bad*. Took a zofran and I was good. Then she showed me the tubing. There was what looked like new skin growing into the holes. I am the amazing healing woman(lol). So basically she had to rip it out and the holes scraped along causing some bleeding. I had mild cramping after but I'm good today. No bleeding at all. So 3 other girls took theirs out yesterday and didn't have these issues. BLBblue had some cramping but that's it.
Like when I say that I heal fast, my tummy is already starting to get some sensation back. Craziness.


So since I said my boobs are healing so nicely, he's some pics. Keep in mind there are some wrinkles because my sports bra is scrunchy in the middle but there's only one small spot on each boob that needs to heal. I had a small Cresent shaped incision on the bottom half of the areola. Yes i can still feel my nips. I was kind of hoping they'd be numb for a bit so I could get them re pierced.

day 15! can't believe I missed my 2 week update!

Things are going great. I have a few odd issues. I still can't stand up straight without forcing myself. I seem to be a little shaky (my hands... I make cakes so having a steady hand while piping is a must) and I keep getting chills out if no where. Mainly in the areas that I had liposuction. Doesn't seem like my body is retaining heat well. Which is odd. I don't have a lot of pain (other than in my lower back from not walking straight and some random shooting pains) I just feel sore. Like I've done a major workout. My upper leg muscles are very sore, which I also find odd. Pretty good other than that. Back to school, making cakes and being mommy! I took an actual shower last night and my friend dried my hair for me. Felt. So. Good!

day 16 with pictures :))

Got my new compression garment, it's comfy :) still healing well. I have a love/hate relationship with my hips and butt. They've always been big. Now they just seem huge! I know my butt is still swollen, I just wanted it restored to its former glory (pre kids)... not "bigger" just smoothed out. My hips, they are what they are. In the pictures, my finger is on my hip bone. They won't shrink. My husband loves it though and says I'm being over critical of myself. He's probably right. It just makes me feel fat :/ I know... I know... call me crazy. I'm just having a hard time NOT picturing my old body I guess. I'll get used to it. I think if my waist gets any smaller, it'll look really weird though o.O
also, I can't get a good picture of my boobs. They are not nearly as lopsided as they look in the pictures. At least not I the mirror. One just looks huge compared to the other in the pictures. Not like that in the real world! Lol

day 17

I'm exhausted. Just really tired. I've been going nonstop all week. So just letting everyone know, you will get tired really easily after surgery. And you will hate stairs. Just went up a flight of stairs and waiting for class to start and I'm breathing harder than a fat kid waiting for a piece of cake.

Yily Patient Died

I do not have all the information, losetowin has more. I just have screen shots from the girls sister. It is a horrible situation. I may be removing my pictures because I cannot encourage anyone to go down there. They tried to basically say that it was the girls own fault. Made her sign an autopsy waiver so her family wouldn't be charged 30 k. This could happen to anyone and I thank God it did not happen to me after being left for 24 hours after surgery bleeding on myself from starting my period and the nurses wouldn't clean me. I could have gotten
sepsis just like that girl. My prayers are with her and her family. Think long and hard about your decisions ladies. Is the pursuit if beauty worth your life? Like i said, I do not have all the details, losetowin has more.

Bulls hit

Robles may act sweet and caring while your there but she hardly responds when you are gone. I have taken out several stitches because areas were not healing. Her Po instructions are ridiculous. She wants you to take a bird bath for 3 weeks. I looked up on real self where other doctors answered when it is OK to shower. They answered pretty much as soon as your drain comes out. I have a rash around my tummy tuck/breast/belly button incisions. I messaged robles yesterday and have yet to hear back. Even sent pictures. And my ass looks ridiculous. From the side, it looks like a triangle -_-
I do not encourage anyone to go to the DR. you need to have good follow up care and the only way to have that is to stay HOME! Oh and my boobs are lopsided. Hooray.


Triangle fat ass. Lopsided tits. And sprinkle on an insanely itchy rash. Also, I'm super thick from the side. I could suck in before this and look thinner.

All the pics didn't upload -_-

Over this

seriously real self... your picture uploading sucks

Try again... to clarify, my butt... not what I wanted AT ALL. I had a big butt. I just wanted the cellulite filled in. Now I miss my old butt. Desperately. It's not worth it. Stay home where you will have a doctor that takes care of you.

food for thought

I chose Robles because she was "safe" she won't do too much at once. Welp, I got the whole she-bang. Boobs, tummy, back, butt, sides. SHE ALSO TAKES PATIENTS YILY TURNS AWAY. It's only a matter of time when we'll all be talking about a Robles death. They are careless. If you can save up 6 grand to go there, you can wait and save more. I fully regret my decision. I would take the higher incision and less curves for good follow up and a safer procedure/environment. THE PURSUIT OF BEAUTY IS NOT WORTH RISKING YOUR LIFE . Do you really think Robles would respond any different to a patient of hers dying? According to losetowin, Robles and Yily are besties. Robles is yilys babies godmother. Birds of a feather flock together. Seriously reconsider your decision.


Sisterless is the sister of the Yily patient that died a horrible painful death. There is no reason to sugar coat it. Her sister has stated on losetowin's review that the cause of death is sepsis and liposuction. Yily has yet to release her medical report. Yily is not out of the woods on this yet she is STILL preforming surgery. She has been cold and callous. Casting blame on the VICTIM and recovery house. If sepsis was caused by her "not wiping well" then I am shocked I did not contract sepsis while being left laying in my own menstruation for almost 24 hours directly after surgery. No one would help me. This was caused by DIRTY medical instruments. Lack of care and overzealous liposuction. She was so bloated with fluid they had to get a larger casket. My heart aches for this woman whom I do not know. She left her babies motherless. I have 3. Thinking of this puts the weight of an elephant on my chest. I admire sisterless for finding people who are going down there and warning them. She is fighting a hard battle and needs our love, prayers and support. Think long and hard about your decision. Strip yourselves of whatever justification you are using. Are you that desperate for whatever society deems "beauty" that you would risk your life. But who am I to say all this. I am a complete hypocrite and I acknowledge that. I got "the works" so to speak. I had a bad experience so you can say that I'm biased as well. BUT I have been completely transparent with my experience. As I said before and I'll say again, the pursuit of beauty is not worth you life. If you can save up 6 grand to go down there, I implore you, wait, save more, stay close to home. Have your procedures one at a time. Be safe.
You can ignore this, scoff, keep scrolling but if you do one thing, look at your babies and ask if this is worth it.

heard back from Robles about rash.

She told me not to put neosporin on it -_-

OK -_-

I get it. I'm blunt. I ruffle feathers, that's cool. But you can ask anyone who was down there with me, I did not start off this way. It took A LOT to piss me off. Just because I am pissed about the lack of after care and follow through from my doctor does not mean I am bashing people who choose to go to her or people who had food experiences. Please get that straight. There is obvious risk going down there and people should be aware of it. The point of real self is to share the good and bad. Period.


I am fortunate enough to have a great relationship with my regular doctor and several friends who are nurses (1 surgical nurse, 2 ER nurses and 1 who actually works with my doctor) my friends have been helping me a lot and my doctor had no issues seeing me. When I called, he insisted to see me. Asap. I went in at 6 this morning (his office opens at 630 on mondays) they took blood, got a full examination, made a couple of notes and he looked over my instruction sheet from Robles. He gave me a hefty lecture which I took with grace. Fortunately it appears the rash is due to too much moisture plus heat. He wants me to air it out. He snatched out a few more stitches (I was shocked there were more, a week ago, my friend pulled 10-15 and I've pulled at least 5 since). My hip (side that had drain) does have some discoloration and he is worried that i may have an infection from having my drain in too long -_- so back on antibiotics (just got over a gnarly yeast infection too, blah). The Po instructions said not to shower for 3 weeks, he gagged. He said the only reason you shouldn't shower is if your drain is still in or yyou have a gaping wound. He said, which is what I suspected, he thinks doctors down there keep the drain in so long is to avoid blame if the patient gets a stroma but they run a higher risk of getting an infection keeping it in. He was shocked at the conditions (I told him everything, no need to be ashamed, he already scolded me) and appalled by the nurses. I did tell him that I was lucky enough to be in the best recovery house down there. He said people who have tummy tucks are encouraged to stand straight fairly quickly after surgery. Not doing so can cause serious back spasms.He was also shocked at the fact II had so much done and was given such a low dose in pain medicine. He said tthat being in that much pain can put the body under more stress. There was a lot more and I'll update more later. I had to rush from there to take my 4 and 3 year old to have their tonsils out. It has been a fun day to say the least.
Oh, he also works with a plastic surgeon along with being a regular doctor, he helps with follow up appointments and things like that. That's how he knows all this, oh and common sense. He also told me tgthat there is no reason to wear a compression garment anymore. I still am though just because i feel comfortable with it and he said that's fine.
Busy day. I'm exhausted and watching my babies rest. Going to get off here before they wake back up.

4 weeks

Finally 4 weeks PO. I have cut off communication with Dr. Robles and using my regular doctor. There is not much she can do for me over the phone and honestly, I'm a bit bitter over the whole experience. Here's some background information on me. I spent half my life overseas, my mother in law is from Honduras, I KNEW conditions at the hospital were not going to be up to par. What I expected was to be treated as so many others were during their trips. I was sorely disappointed. I vented a lot on real self because I'm an open person. It took a lot for me to get so upset. When the nurses refused to clean me up and help me after I started my period and I was left there bleeding on myself for almost 24 hours, that is when I snapped. Nobody should have to feel the way I felt. I felt disgusting, stupid, alone and scared. I was brushed off and literally ignored. I could hear the music start when I hit the call button and they would turn it off and never show up. When I woke up, I had to scream for them because I was alone and couldn't find a call button. I was terrified. Others had a nurse sitting with them, I did not. Then Laura began ignoring everyone at virginia's, including the staff. It was a clusterfuck. Po appointments were hell for some of the girls. We wouldn't know when our appointments were and we would be there for hours, missing meals and our scheduled medications. That was a bit absurd BUT I probably wouldn't have been that upset if the experience at the hospital wasn't so bad. When I talked to Dr Robles about all this, she did seem to genuinely care less but I am skeptical over all of them at this point. I went down there with an open mind. If you asked any of the girls, I am pretty damn easy going. I was upset when I asked a direct question and Laura did not respond or when she did, she avoided the question. There is a house full of girls who read all of the messages. After hearing of the Yily patient who passed away, I just cannot support anyone going down there. Yes, she was at a different hospital, yes, she had a different doctor. I do not think doctors down there are equipped to handle emergency situations and try to cover their own as before taking care of the patient. Is Robles different, I don't know. I think she puts too much faith in Laura despite multiple people telling her that she is crap. That says a lot to me. This is my opinion and yes, I am biased. I know others who do not know me may try to cast an unfair judgment to justify their feelings, I really don't care. Would I recommend any of my family or friends or my worst enemy to go down there? Not no but hell no. If they had a bad experience, I would never forgive myself. That is MY opinion based on MY experience. If you had a wonderful experience and you would go back, I am genuinely happy for you. I went down there because of all the good experiences I read aabout . Don't cast judgements on me because I had a bad experience and I regret it. I do not like admitting that I regret it. Admitting that I regret it is admitting that I made a mistake. That's not an easy thing for someone to admit. I had to tell my husband, family, friends and doctors that I made a mistake. I had to listen to the "I told you so's" and face the looks on their faces. I handled it with dignity and grace. Above all else, I am honest, I will not lie to save face. Please, respect that at least.

Now, how am I feeling? Pretty good. Lots of random sharp pains but I'm alright. I'm finally down to my surgery day weight and I can button my pants again. I do like the way I look but i don't know if I'll post pictures because i just can't encourage anyone to go down there. If you choose to go, I wish you the best of luck and urge you to go during "off season". Live a healthy lifestyle before you go. I am extremely healthy. I was down to my "goal" weight for 9 months before my surgery. I exercise daily and take care of myself. This is why I believe Robles was able to do everything I wanted done. That being said, it was a lot harder of a recovery than I thought it would be. I would not do as many procedures at once. I suggest that if you know that you do not live a healthy lifestyle, don't go.


Not care less, Robles seemed to genuinely care**

1 Months (pics)

Well, I promised to stay honest so that's what I'm going to do. Even though i had a bad experience, my results are great.
Still swelling in my back and lower abdomen. I am doing light cardio, light muscle training and yoga. Massages are pretty good. I'm 2 lbs under my surgery weight. Drinking lots of water and eating fairly well. I have a stitch dimple under my breast and my love handles are still swollen but tthat's about it!

more pics

Hit update too soon

Tomorrow is my 2 month anniversary

I still feel the same about my trip to DR, the doctor and the staff. Still not happy with my experience.
I am still itching like crazy. Some pains but nothing major. Swelling isn't so bad. I eat well. So I think that helps. Also, I started light stretching as soon as I got home. Progressed rather quickly to yoga, then added in light cardio and light weight training by my one month anniversary. I am now walking/jogging/running 3 miles about 3-5 times a week (depending on weather). I am almost back to my regular yoga routine (some positions cause some pain in my tt incisions) and still light weight training. My weight is 160 and stays right there. I think that may be from building muscle.
Although I am not pleased with my experience, I am happy with my results. My stomach is flat and my breasts are lovely. My butt looks great.
My biggest issue is, surprisingly, clothes shopping. My measurements are 40/26/40. It's hard to find things that fit properly without looking slutty. Just being honest. Welp, that's about it! Going to upload some pictures.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Laura responds well before you get here, while your here its like pulling teeth to get a response. The hospital was hectic and I was basically left to fend for myself. The nurses would turn off the call button and not come. I started my period right after surgery and was left there over night bleeding on myself. They would come in and just throw a sheet at me which had basic translations and I would point to the one that closely described what I needed and they would brush me off. The recovery house and the amazing girls I met here was the only good. I don't care how well my results may turn out. This is not worth it. I should have saved for another year and had it in the states. Yes, other women had amazing experiences, which is why I chose her. I know that I and at least 7 other girls have had a horrible experience. Good luck ladies!

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
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