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So i've finally decided to go with my process, A...

So i've finally decided to go with my process, A mother of 2, boy and girl and dont plan on having anymore.... Heres my journey to D.R for plastic surgery. Contacted Dra Robles through her website and got an immediate response from her assistant Laura who then asked me to fill out a form and send 3 pics after that was submitted i got my final quote the very next day

Here are my before pictures

I cant wait to be on the other side!! Sent Laura a msg to change my date to November because i refuse to use any vaca time next year on surgery, waiting on my reply is driving me CRAZYYY!! Can anybody send me the list of vitamins i have to buy, i cant find my email from laura with all my info

Some of my wish pics

So i plan to lose 20 pounds before i go so i can look my very best so im gonna start with my it works body wraps because ive lost weight off of it before but besides that ive decided to post a few wish pics lol

Date has finally changed

Ok so im no longer going to Dr robles in february 2015, its now changed to November 11,2014 im soooo excited im about 4 1/2 months away from crossing over to the flat side lml my vaca is already set at work, now i have to figure out the dates i have to book my flight.. Lets see how long it take laura to send back that info... Does anyone have an idea of what dates should my flight be?

I love me some Orange Juice

I know random lol but i drink orange juice soooooo much its insane!!! Im wondering is this a good thing or bad :-/

Treadmill catching dust already lol

Ok so i got a treadmill a few months ago before i seriously decided to do this surgery sh*t and this thing has been catching dust since after the 3rd time being on it smfh so I've decided to clear out the area and get ready to get rid of this 20 pounds in 4 months... Hope i can do it lml.... Pray for me... This thing cost alot of money! About to put it to use


Hey guys i sent my deposit to hold my date and i also changed my surgery date once again lol so now its a day earlier which is November 10th 2014 I'm soooo excited!!! I sent my money and got a confirmation the very next day and didn't realized she sent my safe date until today... But now sh*t really just got real!!!

My email from laura...

So just received the run down i guess about what should i be doing before surgery... Also she has been hitting me up constantly about when am i going to book my flight lml, I'm usually not a last min person but i have been taking my time with every thing lately lol... Sorry so short but I'm really not a blogging type of person, i like to show pictures/proof of what I'm talking about and hope that u get the picture.... Stay tune

Not happy

At work doing ot all for this surgery, this shit is killing me to be here at 6pm wtf!!! Love my job and the people i work with but I'm tired of talking on this phone today ughhhh its all about my surgery

Feeling down

I woke up today feeling a little down about this weight lost process so I've decided to get serious, checked my weight at the mall on my break and feel extra down now.... This is some bullsh*t!! Also calculated my bmi and more bullsh*t.... Fml... 4 months and im trying to get down to 180 idk how thats happening tho smfh

Flight Purchased!!!!

Ok so today i got up out the bed in better spirits and finally booked my flight so it's official!!! Im out to d.r for this and i cant f*cking believe it lmao i feel like I'm going tomorrow all because my flight is purchased now and all sorts of feelings are going thru me at this moment flight cost me 410 round trip and 30 dollars insurance so 440 to be exact not bad.... Cant wait!! Now im wondering how do i get that wheelchair service coming back?


So im trying to send laura my flight and not getting thru to her wtf! Im tired of going thru her can somebody give me dra robles whats app # please!!!

Ok everything is fine!

That text to laura's phone scared me this morning lml but she finally emailed me all the info and this is what it looks like.....

It works body wraps!!!

I LOVE these body wraps first pic is before any wraps 2nd pics is 8 hrs later right after i took the wrap off (i was bloated from water intake) third pic is 48 hrs later after just one wrap... I really love these things! (Excuse my hair in the first two just took out braids lol third pic my hair was wrapped after getting it done lmao)


Im 100 days away!!! Last day of triple digits.. Missed my doc appt yesterday so im now going on the 5th... Will update later

Havent started my vitamins

Cbc isnt bad at all considering i havent started taking anything for it happy and so ready to get.. Gonna start these vitamins now

Alot has happened

Since my last post my mother who was suppose to be going with me decided to get gastric sleeve surgery on monday the 18th ill post her journey also for anyone who is considering that first also my daughter just had surgery today :-( anyway i got an email from laura to confirm i will be coming in nov which i cant fucking wait! Right now im 74 days away! I meant to post yesterday cause i said i was gonna post quarterly now but its still a go! Im soon to be a robles barbie and cant wait... Here are some recent pics

Email from laura to confirm im coming

Counting down the days

Counting down 10 days apart has been driving me crazy!! Lml it seems like time is going way too fast now and i still have a lot to do for this trip :-/ i havent got my passport or any supplies or havent started any vitamins thinking like i got time ill start this day or that day etc but time is def not on my side anymore lml i think im gonna send laura a msg and ask her about paradise rh instead of virginia rh i keep hearing nothing but good things about it... Ill let u guys know how that turns out, until next time be safe and have a safe and blessed holiday

My 10th year ANNIVERSARY!!!!

I forgot to mention today is my 10th year anniversary!!! I've meet the love of my life, father of my two beautiful kids 10 years ago and its became official today those many years ago lol well normally ill be out spending so much money and so will he but because i have this surgery coming up in 2 months we might just cook a big dinner at home.. Well he might lol he's the cook not me and get just a bottle of wine or something light ;-)

My Recovery House Has Changed!!!

My rh has changed from Virginias to paradise rh (owned by laura! Dr robles assistant) i will post the pics and any other pics with it laura visits there frequently so i just feel more comfortable with that house plus i think it looks better and laura knows how we should be treated after surgery with robles

2 months away and stressed!!

Lately ive been so stressed behind this up coming surgery i still have to get my passport and save for this surgery and everyone is driving me crazy!! Ughhh

Updated pic of my mother

Tomorrow makes 4 weeks since her gastric sleeve surgery and she has lost soooo much weight and need new clothes lol


So ive finally sent my passport application off today, im SUPER EXCITED!! Time for me to get my supplies now

50 DAYS AWAY!!!!

Hey I'm currently 50 days away, man i can't believe how much time flies well anyway I'm thinking about sending whatever money i have so far to laura because i keep spending and spending lml I moved into a condo 5 months ago and still furnishing and fixing it up as well as when i first decided to do this i just did summer shopping for the kids and then school shopping earlier this month so saving money has been the hardest thing for me lml well let me know if you think its a good idea to send this money to her before its all gone lml also can anyone tell me if they are going to d.r on the 9th as well to see robles I'm really nervous about going and not having a room in the hospital and being sent to a hotel alone :-( lml I'm scary like that haha


So im now at day 45 lol and so far only got my maxi dresses which i got for $5 since summer is over and i finally started my vitamins today since i only have a month and a half to go before surgery where is the time going lol trying to take it one day at a time


Wtf am i getting myself into!!! PRAY FOR ME LOL

Email from Laura and Robles

Every email I get Makes me feel closer and closer to my surgery date :-)

DAY 40!!!!

Yayyyyy almost a month away!! So far ive only got my maxi dresses about 5 of them may get one more and the rest of my stuff tomorrow


Two weeks later and my passport is in the mail.... Seems fairly quick.... Im excited and cant wait to get it

Feel a little better lol

Ok so i was REALLY nervous about staying in a hotel alone if there is no room in the clinic by the time i get there lol (call me what u want but fuck that I'm not having it!!! Lmao) So i sent laura a msg about that and now i feel ok......whew! Lml

Some of the many supplies i got

So im not done yet but so far i got:
1. 5 maxi dresses
2.sports bra
3. Reg pads just in case my period come while im there
4. Thick pads for cushion
5. Pack of chuxs (bed pads) might get more
6. 2 bars of dail soap
7. Adult wipes
8. Baby wipes (idk why lol)
9. Two packs of men t-shirts (tank tops not smooth enough for me)
10. Two packs of granny panties
11. Tooth brush
12. Tooth paste
13. Three zip up granny pjs haha
14. Slippers
15. Airlife breathing thingy lmaooo (Dont know what that shit is called but u get the point lmao very much needed after surgery!)

***More to come***

35 days away and phone apps!!

Hey so ive decided to download a few apps on my phone for this long trip in d.r...... Some games others things i may need.... Am i missing anything?!?!


Omg im soooo happy my passport came in the mail today.... Only weird thing is that i thought they send your birth cert back with it and mines is not.... Well fuck it! I got my PASSPORT!!!! Exactly 2 weeks 6 days from the time i sent it off in the post office until it reached my mailbox with regular processing

OFFICALLY 30 days away from surgery!!!

Omg guys im 29 days from leaving and 30 days from surgery!!!!!! So far ive added compression socks to my list of supplies yesterday was the start of my mixed emotions about this whole surgery.... Honestly im so OVER this shit and want it to come and go so i can stop stressing over it lol but thanks to some of my real self ladies who became friends in my eyes helped me out yesterday to ease my mind lol i love our group chat ;-) we text everyday and its so helpful anyway here comes the real count down!!!

Feeling alone :-( lol

So am I really the only one getting surgery on the 10th with robles?!?! Wth is going on lol oh and i have a feeling my period is going to come at that time ughhh anyone know of ways to skip a period?!?! Im so serious!!

25 days and still saving

So i woke up today not in the best mood feeling like i have so much to do thats important besides this surgery that requires me to spend money and i still havent saved all my money for surgery.... Im just stressed to the maxx right now but im sure it will all pull together....25 days left and now im thinking damn i shouldve been working out everyday losing weight, i shouldve been saving and now i feel like its too late like really how much weight can i lose in 20-25 days smfh im mad at myself now always thinking time is on my side

20 DAYS!!!!!

So I'm officially 20 days away busting my ass at work getting this ot and I'm exhausted working more than 12 hrs in a day smh well two more working weeks and ill be d.r baby!!!! Lol oh can anyone tell me how good this sss tonic thing work or does it even work at all


Time is coming!!!! Im soooo excited u guys have nooooo ideaaaa i know these days are gonna fly by..... Heres my count down




Omg guys im in the single digits!!!


Follow my page on ig RoblesBarbie


8 days!! Yes i have packed but im about to unpack and repack just to make sure i have everything i need




Day 6!!! This almost feels like a dream now... Like im going to wake up any minute lml


5 days!!!!!


4 DAYS!!!! right now im just in too my shock and all this seems unreal lml also robles is not taking off the $200 anymore after the 25th so if you havent already done so get your deposit in and try to save some money!!!


OMFG 3 F'ING DAYS!!! Can u believe this!!! Im down to 3 days remaining!! Money all sent! Too scared to travel with that $ so now im only traveling with $20 for my tourist card and all my extra money is already down there waiting for me... Travel smart people the holidays are coming up and people get stupid dont travel with your $ just send it!!! So if somebody tried to rob me they gonna have a bag full of papers and $20 lmfaooo (wont get me! Foh) lol it was sad to see it go tho lmfaoo


2 days!!! Speechless!!


1 more day and im out!!!!


Ok Sorry guys! I tried posting on here yesterday but real self was acting shaddy with me not letting me post anything lml soooo heres the update... I arrived in dr about 10:25am yesterday once i got all my stuff like bags and things the driver was standing by the door waiting for me with my name on a poster hes ver very nice and always smiling and smelled so damn good so he let me know that he was taking me to paradise cause cecip was closed once i got there i seen the other girls and the staff that works there and the famous laura who is dr robles assistant and the girl who owns paradise everyone is SOOOOO nice!! Well laura informed me of the hospital being closed on the day i was supposed to have surgery and that it will be pushed back to the 11th on tuesday and im ok with that she said at 4pm the driver will come get me to go to cecip so that i can do my blood work and other test so i just sat in the house ate and talked to the other girls and even managed to get a nap in then laura ended up coming to get me and two other females to take us to cecip ive finished all my testing and seen dr robles in less than an hr.... She is such a sweet heart and very very pretty in person so now that im not getting surgery as well as two other girls laura has decided to pay for an outting for us like a tour, museum, or the beach which is sooo cool with me

Follow me on Instagram

Hey guys is there anyone on here that doesnt have ig to follow me on there? Cause i will keep posting here for u but its sooooo much easier to update there... Let me know

Pure hell

Too much pain


I have read all your coments, well wishes and prayers and I couldnt say thank you enough, you ladies are the best!!! My best supporters and i love yall for that shelly lml u r crazy lml but thanks so much for updating them love ya girl!!

Day 1 post op

Sitting down in a dress hella swollen!!!

Side by side

Cant believe i went from this to that

No shade

Give me time.... This is def not easy..... Thanks for all your comments tho i def read all of answer most of the questions... I was her first patient at 6am and they put me back in my room at 2pm but i was done way before that... Also as stated before i cant keep repeating myself on what i got done.... Its everything that i wanted (No shade) this just takes up alot for me and im trying to keep u ladies informed and still healing... And keeping in touch with my fam mainly my 2 kids and still try to find time for u girls but back pics tomorrow Only post op 1 day ????????

New pics!!!

Soooo much swelling they giving me something for it tho


Pics that never made it here
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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