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I didn't think I would be writing anything until I...

I didn't think I would be writing anything until I have secured my date, but here I am :)
I've been researching since after my 2nd child, but never really took it any further... Fast forward 5 years and another pregnancy later & I am actively reaching out to doctors and doing consultations for a BBL, tummy tuck & lipo. I was introduced to Dr Yily's work through a co worker of mines. When I tell you that she SNATCHED her waist!! chileeee, she looks amazing and it's only been three weeks. So naturally I was leaning towards Yily because to be honest, I wanted this waist to be SNATCHED too.

However, I came across Dra Medina and I think in that moment, I found what I was looking for all these years. I have sent my initial email for consultation with the hopes of doing my procedure in June 2017!! Dra Medina responded right away and sent me links to view pictures and videos of her Medina Dolls. She comes across very warm and genuinely interested in the safety of her patients first which is top priority for me; I want to make it home to my family.

I had my first kid fairly young followed by two more pregnancies ( one being a set of twins). In the last year, I have dropped 75lbs and I just want my body to match how I feel on the inside. I have always been a hippy girl with a nice bootie, but somewhere in between the kids and life, it kind of disappeared. I don't want to be a video vixen and quite frankly all my wish pics are of me years ago (i'll take a little more bootie please-lol) and I'm certain Dra Medina can help me get back to the old me.
I'm so excited to finally be taking the steps needed to be the best me I can be. If you ladies have any suggestions on RH and hotels to stay in, please comment! Pics coming soon!!

Received Some Quotes

I heard back from both Medina and Yily. For a TT, BBL& lipo w/Medina I was quoted 5350 which includes the stay at the RH provided by her. This didn't include medical insurance and the $600 for iron treatment if needed after surgery. I can also hire a private nurse for $50 a night.... The only thing is the quote is good for 3 months -_-

Now on to Yily.... I was quoted for 5200 which includes the RH provided by her (Luxury, Serenity, Eden, Kindness). Like the other quote, medical insurance is not included and there's $500 fee the blood transfusion if needed after surgery. Yily's quote is good until December 31st -_- ... I'm looking to do my SX in June 2017, so I guess I will email Medina in a few months.... maybe Yily too. For now I'll just prepare my sx luggage and work on getting my hemo up, researching RH and taking vitamins. Any suggestions on vitamins to start taking now? Has anyone stayed at Luxury & Serenity or have a suggestion like it?

SX June 2017: Here I Come!!

Hello Guys!

Just wanted to stop in with an update on what's been going on with me. I've attached one pic of me now. I gained 20lbs (OH MY GOSH), but I actually like... for now! lol...

I paid the deposit for Medina June 2017, so it's official!! When I paid my deposit there were a range of emotions I felt, but mostly EXCITEMENT! Finally I am working towards this. I already have half of the necessary money needed to pay for my sx. I will work on adding the rest starting at the top of the year.

I have been taking my vitamin regimen daily, which is a challenge for me because I HATE pills, so if anyone has any other options to help raise my hemo: PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I was originally going to be flying out solo and staying in the RH for two weeks after SX, but I no longer have to fly and stay alone :) My boyfriend is coming!!! He knew this is something that I wanted to do, but once I really sat down and talked to him and let him know that the deposit is paid, he was not having me coming by myself.
So the plan for now is to fly out two days before my sx and he will be staying in DR until July 5th. I wish he could stay the entire time, but we have four small children so he wants to get back to them. We will be staying at the Weston Hotel & Casino from June 27th- July 5th. I really like this hotel because it has a kitchenette area in there so we can cook instead of going out right after my sx. I'm sure I will be down for the count the first few days so having this is a PLUS.
He will be flying back home to the kids on the 5th of July, but I think I will still be staying additional time (at least until the 13th of July). The reason being, I don't want to fly back home with the drain still in me and I would like to stay as long as I can in DR so that I can see Medina and have her take my drain out when it's time. So I just need to decide if I will stay at the hotel until I'm ready to leave DR or if I will check into the RH that Medina provides until I'm ready to leave. Decisions, Decisions.....

I'm just really happy that my boyfriend is coming because to be honest, I was afraid of flying out and staying by myself. Yes, I could possible meet a sx buddy who will be down there when I'm there, but for me there is something about having my number 1 supporter coming with me :) Having him there for support right after my recovery is so important to me and to see him onboard with me takes away a lot of stress. In the mean time I'm in the gym trying to maintain this weight and pack my sx bag.

Catch you guys on the next update & HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Major update!!! SX w/Manon Dec 2017

So a lot has happened since March.. First, I got a promotion at work. With that came more money & wayyy more responsibility. I was on the fence about pushing SX back because of this, but then life happened again. Hubby will be getting knee surgery on June 14th and because of that I had to halt on my journey. I need to make sure I'm fully capable of helping him recover and can't do that if I myself am recovering. It's just a small bump in the road and my concern is making sure his surgery will go as planned and a speedy recovery for him.

In the meantime, I started looking into another doctor who I have fallen in love with the results. It's set in stone (deposit paid) I will be a MANON doll December 7th this year!!! Yes, I lost out on some money bc deposits were paid but in the end I have to go with who Im like comfortable with and who I feel will give me the best results & he's it! I've been working out, running and lifting weights to maintain my weight until then. Taking my vitamins and juicing to get hemo up: currently hemo is at 13.8, so not bad.
Still trying to woo my primary doctor to write the script for the mess I need. I've heard the mess in DR aren't strong, although, I believe I have a high tolerance for pain I ati don't want to take any chances . SX supplies already in and sitting pretty until December.

I'm starting my countdown over again, but nonetheless very much excited
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